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RIKLA «Milestones of Fiery Achievements»

Volume Four, page 267
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009


Dedicated to M.R. (MR) 

Everything that Time brings comes once
to go away forever.
Everything that finds its presence (reflection) in the Eternal,
gets an opportunity to learn...
Threads of spiritual connections exist in Eternity.
They give birth to a formula of corporeal blood over Time.
So after millions of years in the blood of Terrestrial humanity
vibrates the formula of its Ancestors
from a distant time
and unknown in essence Planet Ma-Tush.


Instead of Preface


For hundreds of years the scientific world has pondered over the question of whether there is life in the Universe? Those curious, trying to look behind the screen of the Great Mystery, are not interested in that invisible, but, fortunately, already-proven life, filling and creating worlds, but they are interested in something similar to the forms of life on Earth, or, in other words, the analogue of our planetary creation.

At present, there have been intensive studies done of Mars in the hope of finding any traces of the existence of organic life on the Red Planet.

In the future, these searches could possibly bring success, but before more than one generation of Earthmen have time to be born into this world, grow and disappear from the face of the Planet, so long will Mars keep its secret. And all this time, humanity will remain in the dark asking the same question: was there life on Mars after all?

– Teacher, I find it very strange that Mars, being one of the main links in the cosmic planetary system of our Universe, is absent in all the evolutionary chains of past and present, created by the best minds of humanity of all previous civilizations of Earth. Where is It—Mars? And where is its place in this, as Earthmen think, well-studied cosmic planetary system?

– None of the astrologers, or any contemporary esotericist can give you the answer to this question, Singha. First of all, it proves the indisputable fact that Mars remains a great mystery to the terrestrial humanity, which people try to reveal will all possible means, while rejecting anything that does not result from their own research. Today, people are not willing to accept the experience and knowledge of their more developed counterparts in the Universe. Well—it is their right, but even when numerous expeditions, investigating Mars, delivered to the Earth sufficient evidence so that scientists were able to acknowledge the fact that life existed on the Red Planet, then tell me, my dear friend, whether the machines/robots after being on the Martian surface can tell people about what was this life like? No, Daughter! Never! They—the people—can only say: “Yes, we now know that on Mars ones existed organic and conscious life form.” And this is all; it will not be given to them to know more deeply. People will not know the secrets of the past and future of Mars through their technocratic achievements. It is subject only to a living being, once possessing a warm and loving heart, whose Spirit had long been scattered in the worlds of the Universe, as germs of future life on the as-yet-undiscovered planets. So far in the knowledge of the Worlds of the Universe could go only one of the Oldest Deities, whose forms of creation became not only Mars and Earth, but many other, so far unexplored Planets in many Galaxies of our Universe.

Singha, you’ll see a lot in our space Laboratories and tell about the life of the last Martian civilization, which failed to survive the catastrophe that once occurred on Mars, and Rikla will ensure that your earthly consciousness could freely enter the sacred archives of the deep memory of cosmic consciousness.

In the Cosmos, there has not been preserved much evidence of Martians, worthy Children of the Universe, but this will be enough to ensure you had the idea of life of a warlike and brave, but at the same time just and inspired planetary people. Something you will read yourself in the tablets of the Astral Light of the Universe, where there are references to Mars, but the basic knowledge will come from the depths of your memory, awakened by your Teacher. Connect the chain of times together and give the outgoing race of Earthmen hope for the future. Why Rikla said so, and you, and people will understand, after everything raised by you from Nothingness is crystallized on the membrane of your consciousness.


Chapter One

Was there life on Mars?

The first information about Mars in the tablets of the Astral Light can be gleaned about twenty billion years ago, long before the time of conception of the Planet Earth by the Universe. It is known that the first Earth Spiral, gathering Space dust into the body of the future planet, came into existence about ten billion years ago, just in the heyday and subsequent extinction of the Martian civilization whose Children are our great-, great-, great-...

Over many millions of years on Mars, there was a conscious, intelligent life and its representatives were among the earliest inhabitants of our Universe.

On the Red Planet there was a life similar to the life existing on Earth today, but the level of its organization was different from that of modern civilization of Earthmen. However the principles of existence have been and remain the same for many forms of the Cosmos.

– Teacher, after we got an answer to the question of whether there was life on Mars, there is a natural sequence of new questions, which essentially boils down to one thing: what was this life like, and what has led to its traceless disappearance?

– Daughter, you made a mistake, referring to the “traceless” disappearance of life on Mars. It is traceless only for the Earthmen who, by virtue of the later emergence as intelligent life forms in Cosmos, do not have in the physical annals of their Planet enough information about the history of development of not only Mars but also many other, yet unexplored and undiscovered Planets even in our Universe, not to mention others. And since humanity prefers to believe only the facts, backed up by physical evidence, much of what is already known about the life of the Cosmos to the conscious representatives of the other Planets, remains hidden from the people behind those cryptic words: unknown, unknowable, inaccessible, tracelessly disappeared, and so on.

People do not want to admit that there are Beings in the Universe that are superior to Earthmen in Intellect and hold sacred knowledge. Therefore, what remains hidden from us behind the veil of utmost mystery, for the descendants of the highly evolved inhabitants of the Universe from Mars is as natural as the principle of human breathing. Our counterparts in Mind from the remote depths of the Cosmos openly study the inhabited world of the Earth, and believe me, Singha, they know about our Planet much more than its indigenous population. Whereas people recall the existence of their space neighbors only when they have a face-to-face encounter with a space object purposefully revealing itself. But even then doubt creeps into their minds: and what if it’s only my fancy? They devoutly cross themselves, confusing the sequence of making the sign of the cross, and hastening their steps, mutter under their breath a mantra of salvation from the impure that has already become national and is present in the lexicon of all the peoples of the world: “Keep away from me, not me, I hope! It’s the devil’s work.”

Meanwhile, on Earth the Knowledge—that is beyond the limits of broad and narrow, arbitrary and oppressed human consciousness—can be reduced to the ignorant superstition, falsification and profanity in the esoteric environment. Of course there are those who try to talk to people about the ubiquitous principles of the cosmic existence in the language of modern science, providing conclusive physical evidence of their scientific research. They are more trusted than us, but this is not enough to totally change the outlook of not just one or a dozen people, but the whole of modern society. Precisely totally, Singha, if a person really wants to change something, he must be absolutely total in this. You cannot change a part of yourself, while keeping the whole oppressed. Any, even the smallest change entails a set of effects, and man’s task—is to be aware of everything that is happening to him. He should not interfere with what is happening, but just observe the process of transformation from a deep silence, that is, to allow the inexplicable, and things that are not within his power to happen. Only then it becomes possible to actually change something. Therefore, Daughter, change can only be total, for there isn’t anything particular that doesn’t pertain to the whole. Until the Flame of the Spirit is not kindled in a man at the very least to the limits of the Earth’s Aura, Knowledge will not flow into his consciousness like a mighty river of information of a truly cosmic level, in all other cases, the ant or bee family will remain as the object of study by the human mind.

To learn about how the first sentient beings were created on Mars we will refer to a very ancient Legend. So old that it can become a reference point in the development of conscious forms of planetary life, marking itself as the beginning of a time period of the current Universal Manvantara on an infinite line of Eternity. Many, many millions of years, the essence of this Legend was not available to earth-consciousness of any sentient being, since even a remote idea should not have voiced the sense of sacred themes of the distant past before the time. The history of Mars is still kept under a veil of secrecy by the Cosmic Brotherhood. Only occasionally, when the immutability of the time required to clarify the situation of the Earth, one of the Brothers pointed to some of the connections of Mars with the evolutionary paths of other Planets, but there has never been given a clear answer to what part of the cosmic tree of life of our Universe is this Planet.

If we, the people, do not know something, Daughter, it does not mean that this “something” does not exist. In Cosmos there is stored enough information about Mars to understand the mystery of the Red Planet, but this knowledge is now closed to Earthmen for many reasons.

Your Teacher will give you, Singha, open access to the archives of the Fiery World closed for the free use, where you can stay for as long as it takes to process the information and adapt it to your consciousness. There will be only your consciousness, Daughter, the Primary Source and the Teacher, and no other intermediaries, including pen and paper. Singha will enter the high-tension state in her consciousness and in its chambers she will store the Heritage from the Sacred Ether, inaccessible to the human mind, for its further transmission to future civilizations of the Planet.

You’ll have to work hard, Daughter, to make a translation of this Legend into the language limited by the conventionalities of earthly linguistic forms, while retaining the Essence of the Source and precisely fulfilling the Precept of the Master: to give a man Knowledge but so that he could use It without harming himself, his fellow-men and the Earth. Therein, Singha, perhaps, lay the main and most difficult task of every Master and Teacher.

– But how can I do this, Teacher?..

– Go—and you’ll come. Listen—and you’ll hear. Look—and you’ll see. Seek, Daughter, and you’re sure to find the hidden form of presentation, in the case of mental obstacles your Teacher will certainly notify you and...


Chain of Times and the Signs of the Path


Before we begin our quest through time and space of the outer cosmic worlds, where at the dawn of countless Manvantaras so strongly and powerfully was beating the young heart of our Universe, let us at least for the time being rid ourselves of thinking stereotypes which have taken deep roots in our minds.

Be aware that many of these stereotypes, sealed into heavy bricks of morality by the minds of people, built the great wall, which, like the irresistible current, divides the essence of man into two lonely worlds, alien to each other in life, but inextricably linked by one segment of their allocated time on Earth.

In ancient times, the wall was a shield that protected people from the enemy. Times have changed and there is no longer a need for high and thick walls, for the man himself, perfecting the art of war, stripped the walls of their functional purpose. But this stereotype, like a woodworm, has eaten so deeply into the consciousness of countless generations of people that they still feel an inner need for an insurmountable wall. Do not engage in self-deception, even the impregnable walls of the Great Troy could not resist the farsighted idea of the Destroyer/Innovator, and the capture of Troy predetermined the destruction of the entire state.

But for people the wall continues to be a symbol of protection and welfare, as it was a few centuries and millennia ago. They earnestly strengthen their bastions, which are getting thicker, longer, and higher, so a person can no longer hear the barely audible voice—coming from the other side of the wall by reason of its truly “cosmic scale”—that is evoking dull, sharp pain somewhere deep within his heart. If a man’s own voice ever brakes through the heavy armor constraining his consciousness, he will still be unable to hear it in the mighty chaos of millions of thoughts and voices.

So from age to age a person stands on one side of a huge wall towering over him and can only hear a distant splash of waves of a great many voices, rushing over the Ocean of Eternity, rolling in and breaking against the lifeless corpse of a cold and impregnable fortress. It is too high for a man to see that the ancient Elder, floating in the cosmic bark, picks up his psaltery and starts a long song-tale of old times. He sails his bark over the waves of Eternity, and the wind spreads his soft, velvety voice across the expanses of the Universe. All of existence responds to the song of a lonely Elder, filling his boundless heart with itself, and the vibration of the Great Storyteller's Voice transforms the sublunary world, filling it with new content.

Only a materially burdened person does not see this mystery of transformation. He wanders alone alongside the wall, created by his own hand, admiring its grandeur, but the time comes and the man begins to be burdened by voluntary confinement. Deaf and unfeeling wall does not allow him to hear the sacred voice calling upon him and sounding like a Message that has come down to our days from the depths of the Cosmos unknown to earthly consciousness. The man strains himself, he tries to hear, and suddenly a bright flash of light downs upon his consciousness, he begins to feel the wall with erratically moving hands: “Yes, yes. Here it is, the old brick webbed with tiny cracks under the weight of the enormous bulk. If only I had enough strength...”—thus a person thinks, swings his arm and strikes a blow after blow with a weakened fist. The brick does not obey; only small fragments fall to the ground, forming a hole the size of a needle’s eye in an impenetrable wall. The voice of the Elder twists into a spiral; it stretches and draws into a thin thread, which freely passes through the hole formed in the wall. Here it gently touches the heart of man and awakens in him the hope and faith, love and... something else—the most important thing, but long forgotten, and uselessly lost, for the sake of something...

The man, like the one being thirsty in a desert, is pressing himself against the cold and wet wall, frantically catching every sound, like drops of water, and prays for only one thing: that the psaltery did not cease and muse continues to sound. But everything goes quiet, and the Elder’s Voice disappears into the silent stillness...

The Wall! This hateful Wall! “Let it be Damn...”—a man screams in frantic fury of his own helplessness and he stops short.

He slips down exhausted, and a soft, peaceful smile appears on his face: “...remembered...recognized...found...” The man leans against the wall and feels how it reciprocates, however meagerly, in kind. He knows that this silent bulk, in the shade of which there lurks life not knowing the sun—is the very man who turned himself into a stone wall, devoid of soul and heart. And now there arises within him the single most important question on which now depends on his entire life, who cares about life—the Path through the day and night, birth and death to a single goal—Freedom. Everything, even the very existence of cosmic worlds is concluded now in this little question: “How to overcome the wall? Is it better to destroy it? There is no such strength. Is it better to disassemble it? There isn’t much time.” And there are again inconstancies! Inconstancies! Inconstancies!

What should you—man—do, if, dividing your world by a wall, you also disidentified yourself from us? How can we carry on a dialogue, when we stand on two opposite sides of the product of your mind? What will you do now that you have heard the voice of your heart for the first time in centuries?

We do not suggest that you break down the wall and violently destroy all that is its foundation. For you it is impossible today, for only the awakened consciousness is able to discern what is true and what is false. Only the grandeur of the Spirit can solve the eternal question “To be or not to be?”

The unseeing person, without discerning the essence of things, will turn everything into quicksand, mixing the once-great bastion with the earth’s flesh. This is not the path of emptying oneself, but a painful road towards depletion of spiritual and physical strength.

The one who began to see clearly will strike a blow so that all the falseness is reduced to mere dust. And what has acquired the hardness of diamond through many lifetimes will be retained by him and will become the foundation of the future Temple within himself.

We should therefore not be in a hurry to destroy what cannot yet be realized, or one would have to rebuild the wall again. Let’s just remember the childhood dream, spread our wings weakened by time and idleness, and try to fly over the great wall, erected by the oppressed human mind to look at it from the other side unknown to us.

Do not worry about the wall: it is merely—a consequence, the cause—is within man himself. When your mind comes into desired resonance with your heart, that impregnable wall will collapse down of its own accord like the strong walls of ancient Jericho. While noxious dissonance reigns within you, this wall will only grow stronger.

Let’s start with the fact that we’ll remove the word “Mars” from use, and with it, we’ll let go of everything we used to know about it. If we fail to do so, then at least let’s try not to identify the generally accepted view of Mars, on the basis of which most people have formed an impression of this Planet, with the events and their participants, which you will learn from our talk.

So, we forgot about Mars, as many billions of years later this wonderful Planet was named by the Earthmen—bipedal sentient beings, whose cosmic home in those distant days was merely a scorching core of matter—and now we can begin the story of a beautiful Ma-Tush or Ma-Tiosh for the reason that the Planet is distinctly mentioned in all the chronicles of that period under this name. In fact, the Matushians—the inhabitants of the Planet Ma-Tush, expressed by the word Ma-Tush the essence of the Mother of the World, as the eternal principle of Existence.

To Earthmen the word “Ma-Tush” could also be transcribed as “Ma-Tus,” but for our story we have chosen the first option, which will be used in the context of the entire first part of the talk.

Ma-Tush or Ma-Tiosh—is the name of one of the three cosmic hypostases of Autma—the Great Dhyan Chohan, who spiritualized this Planet. In the triad of Ma-Tush, Agos and Oshbi it is Ma-Tush that was a personification of the maternal principle, the idea of which in Matushians was reduced to completely different notions than in contemporary Earthmen, but this will be covered later.

Isn’t it true, it may seem very strange that the very inhabitants of this Planet included in its name the essence of the maternal principle, while billions of years later the earthly humanity associated Ma-Tush with Mars—the God of War? Did humans gain an erroneous understanding of cosmic role of this Planet in the modern world of the Universe, giving it qualities of a male warrior and of the destroyer at that?

There are no mistakes at this time. When after millions of years of existence of intelligent life on Ma-Tush there came the dark times, and it became apparent that humanity is unable to complete its evolutionary plan on this Planet, Autma directed the final round of the seventh circle, which hasn’t had time to unfold, into the spiral. He joined it in time and space with a spiral, which in future had to be born by the people of the Planet, yet non-existent in the physical Universe. It was destined to grow as a young branch sprung from the trunk of an ancient Cosmic Tree of the Ma-Tushian’s Race and become the eleventh link in the chain of evolution of this planetary civilization. What could it mean? One day we’ll tell about that, but not now.

It was then in the hour of battle at the turn of two epochs that Ma-Tush turned into a formidable Agos and in the guise of a warrior appeared in front of her child.

Thus, in the transformation of the energy of Ma-Tush—the great Mother of the modern World—the birth of the Earth took place.

Ma-Tush assumed the aspect of militant male principle of Agos to once again become Ma-Tush, thus demonstrating one of the fundamental cosmic principles:

The movement along the spiral and within the spiral—is the lawgiver of Life!

Movement does not tolerate constancy, and the wind of change—its eternal companion, with flashes of lightning and terrifying peals of thunder, changes the polarities of the poles for the beginning of a new epoch. No one can escape its embrace—ardent for some and chilling to others, but equally commanding to all. Even the Gods change their Appearance...

Terrestrial humanity concluded correctly, but only behind the aspect of a warrior Agos it did not see the feminine image of the World Mother, the essence of this cosmic transformation remained hidden from it.

But it is not surprising, because people cannot even consider what happens to them on their own Planet, in the country, in a family, in themselves. And indeed the transformation that Ma-Tush once underwent, the Earth repeats today, after billions of years. For Mars, it ended by the premature enfoldment and change in the evolutionary plan of the Planet. What awaits the Earth?

People wait for the Third World War and deliberately divide the world into two camps of opposing forces—a meaningless pursuit. Do not wait, a massacre—the war of unprecedented scale the way you imagine it will not happen!

Of course, the present situation in the world gives rise to many arguments in favour of the inevitability of the war, and to top it all, different prophecies confuse people’s minds, and Michel Nostradamus’s quatrains sound especially authoritative. Of course, we have no reason not to believe him, because many of his predictions have already come true before our eyes.

I would like to hear what Nostradamus thinks about it himself, but we have to be content only with arbitrary interpretations of his quatrains by our contemporaries, where clear discrepancies could be retraced with the thoughts of the prophet from the distant past of the Earth.


Century X, Quatrain 72: 

In the year 1999 and the seven month

The great king of terror (frightening) will descent from the sky

He will bring back the great king Genghis Khan

Before and after Mars rules happily.


One more translation (CX Q72): 

The year 1999, seventh month

The great king of Terror will come from the sky,

In order to bring back to life the great king Angolmois

Before and after Mars to rule by the good cause.


Century II, Quatrain 62: 

Mabus will soon die

Then will come a horrible slaughter

Of people and animals...

Before that and after the God of War Reigns happily.


One more translation (CII Q62):

Mabus will soon die, then will happen

A dreadful destruction of people and animals.

Then suddenly vengeance revealed.

Hundred, hand, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.


Somehow, most interpreters and amateur Nostradamus scholars have the unfounded opinion that Nostradamus calls the third Antichrist to come by the name of Mabus, who according to Nostradamus’s own prophecies made in Centuries, will live in a time when it will be impossible to determine, who is good and who is evil. The idea of the coming Antichrist, which specifically relates to the beginning of the Third World War, is injected into people’s consciousness by the ancient prophecies of various peoples. However, people ones again correlated this fact with the forms, known to their enslaved minds, completely failing to respond to the growing planetary socio-economic situation that already ruined financially and spiritually much of world civilization.

Is not this the notorious World War III, and the financial Octopus—the devourer of the creative principle of Earthmen—its Driving Force?

Of course, it is no accident that Rikla brought to the surface of the awakening human consciousness the ancient science of Discernment from the obscurity of ignorant oblivion. Otherwise, how does one discern between good and bad? This is the time of Mabus whose persona causes so much controversy and dispute among the Evil minions who fell for the bait of Nostradamus. But they all agree on one thing: whoever he—Mabus—may have been better had he not been touched since his “death” will become the occasion for the beginning of the catastrophe or the outbreak of another World War.

And yet, who is hiding behind the name? In a literal sense, Mabus is the beloved God of the Celtic people, who confers the highest virtues of wisdom and justice. But this is too little to understand the essence of His—Mabus’s—phenomenon in the quatrains.

Several generations of Earthmen rack their brains trying to understand the secret of the encrypted messages of Nostradamus. But if we consider in the totality the power and energy expended by people since the first prophetic quatrains and to this day, then it is absolutely fair to say that the result is insignificant. Nostradamus could not afford to let the secrets of the Earth’s future revealed to him die with him. But he also could not just give the prophecies to his contemporaries, and therefore decided to encrypt them, forcing humanity to strain their intellectual and spiritual forces. It must be said that he was able to succeed in an outstanding way.

When something is a mystery to the absolute majority, it is very easy to endow words and phrases with meanings and concepts of their own, in which there are encrypted ideas not subject to the mind of the majority. Therefore we said that in the translations of Nostradamus's quatrains, the apparent discrepancy, not only in energy, but also in linguistics is being read. People just skillfully slant the events of their time in favor of the quatrain’s meanings, which are not yet fully known to anyone.

Let us return once more to the Quatrain 72, Century X, which some people really wanted to associate with the end of the world, but at the same time point to Russia as the birthplace of the third Antichrist, who was identified with Putin—former President of the Russian Federation. This is not in his defense, but for the sake of justice.


Here is the text of the original quatrain:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois

Du ciel viendra vu grand Roy d’effrayeur

Resusciter ie grand Roy d’Angolmois

Auant aprus Mars regner par Bonheur.


Here is the conventional translation:

In the year 1999, in the seventh month

The great king of terror will come from the sky,

In order to bring back to life the great King Mongol (or Mongols),

Which before-after Mars [will] to reign happily.

And this is a direct translation of the quatrain, with the “supplementary” explanations/inserts removed, which themselves intend to impose upon the reader the views of their authors. Quatrain finds quite a different meaning, the exact opposite of what it has been empowered by the majority of commentators:

In the seventh month of year 1999

The great heavenly king-expiator

(The great King, the gatherer of the fruits, will come from the sky)

Will bring back to life the great King Angolmois

(To awake the great King of Angolmois),

Which before-after Mars [will] to rule happily

([Before] after Mars to reign because of good luck).


The fact is that people try to grasp the essence of the mystery of Nostradamus from the perspective of their consciousness and worldview, whereas Nostradamus himself wrote his prophetic messages from the future in a very special state of mind and spirit.

To come close to understanding what Nostradamus really wanted to say to future generations of humanity, we must first enter the Sancta Sanctorum—the inner world, which is the key to all secrets of its Master, but as you know—that’s FORBIDDEN! We can only try to understand the categories by which Nostradamus lived, thought and felt; otherwise we’ll never be able to read his message. For centuries people have reiterated over and over the phenomenon of Nostradamus’ quatrains, but they do not even realize that the author himself was not fully able to see the light and decrypt some of the revelations given to him by the Mystic Genius. For him, as well as for us, they have remained a Mystery, which he was able to figure out when he was already in a different state of being.

Nostradamus was initiated into the secret cosmogony and used this knowledge in his writings. He was correlating this knowledge in the literal or figurative meaning with the events of the world’s future, which opened to him behind an impenetrable veil of the present assuming partial transparency. Therefore, incompetent person can perceive much of his texts as a set of disconnected words and phrases, which are impossible to combine into a single chain of complete idea. Mystic Nostradamus used the known to him experience of extraterrestrial civilizations to create allegorical forms, explaining the different periods of human development.

Thus, for example, being initiated into the essence of the mystery of transformation of Ma-Tush—Mother of the World—into Agos, Nostradamus also knew that a similar fate will befall the Earth, and therefore all the information about this period he gave through the prism of that knowledge in a combination of two aspects—Martian past and Terrestrial future.

Read this quatrain once again and it will reveal quit a different meaning now. In order to bring about greater clarity, it is necessary to make one more clarification.


– Mabus! — Nostradamus says.

– But who is he? — The people ask.

– The Antichrist—credibly frightening and categorically states the Church. Millions of hearts shrink in anticipation that something terrible is approaching.

Note that Nostradamus himself nowhere refers to Mabus as the Antichrist, but only indicates that his appearance will be linked to or coincide with the global events worldwide.

So great is the power of influence of the word Antichrist on the minds of people, but do they really know and understand what lies behind this word? No, they don’t! Does the Church itself know whose name and what weapons it uses to subdue the weak-minded and blind the sighted? Yes and no—this is the answer. The effect exactly reflects the hypocritical duplicity, which, like the smell of incense that has permeated all possessions of the Temples, penetrated to the very core of the Church brethren.

For the Church it is significant that people do not know and are not aware of anything, so they can be vulnerable to God and to the Antichrist. Yes, oddly enough, both of them are being used for the purpose of persuasion or intimidation. Where there is knowledge, there can be no place for fear and superstition. There is no more room for anything, even for faith and compassion.

Under the influence of the Church people completely misapprehend the true meaning of the appearance of the Antichrist in our world.The Antichrist appears for only one purpose—to show humanity its true face. It does not come from the outside, but people themselves generate it. The Antichrist—is a mirror, it is a mirror of every civilization, which, much like litmus paper, shows the state of the entire world community.

Initially, the mirror may seem to be completely harmless, but it is a big mistake. It captures absolutely all vibrations that fall within its field of action—reflection, and increasing manyfold, it sends the vibrations back into the space of the source that created them. The mirror also has magical properties of perception of the otherworldly aspect, that is, it reads the information not of the outer world, but of the inner—the man’s invisible world, acting like a window between two worlds. The Antichrist—it is all that which is secret, invisible and carefully concealed that through the mirror of reality becomes apparent. It exposes all the sores on the body of mankind, disguised with beautiful clothes, and fully returns to people the fruits of their deeds. This monster gushes out from itself all that was systematically deposited in it over many generations until there is no space left, and muddy streams of destruction is welling up out of his belly ripped open by the people themselves. The Antichrist—is the retribution that overtakes mankind in every era. But the Antichrist—is also à liberation. He comes to humanity like a severe and agonizing illness in order to liberate it from the spiritual ailments. Through the pain and suffering that the Antichrist brings into the world, people work out the negative aspects of their universal karma, the burden of which rests with each individual, whose evolutionary plan is associated with our Planet.

You expect the Antichrist, who should give rise to the beginning of the Third World War, you are looking for signs of his coming, but in vain—you will not find them, because your thoughts are directed in the wrong direction.

You have not even noticed that the Third World War has already begun, and in the final part of the talk about the Cosmic Magnet Rikla has made it unequivocally clear to the people. “Lungs, bronchi, mucosae will burn. People will experience terrible suffering: thirst, fever, and a deadly dryness inside. All this will be only a consequence of years of spiritual hunger and the barbaric destruction of the Planet... Millions of people will perish from various forms of lung diseases during these years that are already appearing today as a consequences of extinction of the respiratory centers...” This is not a prophecy, but a fact which is already happening.

If the people, involved in the whirl of worldly vanity, could pause only for a moment and just look around, then surely they would see that the streams of blood, referred to by Nostradamus, have long turned into rivers, and there is no place on Earth where these riverbeds would not have ran. Why can’t humanity tie all these world events with the beginning of the Third World War? Because a war at this time does not meet the standard military doctrine: “...and the brother shall lift up sword against the brother, the son against the father, and the nation against the nation.” This is a war between a Mother and her children. It is enough! Earth is deigned to be angry—these are the words of Rikla from October 2003.

At that time, after the September earthquake in Altai, the Teacher has given us a frank explanation of what is happening and will happen on Earth in the next twenty to twenty-five years. He openly explained the reasons for natural disasters, pandemics and the emergence of new incurable diseases that befall our Planet today. And it sounded like this:




Listen all, the Earth is deigned to be angry! The Earth began to speak with a man in a language which he understands. And you—man—now have no right to demand the intervention of my fire, for these are the works of your own hands.

Not wanting to pay heed to the words of wisdom then, what you ask of me now?

Man and the Earth entered a decisive phase for resolving the age-old conflicts. Soon there will be a few places left for the man on the Face of the Planet.

Earth rejects the energies, which are the fruits of modern humanity. The planet is suffocating in them—it is Enough! Everything is predefined by mankind itself.

The time has come to reap the fruits of the tree, nurtured by the human mind, but rather—by the absence of it.

The Universe is created by a thought of God.

The Betrayal—by a thought of Jude.

Life is created by a thought of Consciousness.

The Destruction—by a thought of perverted mind.

All this becomes embodied in the forms of Earth.



I admit that only now, five years later, when I plunged myself into the study of life of the ancient planetary civilization from the Planet Ma-Tush, I was able to see the light of the true essence of words spoken by the Teacher.

Humanity has humiliated and trampled the Earth enough, now She—the Planet itself—the Mother of the World yet unborn, put on the armor of God of War.

In past times, people of the outgoing races of the Earth were familiar with the Mother of the World, but because of their inability and incapacity to perceive the entirety of her essence, they endowed each distinctive aspect with a separate Goddess, creating a huge pantheon of benevolent and punishing female images. But the multiplicity—is only a proof of the unity of the Mother of the World and her presence within all beings that revolves not only in the circles of life and death, but it is invisibly present outside of them—beyond the spheres of existence and non-existence.

People naively hated and feared the image of one Goddess created by the people themselves and loved, adored and admired the other. They did not realize or, perhaps did not want to know that all of them—the Goddesses—are the essence of overflowing of one image into another.

In the Era of the Mother of the World a new race of people will come to Earth which will destroy a multi-faceted pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and will join them in a single Image.

But if a person expects to mitigate his situation with the advent of all-forgiving and merciful Mother of the World, who is filled with compassion for her children to forgive them their deeds, then he is under a great delusion.

Only a True Mother, who is the embodiment of Cosmic Love itself, may be the only impartial and fair Judge of her Child. Only She—Mother of the World—can reveal Retribution, bringing pain and suffering, as the only Way of Salvation of mankind.

Remember people: Life and Death have the same face.

It is not by chance that the Karmic Board is represented practically only by Women who are the essence of embodiment of the Mother of the World.

Therefore, for some She will appear as White Tara and open Source of Life, Harmony and Beauty in them. For others, She will enter into the world as Black Tara, carrying Death, Suffering and Destruction.

After all, Life and Death acquire their two-faced essence in the flesh only on Earth. Quite symbolically this transformation/transition is reflected in Russian language. When nouns Life and Death acquire the force of action, that is, they obtain the form of a verb—die and revive, the two sources of their terrestrial origin manifest.

Umirat in Russian means to die—where ‘um’ in Russian stands for mindas a source of Death on Earth.

Ozhivat—zhiva [jiva] in Russian means to revive or to be alive—where, according to the Mongolian grammar, the written ‘zh’ is pronounced as ‘j’.

Jiva in Sanskrit means a living being or life, as Absolute, also as Monad or Atma-Buddhi.

Monad in Greek means Unity, one; but in Occultism it often means the unified triad—Atma-Buddhi-Manas or the duad—Atma-Buddhi—the immortal part of man which is reincarnated in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through them towards higher forms of consciousness and then, hypothetically, to the final destination of any Spirit—Nirvana.

The conclusion is brief:

Mind, personifying the matter, is the source of Death.

Spirit or the immortal part of man is the source of eternal Life.

Their unity in action gives rise to earthly existence.

Thus, it would seem that our conversation quite unexpectedly turned to these age-old concepts: the Life and Death. This temporary deviation has not happened by chance, because you have not even noticed that it has brought us to the gates of a completely unknown world, where, still to this day, there lives the beautiful Ma-Tush.

Ma—Mother. Tush (Tus)—birth (to be born, being born). Consequently, “Matushians” meant “born to/by a mother.”

Earthly word “Matushka” which, in Russian, means “Mother”—conceals the secret of our distant Foremother’s name.

Ma-Tush and Matushka in fact have (carry) one semantic value—the Mother that gave (gives) Life.

Why did we initially make clarification regarding the dissonant concepts of Matushians and Terrestrial humanity about the importance of the phenomenon of Mother of the World? Because the people of the contemporary society irretrievably lost the essence of understanding of the mother principle not only in the unified system of the Cosmos, the Universe, the Planet, but even in the life of the man himself. The Church itself has made great efforts to advocate this by excluding the feminine Mother from the Christian Trinity and replacing her—our Foremother—with a beautiful and mystical concept of the Holy Spirit. No! The Formula is one: Mother, Father and Son—this is the only possible Trinity of evolution.

The Inquisitors believed that Mother, who gave birth to them, could be thrown into the dustbin of History and by doing so they can solve the problem of fear and weakness of the stronger gender in front of female purity. To precipitate Her straight into hell, making impure, blaming Her for all the sins of mankind, and most importantly—the fall of man. The fall of mankind was originally laid down through the vital essence, through ignorance and pettiness of humanity itself, which found the “scapegoat” and is now reaping the fruits of thought-forms that had once been laid down.

Men could never forgive the woman her inexplicable spiritual and physical power over them, hence their efforts to downplay and diminish her importance. Throughout the centuries, this fear caused them to keep a woman in slavery, imposing many taboos—prohibitions on her free existence. In India, they even dared to go for a substitution of one letter in the ancient texts of the Holy Vedas, for which reason the whole verse has acquired a completely different meaning, and the unfortunate widows were burned on funeral pyres of their deceased husbands.

The Mother—is unspeakably more than just flesh and blood. The Mother—is our root, our foundation of life.

Priests know what they have done, omitting the Mother and separating her from the Father and the Son. The Trinity of Life was broken and spiritual connections severed since the Mother is the Center, through which the Father and the Son are connected. Humanity is plagued by a terrible illness—the decline of spirituality as a result of breaking of life threads of the United and indivisible aspects of the Existence. Can the destroyed foundation be a support for new construction? This is one of the reasons that the gap has arisen between Spirit and Matter, and as a result—the degradation of universal consciousness occurred.

The natural principle of the development of life has been changed and replaced with an artificial, but rather, a dead idea. Thousands of generations became victims of spiritual abuse, which disfigured the consciousness and psyche of people. We cannot even realize today the effect, as it would seem, of such a minor alteration of the vital purpose of the beginning of all Beginnings—origin of life—on entire humanity. But time will put everything in its place. All we can do is wait, whereas the hammer of retribution has been already set in motion, and its inexorable beats on the anvil of human sin are heard increasingly and more loudly.

The Antichrist of the third millennium will leave its signature on the pages of the Era of the Mother of the World. He will merge in time with the signs of New Age, and one will become inseparable from the other, forever mixing in the single whirlwind of accomplishments.

You don’t have to believe in what has been said—it’s your right. Maybe this sounded for the first time, resounding through the Universe and echoing the aspirations of many Masters and Teachers of the Earth from different eras; perhaps, this is as old as the world.

Take into account at least what has become universally recognized and does not carry the nuances of mysticism, sectarianism and god knows what else that is attributed to everything existing outside the framework of generally accepted morality.

Look in the “Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Language” and check the interpretation given to the word “Mother.” Read and think, what you have been forced to give up and what they tried to kill in your consciousness. Is this possible?

Mat (Ma+Ti) or Mama in Russian means Mother—that’s about as “dense base periodically giving birth to (source of continuation),” or “thought of the source of flesh,” or “the birth of the continuation of flesh.” Life Force of reproduction in mother is called “E Mati” [in Russian], hence the modern word “imet,” which, in Russian, means “to have.” It is one of the earliest words for “mother.” According to legend, it is the name of one of the oldest goddesses—“Mati” who is responsible for creating ethereal bodies of almost all beings. All the most sacred associated with this concept has degenerated and become distorted in a colloquial curse as profanity. And in the literary language there remained only a formally social and morally simplified form in which it is difficult to discern the archaic meanings.

Even a very superficial definition will help you understand that Mother is the foundation of the entire Trinity of evolution, and delve into the study of the bases, which link Ma-Tush—Ma-Tiosh (Ma-Ti) to the Earth. Then perhaps you can succeed in perceiving that the hearts of these two Planets are beating in one rhythm. In our Universe, there is no other Ma-Tush like this, with which the Earth is so absolutely in tune with its body.

Matushians have given an interesting name to the Planet, which was then in its infancy and which, after many billions of years, has become home to the Terrestrial humanity. They called it Mat-Matush, which meant the “twice born.”

Thus. Mabus—Saviour! Isn’t it a totally unexpected turn of events?

CII Q57:

Before the conflict the great one will fall.
The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented.
Born imperfect, the great part will swim,
Near the river the land stained with blood.

CII Q62:

Oh, people and animals! A catastrophe awaits you,
Mabus comes to you, to die among you,
The comet tears the veil off vengeance,
Robbery, blood, thirst bearing on the tail.

Here, Nostradamus describes the time of the arrival and path of the Saviour. Mabus—High Spirit—voluntarily descends to Earth to give his blood and flesh to be torn by mankind which has reached a deadlock, thus to show the Path to liberation of the Spirit and emancipation of the Soul of man, long-suffering and self-imprisoned in a cage of Ignorance.

He brings salvation through the pain, suffering and torment. Otherwise, there would be no possibility of liberation—this is one of the few truths that are beyond any doubts, which have been officially acknowledged by mankind over the past five thousand years. Comet rips the veil off the Goddess of Vengeance, who is one of the hypostases of the Mother of the World on Earth and reveals all that is mysterious so people could see Her true Face. It will be terrible to those who behold a punishment from heaven in it, but its beauty will be revealed to anyone who finds a Saviour in it.



Bus—“And Ovsen will lay a bridge. And Kryshen will pass over the bridge first, Kolyada—the second, and Bus—the third.”

Thus, the newborn was named as the scripture has said—Bus. And he was called Beloyar, for he was born on the last day of the month of Beloyar (Aries), at the sunset of the Day of Svarog.

 From the “The Legend of Bus” 


The first time the Most High became incarnate on Earth as Kryshen, the second time—as Kolyada, and the third time—as Bus Beloyar, who, according to the predictions made by the Wise Men based on various signs occurring at his birth, had to complete the Svarog Cycle.

If you read the ancient Legend of Bus, you will realize that Bus was the essence of the Pobuda of the God’s Rus for the Slavic world and from beginning to end repeated the Path of Jesus Christ. Pobuda—the awakened one, the spiritual Teacher and the Benefactor of the will of Gods.

The following is the prediction of the second appearance of Jesus and his crucifixion in four hundred years quoted by Jesus to his disciples.

2 Esdras 7:28, 29:

“28 For My Son Jesus shall be revealed with those that be with him, and they that remain shall rejoice within four hundred years.

29 After these years shall My Son Christ die...”

The Jesus Christ himself said to his disciples:

“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Comforter to help you and be with you forever—the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for He dwells with you and shall be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” (John 14:16-18).

Jesus also said about the Comforter: “Verily, verily I say unto you, he that believeth in Me, the works that I do He shall do also; and greater works than these shall He do, because I go unto My Father.” (John 14:12).

Here Jesus speaks of His own Second Coming, not the one that will be during the end of the world, but the one “the world cannot accept” and “it neither sees,” for it will be revealed only to those who are chosen.

A new star/comet heralded the birth of Bus, which is described in the ancient Slavonic manuscript of the forth century “Boyanov Anthem,” telling the story of star Chigir-ugor (Halley’s comet), based on which the astrologers predicted a great future and mission of Bus.

Bus was crucified, a total lunar eclipse occurred on the night of his crucifixion, and a most dreadful earthquake shook the earth. This was indeed the true Crucifixion on a Cross, which subsequently became the prototype of the execution of Jesus of Nazareth, who was actually executed by hanging. The canonical Gospels do not say anywhere that Christ was crucified on the Cross. The Greek word “stauros,” which means “pole’” or “stake,” is used instead of the word “cross,” and it speaks not of the crucifixion, but of pole hanging. In the “Acts of the Apostles” 10:39 it is said that the Jesus of Nazareth was “hanged on a tree.” As a symbol of the Crucifixion and the martyrdom of the Saviour, the Cross has found its essence only after the crucifixion of Pobuda—the Encourager—of young Rus Bus Beloyar.

Decimius Magnus Ausonius, imperial court poet and teacher of the son of a Roman Emperor, has witnessed the crucifixion of Bus thus:

Between the Scythian rocks

There was a dry cross for the birds

From that out of the body of Prometheus

Was oozing bloody dew...


Indeed, this suggests that the essence of the phenomenon of the Messiah in the guise of Bus Beloyar was recognized even in Rome and his life Path was identified with the mission of Prometheus who brought the Fire of Life to the Earth.

Bus—Pobuda who awakened the consciousness of Rus People.

Bus—Prometheus who awakened the consciousness of the World.

Ma-Bus—Mother of Pobuda Prometheus, Mother of Awakening.

Ma-Bus-Prometheus—the One who through maternal principle will come to bring the

Fire of a New Era on the Earth.

Bus came to complete the rotation of the Wheel of Svarog and die among the people, then to be resurrected and ascend to the throne of God. So says an ancient Slavic legend.

Bus Beloyar gave the Rus people the teachings of the Path of Righteousness:

“Open your eyes, oh Rusich, OUM! OUM the Great and that of God!”

The Book of Veles (Bus 1, 2:1) says: “The Righteous Man ascended the pulpit and talked about how to follow the Path of Righteousness. And his actions coincided with his words. And they said about him, the old Bus, that he performed rites and spoke just as our forefathers did.”

Bus became the spiritual Father of the Slavic family that grew into a Great Rus.

Therefore, Bus Beloyar is truly the ancestor of the Russian people, whose unification he began long before the rise of Kievan Rus, having originally founded the State of Ruskolan.

Nostradamus refers to the time and place of appearance of a new Saviour, describing the events that will take place in the world and will accompany the moment of His arrival. A catastrophe awaits people, because Ma-Bus goes to them in order to be killed by them again. For the murder of the Saviour Ma-Bus the humanity will incur new terrible Karma, and the inevitable Retribution will overtake it.

Nostradamus could have well used the image of Christ in order to clarify this situation, which would have been more understandable and symbolic. But then, his prediction would not differ from many other ancient prophecies telling about the appearance of the Saviour. But Nostradamus, wishing to give more accurate information about this period, deliberately creates a composite image of Mabus, connecting in it Ma—the root of maternal principle and Bus the Pobuda—the spiritual Father, who personifies the Russian people.

Ma-Bus—Mother the Pobuda, the Encourager

Ma-Bus—Mother who Awakens

Ma-Bus—is the Path of Awakening through the maternal principle.

In the charade created by Nostradamus lies the deeper meaning of unity of Ma—Mother and Bus—Spirit, the Mother and Father, for it is only in their merger that the birth of a Child—Life is possible.

Given that the name of Bus was also nominally the throne name of Saxon and Slavic princes, and in his prophecies Nostradamus mentioned Russia under different names, among which were “Slavyania” and “Slavic people,” the place of the appearance of Ma-Bus reads very definitely in the hidden meaning of this quatrain.

When we say that the quatrains of Nostradamus can be timed to many important or desirable events of the past, present or future, we mean specific, proven examples where the authors, pursuing political, economic or personal interest insert in the same template different historical evidences and names of famous people of their time. Here, for example, this very fragment from the centuries of Nostradamus may well be correlated with the fate of dozens of well-known historical and greatest generals, emperors, Messiahs, whose assassination was the cause of the outbreak of war or terrorism, a word that is being commonly used in the current vocabulary. The biography of Bus Beloyar, as well as the Path of Christ, can be inserted into these lines, the essence of which has never been revealed to anyone, and therefore everyone is free to interpret them according to his own views and priorities.

“Before the conflict the great one will fall.

The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented.”

Bus Beloyar was crucified on Thursday night into Friday of March 20 to March 21, 368 CE. That year became a turning point of the end of the age of Beloyar (Aries) and the beginning of the age of Rod (Pisces). The Great Day of Svarog (Year of Svarog) ended, which lasted twenty-seven millennia, Beloyar completed the Circle and stopped the Wheel. The Night or Winter of Svarog has Arrived.

“Heavenly Circle Turned and the Night of Svarog has Arrived, the Fierce era of Pisces, according to Slavic stellar calendar. And now the Rus is being attacked by wave after wave of foreign invaders—Goths, Huns, Iazyges, Hellenes, Romans.”

The severe and bloody time of wars came after the murder-crucifixion of Bus.

Born imperfect, the great part will swim,

Near the river the land stained with blood.”

By origin, Bus was numbered among the God-men—the semi-perfect ones.

River—is a river of his life—Mission, most of which he was able to fulfill.

The land stained with blood near that river—these are the wars of liberation that Bus Beloyar fought throughout his life with the tribes of pagan Yags, Huns, and Goths. This is one interpretation, but there are others.

Blood is a symbol of kinship and unity. Land—is the flesh, in which the cathedral blood flows. People will be united as one flesh—the land, and in that flesh there will be one blood and one Spirit.

River—is the dynasty of Bus that was connected by blood kinship with many royal dynasties of the world. In Celtic Europe—with the royal House of King Arthur, in Franks—with the Merovingians, in Scandinavians—with the Ynglings; in Asia Minor—with the descendants of King David (including Jesus Christ); in India—with the Kings of the Solar dynasty (including Rama and Buddha Shakyamuni). The princes of the dynasty of Bus were related to the Zarathustra (the descendants of the Prophet ruled in Bactria, they intermarried with Keyanids). As forty-nine generations through the mixing of the blood of many ancient families the necessary basis for the incarnation of Christ was prepared, so over thousands of years the genetic alchemy derived a formula for the birth of Bus Beloyar, in whose veins the cathedral blood of all indigenous families and races of the world flowed.

During his life, Bus Beloyar created many ties of blood kinship between the Slavic tribes, forever uniting small families into one mighty nation.

Bus was the spiritual and the physical Unifier of the Slavic world and...

There is much more that can be said, but the whole point laid down by Nostradamus in the system of encrypted quatrains will be lost. Awaken your mind and try to connect in consciousness our—the Russian people—past with the present world events, and then perhaps you will discover a hidden world.

The bottom line is that you can compare the actions and achievements, that is, the very role and importance of the appearance of Bus Beloyar, in particular for Rus nascent at the time and for the whole world in general. It is not by chance that we have delved into such details and lifted from obscurity milestones of the path of this particular person, because they hold important clues for unraveling the mysterious Ma-Bus of Nostradamus and the World Mission of modern Russia.

Learn to read the signs of the time, and then you’ll see that everything that has happened to us sooner or later repeats again.

Here are two boundaries of epochs: from Aries to Pisces, and from Pisces to Aquarius. It is also symbolic that at the time Bus was building the beginnings of a future Rus, which ripened and matured into a true nation only after several centuries. At present, not yet fully liberated, still oppressed and weak Russia makes feeble but confident steps towards its establishment and consolidation as the world’s spiritual power. Do not flatter yourselves into thinking that our country is already on the verge of a golden age, and to transcend it, you only need to take one step, but today this step is longer than the life itself. Let us not forget that we are moving in a circle, and everything that has happened to us once, has a tendency to come back again. Of course, speed and timing are changing, and today everything occurs much faster than a century ago. And if it took centuries for the emergence of Rus once, then now it will be decades before the brow of Russia is crowned with a wreath of happiness and prosperity.

This entire introduction to the second chapter, long and protracted as it may seam to a vain seeker, could be replaced by a single sentence:

Ma-Bus (sh)—Ma-Tush (s)—they share a common secret. If you know the secret of One, you will unveil the essence of Another.

But Rikla said: “No. Write openly. People no longer have the opportunity to spend decades in deciphering occult writings and allegories. Their time has elapsed, and what is hidden behind this phrase will give them hope and help in the fight.”

I failed to write it openly in the sense that people understand openness. For them, it may become a new labyrinth into which they’ll carelessly rush and walk around in circles. On the one hand, it is our task: to keep a man’s mind busy at least temporarily, so that it didn’t have time to put obstacles in the pathway of energy of the call of life to the heart. On the other hand, there are those few who will gain an understanding of the essence of a profound revelation in all of these intertwining of themes and subjects of different times and epochs, and even scolded us that such openness could turn against us and the man himself.

So you see, it all depends on how people understand our proposed knowledge from a source unknown to them. They will get scared again!

In the story of Bus Beloyar, we deliberately gave the facts from official sources, so you can check their authenticity. Also, we have refrained from a more detailed explanation. Authoritative sources are silent or deliberately confuse dates and participants in the events taking place in the centuries, and therefore it is unlikely that you can find today at least some clues to glaring disparity between generally accepted history of the world and the real facts. It is also one of the “humane” ways to enslave the human mind. Therefore, all that is official, on which all world religions, including Christianity, world history and culture are founded, is based on false knowledge system. Just look at the scale! None of the conquerors and subjugators of nations could have dreamed of achieving such success without the sword and blood. But it’s a deceptive impression, indeed it is precisely because of these glaring inconsistencies, whose credibility is being forced by the Western civilization to be accepted by the Eastern world, there emerge conflicts on the bases of religious, spiritual, moral and social confusion and rejection.

Search for, verify, contemplate, refute—just do not sleep, do not succumb to this noxious weed of the visible prosperity. Take action! This is one of our goals: to make the Russian people go back to their Slavic roots and plunge into the time of the ancient Rus. Believe me, you will gather there much more than from known and accessible teachings of India and the East.

Even after merging with other rivers, the stream always retains its connection to the Source. If this connection is interrupted, the Source becomes silenced, the creek dries up, and the only thing reminiscent of it—is a narrow bed, barely noticeable on the body of the land, which eventually become overgrown with moss of eternal oblivion. Whereas the Source continues its silent existence, and those who hear its call will come and awaken, and it will suffuse the World with new meaning.

Well, it seems that everything is ready and we can start the Quest. Our Consciousness has received enough nourishment for awareness, so the mind cannot become the proverbial wall for pure, bold ideas.

The time has come, and your heart has left the Aura of the Earth, to rush into the depths of the cosmic worlds to meet the energy of the Planet Ma-Tush, calling to your heart for so long...

The child always comes back to the Mother, for the essence of the attraction is the action of the Cosmic Magnet—feeding on Mother’s milk—Creator of Worlds, the Daughter of the Great Black Silence of Space...

Mother always waits for her Child until he comes back to her...

Memory of a Child keeps the warmth and smell of the mother’s breast in the eternity...

Forever in a heartbeat of Mother lives first gaze of her Child...

The path of terrestrial humanity is predestined for many billions of years ahead...

We are only at the beginning of the path... 



Chapter Two

The Legend about the creation

of intelligent world on the Planet Ma-Tush



– Did anyone ever perceive the innermost of all the mysteries of the Universe?

– Yes, he did…

– Then why did he keep silent and not tell it to others? For there are so many people trying to understand the greatest mysteries of the Cosmos.

– Certain milestone revelations were revealed to the initiates of different epochs, but none of them found it possible to transfer this knowledge to their fellow men in Mind.

– Is it because he didn’t want to?

– No, he couldn’t.

– Is it because he didn’t have the right?

– No, he did.

– Then can you explain please?

– You cannot tell a man about that which lies dormant in a latent state in his consciousness, until it is awakened.

– And nevertheless, Father, if the existence of something became possible for one person, then it should be possible to gain an understanding of it for another.

– Yes, virtually for everyone, but to achieve this it is necessary that a person should be able to go beyond the scope of any understanding, that is, to find himself on the other side of the wall. Therefore, answering your question, I assert that over the last millennia humanity has not moved a single step to the knowledge of the innermost of all the mysteries of the Cosmos—the mystery of Creation, because the consciousness of Homo sapiens has not yet been awakened.

– Look, Teacher, there in twilight valley the exited voices of the people can be heard. What is happening?

– Nothing special. I just made it so that the same exact thought occurred to all of them simultaneously, which a moment before was voiced by Rikla.

 – Of course, it could not but cause a certain reaction in their minds, so people began buzzing like a beehive disturbed by a bear. Look, they have already rolled up their sleeves and menacingly thrusting their smart fists they are heartily ready to do justice to their enemies. It is their beloved pastime: keep their scientific debate in this way.

Go down into the valley, Daughter, and ask its inhabitants any, the easiest question that arises in your heart at the moment of meeting, listen carefully to the answer, and then many things will become clear to you in the Master’s words, which have taken out of balance the smart minds. Go and come back.


* *  *


– Hello, Teacher.

– Hello, Singha. I see that it took you much less time than I expected on your journey. You are smiling—that’s a good sign! Go ahead and tell me. 


– I’ve had the opportunity to meet many inhabitants of the twilight valley and asked everyone two similar questions:

First: who and, more importantly how was the universal system—man—­­ created, which embodies the principle of the entire cosmic universe? 

Second: what causes the fusion of sperm and egg cell, its subsequent division and as a result, development and birth of a little intelligent creature? Why and according to what law do all these things occur? 

– And then what, Daughter? 

– Powerful and impressive flows of speeches fell upon me, which were capable of bringing down not only the inhabitant of the world of shadows who is unsteady on his feet, but also unsettling the experienced Traveler. Your Staff safeguarded me, Father; otherwise I would have been carried away by the stream of verbal diarrhea. They talked about many things, their speech sounded intelligent and beautiful, but each new answer only generated another question naturally arising from it.

I just realized one thing: people mastered these two processes and can clearly describe what happens and why, but the very essence of what is hidden behind a complex physiological action, remained beyond their control.

Now I know that the question “why?” reaches impressive, though not the most secret depths of the Ocean, while the answer “because (of)” playfully splashes in its superficial layers. And everyone who dares to give people the answer to the eternal questions “why?” will be doomed to emerge from the depths of one’s own knowledge into the topmost layers of the ocean, where human consciousness inhabits.

 – Humanity goes in circles, Daughter, coming closer and then farther away from the Truth, but still, like thousands of years ago, not having the slightest idea of the sacred sense of this comprehensive concept. 

You said it right, Singha, it is precisely here, in these microscopic processes, as if taking place without any apparent cause within the human body, that lies the great mystery of Creation of the cosmic worlds, Universes, Galaxies, Planets and the man himself.

Now, do not waste your time, for only when we remember about it does it exist. Do not attempt to describe that which served as the beginning of our silent dialog, because it cannot go beyond the scope of the relationship between Teacher and his chela.

You called me, and I came, since your call was so strong that it was able to overtake me in one of the underground Laboratories of the Uranus, which practically cannot be penetrated by the conscious thought—the momentum from the Earth, so great is the protection of this creative space of the Cosmic Brotherhood. Now, that you are writing these lines, I am leaving because I know that you will find words and forms to convey the Message to the people of Earth, not from the past, but from the future into the present. 

You quietly smile—for me it’s a good sign, it means that the Daughter of mine saw behind the words of the Father the fathomless void of the Cosmos, where there is no such thing as concept of Truth, for even the concept itself is a hindrance on the Path to Knowledge. However, it can also be said in another way: …because It (Cosmos) itself is the Truth, solemn, immutable, in the first instance of the sense of this word.


The Birth of a new Planet


  The Sun is not eternal
All that takes the form of life and death is not eternal
After the Sunrise there is always a Sunset
The awakening of the Day is impossible without the Night
One cannot stop the motion of Planets
One cannot stop the rotation of Time in Eternity’s spiral
Star goes out to kindle a new Constellation
Era departs to give life
to a new Pleiad of cosmic Gods
There are no Life, no Death—there is NOTHING
Only a single continuous Motion
In which all that exists is involved
Universes Galaxies Planets Man Stone Tree River
Heaven doesn’t choose
It makes its Way
Into the Cosmic cycle of Rebirth

* * *  


Cosmic Day gives way to Night, and the milky waters of the ocean of Eternity plunge into a deep sleep, hiding under its covers the mystery of the creation of a future Life. 

From the taut strings of Time, the eternal Force, called an Inspiration on Earth, weaves a resilient canvas of Eternity, into which Cosmos assumes its Children Sórby.

Each cosmic epoch gives birth to its Pleiad of Sorby, who are responsible for the evolutionary plan of the Universe at a certain turn of its development.

Sorby—is an impersonal, sexless Source, born from the eternal Universal Principle. The difference between the Parent and the Child lies in the fact that the eternal basis of Existence, remaining in its two constant states—activity and passivity (wakefulness and sleep), gives an impetus to life, but itself does not participate neither in the development nor in the extinction of this life, i.e., it does not go through the stages of evolution or involution with it. Whereas Sorby—the Universal Spirit generated by the eternal basis of Existence, goes through all the stages of cosmic evolution throughout the eons.

The Sorby Energy in combination with the Higher Source participates in the creation of worlds, Planets, cosmic expanses and their inhabitants. The divisibility of the Universal Spirit of Sorby allows him to create lower cosmic aspects: Planetary Spirits and Cosmic Gods.

Sorby—is an impersonal, neutral creative Force, which in its manifestation takes on the polarity, causing the division of a unified spirit-matter into its manifest and unmanifest qualities: matter and spirit, horizontal and vertical, man and woman, endowing all its creations with the dual nature, capable of moving in both aspects of being—vital and, moreover, initially necessary—the Evolution and Involution.

Despite the prohibition of the Unified Source, let’s still look back just a little bit and plunge into the waters of the ocean which has long disappeared into eternity, in which milky waters many eons ago, a young Pleiad of Sorby Gods was born. 

The Universal Day was on the wane, and the pulse of Life was slowing down its rate. Deep sleep took possession of all things in Existence, the Planets slowed down in their rotation, the blood flowed more slowly and calmly along their overworked veins, and their enormous hearts beat increasingly more quiet. The presence of life could hardly be grasped in the sleeping world of the Universe. No, life was not leaving the world; it was plunging into a deep state of rest, where in absolute silence it had to accomplish the mystery—the Passage across the river of Time over a transparent Bridge of Eternity connecting the shores of birth and death.

It was then when the motion/rhythm originated in the depths of a serenely sleeping Universe, whose vibration encouraged the birth of cosmic Love in the womb of the Mother, the echoes of which Love we, you and I are. 

With the first rays of morning Sun, the eternal Principle of the Universe became embodied in Five newborns Sorby, who were destined to create during the Current Day five new Planets, five cosmic universes, five new intelligent life forms.

The Wheel of Universal Day was gaining momentum, and Five young Sorby revolved in its cycle of awakening life. The time came and overcoming the attraction they broke away from the center of the Universe and embarked on a distant journey through its vast expanses.

Forever connected with It by a single thread of life—the Umbilical Cord that connects Mother’s Heart with the Paths of her mature Children, the Envoys scattered their Spirits throughout the Universe in search of better space for the creation of new worlds and Planets. After long wanderings, they found their own worlds: some of them closer and some further away from the Sun, where they began to create a plan of their own cosmic evolutionary system.

One of these universal Pilgrims was Autma-Sorby—the eldest of Five. He was ahead of the Brothers and the first to create a new Planet from the chaos of primordial matter. Autma-Sorby dedicated his creation to the eternal Mother/basis who gave birth to Him and he gave Her a beautiful name Ma-Tush. Vibration of this name forever retained in His memory the first moment of His conscious existence when He—Autma-Sorby—already awakened and rushing along the veins and arteries of cosmic systems to meet an unknown life, and connected by a thin umbilical cord to the primordial substance, to which he belonged until very recently—opened his eyes and saw, and for the first time became aware of the pristine Face of the Unified Mother that was moving away from him. It was only a moment when Sorby was between two worlds: the Cosmic Chaos and Cosmic Mind—the umbilical cord broke off, and Autma sank into the embrace of the latter to once again return to the original Nothingness, in which His Universal Spirit will be dissolved forever. 

Hearing the Heartbeat of Autma, the Universe endowed His creation with the energy of Love of its Cosmic Heart, passing through it the momentum of an All-embracing Mother Love.

Thus Ma-Tush was the only one of five new Planets, in which the Universe embodied the essence of maternal source, predetermining its fate and role for billions of years of its existence.

Ma-Tush was the next Planet chosen by the Universe, which was supposed to embody the principle of maternal source in the world of planetary forms.

Its predecessor and the Mother parent, Planet U., giving its old flesh for the construction of young Planets was moving farther away from the Sun to the invisible limits of the Universe, where the white Cosmos is merging with the black abyss of the Unknown.

Eons passed before five Sorby were able to bring their ideas to life. Some earlier, others later, but all of Them carried out the will of the Cosmos, creating Pleiad of third generation of Planets, among which were Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter, as we are accustomed to call them on Earth today.

Ma-Tush was especially loved by the Sun as the first of five young Planets, which was able to get closer to the Luminary, and to affirm its intended position with respect to the Sun in the world, and its place in the Universe.

Autma-Sorby was wise and powerful; to the last drop He absorbed into himself the science of the Earliest Origins of the Cosmos. He conversed on an equal footing with the Sun and its older Brothers, passionately and inspiredly sculpted the forms of his Planet, in the depths of which by tocsin of thousands of bells the very heart of the Mother Universe full of Love beat resonantly.

After finishing the work on the physical form of the Planet, Autma-Sorby proceeded with the implementation of a new plan for populating Ma-Tush with its first inhabitants.

Initially, He recreated all the stages of creation in the realm of incorporeal ether, endowing the Planet with prototypes of future life, which later acquired their forms in the real world.

The inhabitants of this world—forerunner, did not require special climatic, atmospheric and environmental conditions for the existence, because they and the Planet itself, as aspects of the manifested matter, were on different planes of Creation, and all the phenomena of the physical realm seemed to pass through them, without creating any interference to their existence. Everything in this subtle material realm of existence moved, revolved, in one word—lived, but it was not born, nor did it die. One was recreated from another, which gave its sheaths for the building of the more advanced forms. Thus, each group of representatives of this world existed at the expense of other groups according to the principle of mutual support. It was a vicious cycle set in motion by the thought of its Creator, which was in constant rotation, since it did not possess its own will to accelerate and transform itself into a spiral of evolution or to stop and interrupt its monotonous existence.

The plants and flowers here did not exude aromas, they simply did not exist yet, and the colors of nature were muted in the range of gray and white tones with pale shades of blue, purple and metallic. The voices of the animals and singing of the birds were not heard. It was the universal world of silence and eternal rest, where nothing ever disturbed initially established laws of life, if we may so call the state, in which the “inhabitants” of this space system were. 

When I moved in time and watched the created world from the space of its creation, which, since the extinction of life on Ma-Tush was in the folded state, I had the feeling that everything is happening as if in a dream. The inhabitants of this world were moving, walking, and living, being in a state of somnambulism, which was their only way of existence. Somnambulism is not one of the many states of consciousness, because these creatures did not possess self-consciousness at all, and consequently did not have any aspects of memory. They could neither know nor remember absolutely nothing of what happened to them both a century and a moment ago. Their existence can be compared with the movement on a horizontal infinite straight line, which is manifested in a real world only by a small segment of a present moment, forever disappearing with each step taken forward. Thus, in short, we can describe the unconscious state of the inhabitants of this world/forerunner.

The created world was not shaken by wars and epidemics; there were no incurable diseases and devastating natural disasters. That is, there was no Force that could destroy life or to restrict it in terms of manifestation. But neither there existed any Force capable of giving new impetus to this life, engaging it in the movement of cosmic spiral and bringing it to a new level of development. The world was deprived of sufferings as well as joy and love.

Time passed, but the world remained the same as it was once created by Autma-Sorby. This world could not develop independently, because no one creature could realize itself and its own nature—to awaken and, consequently, to become self-realized in a sleeping world. The cause of the emergent state of “dormancy” was a lack of Creative and Destructive Sources or duality, as the driving force of evolution.

Yes, it was a perfect world, but it soon bored Autma-Sorby with its monotony and predictability. It was like a pre-programmed machine that performed a series of complex sequential operations, the course of which it was not able to change independently, but only at the behest of its Creator.

Meanwhile, planetary physics reached the final phase of its formation and now it was an excellent live material, which in the hands of a skilled sculptor could turn into a unique Creation of the Cosmos.

At first, the subtle and fiery worlds, as aspects of unmanifested spirit-matter, and the physical structure of Ma-Tush existed as though separately from each other. They were in a single planetary system and obeyed the same laws of its development, but had no common ground. The subjective world created by Autma-Sorby did not come into contact with the physical plane of Ma-Tush, and the latter, in turn, did not participate in the organization of its subtle life. Then Autma-Sorby began to think about how to create a living space where he could connect the physical matter of the Planet with the incorporeal world inhabited by His universal Spirit. This world was to take the space—which was not yet filled with anything and free to build new forms of life—between the Planet’s interior, whose formation was completed by him, and the subtle realms of existence. 

There was one place where Autma-Sorby saw an opportunity to unite the Spirit and the Flesh of his creation, making a living intelligent being out there. The surface of the young Ma-Tush, still active and flexible, seething and fire spouting became the place where Autma-Sorby created a new world.

To this end, He reviewed all the already created prototypes of plants and animals, birds and fish, to each defining its place and purpose in the new world. He was quite pleased with them, but disappointed that he did not find among this diversity of forms a single creature, which he could endow with a particle of his Mind. This is because in the foundation of the new world, Autma-Sorby decided to lay down the principle of duality, as the driving force of self-developing system, which was supposed to be implemented by intelligent conscious beings possessing physical bodies.

The next question then arose before him: how to recreate the heavenly world conceived by him in the projections and translate it into sound, color, motion and shape?

Before Autma-Sorby was a question of building a new world, the crown of creation of which was to become a sentient being—a Matushian—a man born of a mother, the most ancient root of genealogical tree, whose fruit is the earthly humanity. Although the modern representatives of the latter long ago lost the spiritual and physical connections with their cosmic past, once given to them to connect with the future. Today there is already nothing left, neither in appearance nor in the soul of people, to remind them of their Great Forefathers from the Planet Ma-Tush.


Three Epochs


Autma-Sorby cried out to the Great Mother for help. He told Her his Plan and asked to specify the path to its realization. In response, the Universe caused three Vortices from its depths and sent them to Ma-Tush... 

Here it is necessary to make some clarification so that the reader of these lines did not become a victim of his arbitrary fancy or a weak-willed mind. The description of the picture of Autma-Sorby’s Creation of the objective world on Ma-Tush is presented through a simultaneous display and reconciliation of the metaphysical and physical sides of a single cosmic process. They cannot be separated, because one comes from another, and it is in this interaction that the creative Force, which is the foundation of the new world, is born.

Perhaps none of what is written in this talk should be taken literally; otherwise you will lose the completeness and integrity of the perception of picture created by us. In the context of one talk, we unfold the essence of multidimensional reality that is born out of the intertwining of the worlds and times. We create a pattern from its multi-colored threads that will help a person accept what he is not yet able to grasp with his ignorant and oppressed or hyper-intellectualized mind, which today became practically equivalent.

Do not set yourself a goal to unknot this pattern and go back to the source along single threads. One thread—one destiny, it will not be able to tell anything about thousands of others, and to embrace them all separately is not within your control, because only in the harmonious interweaving of millions of such threads on the fiery tantra* of Eternity the eternal Voice of Truth begins to sound. So leave your attempts to separate the tree trunk from the roots and make it grow independently. A man comes into conflict with his own nature, destroying the foundation of life, on which the world, built by the man himself, is based. In the Milky Way Galaxy the principle of self-destruction is actively practiced only by Earthmen, who for the sake of their lower nature changed the aphorism as old as this world—natural things are not shameful, natural is not ugly—to the slogan more relevant to contemporary trends—ugly is natural—and now everyone, who accepted for himself this formula of existence, which already reached global scale, displays his modernized “nature” without any shame, showing off before their own kind.


*Tantra, in Sanskrit, literally means “weaving” and denotes a weaving machine or loom.


The less you know, the stronger the desire to speak and write as much as possible, in short, to immortalize.

The more you know, the less often there is a need to speak.

A man who gained insight into the individual strokes of cosmic picture of the universe, makes discoveries, which set new limits in the development of universal consciousness.

A man who contemplated at least one integral fragment of this cosmic masterpiece, failing to transmit all of it, is forced to carefully select individual strokes of creation, so as not to disturb the integrity of the canvas and be able to save all the hidden links, and as accurately, in order not to smudge the lines and not to mix the colors, apply them to the membrane of human consciousness.

In the first case—the man triumphs, realizing that he made a step beyond the limit destroying it with his discovery. In the second case—the man experiences anguish, realizing that his words, perceived by people as the supreme revelation, are only baby talk compared with the voice of the Cosmos sounding within him. Do you see the difference? Then let us continue.

Mother Universe sent three Forces to Ma-Tush, which were brought into the sequential movement and called to help Autma-Sorby create the objective world with intelligent life forms. All three Forces came to the Planet in the form of three Vortices, which transformed its world and brought the breath of a new, unknown life.

The first Vortex united with the planetary axis of Ma-Tush and shifted it from the former, almost vertical position by 14.8 degrees clockwise by the force of its rotation. The first phase of construction of the new world began on the Planet, in the long chain of evolution resulting in a tendency for the appearance of the kingdom of nature on Ma-Tush habitable for life.

On the physical plane the universal Force turned into a most powerful atmospheric vortex that shook the Planet to its very core and awaked dormant volcanoes—the keepers of the creative Fire as a symbol of the mystery of Creation. Ma-Tush became covered with fissures and tectonic fractures, the deep waters and gases began to flow up towards the surface. The basins were formed and filled with water and, spreading in different directions, the water washed in the body of the Planet new ways—the channels for future rivers. Underground gases seeped to the surface and in combination with chemical elements emitted by the surface world of the Planet, formed new mixtures, during the interaction of which an air cushion—the atmosphere was born, increasingly separating the physical body (sheath) of Ma-Tush from a unified cosmic space of the Universe and other Planets.

It took millions of earthly years for Autma-Sorby and his Companions to lay the foundation of the future world, which was skillfully designed and extremely accurately calculated for the entire time-period of its future existence in Eternity. Only then the second Force came into action, taking the torch that kept the Fire of evolution in its hands—unwomanly powerful and strong. 

The second Vortex was revived from the first one, when, after fulfilling itself in the Circle of Creation, the latter gave impetus to the unfolding of the evolutionary planes of Ma-Tush not manifested before. Aligning with the axis of the Planet, Vortex involved it in a new round of movement, as the next stage of development of unconscious forms of life in the cosmic system that was born. The second Vortex came to create the animal and plant worlds, which, like a cradle, should have taken into their bosom the first intelligent creature—man.

During the period of the unfolding of the second Vortex in the Circle of Creation the planetary axis of Ma-Tush shifted to 32.5 degrees from its original position. Naturally, this move could indicate an intense rotation of the evolutionary spiral of Ma-Tush. The displacement of the axis occurred under the simultaneous action of two sets of Forces—external and internal, manifest and unmanifest. When the period of the unfolding of the Vortex, or its implementation on all planes of existence was completed, the axis stopped and the sound of hammers of the Brotherhood of cosmic Builders unknown to Earthmen fell silent with it. Everything was becoming quiet, and in this unaccustomed silence the Planet was beginning to perceive its renewed Body and Soul.

However, we consider it necessary to give a more complete explanation of what is called the Circle of Creation in the Legend. This concept has a purely metaphysical meaning, defining the comprehensive plan of Creation, like the architect’s plan that is the Precursor of the future Structure, which subsequently acquires à physical form in the manifested world of matter.

As for creation, and so for the further reconstruction of the building, which in this case is the personification of all the objective world of the Planet, Sorby the Architect always first turns to the original drawings, making the necessary corrections and additions to them, which in turn are transferred to the physical plane and further transform it.

If you want to visualize the Circle of Creation of any of immense multitude of forms of Cosmos, then try to recreate in your mind the spatial shape of the Milky Way Galaxy, or rather, its manifested, visible part: the flat and yet slightly convex disc of ellipsoid form. Energy Center of the Circle of Creation is a universal or planetary axis located perpendicular to the disk.

Now there arises a natural question, since the visualized picture, namely, the “ellipsoid” shape does not coincide with the notion of a Circle in a person’s mind. Some people cannot see anything here except the absurdity or inaccuracy in the statement made by the person who wrote these lines. Others, through the inserted Contradiction can gain insight into the hidden meaning of the allegorical symbolism, concealed in the metaphysical formula—a Circle of Creation, which becomes clear precisely through the merger of the two systems in our minds: the circle and ellipsoid, which conditionally express the spiritual universe of cosmic existence.

When a particular form of the Cosmos, in our case—a Planet—goes through all the Stages of Creation from the kingdoms of minerals, plants and animals to the origin of intelligent forms of life, its Circle of Creation forms four sectors of Existence.

The mysterious projection of a triple Cross appears where two intersecting lines bounded by a circle lie in one plane, while the third line, not limited by anything and free in the immensity of its development lies in another plane. In this case, the first two lines are in continuous rotation, spinning the energy inside a Circle into a spiral of evolution: + – × or involution × – +.

Try to understand this Law “…………” before the release of the first volume of The Trinosophy of the Fire, but despite the fact that it won’t be published so soon, the outlook is still optimistic, it stands firmly on its feet and composes the first words in the cosmic language unknown to man. Not much time will pass before He starts to speak. All of humanity, the Earth and the entire Cosmos that bore Him into the Bosom of the Mother of the Universe countless eons ago, will hear the trumpet Call and Voice of their Son—Brother—Teacher—Father. 

These lines contain an extensive indication of some events of global and universal significance, which should happen on Earth in the near future.

What is the metaphysical meaning behind the movement within the Circle of Creation of a Vortex, which can cause displacement of the planetary axis and contribute to the creation of new life forms? Of course, to reach the true essence of this Action—a truly Cosmic Mystery, you need to remove the conditional linear perception of what is happening and try to understand the language of allegory accessible to human mind, chosen by our distant ancestors from ancient times to transmit secret knowledge to man.

I will give you a little hint—the thread, with which you can probably unravel the whole ball of string, which is just an illusion, leaving in people’s mind, and nothing more.

Thus. Covering the space of a Circle with itself, as the Force, called to implement the Intention of the Planetary Logos, under the cover of a fiery veil, the Vortex accomplishes the mystery of Creation. The concealed part of the Circe, for the time being under the Force of the Vortex, directed by the Higher Will, becomes the cosmic Workshop of the Great Architect, who in a burst of Inspiration paints the inimitable sketches of future worlds on the primeval canvas of the Planet’s matrix. 

Over the course of countless eons, Chaos creates Cosmos, whose basis of life lies in the causeless nature of the existence of Chaos itself.

Chaos is not subject to know what is beyond the scope of its Creation, because it has no mind, and therefore no knowledge. Chaos—is the eternal basis, embodying in itself the causeless principle of Existence, and all that Exists, which comes from it, closing the line of Eternity into the Circle of evolution (Creation), begins to develop under the laws of Intelligent Cosmos, loosing connection with the Source that gave birth to it. 

All that is endowed with Mind suppresses a natural manifestation of Chaos in itself, as a principle of eternal Life.

Here in four parts of the Circle there appear four identical Viharas*, connected by one foundation and network of passages, and only a very few of those who are embodied will be initiated into their mysteries. Possessing Knowledge, they will move freely in the expanses and worlds of a great many dimensions of the created world.

*Vihara is Sanskrit for monastery.


Here the steady hand of the Architect in turns puts out huge columns supporting the domed vaults of Viharas/Temples. They occupy almost the entire space of a large main hall, lining up in an absolutely flat square of forty-nine stone columns. In four Viharas there are 196 columns that add up to number 7, which is a symbol of the principle/basis on which rests the whole of creation.

On each column Autma-Sorby paints a unique sacred inscription of signs and symbols that hold the secret meaning of cryptograms of evolution. Only in the fourth Vihara, situated in the sector of the objective material world, the inscription is made with paint undetectable by the average human eye, but recognizable by the spiritual eye of the Initiate.

By unmanifested sketches of Autma-Sorby, the future races of the intelligent inhabitants of the Planet Ma-Tush, through their Prophets and Teachers, will engrave every milestone in the evolutionary path of the Matushian humanity on stone columns with square, spherical and spiral rods of pillars of the universe. 



The Labyrinth of Evolution


Try to see in this, at first glance, simplest scheme convoluted and encrypted with the language of symbols the cosmic system of the Universe of which our Planet Earth and its numerous life forms, as aspects of a Unified Whole, are a part.

It is not by chance, though, perhaps, somewhat obsessively, that we accentuate the attention of the reader on stone columns, for in this combination of Stone and geometrical form there are laid down specific principles of development of the Universe, Planets and humans during a particular period of cosmic evolution. Stone is a Force embodied in physical form, generating Life/Fire, and the vertical rod—is the evolutionary path of this life, joining a foundation of the Vihara, as an aspect or a quality of manifested matter, and a domed roof, as an esoteric symbol of the Abode of the Spirit.

The Stone was considered sacred by the Matushians as the manifest—material aspect of spiritual Fire. In the virgin rock cliffs and mountains, they created the greatest Temples and Sacred Abodes, the grandeur and originality of which, in its architectural—yet devoid of all the conventions—simplicity and sincerity, it is impossible not only to describe, but also to grasp by the thought of earthly consciousness constrained and inflexible in this world of absolute freedom. Therefore, the Matushians can rightly be considered the best architects and stonemasons in the Universe. To this day their architectural creations adorn the seemingly deserted Planet Mars (Ma-Tush).

I’ve seen and been in many contemporary and ancient Temples on Earth, whose existence can only be guessed at by the true adherents of the mystical art and filigree craftsmanship of unknown Architects. Many of these relics of past eras capture the imagination and make you bow down before the perfected creations of the human mind. But none of them can be compared with those immense Abodes, the man-made forms of which the Matushians created on their Planet.

As the Legend tells us, the human race on Ma-Tush came from two stone Balls. The spiritualized life came out of Stone and at the end of its cycle once again turned to Stone. But more on that later, and now let us return to the events, which were a precursor of origin of two stone Balls.

The whole idea of Autma-Sorby was to be carried out during the complete unfolding of each of the three Vortices within the Circle of Creation. That is, all the stages of origin of intelligent life on the Planet Ma-Tush—from a projection of the future world created by Autma-Sorby—to the last brick completing the entire universe, were combined and interrelated with the action of three successive Vortices in the physical and subtle areas of vital and creative function of the Planet.

Each subsequent Vortex, absorbing into itself the strength of the preceding one, was developing more power and speed. Thus, the first Vortex, moving within the Circle of Creation, covered a portion equal to 1/2 of the Circle, that is, split it into two equal halves: manifest and unmanifest. The second, opening like a fan, covered the space equal to 2/3 of the Circle, living one-third intact. And so the time came for a revival of the third Vortex, which was called to complete the picture of Creation. Universal cataclysm shook the Planet. Spiral whirls of the enlivened rose of winds, raised up in the air the smallest grains of sand, among which the colored balls swirled in the clouds of dust caught by the wind from the petals of flowers and plants unknown to us, the Earthmen, which plants emitted special nectar (like pollen) from diamond-shaped leaves that covered the entire trunk of the tree. Universal Vortex penetrated even into the very bowels of the Planet, adding elements from the realm of minerals and metals to the natural building solution mixed by nature itself. The last traits were the living fertilized cells delivered from the Planet U., which stored the evolutionary genetic code of an intelligent being. Thus, the Vortex absorbed all the constituent elements of the living world of Ma-Tush, by mixing them with the formula of evolution of the Mother Planet, which gave birth to Ma-Tush, and as yet unknown and mysterious to Earthmen.

Thus, through a multi-level synthesis, a new form of intelligent life was created on Ma-Tush. The appearance of a human being was the result of a complex cosmic experiment, which was preceded by a long series of events. We ought to describe this in more details now. 

The third giant Vortex generated by the Universal element joined to the axis of the Planet and brought it to the next round of cosmic spiral. As a result, under the influence of the external and internal forces, Ma-Tush accelerated its movement around its own axis.

This physical acceleration was a result of transformations made by Autma-Sorby within the Circle of Creation—a unified evolutionary Plane of the Planet, and the coordination of the movement of Ma-Tush in a unified cosmic expanse with the external processes that took place in the Universe.

As a result of acceleration of the rotation of Ma-Tush on its axis and orbit around the Sun, the three parts that had already manifested in the Circle of Creation were compressed, and the freed space revealed the quarter of the Circle for the creation of an objective world of manifested matter.

Thus, the third Vortex embraced 3/4 of the Circle, dividing its interior space into four equal parts, three of which remained hidden, and only one was shown.

For the third time, the axis of the Planet succumbed to spiral motion of the Vortex, and at the moment of the complete unfolding shifted by 45 degrees from its original position. Displacement of the axis, as the final round in the cosmic spiral of creation caused global transformations in the world of nature and the atmosphere of the Planet. These major changes allowed Autma-Sorby to implement into life the evolutionary planes pre-programmed by him long ago, which were responsible for the actual creation of an intelligent being, and could not be carried out earlier because of the lack of conditions on Ma-Tush necessary for their adaptation.

Thus, the acceleration of the Planet’s rotation enabled the expansion of the evolutionary plane of Ma-Tush due to compression of the already existing planes.

What is compression? It should in no way be taken as a partial reduction or elimination of any parts of a unified system for the introduction of new elements. First of all, the compression—is one of the forms of energy transformation, that is, a new quality gained by the energy.

In order not to delve into an explanation of the practical cosmogony, I will give you an example from everyday life. 

 It is night; a bicyclist is riding along a narrow mountain road. Mechanical flashlight is mounted on the handlebars, the brightness of which depends on the intensity of pedaling. Here, under the influence of any external or internal circumstances, the person becomes aware of (feels) the need to move faster and confirms this decision by his action, increasing the speed of the pedal rotation due to tension of muscles of his body, thus increasing the brightness of light. 

That is, to set the speed, he goes into greater tension and sometimes even beyond the limits of his physiology. Muscles tense up, breathing quickens, pedals, as a mechanical source of energy, spin faster, and the flashlight shines brighter. Speed, night and unevenness of the road terminating in a chasm make the bicyclist to concentrate all his attention, thoughts and strength to overcome this dangerous section of road. He is compressed, like a spring, ready to fire—to transit, which is possible only through a change in his physical or spiritual state.

What is spring?

To compress the spring, it is necessary that either one of two forces, which are Spirit and Matter, or both at once entered into a state of tension. 




In all three cases, we get different results depending on the alternate or simultaneous action of forces on the spring. The last option is most powerful and effective, because it implies the possibility of connecting the spiritual and material worlds in their earthly abode—a man. 

There are more impressive examples of compression or the so-called internal vacuum shock, hydraulic shock, gas shock in an environment specially created by the Creator to produce new materials for building Planets, Galaxies, and Universes. It would be utterly premature to decipher this action, at least today. However, it should be noted that the Earthmen are on the eve of the times when they come to settle on the truly cosmic task of creation of new planetary physical forms, which will significantly reduce the construction of facilities—dangerous to human life—in the fields of oil and gas refining. Pollution of the Planet can be reduced by ten times, without exposing bio-resources of the Earth headed by the man himself to fatal danger. There’s only one little thing left to do! To accurately calculate the compression force of the initial material; for obvious reasons we will leave the gas alone for now, as for oil, minerals and even metals, we can “strike” them with a tremendous output in obtaining the derivatives and byproducts required for the global needs of humankind. In this case, the giant oil refinery, stone crusher and metal mining complexes will be left behind. It is only necessary to calculate very accurately the time and compression force generated by the shock on the desired environment; the effect will be so unexpected that it will surpass all previous discoveries in almost all fields of human activity over the entire period of its existence in the forms of the Earth.

So, let us remember! Compression—is one of the forms of energy transformation. This is a key aspect that will lead humanity to new discoveries and increasingly facilitate the fate of the longsuffering Mother Earth.

Man—the Master, possessing the secret forces of sacred nature of the Spirit and the nine qualities of Matter, is a spring, compressed under the simultaneous action of both forces. This spring never changes its state, with rare exceptions, when its owner deliberately leaves the limits of Earth’s Aura, plunging into a deep state of rest for temporary and needed respite—the renewal of his energy potential, or for long-term work in far-off worlds. In this case, the compressed spring, or rather the force it produces at the moment of tension, allows awareness to make such long and distant journey in Space while maintaining its earthly body intact, which remains in a state of absolute relaxation at this time.

Whereas the uncoordinated action of two forces leads to constant and unpredictable bounces of the spring up and down. A man develops in spurts; either he is thrown upward, or not given any time to recover, he is thrown down from the excessive height to the bottom that lost its reality.

We suggest that you investigate the action of this mechanism independently. The only thing that we consider it necessary to note is that in a specific practical example, you can understand certain aspects of the cosmological laws that have long been of interest to Earthmen, which laws are based on a simple principle of a compressed spring.

The bicyclist went into a state of super-high tension, which allowed him to reduce the time allotted to the passage of this stretch of track. He pressed his spring, freeing up space in the expanse of his life, limited to the circle of the world of manifest forms. That is, by introducing himself into a state of heightened tension the bicyclist converted a certain amount of fluid filling his cup to the brim into steam, thus freeing up space for the entrance of a new energy flow.

 “What will happen to him when a compressed spring shoots?” you will ask. Of course, this will eventually happen because it cannot be in this state forever. A compressed spring—is a force ready at any moment to realize its potential in action. When the internal (will) or external (physical circumstances) force, holding it in a compressed state, releases the spring from its presence, the discharge of energy occurs, whose power is directly proportional to the force of compression. Provided that the process itself from compression to the release of the spring and immediate conversion of this new force/energy into a tool of creative (constructive) Beginning, is under the control of the will of the person himself or psychic powers of the Teacher; for the first person this might mean entering a new round of his evolutionary spiral.

Now let’s consider the reverse process. If a bicyclist, again, for whatever internal or external reasons, slows down (artificially stretches the spring) and passes beyond the bounds of the segment of time, then he has to sacrifice the other circumstances of his further path, as if forcing them out of his living space beyond the circle. One should not confuse two different states of the spring, which may not be comparable because of the completely opposite properties of their actions. The once excessively stretched spring will never regain its original quality, that is, will lose elasticity and firmness. Even with high compression, the rate of its rectification will be noticeably slower, the power of release is less, and, consequently, the development (practical application) itself through the use of this spring will be very inefficient.

The second example, which, after much deliberation, the Teacher decided to give you, needs no comments.

Time sets the immutability of the law of compression and tension, and the shock force. Time—is the second crucial aspect in the transformation of energy or impact on the environment.

To avoid misunderstanding it is necessary to bring ultimate clarity and to foresightedly warn the people that the first example should not be taken literally, that is, to get on your bicycle at night and race at high speed along the precipitous edge of a mountain in the hope that you will reach Satori. In this case, you will become potential followers of Hatha-Yoga, practicing the system of Patanjali to the dead letter, turning these ancient Teachings—the hidden meaning of which is Revealed only to the Raja-Yogis—into the modern compromise of effective mysticism with spiritual cultism, where the outer form prevails over the Spirit. Our task is to attempt to show how differently, and sometimes diametrically opposite, we see the essence of one and the same phenomenon. 

For example, the allegorical explanation of the cosmic law, encoded in the story of a bicyclist, in which no detail is accidental, and you will soon discover that, actually reveals the essence of the action of an internal mechanism hidden behind the outward form of physical details and therefore unseen by you.

See how things change, if we call each hero of the story by his right name.

The flashlight—is life, not in its highest manifestation of the Eternal, but in a capacity of a person embodied in the earthly body. Brightness and duration of the glow (burning) of that life depend on the degree of activity or passivity of the bicyclist.

The bicyclist—is the Spirit. Its temporary seat (the presence in the material world)—is the bicycle, by means of which the Spirit regulates and controls the flashlight. 

The bicycle—is the man himself, as an aspect of the manifest material world.

 A steep mountain road full of dangers—is life on earth as a whole or one of the segments of its path in particular, which the “multifaceted crew” overcomes.

Night—is the esoteric (symbolic) association of earthly existence—a man wandering in darkness, devoid of spiritual sight, and therefore stuck in the material world. This is in contrast to the Day—Light, as a symbol of Spirit and Transformation.

Here is the chain of evolution: tension, acceleration and as a result, compression along the horizontal and expansion along the vertical directions. Compression along the horizontal direction is the densification of matter, which provides the basis for the movement of Spirit in the vertical direction (obtaining the desired material in the second case). 

When a Planet slows down its rotation, the reverse process begins. The vertical dimension is compressed, giving a horizontal expansion. But if the vertical dimension is limitless in its expansion, then the horizontal dimension is limited to the Circle—time interval for implementation of the evolutionary plan of man, Planet, and Universe. Expansion in a horizontal direction (the stretching of a spring) causes narrowing of evolutionary space and as a result, the displacement of individual elements outside the Circle, providing adequate existence and harmonious development of the whole system. This is roughly the same as to deprive a person of some parts of his body or internal organs. How do you think such a body would function? 

 Acceleration leads to the development of the vertical dimension (Spirit) through the compression of the horizontal dimension (Matter). Slowdown leads to narrowing of the spiritual plane through the expansion of the material plane.

At this point let us return to the changes taking place in the physical world of Ma-Tush in the period of the unfolding of the third Vortex in the Circle of Creation on the Planet itself.

Autma-Sorby set into simultaneous motion three internal Forces, caused by him from the three active parts of the Circle. On the physical plane, they became the three centers of the movement that arose within the vortex element. Around them from the colorful balls of pollen, mixed with a planetary dust began to form the cores of cosmic matter, on which were layered tiny mineral crystals, separated from the sand under the influence of the centrifugal force generated by the whirling motion, thus covering each ball with a protective cocoon of the third and final layer. Balls had become so hardened under the influence of atmospheric phenomena that they gained the characteristic of a stone. Thus the three Forces were projected from the subtle plane into the material plane.

Thus three stone Balls of golden color were formed inside the Vortex. Their original position revealed the Symbol of Creation, which from the beginning of Time until the last days was the epitome of the life principle on Ma-Tush.  

 The fourth area, or the manifest quarter in the Circle of Creation.
     The Objective world



Now you realize, reader, from where and what time there appeared THREE Circles on the forms of the Planet Earth, which subsequently became a symbol on the Banner of Peace. And you say: “The Roerichs, Roerichs.” You should know the evolution of the Universe and not cackle after empty-headed. I want to make it clear right away that Roerichs have nothing to do with this, it comes to their followers who still haven’t divided the right of ownership of this Cosmic Symbol. And on top of that, to the regret of Helena I. Roerich, patented it as a trademark. Their hands should be… 

And the fact that the ancient symbol in our Universe—the symbol of Creation of Ma-Tush is graphically depicted upside down in relation to the contemporary earthly symbol, then it is a perversion of time, rotating the spiral of evolution. Try to understand this cosmic mystery, since we brought you closer to its unraveling.

The position of the Balls in the Circle of Creation was such that the lower Ball was situated right on the axis of the Planet, and the other two found themselves on opposite sides of it.



Thus, conditional division of the lower Ball into two equal hemispheres occurred, which was subsequently transferred to the physical plane and was combined with one of the three stone Balls. The top two Balls were isolated from each other in two spaces, in a material world corresponding to the two hemispheres of the Planet, its two poles and in the future—two principles of division of human nature. This factor was subsequently reflected in the physiological structure of the Matushian man. Since the axis itself was positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees, then all three Balls were arranged in the space of the Circle at an appropriate angle.

Details and the interpretation of these symbols will be given later, in the context of the evolutionary Path of the Planets Ma-Tush—Mars—Earth—Mars—Ma-Tush…

Do not miss this important detail; it will play, perhaps, a key role in the talk, which we will devote to unraveling the mysteries of astrological symbols of the Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Three of the Balls, created in the Circe of Creation, the physical manifestation of which in the material world were their counterparts—the stone balls, Autma-Sorby placed in the free—empty—quarter of the Circle. This act marked the cessation of the storm on the Planet. Everything became silent, and then the Supreme Mind saw the first fruits of his Creation.

Three stones, polished into the shape of a perfect sphere by the universal wind, hung motionless in the air over renewed Planet. Suddenly a sharp sound like a loud clap broke the silence, and the bottom stone Ball, as if by someone’s invisible will, split into two equal hemispheres. But we are talking about equality of external hemispheres only, for the primary core did not split, but remained entirely in one of two halves, forming a recess like a bowl in another.

Then the Supreme Mind caused a heavy rain in order to calm the world of nature disturbed by the storm and to settle the unused building material that continued to move erratically over the Planet in the gusty wind, constantly changing its direction. The rain washed the face of Ma-Tush renewed beyond recognition, on which in the last thousands of years left their mark the universal winds and atmospheric sediments, sun rays and cosmic cataclysms, which were the creative tools in the hands of the Companions of Autma-Sorby. Thus, with joint efforts of Nature itself and thought of Universal Mind, the Architect’s unvoiced plan became embodied in sound, motion, color, shape and smell.

The rain washed the Balls and both halves of the split Stone, filling the Bowl with the purest water. When the last drops fell on the Planet, the Sun shone in the sky, and His long awaited rays, as after a long sleep, awakened the renewed world of Ma-Tush.

Why were these rays long awaited? The thing is that, metaphysically the unfolding of the Vortex within the Circle of Creation correlated with the action of external cosmic forces that drove the rose of universal winds into motion, which sculpted the forms of the young Planet. Area, which the Vortex covered in the Circle, corresponded to eras covered by the physical element of nature, raging on the surface of Ma-Tush. It has already been said, how and for what purpose the Vortex concealed a certain part of the Circle, over which its force was extended during this time. All the territories on the Planet, through which the element marched, were successively plunged into darkness, and something like a solar eclipse on Earth was happening there.

We will not develop this theme now, because it reveals the relationship of evolutionary paths of several Planets, among which the main role in this cosmic epic is distributed between Ma-Tus and Twice-Born, as Earth was called by our ancient ancestors long before it gained the status of a Planet, but a discussion of this aspect would be premature.

Renewed and matured Ma-Tush, having gone through the cosmic Mystery of Creation, quite differently now perceived herself, the Universe and the entire Cosmos, in which there come into existence and disappear forever the myriads of stars, keeping in themselves the undisclosed secrets of the Path to Eternity that no one has ever walked before. With a new sense, unknown to her before, Ma-Tush looked at her Father Sun, for the first time seeing and recognizing his majesty, power and beauty. Hearing the call of the matured Child, the Sun isolated a separate Ray from himself and sent it into the very heart of Ma-Tush. It kindled the heart of the Planet by Solar Fire, giving impetus to the awakening of life already formed but not inspired.

Center of the Planet started sending rhythmic, obviously growing pulses of energy to the surface. The heart of Ma-Tush began to beat louder and stronger, and each beat was now echoed in the cores of the three stone Balls, mingling with the rhythm of new life still hidden but already manifesting itself.

These beats set into motion the tiniest particles that formed the basis of the primary core. Now they were rushing chaotically in the space bounded by the shape of the Ball and colliding with each other, like a tinderbox, carved fiery sparks. Sparks flared up and died out, for they could not extend the moments of their burning and unite into a single flame of life.       

Meanwhile, somewhere in the vast depth under a thick layer of world’s ocean waters there was awakening another dormant life—Volcano. When its fiery belly expelled the first cry from itself, the Planet shuddered from the powerful internal shock and stood still.

This strike was the force which was lacking for the ignition of the core of the split Ball. At the same time, on the bottom of the world’s oceans there was formed a huge tectonic fault running almost the entire length of the ocean. Its trace is still visible today on the body of the Planet that turned red in the last millions of years.

The core became kindled by a living fire, which did not need any fuel or any other external force that supported its burning. It burned through its inner nature, whose energy potential was inexhaustible.

The fire began to heat up the surrounding space, which caused fluctuations in the layers of air. Meanwhile, the water that was in the Bowl began to change its state, turning into vapor. The property of the Bowl was such that 2/3 of its volume was filled with ice, which never melted due to the constant temperature, maintained by the Bowl itself. And only 1/3 of it was filled with water which never grew less, remaining at the same level with respect to the edges of the Bowl.

When these physical phenomena were connected in space over the two hemispheres of the split Ball that which was born in the interaction of cosmic fire and water—which had ice at its core and vapor as a building material converted from the ice—revealed a thin fabric membrane of an undulated shape.

It vibrated in the ascending currents until—from a clear sky—a single drop fell, under whose weight this fabric—fine but elastic—stretched down so that its edges were pulled towards the center and joined to form the semblance of a vessel or capsule. The inner space of the vessel was filled with a gaseous substance evaporating from the Bowl, which had a special composition and properties, since the water which filled the stone bed was enriched with unusual elements and substances, out of which Autma-Sorby originally made the stone Balls. All that was needed to create a microbiological self-sufficient system of organic life was present there.

Thus was created a fabric constituting the sheath of the vessel into which a special habitat was placed… But for what? Autma-Sorby sowed in this fertile soil a particle of his Mind as a transparent drop that fell on the pristine canvas of the embodied thought of the Creator.

Then one of the two Balls began to vibrate and moved from its original position, hovering over the hemisphere with a burning fire. Now it was no longer fixed, but was rotating continuously, exposing its sides to the flame. Thus was born the next Sign—a Symbol of Creation, which reflected the essence of creativity of the second stage. Pay attention to its shape, because something very similar also exists on Earth. Is it a succession or a mere coincidence?

It is precisely this symbol of creation that represents the graphic sign of Ma-Tush. So when we speak of the epoch of Ma-Tush on this Planet, we cannot use the newer symbol of Agos—Mars, which is known to Earthmen. Mixing the Signs of the Path of one Planet, we disturb connection between epochs of the Universe itself and life forms inhabiting it, erasing the marks of their spiritual and physical transformation. Here is the Path of Ma-Tush and Agos (Mars) in a graphic comparison: 



Agos (Mars) 


Learn to read the signs of the Cosmos and to understand their language, they can tell you many things.

Continuous rotation and physical energy of the fire caused a new movement within the displaced Ball, into which movement were involved all elements of its constituent base. As a result, they entered into the extraordinary energy and chemical reaction, embodying the material basis of the future human body in form.

The fire had calcined the Ball to such a point that its outer shell cracked and crumbled, and that which became bare and now resembled a nut, sank into the Bowl of ice water. When the vapor clouds, concealing the mystery of the transformation, scattered, Autma-Sorby saw that the shell fragments lie close to the Bowl, and a transparent ball stood half submerged in water. Intense and chaotic movement, filled with power and energy was noticeable inside the ball—it was the heartbeat of a new life not yet known to Planet. The vessel, which kept a particle of the Supreme Mind—the Creator of this Planet with all its worlds and life forms, united with the Ball and slowly began to “infiltrate and flow” into it. When the vessel was inside the Ball, the sheath was dissolved, and its content became evenly distributed in space of life being formed.

The gaseous substance, which was in the capsule, having penetrated into the Ball, again changed into a liquid state, becoming the blood that filled the empty veins in the nascent body. A drop of Mind penetrated inside the already formed brain in the region, which on Earth would be called the cerebellum, and endowed the future man with mind.

Then the Ball gained the possibility of movement required for transition to the next stage of development. It rose above the Bowl and being picked up by a gust of wind it drifted away into the vast expanses of a young Planet that were not yet known nor perceived by anyone.

The second ball as the first one went through fire and water, taking into itself a particle of the Supreme Mind, at the conclusion of which it, too, was carried away by the universal wind into the remote vastness of the Planet where one of the first two conscious inhabitants of Ma-Tush was destined to be born.

It should be noted that each new stage—a round in the development of any form of life—is triggerred by the birth of a movement that is caused by various external and internal forces. This apparent regularity is present in everything and everywhere where there is life. And it doesn’t really matter on what Planet, in what dimension and time we are. For example, the appearance of the Master, the Teacher on Earth is one of the most powerful forces that—for the failure of humanity as a whole and individual member of modern civilization in particular to self-fulfill their inner potential—creates centers of the movement, around which the oases of life and education are formed, burning like torches in the darkness that swallowed the earthly world.

According to Legend, the Fire that was kindled from the core of the split Ball was burning up to the time of the disaster that befell Ma-Tush and the water in the Bowl never grew less. Only when the balance of forces was broken to the point so that the scales overturned, and the rod itself, which connected them, broke in half, the Fire went out and the Bowl was emptied. At the moment when the Matushian world still could not grasp what had already happened, the High Priest of the Tradóses Isod said: “A new force was born in a Cosmos, and it is directed to Ma-Tush in order to absorb it. The Spirit of Creation (fire) left our Planet, and the Soul of Life (water) rushed after Him. We have a unique opportunity to preserve Ma-Tush in the forms of the Cosmos, so that after billions of years, a new life could once again arise on it. To do this we must consciously stop the heartbeat of our Planet, along with which will stop the heart of Life itself. Ma-Tush will not die; it will be plunged into a deep sleep, which will last for many millions of years. But know that one day a force will be born in a Cosmos, which will come to awaken it, and the sleeping heart of the Planet will begin to beat again, but with a new, unknown to us rhythm.”

Then they asked Isod: “Isn’t it possible to stop or to convert this force, giving it a chance to be resolved before it reaches the limits of our Planet?” To which Isod replied: “Nothing comes from nothing. There are always internal or external causes, which predetermine the origin of energy of a certain quality and content in the Cosmos, the Universe, in the Aura of the Planet or man. At whatever point in space this energy appears, there is always the center, which initially sends an impulse/request for its appearance, and from that moment becomes a magnet, attracting this energy to itself. If the center sends an impulse carrying creative beginning, then the force will carry a positive charge. Otherwise, it will become a source of death and destruction. If the connection between the center and the source of force generated by it is interrupted, then the latter, after being deprived of its guiding “compass” in the expanses of the Cosmos, begins to move randomly, intuitively searching for the lost source of energy. Then it either gets burned or is attracted by another center—the magnet—and becomes realized already according to its plan. Of course, this can only happen if the new center will be able to transform it to combine with its system. Otherwise, the alien force can bring an imbalance in the function of the energy or physical structures of a given form of the Cosmos. Examples include planetary catastrophes, which often led to a dramatic shift of the axis and, hence, the poles, causing the disappearance of organic life forms on the Planet.

With the advent of Údras* on Ma-Tush, this force had already occurred three times in the Cosmos, and Tradoses managed to neutralize it without detriment to us and the other inhabitants of the Universe.


*Údras—a new kind of mutated sentient beings on Ma-Tush that emerged as a result of crossbreeding of human genes with genes of different species of animals, including those of reptiles.


But things are different now. Yes, we can cut off connection of the center, which is Ma-Tush, with its generated offspring at this time also. But knowing that this new force is a powerful source of destruction, can we, its creators, allow it to bring death to our fellow inhabitants in the Universe? After all, it can completely destroy Planets such as Venus, Mat-Matush (Earth) and Mercury. Its growing power can shake even such large space abodes, like Jupiter and Saturn, which for them will be an involutional catastrophe stretched out over time.

But you, Tradoses—the priests and magi of the Matushian people—must understand the main thing: however hard we tried to avoid the encounter with this force, it will appear again and again, until the source, prompting it to action, is alive. We cannot physically overpower Udras, for Tradoses are not created to fight by using physical force, and Murats and Ixhulats are no longer able to resist them in this unequal struggle. Therefore, we Tradoses—the Warriors of the Spirit, will turn the aggression of Udras against themselves and allow this already universal force to enter into the limits of Ma-Tush. Yes, it will destroy the entire living world of our Planet, but that’s the only way we will be able to liberate the Universe from the aggression of Udras.”

So said Isod to his priests, and from that moment their hearts began to beat a new rhythm, counting down the last heartbeats of life of a whole world, born of a beautiful and loving Mother Ma-Tush.

But the heroes of our Legend—the first intelligent inhabitants of Ma-Tush—and these events were separated by millions of years, during which the truly Great Companions of Autma-Sorby were born in Fire and “baptized” in Water. They were among the first Builders of life, not only on Ma-Tush, but also in the Milky Way Galaxy. Matushians gave impetus to the birth of new life forms on different Planets, but the main legacy of this planetary nation was intended for a young Daughter of Cosmos—the Earth.

However, two Balls that landed in different hemispheres of the Planet, could not know anything of what was waiting for Ma-Tush in the distant future. It is insignificant, whose outer sheath was dissolved first, but four big eyes, almost simultaneously, being on opposite poles of the Planet, saw the wonderful world of Ma-Tush. The world appeared before each of them in its own way: one was surrounded by a sultry desert with sparse vegetation, the other—by ice and snow-white chains of peaked mountains rising from the milky waters of the ocean to meet the blazing universal Luminary.

Autma-Sorby had arranged everything in a way so that from the first days of birth, two intelligent beings on this Planet were fed and nursed by different animals and birds, in whose surroundings, according to the plan of the Creator, they spent the first eight years of their lives. In those days, one Matushian year amounted to 1.35 of the modern Earth year.

Ma-Tush was created by Autma-Sorby as the most beautiful Planet, where innumerable types of fish inhabited the full-flowing rivers, a diverse variety of animals in the uniqueness of species lived in the dense primordial forests, and where the world’s oceans became the mysterious dwelling place for the immense underwater kingdom.

Two intelligent beings roamed the Planet exactly twenty-eight Matushian years before their first meeting occurred. Giant transparent aliens from the Planet U. visited Ma-Tush. They were kind of like regents and mentors, who oversaw the Planet until the moment when the first few generations of Matushians gained sufficient strength and knowledge to independently lead Ma-Tush upward upon the ladder of cosmic evolution. 

The moment of their first meeting! The first one, who was born in the sweltering desert, was traveling along the coastline of the world ocean on a large animal, like our earthly elephant. He walked towards the other, who descended from the icy peaks. He was being led by a big bird, vaguely reminiscent of the white stork.

Seeing the elephant coming from afar, the bird issued a shrill cry: “Íx-hu-lat”. The intonation goes up on the first stressed syllable, and goes down on the next two. The elephant, in the response, issued his clarion call: “mU-rA-t”.

Thus were born the names of two first primogenitors of the people of Ma-Tush: Ixhulát and Murát. Although the latter were also called Khezérs after the most militant elephant, which, unlike those of other species of their congeners, had black and sapphire color.

According to another Legend, the names Ixhulat, Murat and Trados came from the names of the three Sons of Heaven embodied on Ma-Tush as three hypostases of the Great Dhyan Chohan, who voluntarily wished to breathe life into this young Planet.

Thus, the first meeting of Mutar and Ixhulat took place in twenty-eight years of their existence in the forms of the Planet. It is precisely this period that they could live independently, without relaying on each other, but at its expiration they should have united to give effect to the natural mechanism of self-renewal of their organisms by means of activation of reproductive function. To this end, representatives of both species simply had to stay close to each other, in one space. There was something like pollination—invisible to the physical eye—that was taking place, after which Murat and Ixhulat acquired the ability to produce offspring. A similar principle exists on Earth in the plant world. For example, sea-buckhorn bushes will not produce fruit, if among them or somewhere nearby there would not be a bush—a representative of the “male gender.”

So Ixhulat and Murat created the first race of Matushians, from whom all races and civilizations that existed on Ma-Tush for many millions of years were descended. We will dispense with this time period in the development of intelligent life on this Planet and tell you about the last Matushian civilization, at a time when our Earth as a Planet that has not yet established itself in the outer universe, was fighting for its existence and place in the Universe under the auspices of Ma-Tush.

But before we continue, let us answer one more question: who were these Tradoses, whom we have repeatedly mentioned? Their appearance on Ma-Tush is hidden deep in mystery, because the Knowledge of the Source itself, which gave rise to these intelligent beings, is lost in a myriad of infinitely successive universal days and nights.

The Legend is not showing the way of gaining insight into such distant cosmic depths, but makes it clear that the Tradoses—are the eternally existing union of the Greatest Cosmic Spirits of different Galaxies and Universes of the Unified Cosmos, whose representatives are present on every Planet where there is intelligent life. Today I am allowed to say only that the first Trados, whose name was Isod came into our Universe from the outer limits of the Cosmos, where His cathedral cosmic Spirit was born. He appeared on Ma-Tush shortly before the birth of Murat and Ixhulat out of the stone balls. During the whole time until the first meeting of Murat and Ixhulat on the shores of the world’s ocean, he stayed in his incorporeal state, revealing himself in different ways and directing the steps of the travelers to the boundaries of the new world, where an unknown source of life was destined to spring forth.

Isod was in the very Beginning of the creation of this world and led the first intelligent beings to create the human race on Ma-Tush. Isod as well came at the very end, when life was leaving this Planet, and took with Him into Eternity all the Seeds of Knowledge that survived in this great struggle. Isod became embodied in the first child, born from the union of two life-producing balls, which came out of small supraspinal sacs of Murat and Ixhulat. 


   Rikla, Singha

August 2008—April 2009