RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 218
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009

The Curtain is Open

You see the eighth sphere. It is located on the boundary of the earthly and supermundane worlds. This is the lower limit to which the disembodied Teachers descend from above, preserving their subtle bodies in relative safety.

From this space they transmit their Rays into the Aura of the Earth and conduct the subtle work with the Planet and all the conscious forms.

People who are having sufficient energy potential for the ascent from below also visit this sphere. Thus, there is a fusion of the energies that came both from above and below in the region of the eighth sphere.

Some people act in this Ray absolutely consciously, but most do not even surmise that something supernatural is happening to them. Until the time, they remain in ignorance and find themselves in the specific isolation from this invisible sphere of activity of their life from the side of the supermundane world.

When Rikla came to Earth (the first few years), He could not enter the eighth sphere, for Earth was not yet ready to this proximity of contact with the energy of the Fire from Beyond the LimitsBlack Cosmos.

Therefore the Lord worked mainly through the awareness of disciples, raising them on his energy to the borders of the seventh and eighth spheres. But Rikla did not work with them in the direct contact either, creating special forms and conditions for their perception of the energy in the form of information, sensations and knowledge. Rikla acted through his double, who came to the chela, and whom they heard, saw and knew.

No one saw and knew the True Rikla, with the exception of the rarest cases, for the interaction with His Fiery Being threatened the man of the Earth by an instantaneous combustion of the Aurain the best case, and of the realizationat worst.

Rikla Himself dwelled upon the eleventh, tenth and ninth levels of the supermundane world.

Rikla also worked through various forms of the Planet: tree, stone, water, and metal.

In 1999 the Lord entered into the eighth sphere for the first time, instantly giving into the Aura of the Earth the third part of his energy potential. The Energy axis of the Planet was strengthened, the Earth was able to hold the Equilibrium and maintain a niche of its existence in the Cosmos.

Otherwise, having lost the necessary velocity of motion, the Earth could be carried out to the periphery of our Universe, where the much lower temperatures predominate because of the distance from the Sun.

In 2002 Rikla released into the Aura of the Earth two thirds of his energy potential and left its limits, leaving into distant and unknown Black Cosmos. Operating in compressed time mode, Rikla was required twelve earthly hours in order to return to the Aura of the Planet in a new capacity... The time has not yet come to reveal the essence of His new state, but now He came to the Earth with the changed Mission. The Fiery Aura of Rikla increased to the size of the Planet itself and went beyond its limits, uniting with the unknown (for the Earthmen) Source of Light in Space.

It was powerful Impetus which permeated all spheres of life of the Earth. Rikla revealed himself to the Earth, having descended to the third level.

In May 2007 The Ray of Rikla acquired a new resolution. For more than a year, the Lord has been working in the specially prepared conditions of interaction with the energy components of the Planet, while descending to the first level. It took Him twelve years of preparation.

The channel of the work of Rikla has also increased in the opposite direction from the Earth.

The velocity of His motion in Space is so great, that it is impossible to track the movements of the Lord, for the frequency of the Sound of His presence is imperceptible to the vibrational field of our Universe.

Each of us passed the Path upward from the first level, only the Christ descended down from above.

This is caused by the fact that the instantaneous combustion, of the subtle bodiesin the best case and of the awareness itselfat worst, occurs upon entry into the lower spheres.

Rikla is not the Christ. He is Different... but He walked this Path and continues to create that which people did not allow Christ to create. Christ implemented only the first part of the Intention; the second part was changed in connection with the death of his physical body.

Yes, this is important, for the second part of the Mission of Christ could have been implemented only with the condition of the presence of cosmic giant in the body of a man of the Earth.

The essence of the incomplete Mission was isolated from the Christs Awareness that had left the body and in the compressed, concentrated state it was sealed up in the capsule, placed for storage in the Stone.

The Energy was laid so that the Stone, after coming into contact with the most powerful source of cosmic energy, enclosed in the Aura of the specific Individual, had to isolate the energy of the incomplete Mission of Christ into the external space, connecting by impulse with the source. The chain of times is set into motion. The Great Bodhidharma said: There is nothing that cannot be fulfilled, everything has a tendency to end sooner or later.

The Secret of Christ is in the earthly Stone.

Stone keeps the Secret of the birth of Maitreya.

Stone (Earth)ManManEarth (Cosmos)

The Chain of Cosmic Birth is set into motion by Rikla.

Maitreya is upon the Earth!