RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 81
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009


Spatial Poison


Here the candle is burning out, and I, despite the fact that the lines are going astray, hurry as soon as possible and accurately to write down our evening Talk with the Teacher.

February snowstorm has been raging unabated in the street for three days. It is warm and dry in the house. And its all right that there is not much space in the house and some disciples have to huddle on the floor, but then, near a warm stove, and as many dreamat the feet of the Teacher. This is how the keen followers imagine being in the Masters Aura, except that everything in life turns out differently. The trouble is that they imagine something that cannot even exist and then complain that they were disappointed in Rikla, in Aiins, in the people: And Rikla doesnt look anything like what I pictured him to be, and his Aiins are different, they dont look anything like the way they are portrayed in books.

Of course He doesnt, of course they dont. You can never imagine staying in that world, whom you say your Yes.

Because what you know about Rikla and the Family of Aiins from books is the far periphery of our real life. But, perhaps, this is all what Rikla can allow people to know about himself and his nearest associates.

Otherwise... the man is still very weak in order not to enter into temptation and... You try to imagine that everything written about existence of Rikla and Aiins on Earth is reality. But! It is a reality created by the Master for you, for His reality cannot be perceived by man as something real.

Penetrating into the essence of the above statement, perhaps you will understand how far and very often erroneous your ideas and conclusions about the very notorious reality are.

You create your ideas and ideals that are most appropriate for your consciousness. This is a conditional bar, defining the boundaries of your world-view, which can be raised and lowered under the influence of internal or external circumstances of your existence. So this bar does not exist for Rikla. Begin expanding your consciousness with a question to yourself: how can a person, sitting within four walls, ever know the unseen world of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, the nature of the person with whom the Master is practically out of contact?

Now I cannot remember how the conversation started, and not with me, but with Jaaved, who had grown his already gray and thick beard, however, without delving into the essence of the conversation, I saw that the Father was giving me a parallel flow of energy, which through his center was opening to my spiritual sight by spatial vision.

First Teacher showed me the Aura of America. It resembled a perforated cover, moth-eaten from long stay in a closed closet. The very fabric of the Aura was worn to a state of trembling, transparent film. Precisely trembling, but not vibrating.


Vibrationis Life, but trembleis attenuation.


Vibrationis Energy-Life, trembleis the absence

of life.


I can see the egg-shaped capsules, filled with a poisonous yellow substancethis is the unknown to me spatial poison, as they enter into these holes from the external space.

The capsule is placed so that its narrowest part goes into the Aura of the American continent, while its widest part remains outside. When the capsule is opened from the bottom, the poison spreads within the Aura, layering on the forms of the Earth and the consciousness of man, creating a kind of Teraphim of Poison.

I saw thousands, perhaps millions of these capsules, which simultaneously were stopping up the energy holes in the Aura of the American nation and filling it (Aura) by spatial poison.

People can control this process. They either deliberately or unconsciously work on the obliteration of the American people by means of energy methods of influence. The first partits not one or two people, but a large group of specially trained and educated people, and the second partis the grey mass of the citizens of their beloved homelandAmerica and beyond.

Using certain techniques, the hordes of demons gather spatial poison and concentrate it in the reservoirs of the subtle world, which poison is excreted by a person into the external space every second.

Let us imagine that six billion people are constantly and practically simultaneously exude a poison into the space.

It, of course, is being neutralized by many sources of positive energy, but only partially, because its accumulation is disproportionately low.

Poison reaches its maximum impact force in a concentrated form as a result of reactions occurring during the process of its transmutation in the consciousness of man.

Spatial poison is distributed unevenly within the Aura of America. It is attracted to people and their habitats in accordance with their internal state, thoughts, words, and deeds.

One cannot escape from it and seek safety neither behind the walls of houses nor underground, nor in bomb shelters nor in bunkers. The poison is all pervasive. Even the coastline of the ocean has been hit by the poisonous substance. The infiltration of poison is extended superficially; in different parts of the water the stricken area reaches a depth of ten to fifteen centimeters, with a gradual spreading horizontally for hundreds of meters. However, it is worth noting that the water itself rather quickly neutralizes the layering of poison by natural mixing of deep and surface waters. The same cannot be said about the poison that penetrates into the consciousness of man and the bone structure of the forms inhabiting the continent. Poison penetrates the body through the soft tissues and practically without retention in them it settles in the bone structure of the skeleton of man, animal, and a bird. It has two main objectives aimed at striking the bone marrow and the brain.

Spatial poison used in the present case, is not imperil. This is something else.

At some point, when the space of vision still remained open, the Father asked me to talk about whats happening in the flow of our Creativity.

Thus this Talk was born.

Imperil and...

The fact, which Singha conveyed to us, being in the flow of vision, is really going on, and this is another reality of our daily life. This is a terrible reality, because it brings death and destruction. And in this case, the effective means of defense and resistance to energy weapons do not exist in the world. The most advanced military bases of the leading powers will not save people from the energy forms of influence.

Daughter, I have one question for you: at the end of your story you made a point of clarification, drawing our attention to the fact that this spatial poison is not imperil. What were you guided by, asserting this?

In our work, I often had to meet with imperil, to neutralize its destructive effect and to recognize it in the space, preventing penetration into the Aura of an Object. You taught me this, Father. So now I felt that this was not imperil or, to speak more precisely, qualitatively changed imperil. Spatial poison used for filling capsules has a different composition.

Now, Singha, you gave a more accurate and precise definition of your thoughts.

Indeed, there are various types and forms of spatial poison effects on humans. Imperilis just a term that defines the energy properties of spatial poison.

Spatial poison is divided into two main categories: intellectual and domestic. In the case described by you, Singha, a domestic poison was used, and when I tell you about its properties, you will understand, Daughter, why it was perceived by you as something strange, rough and heavy.

In our work you have encountered an intellectual spatial poison, and it has much higher and subtler vibrations.

I will talk about it in detail, but first I will explain how the spatial poison acts.

When a man poisons space by his negative thoughts directed at someone else, he naively thinks that the poison, released by him outside, does not destroy his own self.

Visualize a thought as a ripened grain. When passing through the Aura of a person, who sent this thought, the grain itself goes outside, while the husks and any chaff that stored the grain until the term in their bosom, remain inside the energy cocoon of their creator, shedding the remnants of the poison inside the form.

The poison decomposes, and the decay products are deposited in the physical body of a person, which in turn are being released immediately into the blood.

A subtle substance is formed, in quality and composition close to the physical characteristics of the blood itself, but more dense (viscous) and dark.

With blood the decay productstoxins penetrate into the heart and thence into all the organs through the double circulatory system of blood. Each cell is impregnated with this substance, absorbing the poison of its creator into itself.

Why does one betrayal lead to a string of multiple betrayals?

Because the entire human body is stricken with poison of betrayal, and the information that subtle bodies accumulate and absorb, is stored in them for many successive incarnations.

There is no longer the person who knowingly created a thought form, aimed at the destruction of his fellow brother, tens or hundreds of years have passed, but in his new body coming into being each time, there flows the envenomed blood and carries through the veins the poison of once committed action or concealed intent. And once again the heart is poisoned, and the person betrays again, takes vengeance, and hates.... how to get out of this vicious cycle? There is a wayto clean the blood, its spiritual substance.

Intellectual poisonis a more subtle poison, so to say, refined poison. It belongs to the category of deliberate, purposeful actionmalice, conspiracy, and the work of destruction. I would even say that not every person could produce an intellectual poison. The zones of the intellectual poison formation arethe head, neck, and chest.

Poison, used to influence (annihilate energetically) the American people, has somewhat different quality. This is domestic poison, which is classified into several groups according to the zones of its formation in the human body. It has a much heavier and rougher quality. Areas of origin of domestic poison are:

Lower abdomen (Muladhara)lust;

Upper abdomen (Manipura)fear;

Lower part of Vishuddhathe release of information through the mouth (speech).

The release of spatial poison outside occurs not only through the chakras, but also through the whole being of man: skin, mouth, hair, hands, and even feet. A large amount of poison is excreted with sweat, as evidenced by a sharp, specific odor. Many of you have probably noticed on the rout, when you stopped for a rest: one is standing there totally soaked in sweat, but he doesnt smell at all, and it is simply impossible to be near another. The smell of the human body bears the most powerful information about its possessor. And this subtle volatile substance, being excreted along with sweat, spreads throughout a space over many tens to hundreds of meters.

With regard to the chakras, they can also be divided (classified) according to the types of spatial poison formed in them.

The Center (Swadhisthana) does not participate in this process.

Anahata is the center of origin of energy. It transmits impulses into Manipura and Muladhara, where the formation and maturation of energy and its emission are already taking place. The brain sends a signal to the point-zone, where excessive amounts of imperil has been accumulated, with the aim of eliminating the poison from the body.

In this case, the spatial poison is a product of the energy return, received from the outside and transformed by man according to his inner essence. That is, he gets a pure energy of Cosmos and gives back a poisonous mixture polluted by his thoughts.

Ajnais a blow. This is the sphere of formation of intellectual poison and its purposeful release into outer space. Provided, of course, that this chakra is in good working condition that in itself is a rarity.

If you compare the intellectual and domestic spatial poisons, the firstis a directed Beam, the secondis an unfocused, having no guiding force, chaotically moving dusty cloud. Therefore they have a different force of impact.

The most powerful release of imperil into outer space takes place through Sahasrara-chalice.

But how can it be, Teacher? Indeed, in 98 percent of humanity, this chakra is closed.

It is closed for the access of the pure energy of Cosmos, Daughter, but it is opened for the release of impurities. The simple fact is that everyone has his own limitthe ceiling. And now, imagine how this explosive mixture at the senders speed of thought flying out of seven, hits the energy barrier and, as a tub with slops, spills on its creator in the first place. So the person destroys himself, thus spreading his poison as an infection (such as plague or anthrax) on the people around him.

So now you understand, Singha, why the domestic poison is used for the accumulation of capsules basis of which is lust, fear and violence, emitted in huge amounts by people. There is no shortage of the poison, on the contrary, there is a large surplus in the Aura of the Planet, and its accumulation has been increasing at an alarming rate.

This is precisely the kind of imperil that is the most effective form of influence with respect to a particular nation, because it is the most fertile breeding ground for both one and the other phenomena.

I assert that the campaign undertaken by a group of people, whose goal is the physical annihilation of the American people through the destruction of the psyche and the physiology of its representatives is absolutely effective and has already many results. We will not forget about the second, unconscious part of the nation and beyond, although its strength is several times weaker than that of the conscious part. These individuals are the so-called self-immolators.

Teacher, is there an antidote to such energy poisoning?


Rikla, Singha