RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 217
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009




When the Mother sees in the Daughter a Mother
When the Father calls the Son a Father
Then all rivers will merge into a single Stream
Then the Fiery Family will be born in the Eternal

When the dawn and sunset unite in the Light and Darkness
When Two Suns rise from two Poles
Then the Planet will accelerate its Pace
Then people will know that God Ra dwells upon the Earth

When Two Suns unite into one Heavenly Body
When a Ray from the Fiery Star falls to the Earth
Then in the Light of It that dawned upon the consciousness of man
People will see the Face of the God of the Sun

Then theyll understand that God is woven
of flesh and blood of Mother and Father
He is a Man who assumed into himself
The Fiery Spirit of the originated Heavenly Body

When on the palm and foot there appears the Sign
Portraying the Three
Revealing the essence of Five
Keeping the mystery of Nine
Then the White Magnet will change its color
Then the Lord who came from the Darkness will be reborn in the Light

When The Son of the Light splits with a sword the Stone of the Evil
Then the Earth will shudder
And people will perceive the full force of the Darkness issued from the Stone
So it will continue
until the two nations stop the eternal war
So it will be the beginning of peace on the entire Earth