RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 55
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009



Once again about the known


This Talk was born on the way, when we were driving slowly along the snow-covered road, crossing the Western and Eastern Siberia and stretching to the distant shores of the Sea of Japan. Snowstorm was molding its intricate patterns on the frozen windows of the car, hurricane gusts of wind were erasing them forever without a trace, but in a moment, there were appearing new snowy paintings with intricate crosses, circles, intersections of roads and fates totally different from the old ones. The pictures of the life of nations and entire civilizations, also having disappeared forever without a trace from the face of the Earth as flashing in a whirl of snow blizzard unique paintings of Lord of the elements, were flashing and unfolding before my eyes. The others, the powerful and warlike nationsthe builders of a new life, were coming in the place of vanished civilizations. They were creating and establishing, fighting and destroying. In shortthey lived as they could, as best they could, as felt from within. The next gust of wind also was carrying their traces into the troubled past...

My thoughts were interrupted by an ordinary and no longer snowy, but real picture, created by human hands. Along the road, on its right side, there stretched the dead field with many protruding from under the snow stumps of the once majestic pine forest. They were still emitting a dim light of the once exuberant life, drops of fresh resin, as tears on the face of the mother, congealed in the cold like amber beats. The young shoots having orphaned ahead of time at someones cruel will were rising here and there from under a white cover. They seemed to be revolting, prickly and frozen, caressed by no one, against their age-long two-legged offenders. And every man seemed to be their enemy, and every mans gaze seemed to pose a threat to them. The life had already been conceived in a warm and native soil, the younger generation already heard and saw how the mighty giants were toppling with a moan: fathers, grandfathers and brothersthe cedars and pines; sisters and mothersthe endearing, fluffy firs were sighing heavily, while falling to the ground.

Here and there thousands of hectares of forest were cut down by the avenging hand of conscious ruler. The enormous pictures of cooling down, lifeless land scattered from village to village and stretched into the depths of Siberian spaciousness. The remainders of the once luxuriant forest civilization ominously and reproachfully looked at us with their empty, sad eye sockets. Firm and open was a stern look of former giants, warning humans about their inevitable and terrifying fate.

It is so excruciatingly painful: to be alive, but without arms and legs, being doomed to slow death, to hear everything, but not being able to speak, to see everything, but not being able to act, to meet the spring, but never sing again by the rustle of leaves in the open wind, not to drop the petals of a blooming fragrance on the wounded land, reviving its long-suffering face, for many years to stand upon the ground as a hollow stump, incapable of giving rise to offspring...

And somewhere in the distance I heard a voice: Felt sorry for the trees, kind-hearted. Who will feel sorry for us, humans? All my thoughts are exactly about you, people. Dont you know yourself? Dont you see? And then the words of George Grebenstchikoff from his Bylina about Mikulya Buyanovich came to my mind: Oh, you, people-people, the creators of distress! You are your own enemiesvillains, you are the most sworn enemies of your own freedom.

And if so, then do not dare to complain about the lack of freedom and at a cruel fate. No one hears your complaints and tears. All this is tested, by the bitter poison drunk to the bottom. And now I will say the unkind truth to all: if the vernal sun is not a miracle for youthen the entire great world is a lifeless desert for you. If in innumerable joy of a living life you do not hear the breathing and blessing of Godthe whole universe is a cramped dungeon for you.

Father was silent; he did not utter a word for long hours on the road. Only in the evening he started talking in a low voice, as if to himself:

A tree, just like a man, is born from a small seed; it extends its roots deep into the earth, and stretches out its branches far into the sky. Blood runs through the veins of man, crown of the tree draws sap from the earth, quenching the great thirst, filling every, even the smallest blade of grass with life, saturating the soil fertility, every year giving back a part of its life. The Earth, as a man and all its unconscious formsbreaths, grows, blooms, fades and is reawakened by a new seed. They have the Unified Source of Life and one and the same fate of death.

Man wouldnt understand that by cutting down forestshe chops off his own head, by trampling down the earth barbarouslyhe tramples on his own Soul, by destroying the young shootshe destroys his own offspringthus he said and became silent again for a long time, until the morning. And only the following evening, on arrival to the Far Eastern Laboratory, he returned to the theme of yesterdays Talk.


As a result of disturbance of the energy and natural balanceEquilibrium, there occurs a distortion of the principles of interaction, supporting and ensuring the harmonious development and existence of man in particular and all Matter in general.

Failure in one of the links in the chain of sequential interaction of all classes of plant and animal beings leads to the fact that the next receiver obtains the defective product, insufficient quantity or qualitatively changed energy.

In its original form the Earth was a unified self-renewable Organism, founded on the principle of absolute interaction, which is the basis of any Equilibrium. Proportions and necessary life combination of all natural elements (metals, minerals, hydrocarbons, forests, mountains, ponds, etc.) would define and ensure its adequateharmonious development and, most importantly, independent and self-sufficient existence in the Cosmos.

The intrusion of man into the natural process of self-renewal of the Planet, the forced extraction of natural resources, deforestation, rearrangement of the earths surface and its subsoil became the cause of the disease of the Organism, provoked by violation of the cyclicity of energy formation of the right quality and quantity necessary for the evolution of the Earth, forms inhabiting the Earth and the Cosmos as a whole.

No programs on the cultivation of new forests at the places of those that were cut, nor the creation of new artificial reservoirs in the areas, where as a result of diversion of the rivers the soil drainage occurrednothing will be able to restore the disrupted balance. Nothing that is artificially created will fill in the energy niche, by which the original natural capacities were, in the Aura of the Earth.

All that seems to be done for the benefit and salvation of the Earth and its forms in fact is intended for obliteration of the Planet and the man. Through the flora and fauna, created by artificial revegetation, the destruction of the Earth occurs.

As a result of interaction of man-made hybrids with the soil and the environment with which they are incompatible in their energy and physical components, the decomposition reactions of fundamental elements, such as Prana above and oxygen below, arise in the Aura of the Planet.

Slow, agonizing death by suffocationthat is what humanity prepares for itself. The results of these deliberate experiments are already visible on very forms of the Earth: a large-scale drainage of vast territories and a gradual transformation of the Planet into a lifeless dessert.

Teacher, how can one influence this process and is it possible to restore the lost balance at all?

The equilibrium necessary for the existence of the Earth is restored and maintained by the Planet itself under the action of the Common Cosmic Law of Balance. But what stands behind this and what price does humanity pay for their acts?

How does this happen, Father?

Someone or something, let us say conditionally, must fill the resulted shortage of energy. That is, lack of energy will still be in demand, but already from another source, therefore excessive or premature discoloration (devastation) of the Aura of Planet will occur. Energy will be removed from the energy niche of humanity as the main cause of violations of natural and energy balance. In this case the Planet itself will create the conditions and situations for the removal of the energy necessary for itself. Rikla has already said many times that all natural cataclysms, earthquakes, tsunamiswere the response of the Earth to the actions of man.

This stalemate that people created themselves, reminds the ancient Greek myth about the Minotaur. But if then the monster yearly devoured seven girls and seven boys, now the humanity will pay an unspeakably high price for their actions. Theseus will not come to the rescue, and Ariadnes thread will not guide out of the Labyrinth of Death, because people themselves do not want this.

Energy black holes, innumerably proliferating on the body of the Earth will suck out of people their energyvitality, gradually sapping and killing them, and the very Planet. Humanity has created a monster, which is fed by the energy of its creator. The Earth takes away from people what they unrightfully took from it.

What should we do, Teacher?

.. .

Rikla, and yet, why is the B.L. so interested in the Earth, for there are many other Planets in the Universe where life is developed?

The Earth was predetermined to become the Planet, which will Lead and Guide the course of evolution of the Universe and all the inhabiting forms, worlds, galaxies, planets. Sooner or later it Will Happen, for that was the Inscription. Rikla will bring this process to the Threshold of the New World.

The Earth is the only Planet in our Universe, the inhabitants of which were able to keep LOVE in their hearts.

This applies to the ten percent of humanity, whom Rikla called Transparent. The rest are only on the Way length in a great number of lives. However, at present there have been created favorable conditions for the restoration of the lost energy Balance, and this is due to the powerful cosmic phenomenonthe Transition.

Not all of us will Die, but we will all be Changed. A unique situation has taken shape. How will the rest of humanity take advantage of the Greatest gift of nature of All that Exists?

I feel miserable in my Soul!

Yesterday I accidentally watched the news program Time, and it was at the very moment when the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev proposed to the Russian government to revert again to the project of the diversion of Siberian rivers back, with the aim to water the arid steppes and deserts of his country. Everything stood still inside of me. However, the President of Russia V. Putin kept silent. God forbid! God forbid! God forbid! Thoughts of the President, which the Master heard, inexpressibly pleased Him. The question is whether his Will and the understanding of the energy process of diversion of Siberian rivers back will spread to the next generation of rulers? It is Unknown...

With this turn of events (rivers) the terrible natural consequences await Siberia. Come to your senses, people! Siberia will be lost together with its unique energy potential.