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RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 171

“Rodaina”, Kiev, 2011

A Talk for the Initiated

Without the Right to Choose

But you, by the grace of an ordeal in the night which stripped you of all that was not intrinsic, you discovered a mysterious creature born of yourself. Great was this creature, and never shall you forget him. And he is yourself. You have had the sudden sense of fulfilling yourself in the instant of discovery, and you have learned suddenly that the future is now less necessary for the accumulation of treasures. That creature within you who opened his wings is not bound by ties to perishable things; he agrees to die for all men, to be swallowed up in something universal.


Antoine de Saint-Exupery

* * *

On that day, the 17th of February 2006, it was way before dawn when the Father went into the mountains, accompanied by his faithful dog. He went into the neighboring valley, where a year after the establishment of the high altitude Laboratory, in a rocky gully a healing radon spring emerged from the underground and the warm water began to spurt out of the source. The local shepherds, having heard about this miracle, dubbed the spring the “Sacred Burkhantai” and respectfully began to call the Teacher “Ak-Aglagch.”


The path from our abode to the spring was through a snowy mountain pass, Aglach Oy—untouched virgin forest with multiple streams, icebound until spring. In total, it was possible to reach the spring in two and a half to three hours one way and sometimes even faster if the trail was not covered in snow after a blizzard or snowstorm. The Father was a frequent visitor to the radon spring, and sometimes He would go into the valley more than once a day where, since the emergence of the spring, the climate and vegetation began to change.

The shepherd Ilgadek was proud that his winter station was located just a few kilometers from the spring and always, or almost always, he could see how the long-awaited Ak-Aglagch or any of his extended Family walked on the white canvas of the plateau. For many hours, Ilgadek could talk to the white-bearded elder, who just two years ago cured him of a disease that plagued him with bouts of a choking cough since childhood. However, this time the shepherd was not in the village, and no one else came to see the Father at the spring.

The Teacher stayed there longer than usual, and Jaaved kept anxiously looking at me but said nothing. Finally, having exhausted his patience, he asked me, “Should I go to meet him?” So he went, but just the wrong way—he took the common path that everyone treads, and the Teacher, as always, was walking back the unwalked path, along the very forehead of the mountain, which apart from him, no one else out of the dwellers of the Laboratory walked—“why should I mess up the snow, when it is faster and more pleasant here.”

More than eight hours passed before I climbed the nearest hilltop, from where the entire path to the mountain pass was clearly visible, and I saw a black dot, slowly emerging from the edge of a dense pine forest. The first thing the Father shouted from afar, as He saw me walking towards him was: “We are going to work now, Daughter,” and He leaned with all his weight on his age-old staff.

On coming closer to the Teacher, I noticed that the big drops of hot sweat were falling down from his forehead on the ground, melting the snow. His face grew somehow unnaturally haggard and white during those hours, and his eyes were unfocused. The Father was looking at me as if through a murky glass, holding his body upright with a great effort of will.

The second thing He said was: “No one should see me in this state.”

I did not ask any questions, and the Father did not give any explanations. We slowly climbed the hill and passing quietly through the backyard entered the part of the house, closed to outsiders, where our working rooms were located.

The Father took off his jacket and stood briefly in the hallway, leaning against the side of the hot stove extending from the wall. Then He walked into the room, lit the candle and lay on the floor covered with pelts.

Breathing heavily, with long intervals between words, He told me that, while He was at the spring, He encountered two strong energy blows, which followed one after the other. “It was a Call, Daughter, and it came from such depths that I managed to maintain the balance of all bodies with an incredible effort to preserve my strength and come back to the Laboratory. I knew that I couldn’t get help from anywhere else, so I could only count on myself. It’s a good thing that I have vast experience in surviving situations under the harsh weather conditions in the mountains, taiga and forest-tundra, beyond the Arctic Circle, where for hundreds of kilometers around there are no signs of people or houses. I know how to use my strength properly and redistribute the load evenly along the legs, back and shoulders.

Yesterday, Ilgadek was at the spring, and most likely he was expecting to see me there, but having waited in vain, he left some cheese and fresh mare’s milk for me. That is what helped me.

For about two hours I lay on the rock, right next to the water, and couldn’t even get up to wash my face. I made several futile attempts, but this was causing me to tense up even more, and somewhere inside I realized that I shouldn’t do anything for the time being, even though the cold was overtaking my body more and more.

The spatial Call was becoming more insistent, but something prevented the very Source from entering into direct contact with me. The impulse was coming not in a smooth, homogeneous wave, distributing evenly throughout my Aura, but in a sharp, intermittent wave, like a series of micro-tremors, shaking my entire being.

I received a mysterious message consisting of three graphic images.

When their essence entered my Aura and layered on my consciousness, the Call ceased. I got up, undressed and lay down in the warm water of the spring, throwing some freshly fallen snow on my body. The milk and cheese gave me the physical strength to overcome the way back to our abode through the mountain pass.

Now, Singha, we will go back to where the Call came from.”

The Father briefly explained what I should do and sank into oblivion. Then it seemed to me that He gathered all his strength to say these few words and was now somewhere very far away. I leaned over to the Teacher’s head and began to listen to his subtle breathing. Soon I felt a slight movement of air on my face and noticed the alternate trembling of the fingers of the Father’s right hand as though He was transmitting some kind of message in Morse code, which He mastered to perfection.

Next, I did everything the Teacher told me to do: I put my left hand under the back of his head and the right hand on his forehead. As if waiting for these actions, the Father immediately began to breathe loudly and rhythmically. It resembled the breathing of a badly injured animal. He literally drove himself to exhaustion, taking a loud, very deep inhale and a hard, wheezing, and roaring exhale, ending with a spasm of the diaphragm and turning into a deep groan. In this case, the Teacher’s whole body was shaking and vibrating to the point that the oscillation energy of his body was infiltrating me through my hands resting on and under his head.

Despite the fact that I myself possess different types and techniques of breathing, by which means I can influence the functions of my body, I could not survive even a single minute in that crazy rhythm, in which Rikl continued to breathe for ten to twelve minutes. Every moment, He was increasing the rate of breathing by increasing the dynamics of the output and by reducing the amplitude of inspiration and expiration.

I can say with absolute certainty that even a very healthy and trained person cannot hold such tension for such a long period of time. I’ve seen many times how people who were engaged in various vocal and breathing exercises suffered nausea, dizziness, and loss of consciousness due to sudden surges in blood pressure, which was occurring due to the unpreparedness of their physiology, and above all, their cardiovascular system to cope with such a load. But everything I’ve ever encountered before would be impossible to compare with what Rikl did. The Man who was somewhere at the edge of the worlds continued to control all vital functions of his body, bringing it into an incredible tension. Today I understand that the Teacher, turning off the objective consciousness, which could hinder him in the course of the work, sank into oblivion from where He ran the experiment.

With each explosive inhale, the Father’s body was literally bouncing off the floor and tensing, becoming as hard as a rock. With each exhale, accompanied by frantic moaning and turning into a roar, the body was becoming soft, and it seemed it was sinking into the pelts on which He lay.

I was terrified to watch this transformation; something superhuman, transcendent was bursting out of the Master’s chest along with the groans and the roar coming out of his spiritual center, causing my whole inner being to vibrate. At this point, I wanted to draw my hands back and force the Father to wake up, return the consciousness of Rikl to his abode.

Suddenly everything stopped. The Teacher lay motionless on the floor, all the muscles were so relaxed that it seemed that they hung on the bones, like clothes on a mannequin. The trembling of the fingers ceased, it became very quiet, and then through the wall into the room seemingly began to percolate the White Light, condensing and concentrating above the Teacher in the navel region.

My astral body released itself from the physical body through the solar plexus chakra and began to get attracted to the White Light like a magnet. I knew that when entering a cloud of energy my astral body would begin its journey in the aura of the Earth, rushing out of its limits. It already happened to me twice before and each time the White Light, coming into the room always from the East, transported me through the vast expanses of the Cosmos, while maintaining the pulsating thread of the consciousness. This meant that I was in absolute consciousness and could subsequently describe what happened to me. But this time my astral body, approaching close to the cloud, did not enter it, and for a while it hovered side by side with it. It was as though we were becoming acquainted with each other—exchanging invisible greetings, during which the energy parameters necessary for our joint creative task were smoothly combined.

I noticed that some part of my consciousness by a thin luminous cord flowed from the physical into the astral body, filling it with the substance of light blue with a silvery tint, and immediately flowed back, emptying the receptacle again. For some reason unknown to me, the connection between the bodies could not be established. This meant that while working I could not consciously control my actions, and therefore everything that happened would imprint in my subconscious and remain hidden to the consciousness, that is, I could not give forms to the information received.

Then I also realized that along with the astral body that is released from the physical body some of the energy of the consciousness is also released from it and flows into a double.

Similarly, the high Spirit consciously endows his subtle bodies with reason, which allows to maintain the contact with the mother consciousness, located in the physical body of the man.

After hearing my unspoken thoughts, the Father quietly said:

“You saw and understood everything right, Singha. Only one detail remained unnoticed by you. All man’s bodies, including the astral body, are interconnected by the threads of the subconscious, which maintain the reverse connection to the mother subconscious, and if the mother consciousness is present in the physical body of the man, then the mother—cosmic subconscious exists beyond the body’s limits. This is the riddle of the Master that you have to solve. I think that in three to four years you will be able to understand this section of the ancient Book of Knowledge.”

Finally, my consciousness filled the connecting cord and flowed into the astral body, curling up into a spiral at the navel region. The connection was established; I was drawn in into the White Cloud and started moving along the spatial corridor.

Our physical abode and that inaccessible place in the harsh, impenetrable Himalayas, from where the Call was sent out to the Master, were separated by a great distance of thousands of kilometers. The mountains, villages, rivers, cities and mountains again sped by me in a sort of compressed form at a high speed. The color scheme of nature was so saturated that my eyes were watering from its blazing brightness. My movement through the spatial gaps/voids was accompanied by a sound, which reminded me of the humming of the high voltage power lines. In this case, the volume and frequency of the vibration depended on the speed of flight.

The movement lasted no more than a few seconds, when suddenly in front of me there appeared a huge statue cast in gold, as I then thought it was of a Buddha. It stood among the rocky ruins, overgrown with thick vegetation of the rainforest. My energy entity flew at a high speed inside the monument at the navel region of the statue.

There was a void there; I even thought that along the walls there was some kind of superstructure, resembling scaffoldings or something like a giant spiral staircase with already partially collapsed spans. All the internal space was permeated with numerous rays that intersected with each other. The light came from the countless small and large holes, probably, especially made in the body of the statue, not only for the penetration of light and air, but also creating a mystical atmosphere inside the complex. It was especially made because the atmosphere itself testified to the fact that there once was an active indoor Temple. The space resonated, and a muffled rhythmic breath of life could be heard there. I did not see its physical manifestations, but clearly felt someone’s soft and subtle, it seemed, even cautious presence.

Sinking deeper under the covers of the earth, I found myself in a small oval room. The nine pairs of black eye sockets, drowning in the void of a clearly discernible man-made Temple, looked at me from different directions.


At this point, I remembered one of our earlier works. We attended a ritual celebration of the Tokhtosomm tribe living in an inaccessible mountainous region of Tibet. These people have no connection with the modern civilization, and their whole way of life and faith is based on the laws of their Ancient Ancestors, or as they say—“Pitalatu Ish-Baka,” the laws that endured for thousands of years and withstood the battle of time.

You can get to the Tokhtosomms only if they allow you to do so; otherwise, it is simply impossible. The Tokhtosomms choose certain people of the Earth, who ones every eighty to hundred years visit their Abode hidden in the impassable mountains. They do this is order to send another Message to the world through their chosen Messenger. In the spring of 1906 the Tokhtosomms revealed such a person in the space of the physical realm of the Earth and invited him to come to their settlement, accompanied by a guide. He was already a middle-aged Englishman, an officer, a former colonel, who seriously studied the occult sciences, was interested in Theosophy, and had deep connections with the Indian Theosophists. But this man could not stand the test and was tempted by the idea of taking the possession of the Knowledge that the Tokhtosomm tribe preserved for thousands of years. Using his old secular connections, he led the small but well-armed force into the sanctum sanctorum of the “savages.” When the guide noticed that they were being followed, he gave a special signal to the invisible Guards that caused rockfall. The Englishman and his entire detachment were killed; as for the guide, he safely reached the village. He is alive to this day, and it was he who told us the story that happened a hundred years ago.

At night, as the festival reached its climax, we were escorted into one of the houses, always guarded by the armed tribesmen. Something like a thick rug with bright patterns was lifted off the floor, the three mighty giants raised a stone slab, and we saw the underground passage.

Accompanied by the same guide we descended into the passage. Huge galleries with paintings, inverted figures, hieroglyphics on the walls, ceilings and even on the floor were revealed before our eyes; it was the message from Pitalatu Ish-Baka to his descendants. We were in an underground city called by the Tokhtosomms TKHI-TAU, five-and-a-half days. The entire time we were there, we never had a lack of oxygen, warmth or food, all this seemed to have disappeared from the planes of our earthly existence. The details of our journey to Tkhi-Tau I described in one of the chapters of the First Volume of a new “The Trinosophia of Fire” book series, so here I will only tell you about what stirred up in me these memories.

In one of the galleries we saw a giant statue, cast in gold. The living fire illuminated the statue, but who and how maintained it is a completely different story. I was struck by the extraordinary resemblance of the statue inside of which I initially was and the golden monument we encountered in the underground vault…


Coming back from the picture of the past, I realized that I still continue to stand in the center of the oval underground chamber. In one of the tunnels there appeared a faint light; it was either slowly coming closer or rapidly moving away from me, almost disappearing into the impenetrable and cold darkness.

“He is calling for you. Go,” Rikl said softly.

As I took the first steps, I felt that my body started to experience the successive sensations of intense compression, as though my head were sinking into the body, almost to the chest, and, conversely, decompression, as though my entire body were extended upward, with my head pressed against the ceiling of the labyrinth.

Compression and decompression — is the Law of the construction of the basis of Universe

It is identically and unidentically as:

Bodies and antibodies (EXPLOSION) — is the Law of the origin of the basis of Life

As I moved in the tunnel, the feelings not innate in my human nature began to overwhelm me. What I experienced would not be enough to call it simply a fear; it was a wild horror that would make your blood run cold, almost animal-like fear, capable of doing the most incredible things to the person. If you’ve ever heard the roar of a bear that has just awakened from hibernation, you can imagine my condition, but the sense of fear that gripped me was many times stronger, although there was neither a bear nor anyone else nearby who, by his presence, could give rise to the fear that was beyond human perception. There was absolute silence that nobody and nothing disturbed. It was precisely this silence—all embracing, living with its unknown life that made me tremble, and gave rise to only one desire—to run, run as fast as possible to the surface and… damn it all. The invisible presence of the Teacher did not allow me to succumb to the intensifying fear and temptation, and I stoically continued to follow the Light blinking in the darkness. I can admit quite frankly that my common sense left me in some moments, and, despite the fact that I felt Rikl’s warm hand in my own all the time, the awful thoughts came into my mind and uncontrollable bouts of fear took over me.

Suddenly, the Father began to sing very softly. It was not a song with some sort of definite tune, but the simultaneous sounding of several overtones. It brought me back to reality and cleared my consciousness.

At that moment I realized that it was not my fear, the warning of the approaching danger came not from my inner self. Some external force was influencing me in such a way that I was beginning to accept its will as my own. By taking possession of my emotional-sensual sphere, it was trying to subjugate not only my will but also my consciousness. There was an inner struggle within me: I was increasingly succumbing to the horror that gripped me, while still trying to convince myself that I was being forced to accept the illusion as reality by influencing on my aura.

As soon as I made myself believe that I was experiencing “someone else’s” feelings being imposed on me from the outside, I was able to take a few steps forward. The fear began to leave me and I had a strong inner confidence and knowledge of how and what to do next.

I knew that I should keep going and focus my thoughts, feelings and will on the Source of Light that was leading me through the underground city.

I felt with my whole being that somewhere in the myriad corners of the labyrinth there was SOMETHING that walked, breathed and lived. It was either coming closer or disappearing for a long time, showing no visible signs of its presence. However with the whole nature of my energy being I felt that there was Someone nearby.

It was as though he were silently calling me, not by a forced thought or voice, but by the subtlest, barely perceptible vibration. SOMETHING, like a magnet, possessing an enormous power of attraction, was pointing out the way to itself. It seemed as if the wind that came from out of nowhere were insistently pushing me forward into the Unknown, living with its own Great Secret.

Evidently, the tension that arose in me was critical for my physiology and I began to lose my consciousness. The black and white flashes of light appeared in my eyes, I was shivering, my heart was hammering loudly against my chest, and my consciousness faded away.

The Teacher’s voice rang our sharply, “Take your hands away.” I felt that I had no strength to even move. Then the Father screamed in a fashion that was uncharacteristic to him, “Take your hands away!” I abruptly pulled my hand from under his head and lay on my right side next to the Father. Clenching my hands, I felt that the water runs down from them. We were silent for a while. Then I said:

“Father, I couldn’t pass it”

“I know, Daughter! Don’t worry. Take a rest and we’ll try it again, but this time I will lead you myself in my Aura.”

The Father went out into the fresh cold air. I went to the open window and looked up at the clear starry sky. The moon was waning; the Big Dipper was touching the snow-capped peak of the mountain with its cup, and the star Alrai was hovering right over the roof of the house.

After about thirty minutes, the Father came back in and brought two cups of hot herbal tea brewed with valerian, stone bramble and bergenia. We drank our tea in silence. I saw how the Teacher was spatially building up the fabric of my aura. He was fastening it with gilded threads, weaving them into the structure of my aura that was extremely thinned and almost burned down, and it was as though He were wrapping a turquoise tourniquet around my aura, fixing its nonexistent edges. Then the Father opened his Aura and it was like He swaddled me in a blanket of energy like a mother would swaddle the infant child.

“Are you ready, Daughter?”


“And yet, I suggest that we stop…”

“No, Teacher! I already feel much better.”

“Then let’s move on.”

The Master lay on the floor, and I sat at his head like I did previously. Suddenly I noticed that the Teacher placed his right hand palm-up, and the left hand palm-down. After two or three minutes, the Father changed the position of his hands: He turned the right palm down, and the left palm up. Then some more time passed but we didn’t start working yet—the energy didn’t flow. Then the Teacher placed his hands with both palms facing up—the air movement began, there was a peculiar, but familiar and pleasant smell, vaguely reminiscent of sandalwood.

Only a few days later I remembered this small, but extremely important part of our work and asked the Father to clarify to me what importance the position of his hands had in everything that happened.

“I have already told you once that the left side of the human body is associated with the Moon, and the right side with the Sun.

At night we receive the energy of the Moon with the left half of the body, during the day we receive the energy of the Sun with the right half.

Despite the fact that we were working late at night, I knew that I would need the energy of both luminaries: the Moon and the Sun. Changing the position of my hands, I did it for you by testing your attentiveness and mental tenacity.

I was invoking the energy of the Sun, which is inherently contrary to the laws of the earthy existence.

There are laws of life of the Day and Night, and the firmness of these laws is the basis for maintaining the global Balance.

By awakening the energy of the Sun in the Night, Rikl did not violate these laws. He combined the two incompatible poles of Life in the space of the Aura of one person. What does this mean, Singha?

The Master, for a moment, created a powerful and inexhaustible Source of energy, thus protecting the space of our creativity by the energy of the two planets and the luminary—the Earth, Moon and Sun.


We began to work.

Bringing me into a certain state, the Teacher explained what I should do.

“Your astral body is now under the ground where you left it the first time. It did not return into the bearer, having lost the connection with the consciousness. So now you will release from yourself the additional, second part of your consciousness and through the cord that connects the bodies, you will transport yourself back to where you interrupted your path. This time I will lead you myself, for you will not be able to go any further relying on your own energy. You must reach the destination, otherwise, once again, the humanity, basking in its own helplessness, will be deprived of the knowledge of the many mysteries of the Universe.”

Unexpectedly to myself, I felt the moment of transition into the subtle formless state that used to scare me so much before, and at the same moment I flowed into the emptied receptacle of my astral body. Followed by a slight push, the body twitched and rushed forward, obeying the overpowering will of my Teacher. I could move easily and freely. The feelings or emotions were absent, now I was warmed by the heat, coming out of nowhere, and it was even pleasant to be within these ancient man-made walls of the underground Temple-treasury.

As I made a few steps, I stumbled upon a cold wall, the tunnel turned to the right. The Light that was leading me through the underground vaults disappeared, so I had to grope my way further on. At one point I heard the voice of the Father: “Stop and wait. You will be called or asked to leave.”

I do not know how long that moment lasted, but soon a diffused light appeared ahead of me and, after coming closer to me, it began to move away.

I realized that I should keep moving forward. As I took the first hesitant step, I felt how someone’s presence caught me in his embrace and, whirling as if in a dance, rushed forward in a whirlwind of motion. It became cooler, the air composition changed, it was much fresher, even colder, and in it there could be felt the admixture of some kind of sedative gas. Based on my feelings, I was no longer in a narrow tunnel, but in a great hall with high ceilings.

While in absolute darkness, I continued to stand still where I was, and I began to get the impression that there was Someone, and that Someone was not alone, but there were many. But no matter how much I strained, I was still unable to see anything or anyone, and from this point on, I could orient myself relying only on my inner feelings. Somewhere in the distance there was heard a subtle sound of falling water—it was the only thing I could recognize in the absolute darkness.

A faint white glow suddenly appeared a few paces ahead of me. Its appearance was preceded by a rather sharp, but extremely thin Sound. The glow appeared as if from nowhere, for I did not see the Source that emitted the Light.

Perhaps it was the Sound that gave rise to Light—so I reasoned much later, but at the time I didn’t have a single thought, nor did I have any questions, for I accepted everything that happened quite easily and naturally, obviously, it was the effect of the same gas. The Teacher, who was standing behind me, gently pushed me forward. I turned back and, anticipating my unspoken question, the Father said, “Go. I must stay here. He is waiting only for you. Rikl fulfilled his mission. Further you will go alone.”

In the twilight I could consider a high stone pedestal, on which, as on the pulpit, was a large golden plate.

The dimensions of the plate could be defined by three meters in length and one meter in width. It was divided right down the middle into two equal halves. The right side of the Golden Book (this was the first name that immediately came to my mind) was absolutely smooth, on the left side could be seen the outlines of Symbols and Letters. It was clear that once the plate had sharp edges, the corners were now slightly rounded, as though from a frequent contact with someone else’s hands for an enormous period of time.

The left half of the plate was also divided: in the upper part there was a Symbol, on the lower smaller part there were three rows of signs unknown to me, engraved by the burin of an ancient Master, by their form resembling five teardrops practically identical in shape.

The right half of the plate was perfectly smooth, and on it, which seemed to me quite strange, there wasn’t any trace of dust—there was nothing at all that could draw the attention of my consciousness, as though it had just been polished and dusted.

I don’t know what I was guided by at that moment, or who directed my actions, but I came very close to the Golden Book, and laid my right palm on its smooth half. A strong current of energy went through my arm, my subtle bodies began to fill with warm, soft substanse, whose barely perceptible relaxing vibrations were permeating my subtle essence and I, being absolutely overpowered, began to sink into oblivion. However, my consciousness did not leave me until the moment when I began to feel as though it belonged not to me but to Someone Who is all pervading, Whose Will extends to all things. My hand sank into the solid surface of the precious metal, as if into a soft down. It seemed as though a depression, identical to the shape of my hand, was molded in the plate by the thought of an unknown Master. I was in a state of complete calmness, and perhaps everything that happened to me next was just my dream, or maybe… A reality?

I cannot say what it was, but some part of the energy separated from my astral body, which was left standing by the Golden Book, shrouded in a cloud of White Light. It was a new state of subtle presence not well understood by me until now. I was present, but it seemed as though I were not present—either in form or in color. Now I saw that a long cord-thread, filled with a white-blue substance, connected my bearer to the astral body, to that what I presently was, and went somewhere far upward, disappearing in the stellar sky.

The only thing I could identify in the realm of my feelings and sensations was a Sound. The fact that surprised me the most was that I heard my voice, and it came from somewhere above, echoing softly throughout the cave.

“Who are you?” my voice asked, and I heard the answer:

“I am the Keeper of evolutionary paths of the Earth. In this space, your every thought is expressed by your own voice, regardless of whether you want it or not.”

“Why didn’t I hear myself before?”

“There were so many thoughts in your head that prevented you from passing the impassable and meeting me.”

“Why did you call Rikl?”

“I didn’t call him, He came here himself to release me, as required by the inscription of the Ancients. I must go. I need a pure human Spirit, to whom I could transmit the Knowledge of the Revelation kept by me. Rikl prepared you energetically and brought you into my abode on the verge of impossible. If you hold out and not remove your hand from the hot Plate, a part of the Knowledge of the Golden Book will be transmitted to you and in your subsequent incarnations, it will be manifested in the human realm by the Messages from the Eternity.

What I will tell you now will not be new to the man. Already long ago, we allowed the knowledge of our subterranean existence to penetrate to the surface world. And yet, I will talk and you listen to what the Spirit of White Akkulon and I will tell you. And do not forget that no matter what happens, you should keep your hand on the golden Plate.”

The Story of White Akkulon

The Trishad

Our civilization was led by the Triple Union of the Trishad: Mother, Father and Son.

It took a long time before a small tribe grew into a great civilization with its social organization and faith.

But however long we, our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, remembered ourselves, They—the Mother, Father and Son—always led the human race through the milestones of its evolution in Eternity.

The Trishad existed outside of time and the conventions of the earthly realm.

Nobody really knew where the Trishad came from, who gave birth to them and why their bodies were not subject to aging and death.

They lived among us, spoke the same language, ate the same food and breathed the same air, but did not resemble those whom They created—their people, whose primordial parents They were.

The white petals of Ahmadem crowned their heads with the flames of Primordial Fire.

The sapphire Ray of Allokhoss united the Cosmos and the Earth in their Hearts.

The Trishad had many Names—which had never been spoken by anyone and so had been unknown to us, keeping the secret of their cosmic birth and Mission.

The Trishad had many Guises—which had never been seen by anyone, but had been differentiated in all of Existence.

The Trishad had many Voices—which had never been heard by anyone, but had been differentiated in every aspect of Life.

MAa—thus, for the first time, the Voice of the Son uttered the Name of the Mother. Her Name means Truth.

The greatness of MAa was such that only the rare man could fearlessly raise his eyes from the ground at her approach, without fear of being consumed by her Aura.

Every appearance of MAa endowed us with the Power of Great Inspiration, awakening all of existence to Life and perception of her Principle.

In order for us to be able to accept into our hearts the Fire of her Love and the Word of Revelation, the Mother concealed her luminous body under the cover of earthly garments.

None of us had ever seen her true face, for even on a bright sunny day, a cloud of White Light concealed the Face of the Mother.

But each and every one knew the special and inimitable sound of her Voice.

Her Voice was so gentle and all pervading that the peaks of the Great Mountains echoed to it, the oceans sang with it, and the depths of the earth were imbued with its vibration.

MAa’s Voice brought the Sunrise and heralded the Sunset, rotating the Earth between the two poles in Eternity.

The Sound of her Voice set the cycles of the movement of the water, regulated the life of the world ocean in order to maintain the temperature conditions necessary for all the forms inhabiting the Earth.

The Mother’s Voice embodied in itself all the development stages of Life, which were subject to a Uniform Law of Harmony and Balance.

In the heart of everyone there rang the Voice of MAa, which was the Source of Life itself.

We heard the Voice of MAa not only with our physical ears, but also perceived its subtle, spiritual constituent with our whole inner being.

Avvaar—so the Father initially gave his Name to the first man of his Race. It was Avalaus Issapi who begetteth the first son of the mankind, Tunnai-Illat.

Avvaar was the unshakable Stronghold of Life.

The Name Avvaar means Feat.

The Son—ArrA—was the Crown of Life and carried in his Heart the Fire of the Enlightenment.

His Name means Knowledge.


Once in the Fourth sector of the Stone Circle of the Book of Knowledge, the Priests of the Temple of the Vu-Khel read the following:

“The Mother, Father and Son were in the beginning of All Things, and before them there were only They that created each other from themselves. The Trishad came forth from the non-objective nature of the Cosmos and, by a liquid Fire, it infiltrated the solid body, endowing it with the primary level of consciousness.

Next, having separated itself from the liquid Fire, the Trishad came forth from the solid body and, by a weightless Fire, it entered into a soft body, endowing it with the secondary level of consciousness of itself and the surrounding world.

After that, the Trishad separated itself from the weightless Fire and entered into à subtle body, endowing it with the tertiary level of consciousness of itself, the surrounding world of the Earth and the Cosmos, as an indivisible Whole.

Having separated from the weightless Fire, the Trishad broke down its subtle body into the atoms of the Universe and, leaving the limits of the aura of the Earth, it dissolved in the infinite expanses of the Black Cosmos, once again having united with the non-objective nature.

Thus ended the Circle of Creation.

When the civilizations and peoples of the Earth disappeared from the Face of the Planet without a trace, the Father and the Son and the Mother left with them.

But in the same instant They revived themselves from the Eternity, and the Fire of Life was rekindled on the Earth again.

At that time They created themselves out of the Stone, which fell to the Earth as fragments of the exploded Star.

The Stone was a little particle of the fiery heart—the core of the Star and possessed consciousness, born in the worlds of the Cosmos unknown to the Earth.

The Trishad revived itself from a fragment of this Stone and created a new Race of people.

The time will come, and the Race will go into oblivion, but the Mother, Father and Son will exist forever, for the Fire of Eternity itself runs in their arteries.”

So said the Fourth from the Stone Circle to the Priests, and they wrote this Revelation word for word on the smooth golden Plate.

We do not have much time, the Daughter of Rikl. I will tell you about those distant times of the rise and fall of our civilization. I will tell you about the miraculous Stone Circle Er-Ra-Bis, with the advent of which was associated the relocation of our people to the lands of Ariavarta which did not yet exist, where was established the Central Temple of the Vu-Khel and written the Golden Book of MAa by its Priests.

The Stone Circle Er-Ra'-Bis

In the ancient times, the Volcano Katanalaus reawakened after lying dormant for thousands of years.

It was menacing and majestic in its wrath, spewing innumerable streams of fiery lava from the bowels of the Earth.

Many of our towns and villages were destroyed and the people who fled from the mountains to the plains, sought refuge on the shores of the world ocean.

The Katanalaus was exactly midway between the two Great Twins, Appila-Khe and Sonulai-Khe Mountain Peaks.

For months, the Volcano continued to be angry, and one day we saw the gray clouds of volcanic ash parted and a giant White Bird Sommali appeared in the Sky.

She flew rapidly, breaking through the black clouds of smog to the very mouth of Katanalaus.

We saw how, after soaring up into the sky, the Sommali fell like a stone into the fire-spitting crater, and the earth trembled beneath our feet three times.

Having been knocked to the ground, for long we could not rise from our knees, and only the Voice of the Mother, reaching us from somewhere afar, gave us the strength to open our hearts without fear to what was happening. We rose from our knees, and the only thing we could see was a bright cloud of Light, gleaming with a variety of innumerable colors, whose source of generation was the Volcano itself. The whole space between Heaven and Earth was filled with the Voice… It was endless, and we realized then that it came to the surface from the fiery depths of Katanalaus.

An enormous lightening-bolt-like arrow pierced the ground, and the bowels of the earth responded with three even more powerful shocks.

Everything began to groan and rumble, and a huge crack went through the very center of Katanalaus, revealing the fiery bowels of the Volcano. At the same instant vast floods of lava gushed out into the valleys lying in the vicinity of the raging giant, forming the channels of two great rivers.

We rallied our ranks and courageously accepted into ourselves the Power of the majestic Element—its fiery revelation filled our weakened bodies with new energy, and the Spirit overpowered the flesh. We had no fear; we were elated, admiring the power of the Earth and its pristine Beauty that brought death and destruction. But it was precisely this contradiction of the unbridled destructive forces of Nature and its creative Principle that revealed to us a new meaning and understanding of the eternal Laws of the Universe.

Despite the thunders of Heaven, groans and rumbles of the Earth, we began to hear again the Voice of the Revelation. It was becoming stronger, its growing vibrations were awakening a new element, and the fierce gusts of the universal wind were coming at us from the tops of the Great Mountains.

Out of the fiery lava of the once-existing crater of the Volcano, was rising the White Bird Sommali surrounded by a cloud of Light.

She was majestic and beautiful, soaring above the ground in a halo of a bright white Fire, spreading her great and powerful fiery wings over the Earth. The bird’s beak was tightly closed, holding some object.

The Bird Sommali soared over the mountains and flew inland, quickly disappearing into a big snowy canyon.

No one knows exactly how many years we followed the Sommali through the snowy mountain passes, forests and vociferous mountain rivers. The time ceased to exist for us; there was only a Voice, leading our people farther and farther away from the land incinerated by the Volcano, the land that for centuries was our home. Along the way, we were joined by the tribes and peoples, which, like streams of water, flowed silently into the moving river of human lives.

Then one day, before us rose the rugged chains of snow-covered mountains that we never seen before, and it seemed that their peaks touched the sky and their base went deep down into the very bowels of the earth.

The Bird Sommali was sitting on one of the Peaks of the White Mountain and was calling us to her by the flaps of her wings.

As if pointing out where we should go next, she rose up into the sky and began to circle over a low mountain with a flat surface. With our approach, the Sommali soared up and, crying out something, which remained ununderstood by us, she dropped from her beak her Load that she brought out of the mouth of the Volcano Katanalaus.

Having been distracted by the falling object, we did not even notice where the Bird Sommali disappeared. No one had ever seen her since then.

We were amazed at the sight that opened up before us as we climbed to the plateau. There, the Mother, Father and Son were already waiting for us, and on the ground beside them lay a hot red Stone Circle.

They laid their hands on it, and the twelve sectors flared up on the circle, the thirteenth was located right in the center and had the shape of a bowl.

The Earth began to moan again, and with her last breath the very mountain, on which sat the Bird Sommali, began to tremble violently, and we saw a black horizontal fissure, which broke through the solid armor of the glacial ice, separating the body of the mountain from its heavenly dome.

As if being pushed slightly by some unknown force, the dome yielded forward and swaying, it flew down with a terrifying roar. The Mountain-Giant turned into a table-topped mountain with a huge flat surface—Suu-Tyn-La, meaning the Palm on which rests the World, or the Palm of the World, as we later called this Holy Mountain.

When everything quieted down, we looked again at the Stone Circle, and only then we noticed how smooth and even its surface was. The outer surface of the huge stone was completely polished, so we came to an agreement on its man-made origin.

Avvaar told us that from the fragments of the dome of the Suu-Tyn-La, we must build on the Palm of the World the county’s first Temple to be called the Vu-Khel—the Tablet of Knowledge (Light), where in a round room under the open sky, the Stone Circle Er-Ra-Bis will perform different miracles for thousands of years.

But when the Temple of the Vu-Khel was built, we faced a serious difficulty in transferring the Er-Ra-Bis to its new earthly abode.

The Stone Circle itself was not that big, but whatever we came up with to lift it up, we could not even lift it an inch off the ground. It took several months before Avvaar called us to the mountain again.

Like the last time, the Trishad was already waiting for us there when we arrived.

The Mother silently walked away from Avvaar to the edge of the mountain and began to sing. It was the same Voice that came to Earth from Eternity and was the Source of Life on our Planet.

Amazed at what was happening, we watched how the Stone Circle easily lifted off the ground and began to move in the direction of the Suu-Tyn-La and, briefly hovering over the round tower of the Temple, it disappeared behind its stone arches.


The Golden Book of MAa

It was some time before we learned to understand the language of the Er-Ra-Bis.

The Er-Ra-Bis was divided into twelve sectors in which, at certain intervals, stood out the inscriptions and symbols of the alphabet unknown to us. But we could not perceive the essence of its Messages, for we did not possess the keys, with which it would be possible to decipher the cryptographic writings.

In one of the days, the Trishad appeared in the Temple. They called us in the sanctuary where the Er-Ra-Bis was located, and asked us in turn to touch the Stone Circle with the palm of the left hand. When the last of us withdrew his hand, the Father said that there should remain only those to whose touch the Er-Ra-Bis responded by the sound, arising somewhere from the stellar void. When the others left, only twelve Priests remained in the sanctuary, and I was one of them. ArrA removed a vertebra from his backbone and put it in the Chalice that was in the center of the Circle. At the same moment the Chalice burst into fire, releasing from itself a white-violet cloud that concealed the Trishad and the twelve Priests who stood around the Stone Circle. Thus we were initiated into the secret language of the signs and symbols of the Er-Ra-Bis.

In the beginning I said that in order to perceive the Messages transmitted to us from the Eternity, we needed the keys that would help us gain insight into the essence of cryptography. We ourselves became these keys, for each of the twelve Priests gained the ability to decode the texts, but only those that manifested in his sector.

When the cloud dissipated, and we appeared before each other in a completely transformed state, the Father said: “Now, when the Er-Ra-Bis speaks to you, you will be able to understand it and decipher the Messages, which will be manifested in the twelve sectors of the Circle. But you will not have the command of the Fire language, which from now on and forever will be burning in the Chalice, for it is the abode of the Thirteenth, and only Itaphi, the Daughter of Issapi, will be able to understand it. Only she will have the command of the language of the Thirteenth.”

Everything happened exactly as we were told. The Messages that were manifesting in the twelve sectors of the Stone Circle were being recorded by the Temple Priests in the cryptographic language in the pages of the Golden Book.

It is possible to decipher the scripts engraved on the outer surface of the golden Plates, but without the key, this knowledge will remain dead, and the uninitiated person will not be able to make use of it. Only the Keeper, who is the key to the perception of Knowledge, can enliven one of the parts of the Knowledge.

The transmission of the sacred Knowledge is possible only when all three—the Book of MAa, the Keeper and his Elect—join in the common stream of creativity through the laying on of hands of the Keeper and his Elect on the golden Plate. This becomes possible only if all parties give voluntary consent to what is happening and their Spirit is ready to receive the Greatest of Cosmic Mysteries—the chapters from the Golden Book of Knowledge.

One cannot forcibly acquire the Knowledge, and there are no such methods, which could force the Keeper to enliven the pages of the Golden Book of MAa.

When the Keeper transfers his part of the Knowledge, the Plate loses its power and becomes a mere piece of filthy lucre. The released Keeper-Spirit leaves the Earth and departs to the far-off worlds of the Cosmos, where he rests for some time, and then continues his path in Eternity known only to him.

The transfer of the Knowledge always happens in different ways. Sometimes we send some part of the information up to the surface world, where a scientist makes a discovery or a sudden insight dawns on an obscure monk, and he becomes the bearer of a small part of the Knowledge. Only a very few come to our sacred world to receive one of the parts of the Knowledge and go back to the bosom of the forms of the Earth to throw light of Revelation of the Trishad on the world. They are the Elect!

Each Keeper waits in the Eternity of nothingness for the Elect, to whom he can transfer his part of the Knowledge and to become liberated from the voluntary confinement on the Earth. Such a person appears on the Earth only once every few centuries, but even then, it is not always possible to accomplish a complete transfer of the Knowledge because of certain external circumstances of his path or the internal inconsistency, the lack of readiness of the Messenger to become our Medium.

In such cases, we have to find different forms through which the Knowledge can penetrate the human world. And that which is to be transferred entirely as a single impulse, a burst of spirituality, in a form of a teaching, scientific doctrine or medical discovery, capable of saving the lives of millions of people, we have to split into parts and pass through several Messengers. Then we have to search for and prepare those who will be able to find and link together all the parts of the Knowledge. Every one of them has his own peculiar Sign that corresponds to his Mission.


In the forty-eighth generation of the family of Issapi, the Daughter Itaphi was born. Long before she was born, we knew that “when in the forty-eighth generation of the family of Issapi, with the first rays of the Sun, the Daughter came into the world know that this was my Sign, declaring of the fact that the nation would soon appear on the Earth which would yearn to take over the world, and for the attainment of this goal, it would release the black serpent Gulatu to freedom.

If in the forty-eighth generation a Son were born, know that my people would rise by another nine steps to make the transition and dissolve forever in Eternity.”

So, when in the forty-eighth generation of the family of Issapi, a Daughter was born, we, as we were told by the Father, regarded this Sign of the Heaven as the inevitable outcome. At the age of three Itaphi was brought to the Temple of the Vu-Khel, where she lived until the age of twenty-one. A few months after her twenty-first birthday, Itaphi disappeared, and none of us knew what happened to her.

As was revealed to us, she heard and understood the voice of the Thirteenth, and knew the language of all the twelve sectors of the Er-Ra-Bis.

One of the latest messages from the Thirteenth to us, shortly before the disappearance of Itaphi, said that “…the next Atlantean race will not be able to keep the peace on Earth, and inevitably the Knowledge of the Ancient Sources will be used for destruction.

That which will be hidden—will be preserved.

That of which the people of the fourth and fifth races will gain possession—will lose its value.” Next, we were given precise instructions of what we should do and how to prepare for the upcoming future events.

Our people were divided into four groups, of which I will discuss in more detail now. As it was bequeathed to us, most of our Knowledge, developments and accomplishments were shared between the Priests and Leaders of the Families. Each was initiated as a Keeper of one of the parts of the Knowledge, and without waiting for a future catastrophe, Avvaar led us to the pre-prepared underground cities, where we remained, in spite of what happened on the surface of the Earth.

We saw and knew how civilizations perished, how new races appeared and disappeared, and how the human race reached its zenith and sank to the bottom of life during a long eclipse of its consciousness.

But we never left our refuges, for what we kept was to remain intact until the people of the Fiery race incarnated on Earth, who were ready to preserve and bring our Knowledge into the world which had the ability to accept it.

As we approached this time, our numbers rapidly decreased, for having given ourselves to the service without remainder, we went to the other worlds. My time has come, for the Knowledge has been demanded by a Fiery Spirit, and there is confidence that this time it will not be wasted in vain, in favor of rampant desires of the man.

When the Fifth race is completely replaced by the Sixth—Fiery race, the last of us will leave the Earth, for the Mysteries of the Universe will be revealed to the Fiery people. For us, this time is already approaching, as for the people of the Earth it will take more than centuries before they embark on a new phase of their evolution.

The second group consisted of children under the age of twelve. We gathered all the boys and girls of this age, born in the forty-eighth generation of their families. ArrA led them in their earthly bodies to the star system of Capricorn.

The third and smallest group was led by the Mother. She transported by air the Stone Circle from the Temple of the Vu-Khel to the top of the White Mountain, which stood somewhere on the very edge of the Earth. We knew it was there, under the steel armor of glacial ice, that was kept the primordial mother cell with the genetic formula of evolution of intelligent life forms of the Cosmos, brought to Earth millions of years ago. At the dawn of all times, a small particle of the mother cell was extracted by the Newcomers, who breathed life into our Planet, to recreate the humanity of the Earth. When the Earth completes the present round of Manvantara and plunges into a deep sleep, this formula will be transferred to one of the Planets of the Solar System in order to revive the forms of intelligent life on it.

The Stone Circle was moved to one of the flat tops of this snowy abode. The Mother and seven of her Daughters stood on guard for the Er-Ra-Bis. They did not leave it until one day the White Guard came to the foot of the mountain and brought News of the coming of the long-awaited One to Earth. Then the Mother blessed the Guard to the Service, and She and her Daughters left the White Mountain, withdrawing to her Cosmic Abode.

Over thousands of years, the Circle gave a few cracks and split into twelve parts that corresponded to the twelve sectors of Knowledge. Only the Chalice remained timeless, in which the white-violet flame of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos burns even today. Anyone who visited that Mountain could not but see the glow emitted by it. And right over the Chalice there is a black hole, through which the Great Newcomers from distant worlds come into our Solar System.

Gradually separating from each other, the parts of the Er-Ra-Bis began to fall from their Olympus and, braking up into smaller fragments, they acquired their new home in the valleys and canyons of the mountainous country of A…, where the eternally blue sky connects to the realm of the Earth.

The very same message of the Thirteenth, transmitted to us by Itaphi, also said that “…one day a man will come to this land, who will find all the scattered rocks and link them together again, uniting them into a fiery ring on the body of the Earth. Thus the Er-Ra-Bis will again reveal its strength and power to the Planet. Only then will a new Era of Fire begin on the Earth…”

It was further stated: “when that man realizes the essence of his own self and the Mission revealed to him by the Cosmos…—there will come the time of the next meeting of the Mother, Father and Son. Thus the three petals of the flame of the Trishad will join together again, and reviving themselves from the Eternity, MAa, Avvaar and ArrA will conceive a new Race, calling back to Earth the awarenesses of the children from the star system of Capricorn, who once left our Planet and kept themselves in purity…”

It is enough, the Daughter of Rikla; the flow exhausted itself, and I have just a few seconds to bring you out of the state of conscious sleep. You are already losing the connection with your consciousness and pretty soon you will stop hearing me. Now try to relax and observe what will happen to you next. The first two years from the time of our meeting your flesh will be on the verge of life and death, and your essence will be more there than here.

Then there will be another two years of hard struggle for your existence, and you will be already more here than there.

This will be followed by another three years of formation and adaptation to new conditions of your existence. Then… before and after your Path is guided by Rikl.

And finally, preserve and bring the Message of White Akkulon to the mankind.

I have to go, Rikl is already becoming exhausted, and soon his Ray will begin to lose its strength and I may be late. Goodbye, Eliiya, the Daughter of Rikl. I am going to Eternity… Carry yourself with Dignity, like your Father!



The Epilogue

The last thing that remained in my memory was the image of White Akkulon leaving the Earth. He was leaving to the shining heights of heaven, and I was plunging into the abyss of nothingness…

Somewhere deep inside I knew that not only I cannot, but I have no right to resist or prevent what is happening. Everything was determined once and for all when I accepted my path, and therefore, all that would accompany it. Since then I live without the right to choose, and although people are of the opinion that “there is always a choice,” and I myself not once tried to make a desperate person understand this known truth, I do not have this choice and never did.

Now I know that the choice exists in our minds only up to a certain point, after the passing of which it (the choice) dissolves in the Fire of the Teacher, and it does not exist because it cannot exist. There is no need to look for any explanations for this and much less try to understand this while being on this side of the border—it’s a waste of energy, and when you find yourself beyond the point of choice, you will no longer need a choice.

Then I knew that this had to be just so and not otherwise, that I needed to gain strength and just survive, recover, go through sufferings, but in reality it was not easy at all. I was not that strong, so that the knowledge of my spirit could prevail over the feelings and emotions of my human self.

In the rare moments and hours when I was coming back to my consciousness, I was not able to cope with the animal-like fear that mastered me and provoked the strongest attacks, the nature of which was unknown to the doctors that observed me, and all their attempts to bring my body back to life were fruitless. It lasted for about three months, after which I fell into a state of complete oblivion, and the Father forbade anyone to come near me, and kept the doctors away from me.

It was as though I was cut off from the world, and I hung between heaven and earth, watching for the torments of my body from somewhere above. I saw how my body was fighting for its life, but my energy essence was totally indifferent to this process.

During all these months, the Father spent many hours with me. Day and night He would come into the room and sit beside me, taking my cold, wet hand into his. Sometimes the Father would speak to me, talking about something totally not concerned with what was happening, joking and laughing. Some other times He would sit beside me with his eyes closed, leaving out of reach. One day the Teacher said to me: “Be patient, Daughter. Only time will help you.” And I waited, leaving all the thoughts and observing how my body grew weaker and weaker as life slowly left it.

The moment came and the life was gone, leaving the body, emaciated from suffering… At that moment something happened, and my spirit came down from above, entering the lifeless body. It was from this point on that I began my slow and equally painful recovery.

It is all too vivid and painful to go into details of what I and those who were near me endured during those long and difficult six months of my illness, which, as it would seem, had no explanation.

Only two years later when I fully recovered, Rikl told me the cause of my illness: at the time when the White Akkulon was transmitting me his fragment of Knowledge from the Golden Book of MAa, ninety percent of my aura was burned by the flow of energy that passed through it.

Although it has been almost four years now, I cannot stand to think of the events of that period, and so I hasten to conclude this chapter as soon as possible. Every time I sit down with the manuscript, I grumble and express my displeasure at the fact that the Teacher literally makes me go beyond myself and enter into the painful experience of the events of those months.

I do not know why He does this, but the chapter “Without the Right to Choose” came to light only because of his uncompromising insistence. This is my question to You, Father!

After six months, I was offered by the Teacher two ways of solving the situation of my incarnation: either my immediate departure from this life or…

Little did I know then that in antiquity there was a kind of Initiation, when one of the two—the Initiator or the Initiated—left this world.

This fact came to my knowledge only now when our editor, in the preparation of this chapter for printing, came across a fragment of the Teachings, which was once referenced in the article written by H. P. Blavatsky for “The Theosophists” magazine:

“Let him, who would fathom the mystery of the allegory of both Sphinx and Cross, study the modes of initiation of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, ancient Jews, Hindus, etc. And then he will find what the word “Atonement”—far older than Christianity—meant, as also “the Baptism of Blood.” At the last moment of the Supreme Initiation, when the Initiator had divulged the last mysterious word, either the Hierophant or the “newly-born,” the worthier of the two, had to die, since two Adepts of equal power must not live, and he, who is perfect, has no room on earth. Eliphas Levi hints at the mystery in his volumes without explaining it. Yet he speaks of Moses who dies—mysteriously disappears from the top of Mount Pisgah after he had “laid his hands” upon the initiated Aaron— of Jesus who dies for the disciple “whom he loved,” John the author of the Apocalypse, and of John the Baptist—the last of the real Nazars of the Old Testament (see Isis Unveiled, Vol. II)—who, in the incomplete, contradictory and tortured Gospel accounts, is made to die later through Herodiaadi’s whim, and, in the secret Kabalistic documents of the Nabatheans, to offer himself as an expiatory victim after “baptizing” (i.e., initiating) his chosen successor in the Mystic Jordan. In these documents, after the initiation, Aba, the Father, becomes the Son, and the Son succeeds the Father and becomes Father and Son at the same time, inspired by Sophia Achamoth (secret wisdom) transformed later on into the Holy Ghost. But this successor of John the Baptist was not Jesus, the Nazarenes say. But of this anon. To this day, the initiation beyond the Himalayas is followed by temporary death (from three to six months) of the disciple, often that of the Initiator…”

There were not just years, but months, and then days and hours ahead of me …

I was able to cope with my feelings, and at some point it became very easy, as if a heavy burden had fallen from my shoulders, and I began to breathe with a full chest.

I could not think about the future—it simply did not exist, and then I realized for the first time—and not just in words—what it means to live here and now, one moment at a time, one breath at a time. And these moments turned to years, centuries, and millenniums. They became infinite, like my life itself.

So I lived those months—easily and freely, as if there were no burdens on my heart. But yet there was something there, and it was filling my heart with courage and fortitude. There was a new life being born within me, and its breath spilled through my withered veins.

I easily and calmly met my fate, when after a specified period of time, for the last time, I looked into the eyes of my Teacher and surrendered myself to the Will of the Almighty. As was inscribed, my heart stopped, which was documented by the physicians of the intensive care unit, but a few moments later, it began beating again—strongly, rhythmically, and resoundingly. Everything that happened, I witnessed myself, for I was in full consciousness, which never left me for a moment. Something happened, something unknown, which is not subject to me so far, but I stayed on Earth, I was breathing and could hear the doctors running around me—I was living. My incarnation was extended!

I saw how my astral body came out of the physical body and after hovering over me it began to gather into a ball over my navel region.

The space opened up, forming a circular hole (window) in the ceiling, from where a white beam of light came down to the bed. The beam joined with the ball that began to rise along it, and when the ball completely disappeared into the remote depths of the Cosmos, the cord of life connecting us broke. Everything stopped, and the consciousness left me. I do not know exactly how long I remained unconscious, but when I came to my senses, I saw that a bundle of energy came down to me along the beam and hovered over me in the solar plexus region. It began to vibrate and stretch, taking a shape similar to my physical body. When forming was complete, the transparent double entered the bearer and dissolved in the dense physical sheath. In the following months I watched how occurred their acquaintance and the combination of parameters of the physical body with its new energy component.

It took another two years of hardship for us, changing forever not only my life, but also the lives of all who were involved in this creative experiment, for which Rikl for twelve years was preparing the necessary conditions on Earth and in the realms of the Cosmos.

I was starting everything from the beginning again. I thanked the Creator that He gave me an opportunity to start all over again. To die once again and be reborn with the words on my lips: “Oh LIFE, how beautiful and unique you are!!!”

Over the past nine years I met death three times on the threshold of my home and lived with it in one body.

The first time it happened in Switzerland in 2000, when the awareness from the beyond the Cosmos entered the bearer of a Russian girl of eighteen. This is described quite thoroughly in Volume Nine of “The Fire of the Unified Cosmos” (page 215, “The Master’s Talk on Olkhon Island”), so we will not be repeated here.

The second time I was dying on the Island of Olkhon, in October 2002, when Rikl performed a unique surgery on me, creating a completely new person—with a new consciousness, new thinking and new body.

At that time the Teacher changed my energy, mental and physiological parameters, without which it was impossible to combine the awareness that entered me with the bearer, which could not withstand such a load of energy and began to self-destruct.

“Daughter, in order to grasp what happened to you today, you will need years and possibly your entire life, which you gained during these hours under my hands. I am a sculptor and you are my creation into which I breathed life and gave this life its own path. I molded you with my hands, creating the shape of your body I needed, for it was to become for many years of earthly incarnation the abode for the newly arrived Spirit. I molded your soul and consciousness, for they had to meet the demands of the Newcomer, so that he could make them his mediums on Earth.

Only around the age of forty you will be able to approximate what I have laid into you now. It will be a milestone that you, I know it today, will pass, and only then will the flower of the Spirit of your Mission begin to unfold.” This was the only thing that Rikl said to me when I came to my senses.

Over the next year, my appearance has changed so much that when comparing images before and after surgery period, there is no doubt that they are two completely different people.

I mention this period of my life for the first time, but for certain reasons I do not go deep into the description of the surgery itself and the circumstances surrounding it. Although they undoubtedly would be very interesting not only for the aspiring part of the mankind, but to à greater extent for the scientific world, for during the surgery Rikl investigated the undiscovered capabilities of the human brain which are as yet unknown to science, and one of its derivatives—consciousness.

Maybe someday Rikl himself will find it necessary to tell you about the experiment conducted by him (of this unprecedented case of the rebirth of the person in one body), because for me, and for the group of Aiins who accompanied the surgery, the Creativity of the Teacher remained beyond the Impossible.

The circumstances of how my birth happened for the third time, I tried to describe in some detail in the chapter “Without the Right to Choose.”

I am an incredibly happy person! Who else could meet her first spring, first sunrise, her first—eternal Love as many times as it happened to me?

From now on I know that the highest manifestation of the Creator’s Love is the right to know the pain of the suffering given to man by him.


In the late October 2009, another stage of the experiment, through which the Teacher led me in the last two years, was completed. Its result was the sudden appearance of a Source of Light at the place of my temporary stay. I immediately recognized it, it was the same energy that appeared in our working room on February 17, 2006 and drew me into the unknown Creativity.

It was about three o’clock in the morning, when some force made me wake up and come out of the deepest sleep in which I was because of certain features of my condition.

The Light came from nowhere, and I could not see the source that emitted it. It was filling all the visible space of the room and it was so bright that it caused my eyes to tear.

At some point I spontaneously came out of my body and watched what happened from the outside. That is when I saw that the light was coming from me, from my inner being.

I absolutely precisely knew, that this was the Source of Light, with the appearance of which it all started in February 2006. But why, then, if it came from outside, now it was within me? It still remains to some extent an unsolved mystery to me, and the Teacher is silent, as if giving me the right to penetrate the mystery of what happened myself.

The Light communicated to me somewhere from the depths of the being unknown to me and yet my own being, not with thoughts, not with words, but with energy that was transformed into knowledge, coming from the most secret corners of my heart.

It told me about the milestones of my discipleship, set out by the Teacher until the end of my incarnation, but not in the form of specific events and images. Rikl laid this knowledge to the chambers of my subconscious beyond the reach of the mind.

A moment before it all disappeared, the Light told me: “You survived the physical death and spiritual rebirth three times in one body. They were your trials, and they ended in order for the new impenetrable labyrinths of the path of your Spirit to appear ahead of you. The terms and conditions of your earthly incarnation have been reconsidered and … Accept it.”

Then I immediately recalled the Father’s words from August 2008. They became a revelation to me: “Daughter, the third time, a person’s birth occurs in one body. It’s painful, it’s agonizing and frankly speaking, sometimes I think that it’s impossible.”

Every day I ask of God only one thing: “Give me the strength to accept all that awaits me on my path.”

I’m not asking for any understanding or awareness or insight—it’s the moments of enlightenment, which can be followed by the years of a long eclipse. There is nothing in the world that would require of a man such strength and courage, will and fortitude of spirit as the ability to accept. To accept all that comes his way, through pain, through suffering, through misunderstanding. To accept means to be opened to your destiny—to trust that unknown and the unknowable, which is even beyond belief.

After all that has happened to me during these four years, I know I am not afraid to die, I am more afraid to stay alive.

When the fear of death goes away, death becomes liberation from suffering.

To conquer death, you need to stop being afraid of it.

To conquer life, you need inexhaustible strength for the ongoing eternal struggle.

Life is a much stronger and more serious enemy than death, and believe me, there is something there for which you must fight life.

But this can be understood only when you find the answer to the question: if we fight death for life, then what for should we fight life itself?

But not a word more, otherwise we will touch on a forbidden topic, of which I promised to the Teacher to keep quiet for at least another twenty-five years.


I do not believe in the throes of death.

I do not believe in the painful death.

I do not feel sorry for the one who forever closed his eyes.

For often I saw a pity that stings,

a pity that lies and kills

faster than the poison of the little yellow serpent

that lives in the barren sands of the Sahara Desert.

Pity is the flip side of Indifference.

I am not indifferent, so I have no place for pity.

Its deadly venom that poisons the blood of man,

produces hormones of Indifference.

Many times I saw pity for the ones who leave this world.

I wanted to yell: “People stop!

Do they deserve your indifference?”

Once it seemed to me that a man, condemned to death,

becomes exhausted from the hopeless loneliness.

Little did I know that no one is alone in the hour of death.

I perceived this Truth, for I perceived the mystery of Death.

More than once I lived with it in one body, thought with its thoughts, saw with its eyes.

Death reveals the Truth about itself only to its Elect:

in the dark night of despair there flashes a bright Light—

it’s the beginning of the end, and they know that they are not afraid to die.

When you cross the line of the Unknown,

disidentifying your essence from the suffered flesh, you know

that you are not afraid to die, and only the Call of the loving Hearts

can bring you back to life, pulling you from the iron grip of Death!

Salvation is to take the first step.

Just one step. Everything begins again with that one step…

Eliiya, Rikl

* * *

On November 4, 2009 at 13:13 local standard time Eliiya Rikla was initiated into the symbol of the Iya-Khva-Demi, which corresponds to the second level of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos in relation to the aura of the planet Earth. It is Accomplished!


* * *

On November 4, 2009 at 13:24 local standard time Eliiya Rikla was initiated into the symbol of the Kheliy-Oss-Monn-Jallar, which corresponds to the third level of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos in relation to the aura of the planet Earth. It is Accomplished!


* * *

On November 4, 2009 at 13:33 local standard time Matushka Yusna was initiated into the symbol of the Iya-Khva-Demi, which corresponds to the second level of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos in relation to the aura of the planet Earth. It is Accomplished!


* * *

It is a Full Moon! The Inscription is Accomplished! The Scorpion is Defeated! The loss of the aura on February 17, 2006 only delayed the Initiation of Eliiya Rikla for three years. The aspirations of the Chela erase all the boundaries of the Possible and the Impossible, leaving behind the ashes of the imperfections and flaws. Ahead there are the vast spaces and the whole of the Eternity for creativity of the perfection of the faces of the Crystal of Spirit. The time will come, and the firm steadfastness of the Chela will open the gates of the fourth symbol of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos, but as for now, it is Unknown, Unknown and Unknown…