RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 215
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009

Part Three. Supermundane

The Sword and the Fire!

Rikla was going to the Earth without the Sword and the Shield. His hands were free and look was open. While He was passing the First Gate of the Worlds, the Lord of the White Ray gave Him his Sword.

When the Newcomer came down lower and entered into the Second Gate, the Lord of the Red Ray gave Rikla his sheath for the Sword.

And when the Newcomer already drew near to the Earth, at the Third Gate the Lord of the Green Ray gave Him a wide ribbon and girded Rikla with it seven times. The Lord Rikla fastened the sheath to the same ribbon and put the Sword that was given to Him into the sheath.

For many years Rikla had been storing the Sword in the sheath, and only a rare person had seen Its long handle, but no one had ever seen the blade of the Sword itself.

Many, many, many wanted Rikla to unsheathe his Sword and to raise it over the terrestrial world.

And then they would have said:

Do you see? Do you see? He came to bring a Sword!

Do you see? He came to kill.

Do you see? He came to destroy.

But Rikla was not unsheathing the Sword, and meanwhile the world of the Earth continued to change invisibly for millions, visibly for tens and then for hundreds of thousands of people. A new life was forging in the fiery smithies of Rikla.

But the day arrived when Rikla rose over the world with a drawn Sword.

And in return the thousands of swords waiting for this moment for so long were drawn.

Rikla was standing alone among the army of baring its teeth darkness.

And each and everyone wanted to devour Him.

But for some reason nobody dared to raise his sword first.

Then taking the Sword in the left hand, Rikla raised the right hand highly upward and as in the Chalice in His palm the Living Fire kindled above the world.

The darkness bared its teeth and moved backwards, breaking its ranks.

Rikla immersed his Sword into the kindled Fire, and the molten white steel began to flow to the Earth, forming an Equilateral Cross with the last drop.

And the White Temple sprung up on that Cross.

Out of the crowd, which long ago became silent and drew back from the Fire, there stepped out the man and openly looking at Rikla said:

You Fools! He came to Create Life...

And these simple words were the most pure Reality that transformed peoples consciousness.

Everyone saw himself with an entirely new perspective in Its Light and rushed to the Fire burning on Rikla's palm.

The crowd was divided onto those who hid in the shadow, to those who stepping to the side observed and those whose heart was opened to the Call of the Fire.

People were approaching Rikla and lowering their swords into the Fire, and each was given his own Sign.

So there on the Earth began to grow the new, unique and dissimilar from each other Temples, in the base of them the Fire of the Unified Cosmos was blazing, melting steel of the swords of hostility, connecting Spirit and Flesh by the Unified Life.

The Hierarchs