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RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 238
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009

The Cosmic Magnet

* * *

To Rikla—Teacher


I don’t know, where the Path begins, and if it has the end.

The Past is gone. The Future is in me. 

I stand at the Threshold. We are separated by one step

Length of a moment or life. The Eternity.

I don’t know, when I will find myself beyond the Boundaries

And If it will be even me.

No. There will be a new World,

And everything will appear different in it.

But I will find Your track, for You will be already far away,

And it will show me the Path Home with the Sign of the Star.

I don’t know what will come with the first Ray of the Sun,

And don’t know what will disappear without a trace with the rising


But I will take with me what is born between them

I don’t know, don’t know, don’t know...

For everything that you can learn, has its Beginning and End.

Therefore, it’s subject to time, death and oblivion.

You are Eternal in the changing each other cycles of life and death. 

In my ignorance of things that occupy the minds of earthly men

Lying under their feet by the sliding scattering of stones,

Nevertheless, I know the Most Important Thing: I’ve met my Teacher. 





* * *

In that evening, having stayed up very late far beyond midnight, I was working on a manuscript with à crucial for myself name “Seventeen,” when with my peripheral vision I saw the specks of dancing flame racing on the white wall of the cell. This spatial sign was well known to me. I felt a strong pressure on the seventh chakra, accompanied by a slight lightheadedness. As usual, but always anticipated with trepidation, the spine began to vibrate, the pulsation appeared in the solar plexus. I put aside the notebook and lay down on the warm fragrant cedar. I was being called, and this time the call was coming from the Abode of my Teacher...

What happened next cannot be described by me in real time and space for many reasons. First, because the events of that night were taking place in the world of reality, not existing on Earth, for the entry into this space from the Earth is carried out through the fourth dimension, which is now closed for the Planet, and through the twenty second—from the Cosmos beyond the limits of Earth.

Of course, it is possible to describe the fact that doesn’t have earthly definition, but for this it’s necessary to create something from the world of forms, perceived by man and close by essence to reality unknown to the Earth. 

“A man is created in such a way that the things unknowable to his mind do not exist to him”—Rikla told me once.

Yes, I acknowledge, I have to struggle a lot in order to give the more exact forms and definitions to the description of the supermundane works of the Teacher, and He has to correct the pages that as it is had been specked by notations a lot, so that people can understand the course of my thoughts, sometimes incomprehensible even to me. The more so because I have no extra, deep knowledge about that which I usually have to write and if to say more precisely—have not got any idea.

In my effort to give a more complete picture of the life of the subtle worlds by means of language existing on Earth, I am convinced that today, as thousands of years ago, Knowledge may only be transferred to people without loss of its wholeness through the same allegorical, mythological and occult forms.

“To give Knowledge openly, clothing It into the garments of ardent words, it is possible only to the person, who died for the world of forms, but who found himself beyond its limits. But there are very, very few people like them on Earth, Daughter,” Rikla replied to the question that had tormented me for so long. 

Therefore, in quite a strange description of what happened to me on the night of June 22-23, 2008, I sufficiently clearly and rigorously tried to present the essence of the Knowledge transmitted by Rikla. It had fitted into the customary form of talk with difficulty, and it was necessary to leave much on the pages of the working notebook due to prematurity of the moment in time. Three interconnected chapters were formed after repeated conversions, accompanied by the corresponding graphic images. 

In order for the Russian person to understand the meaning of Chinese hieroglyph, he must be either taught the basics of Chinese literacy or given literal translation, and sometimes it even had to be accompanied by explanatory commentaries. A man is able to learn any earthly science, language and craft, even if it takes him many years, thus his mind is structured. 

The terms of study of the Science of Unified Life, which is written with the absolute language of Cosmos, are predetermined by the individual evolution of each of the six billions of people, inhabiting the Earth, and the terms of the transfer of the Wisdom of Cosmos (Existence)—by the demand of the moment which has come. One thing is clear: there is a huge abyss between one and the other, the two edges of which cannot be connected by a Bridge of Knowledge at the present day.

Therefore to implement the idea of the Teacher and to prepare this talk in the expected time frame for publishing of Volume Four of Milestones of Fiery Achievements, I will undertake to perform only the duties of an interpreter in Rikla’s conversation with humanity of the Earth. Thus, we will throw across this abyss an unsteady rope bridge, which will swing to and fro even with a weak blow of the wind. The bridge will be accessible to everyone, but who will dare to use it, not fearing to be thrown into the opened mouth of a fathomless pit, and to cross to the other side? After all, my interpretation is only a Bridge, and the Knowledge itself is behind It. Thus the Teacher laid down the energy. And here is some more Knowledge depressing the man: this Bridge has no railings!

I happened to undergo such a test in my years of education in Tibet. On a narrow (about eighty centimeters) rope bridge without railings length of about forty meters, which is suspended between two sharp cliffs above the abruptly dropping abyss, the subject must pass without any aids and safety equipment.

Tibetans believe that when a person comes down from the ledge of the mountain to the bridge, he enters into an invisible battle with the Great Force, which is not death, but Life itself.

This is a Fate: you will either pass or not. At this moment it may seem that your future destiny depends not on yourself, but on this small word of four letters—Fate! But it is not, only the one, who initially gave up the fight, having seen the face of the rival, can think in such a way. You must throw the weight of the unknown fate prevailing over you and fly over the abyss like a free bird.

In Tibet they related to this test very simply: if you are destined to cross the abyss, then your wish shall be fulfilled—the gates of the chosen Path will be opened, and if not, then the waters of the mountain river will absorb your body, and the soul will depart for a new journey to the distant worlds. Both one and the other are the Path.

Certainly, we are not in Tibet, and it is unlikely that such mysteries exist there to this day. But, irrespective of the time and place, the essence of the tests remained unchanged: either you go and cross it, or you remain on this side of the abyss and hopelessly lag behind the Caravan of the Teacher, losing His Track in the dehydrated Desert. 

I made my choice back then and stepped from the solid cliff onto the unsteady bridge. Many years have passed since then, but I kept going, going, going... The void is all around us, but a small ledge of the rescue cliff can be seen ahead, on which, as thousand years ago, there stands my Teacher.

* * * 

On that night I left into the open Space along the Ray of Rikla and instantly found myself somewhere on the periphery of the Universe. Here the unknown energy which came from the Abode of the Lord caught me and dragged after it. 

After proving to be in the space Laboratory of Brotherhood, through the transparent walls, which were performing the role of enormous screens, I could see our entire Universe as if through the magnifier. It was sufficient to direct attention to the interesting object, as it instantly was standing out from the general picture of the universe and was revealing in all of the multidimensionality of its manifested and concealed nature.

I was told that I was here in order to bring to the Earth at a later date Knowledge about the Unified Cosmic Magnet and the forms of Life that once existed in the Cosmos. The knowledge will lay the foundation for the formation of a completely new view of Earthmen about the unknown world of the Universe, part of which they themselves are, but know so insignificantly little of its Nature.

This experiment with the transportation of subtle bodies of the disciple into such a remote area of Space was conceived and carried out by Rikla, in order that this little that the disciple saw with his own eyes and passed through his own earthly consciousness, being in the Abode of the Teacher and the Laboratory of Brotherhood, was described by the hand of the man embodied on Earth. “People will not believe the disembodied Brothers, will not believe Rikla, but they will listen to the person who came out of their own environment,” so often reminds me the Father. 

Rikla organized everything in such a way that I was able to avoid serious losses of psychic energy, making my movements in Space inside one of His subtle bodies. Even when visiting the Mars and Saturn, I was in the Aura of the Teacher, which was protecting me from exposure to the cosmic phenomena and not only—hazardous to the Earthman’s energy—which were occurring in the Auras of these Planets.

Upon completion of this short excursion the familiar energy appeared in the Laboratory and guided me directly to the Penates of my Teacher.

* * * 

– Hello, Teacher...

– Hello, Daughter. Do not hurry; do not hurry to tell me about your journey. Stop for a moment and listen to what Rikla has to say to you.

The reason why I've called you into my Abode today has an extremely important significance not only for the spiritually directed people, but also for the entire conscious humanity. The knowledge that I’ve decided to pass on to you, with proper comprehension can provide the scientists around the world with an invaluable clue for perception of many mysteries of the Cosmos, the Universe and of man himself. Let not the scientific minds be troubled by the chosen form of Rikla’s talk. It may seem to be very naive for such a serious theme and the self-conceited scientific minds that deny what is obvious even for the reptiles from other planets. The Master will impart the Main thing without any special terms, formulas and definitions. All the rest will only be a hindrance in the way to understanding the age-old question: how did Life originate?

Now I am ready to listen to you, Singha.

– Father! For short moments spent in the Laboratory I’ve seen so much, which gave me a completely new understanding of the Common Laws of Life of the cosmic universe. Together with this understanding, which inflamed in my heart by the fire of knowledge, I found a new life, in which I—the human being—ceased to exist, but where now exists the entire unknown world. Our entire Universe has appeared to me in another capacity and the scale of achievements and challenges unknown to the man. But the most important of all, that caught my attention, was the subtle object moving and rotating around its axis. I was informed that this is what’s called a Cosmic Magnet on Earth, more precisely—one of its components. I’ve visualized its form, similar to the spiral, very well.

Teacher, you’ve often talked about how you connect the Magnets, laid down by you on the Earth and other planets of our Universe, with the Unified Cosmic Magnet, but you’ve never said what appears to be the Unified Cosmic Magnet itself and according to what laws It exists in Cosmos, how Its Energy—Force is originated, operated and distributed.

The Cosmic Magnet seemed to me something subtly ethereal before, but now I saw that it has not only a definite shape but also moves, rotates and somehow communicates with all planes, worlds and Planets of our Universe and Cosmos beyond its limit. Teacher, will you tell me by whom and when was the Cosmic Magnet created?

– Daughter! This happened long before the birth of our Universe, at the time when the entire Cosmos was dead and still.

– Father! Could this be possible? How strange, Teacher, to hear you say the word “dead” in regards to the Cosmos itself.

– With this word, Singha, I define only one of many states of Being. You need not give it the value. The Life and Death—like wakefulness and sleep. You fall asleep (you die) for the Earth, but you wake up (you are born) for the infinite worlds of the Universe.

Cosmos lived, but the Life, which filled It, was dead, for it did not contain within itself the Life-Bearing Beginning. Life itself did not know that it is Life, for there was no way it could perceive and express itself: neither by sound, nor by action, nor by color, because there was nothing around which would involve it in motion. Life was asleep and in that sleep it did not realize itself.

Do you understand, Daughter, what is Rikla talking about? (He is smiling.)

– I think I do, Father!

– Then I will tell you one ancient legend, which the Earth has not yet heard, for the Cosmos itself had been silent about it until the time of the awakening of the Cosmic Consciousness in the man of the Earth.

The Birth of the Universe or the Secret of the Cosmic Magnet

From the unknown distance through the infinite expanses of the Cosmos there was rushing the White Rider on the fiery horse. Suddenly He pulled up his horse and listened to the dead silence of the peacefully sleeping Life surrounding Him. In a Stately calmness the Rider pulled out his Bow and the quiver of arrows. His Bow with nine strings for nine arrows was quite unusual and every string had its peculiar properties. Unexpectedly the Rider’s Majesty had disappeared and he exclaimed with disappointment, for in the quiver there were only eight arrows. 

But where is it possible to get one more arrow? Indeed the Newcomer’s intention was built upon Nine Principles! So the Creator had to make the ninth arrow from his radius Bone.

The Rider placed the first arrow on the bowstring and, pulling the string back, he opened up his fingers and released the arrow. The Luminous arrow split the visible space into two halves. The vibration caused by the arrow’s flight filled the Cosmos with the previously unknown sound. The Sound awakened Life: the Life heard at first, then it saw and, with unbearable strength of the Will (Spirit), made the first movement, which became the weak, but deep Inhalation. 

The flight velocity of the arrow was so great, that from the friction that arose with the breathing of Life the arrow flared up and, illuminating the Cosmos with itself, it disappeared, becoming part of its own Creation.

Cosmos became alive, both manifest spaces began to sound, but the sounding was so distinctly different from one another. One space was being filled with vibration Y-Io, and the other—with vibration Y-YAo. The tail assembly of the arrow had unlike pattern on two sides, and from that the sound, which appeared during its motion, found multi-frequency perception. Sound heard itself for the first time. It realized that it could be mobile and controlled by Waves in its mobility. It happened that Sound became conscious, without noticing that to itself. But this action was not enough to penetrate the emerged intensity and to find a use for it or, in other words, accessible to perception by the mind of man, to control the arising intensity of Sound. 

Then, after being united into a single sound, the vibrations Y-Io and Y-YAo heard that somewhere between them there was born a new Sound that had not previously existed. Overtone—thus this phenomenon will be called on Earth after billions of years. But at that time it was the first Child of Cosmos, born from the union of two vibrations, two awakened waves of energy. Its Name was Y-Ua. The Child grew and the Space of a new Life grew together with it. The Space was preparing to accept the Unknown Force into itself, which will conceive a new world in it. Thus Sound manifested itself as a Creative Principle (Force) of the Life.

The Rider released the second and the third arrows by the virtue of his Will. The arrows, accepting into themselves the entire force of the Archer, raised the layers of the awakened energy, and two round dances began to turn in a circle in the dance of the vortex of the primordial Creation in the enlivened space of Y-Ua, twisting into two enormous Spirals.

There were no arrows anymore, which disappeared in the whirl of the cosmic mystery, but the Spirals continued to rotate when suddenly they saw the forms of the created Creation. Attracted to each other by the Force of gravity not yet known to Cosmos at the time, the Spirals attempted to draw together, but they couldn't, for something more powerful was repelling them in different directions and did not allow them to unite into a single Source.

Then the Spirals rushed in opposite directions, but after reaching the unknown limits, slowed down their pace. The Power prevailing over them revealed itself again and did not allow them to tear the unified canvas of Life, not yet realized by them, but already existing.

Thus the Spirals began to know themselves through the knowledge of each other. Their shapes were absolutely identical in appearance, but the inner essence was opposite. Even their rotation the Spirals accomplished in the contrary flows of originated Life.

Thus a New Force—the Force of Eternal Motion was born into the Cosmos. It happened that not being able to draw near or to drift apart, the Spirals exist near each other even now. The Great Spirits of the Cosmos call them Cosmic Magnet.

In the interaction of the Spirals there was born the unified field of creation (tension), which began to grow and thicken. The unconscious chaos was drawn into the currents of directional motion and acquired new quality and the first form. The entire space of the Cosmos that has been under the influence of the Magnet began to acquire the nature of Life. Thus was born our Universe. 

The Rider released the fourth arrow, which stood as a pivot of the Equilibrium between the two Spirals. Thus was born the energy axis of the Universe, at the ends of which were situated two Spirals of the Unified Cosmic Magnet.

The fifth arrow ignited into a Sun and, illumining, warmed the new world with its heat.

The sixth arrow turned into a cold Moon.

So Day and Night, born from the Eternal Void, were united in marriage of a New Life.

Certainly, Singha, Rikla laid down into the legend the allegorical meaning of the birth of the Luminaries, but Daring will comprehend the Master.

Thus, the Universe lived and did not live: breathed, moved, and grew. But! The Womb of the Mother, that was ready to accept the fruit of the new life, was empty.

Then the Great Archer stretched the elastic bowstring and released the seventh arrow. One end of the arrow remained in the Universe and, stretching out into a thin string, the arrow disappeared into the black Abyss with the other end.

Meanwhile, the eighth arrow approached the Sphere, which was rushing through Cosmos, filled with life-bearing Fire; the arrow pierced the Sphere and vanished in it. The Fiery Spirit left the Sphere and descended along a thin navel-string into the Womb of the young Universe.

Thus the Life of the Universe was animated by the Fire.

– What kind of Sphere was it, Teacher?

– If to answer your question from the time, of which this legend is relating, then I can only say that at that time in Cosmos there was no such Knowledge, for there was simply no need for it. 

The countless number of such spheres was rushing through Cosmos in the turbulent flows of chaos, and all of them that came from One Source existed by virtue of their own spiritual nature.

The young, nascent forms of new life did not yet master the Knowledge, for Knowledge itself did not exist. Cosmos, being in the state of serene sleep, had no need for Knowledge, but the new life forms, which withdrew themselves from the Eternity, began to realize the newly born phenomena and to build the planes of the cosmic universe. At that time there appeared the need for Knowledge and Its accumulation for the purpose of many-sided application in the new spheres of emerging Life.

– Then did Knowledge appear together with a form of life, endowed with consciousness?

– Yes, Singha. Only a conscious being can distinguish the aspect of Eternity and put it into Knowledge.

– So Eternity in itself doesn’t possess Knowledge?

– Eternity has no need for Knowledge.

Knowledge does not exist in Eternity, for Knowledge appertains to Time. But Eternity itself is an inexhaustible source of Knowledge for all cosmic planes and worlds that exist in the multidimensional aspects of Time—Consciousness.

Let us say then:

Knowledge is the attribute of the Consciousness of the Universe, the Galaxy, and the Planet.

Another convention, even if it is the Highest, but still one of them, without which the conscious existence of forms of the Cosmos is impossible. Two aspects of the One gave birth to each other in the same instant when their forms were created, and to speculate about who nevertheless appeared first, is completely pointless—you will get stuck in the swamp of conventions of the inventive mind, and without fail, you will drown in the quagmire the vessel with the purest water, which was poured out from the very Source with the Teacher’s hands for you.

Eternity is imperceptible Singha and, therefore, absolute. 

– Imperceptible?

– Yes, imperceptible, for it is impossible to realize the Eternity!

– So, no matter how much the consciousness grows and expands through the penetration into the mysteries of the Higher Knowledge, it will never be able to perceive the Eternity?

– Never, Daughter, for it is impossible. Eternity is Something that exists beyond the bounds of any, even the Highest Knowledge.

 All conventions burn in the flow of Eternity: and Knowledge, and Consciousness, and even Time. Although in some teachings of Earthmen it is indicated that Time is the only aspect of Eternity.

The ability to realize, which the man is endowed with, gives him an efficient instrument of motion in Eternity, this is the Knowledge about the Time. This Knowledge enables us to realize ourselves in the flow of Eternity.

So we have deduced with you, Singha, one additional formula of triune law, connecting the triangle of Life: Consciousness, Knowledge and Time, where Time is the apex of the triangle, and the Consciousness and Knowledge—the two points of support, upon which the every living thing is founded, i.e. the foundation of Eternity.

I think our talk has acquired a completely new channel of energy, flowing from the lips of the Teacher himself, and we touched on a very complex subject from the life of the Cosmos. Let it be so!

You will add a new chapter from the Eternity to the earthly chronicle of times. Let not now, but in many centuries people will know Rikla through his books, through the talks, left by the Master in the Chronicles of Akasha for the coming generations. Everything will be exactly as I said, for that is the Will of the Teacher! 

And now the time allotted for your stay in the Chamber of Rikla is elapsing and you must return to the Abode of the Master on Earth, where your Spirit will revive the bearer for the continuation of the Path. We have to comply with conventionalities of a three-dimensional world, for you are a human being, and the Wheel of Sansara weighs upon you. Thus:

Considering his Creation completed,

The Great Archer released the ninth arrow,

Which was made of white Bone.

He threw his quiver and the bow behind his back,

He stroked his loyal horse's mane with gentle movement,

And in a moment, like an ardent Fire,

Illuminating Cosmos with Himself,

He disappeared into the unknown distance.

And nowadays that Rider rushes

through intertwinements of the worlds.

He has in hands the Bow, quiver and nine arrows—

Crown of Creation.

But every time in a new way He Implements Intention

in a burst of Inspiration.

And, perhaps, that’s all, Singha, but this is far from being the end. This Legend, like any other one, storing in itself the grains of Knowledge, has neither a beginning nor an end; it is as eternal as the Time.

– Wait, Teacher, what has happened to the Ninth Arrow?

– The Ninth Arrow, Daughter, is making its Way, driving the waves of the Silent Ocean of Life through the Universe. The arrow is still waiting for the moment of its implementation in the Intention of the Great Archer. And this time is not so far off! The dawn will come, the Sun will rise over the Earth, and people will see that it will no longer be the same Earth and the same Sun that they knew yesterday, a century, thousand or hundreds of thousands years ago. The world will be changed, and the man himself will be changed along with it.

I know that, Singha, for I saw a new Sun, a new Earth and a new man.

But why is Rikla, having a conversation with the chela from the Supermundane spheres, decided to give people this knowledge, clothing It in the garments of fairytale Legend? Let everyone who once sought the paths of Truth think over this.

Everything will disappear one day, Daughter, but the Great Archer will never experience the peace of untroubled sleep. He will eternally create the new and demolish the old worlds, identifying his activities with the Common Cosmic Law in everything. And remember, Singha, even “Cosmic progress” cannot be everlasting. Everything has a tendency to end and to emerge again. Nothing in this World lasts Forever!

The Storyteller, who told you this Legend,

Himself was part of the Legend.

Thus, by violating the restrictions of the Time,

He filled the Earthly world with the Eternity.



What is the Cosmic Magnet?


Now you know, Singha that the Cosmic Magnet is the property of the subtle world, but the fruits of its creativity, ripping on the Tree of the Universe, are represented by a unique variety of worlds, as well as forms of conscious and unconscious life inhabiting them.

The concept of form is not applicable to the Cosmic Magnet itself. But the elements that make up Its energy structure can be correlated with the figure described by you in the beginning of our talk, which shows a semblance of spiral, taking into account the conventionalities of three-dimensional perception of Earthmen, although in reality these are not Spirals. However, until the time we will keep quite on this subject—it’s too soon.

We should take this conventionality into account in order to understand that even the modality executed in different projections may give some idea of the Magnet at the most primitive and accessible to human consciousness level, but it’s not in any way able to convey the real picture of the cosmic construction. However! The inquisitive mind, looking to the heights of knowledge, will hear a hint given by the Master in the simplest mechanism of three-dimensional world. Further, there will remain only to project the already expanded consciousness of man to the perception of four-dimensional world.

A man should understand that the time has come to seek the Truth not from simplicity to complexity, building bulky skyscrapers from the empty-dimensional hypotheses-ambitions, but from complexity to simplicity. That is, it’s time to descend from the shaky height of one’s ephemeral ascent, get one’s feet on solid ground and turn one’s eyes to the simplest concepts which are forgotten today, or to say more precisely, they are hidden by the conventions of modern society. 

No matter how tall a skyscraper is, it will never belong to Heaven, but one day it will also lose itself for the Earth.

Certainly, you can say: “After getting up on a skyscraper, we can see the entire Earth and penetrate into the life of the Heaven.”

“Yes—will answer Rikla—to see, but not to get to know. Yes, to penetrate, but not to become part of this life, and only to remain a bystander, but by no means a full-fledged participant. You won’t even notice how life will pass you by, apathetically watching you from the side.”

So, Singha, from your short-termed observations in the Laboratory you have concluded that the Cosmic Magnet is in constant motion in the space of the Universe, revolving around its energy axis. Yes, this is true, but only partly. In fact, the Cosmic Magnet itself does not move nor rotate, for it doesn’t even have that notorious axis.

There are two Spirals that move and rotate, one of which you have observed. It is precisely the Cosmic Magnet that is born as a result of the interaction of their motion. This is the Source of Cosmic Energy possessing healing Power of Creation. The principle of life of the Universe is based on this motion of Spirals. To make it more clear I will give you an example of modernity.

Spirals—are water that is used to generate electricity. Cosmic Magnet—is electricity itself, which gives people the light and warmth for life on the Earth.

Spirals in themselves are not teraphims of neither creative nor destructive energy, that is, they are neutral. Spirals—are a source of primal energy that gives life to all things in Existence, whereas the Cosmic Magnet is a Teraphim of the energy produced by them.

Water (Spirals) gives energy. Electricity (Cosmic Magnet) fills the life of man with elements necessary for his existence.

Electricity in itself does not create nor destroy. But a person can direct this force into evil or good. In order to understand the operating principle of the Cosmic Magnet, it is sufficient to draw an analogy with this example.

Water flows in the river conformable to the laws of Nature. Spirals move in the Universe by the laws of the Cosmos unknown to man. The result of both is life. All is One!

The arrangement of both Spirals of the Magnet relative to the Planets has a direct connection with the processes of life creativity occurring on them. It is the influence of the Magnet on the forms of the Cosmos that determines the trends of development (evolution) or decline (involution) of these very forms. In other words, the velocity of motion of the Spirals has an effect (influence) on the organization of life of the specific forms of the Cosmos, with which they come into connection during a certain period of time.

At present the position of the Spirals relative to the Earth is such that the Planet is located as if between them. The condition of the Earth is like a scorched metal, pressed between the hammer and the anvil.

It is precisely this position of the Spirals of the Magnet that explains the situation prevailing on the Earth at the time of the third millennium after the Birth of Christ. Back in 2006, answering questions of disciples, Rikla said that 2008 would be not just difficult, but crucial. Spirals entered into such connection with the Earth at the junction of epochs, the first culminating moment of their interaction falls exactly at the end of 2007, 2008 and at the beginning of 2009. Note, Singha, Rikla said the “first” which means that there will be the second, and... The Master often named the year 2008 as the year of the Black Hole in his talks with disciples.

At present the Aura of the Earth is in the state of incredibly high electromagnetic tension, which cannot but affect all life forms inhabiting it. The refined organisms more than others feel the effects of supernovae rays penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere, because of which they sustain strong physiological sufferings, the physical bodies are simply not ready for such energy loads. Their Auras, like the Aura of the Planet, are in the highest tension. The lungs of man and the lungs of the Planet are suffocating in stifling cough. The balance of the respiratory system of the whole organism, and, primarily, of the respiratory organs has been disturbed by the Man-Barbarian. The physiology of the Planet and the man, being driven into the corner, is forced to adapt. The emergence of new gases in the atmosphere of the Earth is a derivative of the minds of scientists and hands of big business. The governments and the presidents of developed countries are on the side of the Barbarian, which destroys the Flesh of the Planet and its own. Kremlin medics will not help Business-golden calves (traffickers). 

The processes unknown to the scientific world that will change the ratio of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, will take place in the next three years. Completely new species and components of the gas mixtures, with which humanity was not familiar before, will appear in the Aura of the Planet. Scientists will spend not one decade before they are able to identify (to recognize) these volatile substances, to carry out a complex analysis of their components and to give names in accordance with the names of their original discoverers. In general, the Earthmen are generous to such gestures and gladly immortalize their names on the pages of the history of our planet and not only. This habit—to leave their “portfolio” on the mountains, sheer cliffs, the walls of the houses and fences—has left an indelible imprint on the universal consciousness, so everywhere, wherever the foot of the two-legged barbarian stepped, can be found vivid evidence about him. Even on the neighboring planets, which the Earthmen had managed to visit, all the mountains, elevations, plateaus and valleys were instantly dedicated to someone and found their owners. Therefore Mars, the Moon and Venus in astronomical atlases rather resemble crosswords composed of many names of prominent figures of the Earth. At this time, let Rikla take the lead over you, and perhaps somewhat prematurely, but still name one of the gases of the future—trillos—remember! You are sure to find and recognize it. How? Turquoise—this is more than sufficient. 

Subsequently, according to the degree of importance for human respiration, it will become equivalent to oxygen and gradually extrude it.

This perspective is not too distant future, but before the human organism will have to adapt to new conditions of its existence, or...

Transformation of the lungs and respiratory tract of man will impose a significant imprint not only on his physiology, but also on the entire form. Rikla has already seen such a person.

It will be a long process of physiological adaptation, which will affect absolutely everyone. Naturally, everybody will undergo a transformation in different ways, and it will depend not so much on physical health of the man, but on his location on the ladder of Jacob and, accordingly, the degree of development of his spiritual immunity.

During this period the level and complexity of the diseases of respiratory organs will increase by several times. Lungs, bronchi, mucosae will burn. People will suffer terrible torments: thirst, fever, a deadly dryness inside. All these will be only a consequence of many years of spiritual hunger and the barbaric destruction of the Planet. The diseases of the blood and lymphatic system will come in the second place as a result of these atmospheric changes.

Remember! It is important not to confuse the ignition of the centers with the processes of their extinction. Millions of people will perish in these years from the most various forms of lung diseases, which already appear today as a consequence of extinction of the respiratory centers. But among those who will go and those who will remain there will be people whose organisms underwent a fiery transmutation. In many cases, even the symptoms will be absolutely identical, but the essence will be different. And if in the first case, the departure from the forms of the physical world of the Earth is the outcome of the disease, then in the second man will have a right of conscious choice to transition into the next round of its evolutionary spiral.

A change in the situation and the so-called exodus will occur in the winter, at the end of 2012, when Spirals will begin to change their positions, and the field of external tension, in which the Earth is now located will subside gradually. Why will it occur precisely in the winter?

Because under the current conditions of widespread change in climate towards warming and ecology towards deterioration, if the exodus occurs in the summer, then the number of already impressive victims will increase by millions of human lives. And in this, people, see the support of the Lords, and do not consider yourselves as being forgotten and abandoned by Them.

Thus, the exodus will occur in the year 2012, but the respite will not last long. Now Rikla already suggests that people should think over and, taking into consideration the events of the present period, prepare themselves for the new shocks. Year 2017! Time will show further events. This is only the first climax of the tension, and there will be a few, and every new climax will absorb into itself the force of the previous ones.


   Singha, Rikla


   June—November 2008