RIKLA:Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 233
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009


The Secrets and Legends of the Cosmos

The obvious gives rise to the illusion of life

Hiding behind it

The only existing

Reality of eternal Presence

The obvious only witnesses

The presence in our life of That

Which is located beyond

The Understanding of the mind


A Tale about the Time

The Wind, which brought the voice of the Teacher from the unknown depths of the Cosmos, told me this tale. We were on the road, there was a strong snowstorm, and there still remained about three kilometres of barely passable path to the hut. The monotony of the movement, the gruelling wind and the snow closing up my eyes brought me into a state of a certain estrangement, and in its silent breathing I heard a question: Where and how was the Time born? Unwittingly to myself I began to ponder over this question and did not immediately pay attention that Rikla turned off the path and threw down his backpack into the dip snow embracing the wide trunk of the mighty cedar.

It was not difficult to gather the firewood for the campfire. Snowstorm that swept through two days earlier had shaken off from the trees their dry armour, emptying the space of the crown for the growth and development of new shoots. The campfire turned out multidimensionally hot and crackly-melodious.

At first, we boiled a tea, since everybody were pretty tired: eight hours on the road walking on the snow and in bad weather its not to be sneezed at, as Laark the First often used to say in former times on Olkhon Island.

And only then, already at the almost full moon, my eyes met the gaze of the Teacher; it was saying: Listen, listen, I will tell you a tale about the Time.

We spent the entire evening and part of the winter night at the campfire, and nothing, except the universal vagrant wind singing in the canyon its song about the eternal, was disturbing the silence enveloping us, above which the silent voice of the Teacher sounded.




I will tell you about things that Ive seen with my own eyes and how through their perception the occurrences imprinted in my heart. Millions of earthly years have passed, but my consciousness still easily retrieves the Knowledge about those distant times from the depths of my memory.

This was before the Beginning of all Times, for time itself did not exist yet and the very Cosmos was just beginning to know itself as a Creative Force.

The Great Dragon Atiosh was flying through the empty Cosmos, when a little speck of dust got into his right nostril. This is one of the innumerably many specks of dust that are the basis of any form of life in the Universe. But back then nothing existed yet, for there was no force capable of organizing and uniting the particles chaotically rushing about the Cosmos.

Atiosh stopped, took a deep breath and, turning his head to the right, sneezed furiously.

The space of the Cosmos stirred up and started vibrating from the inhalation of the Dragon and the first wave of the awakened energy arose.

As Atiosh sneezed, the wave that had been given the direction and acceleration whirled into the first spiral from his loud exhalation.

The speck of dust continued to tickle the nose of the Dragon and, taking a deep breath again, Atiosh turned his head to the left and sneezed once again. Everything was repeated. The new wave of energy acquired a shape of the second spiral.

The Dragon, who had been fascinated by the little speck of dust, did not pay any attention to the two spirals, located on the right and the left side of him.

Looking forward, Atiosh took the third breath that pulled the two streams to each other, and sneezed again, uniting the spirals into a single stream by his breathing. Thus one spiral began to revolve inside the other, the first oneto the right, the second oneto the left.

The infinite flow of swirling energy of Chaos, that penetrated the entire Cosmos, was called Eternity.

And that which was born inside the flow as a result of friction, appearing between two spirals revolving in opposite directions, was called Time.

The speck of dust flew out of the nose of Atiosh on the third time and he, not possessing consciousness of himself, continued the interrupted path without being aware of the essence of his own accidental Creation.

It was then, Singha that the Time was born.

Well, Father. But where is the place of man in this Cosmic Spiral? Is it in the flow of Eternity? Is it in the flow of Time? Or, is it in both flows simultaneously?

There is only one principle, Daughter. The man is result of interaction of two flows: the flow of Eternity and the flow of Time...

Is it another spiral, born as a result of friction of two flows?

. . .Well, thats it, extinguish the fire, we still have to go for two more hours, and its close to midnight. Time, time, time and, would you believe itone little speck of dust was the cause of the birth of the great legislator of life.

Why did you lose your hearts, is it hard to believe? You dont have to believeand the Master began to laugh loudly, interrupting a terrifying hoot of an eagle owl in the night.

Rikla from the Supermundane

Written by Singha