RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements
Volume Four, Rodaina, Kiev, 2009

Aphorisms of the Master Rikla



Do not identify yourself with the world of forms.
But do remember that you are the part of it.
Then you connect the Time and the Eternity within yourself.

Page 23

* * *

The Wisdom that is clothed in words
is dead (mortal).
The Wisdom that is clothed in action
is alive (eternal)

Page 33

* * *

The Master and the man are connected by word.
The Master and the discipleby work.
The Teacher and the chelaby Silence.

Page 175

* * *

The Masteris a Mirror in which the man sees his true reflection.

The Man thinks that he sees and knows the Master, but he (the man)
is under a severe delusion, for through the MirrorMaster he can see and know only his own self.

The Master reflects only what man radiates into outer space.

Page 205