RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 62
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009


Subtle Plane of the book by Barbara Marciniak
Bringers of the Dawn

This is not the Amazon, most likely, South East Asia. It is sub-tropical and tropical flora (naturally, and fauna). On the mighty trees, twisted around by various lianas, sits the cluster of very small primates. They chatter something in their language, rush from tree to tree, staying together as one pack. Their number is about 90-100 individuals. When something threatens them, they fly away along the sides, squealing multifaceted and loudly through the entire forest. As soon as the danger has past, primates immediately gather together. The form of beast and its habitsis one of the most primitive among the large class of primates. Their behavior and the way of existence are clearly limited to the lowest instincts. Naturally, we will not even begin to speak about the consciousness, for everything is so clear. These are the Pleiadians. For this statement I bear full responsibility before any instances of the Cosmos. We do not speak about the best representatives of the Pleiades constellation and their Spiritual achievements. This is about the conquerors, which once subjugated the part of the multifaceted civilization of the Pleiades for the purpose of assimilation and thus increase in the level of their consciousness.

Analogous situation is created today on the Earth. Aliens do not even hide their intention: to bring ones Being (consciousness, intellect) through the assimilation with the Earthmen to a higher level. Let us visualize as the brightest example the copulation of the described individual primate (assume) with any woman, for example, with the American woman from North Carolina. What will come out? A Monster will be born! In this particular instance the child was named very much after the Native American IndianBringers of the Dawn. Since Parents cannot ensure well-off future to their offspring, the matter undertook the Guardians from Ukraine in the face of the publishing house Sophiathe Omnivorous Insatiable Monster that does not posses terrestrial consciousnessthe REPTILES. Publishing house Sophiais the Reptile! It is not possible to be mistaken. Primates and Reptiles clear the space for their existence through the depressively deformed forms of human consciousness, in this particular instanceof Barbara Marciniak.

Even if Rikla greatly wanted, he wouldnt be able to show his vision any better, for the forms of the expression of the Masters thoughts they themselves would be opposed against their other meaning and content.