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RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 295

“Rodaina”, Kiev, 2011

The Philosophy of Consciousness

In this world it is rarely possible to be born in the form of a human being.

Vladimir Soloukhin

* * *

Cybernetics is the interdisciplinary study of the structure of regulatory systems. Cybernetics is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.

The term cybernetics stems from the Greek κυβερνήτης (kybernetes, steersman, governor, pilot, from kybernan, to steer or govern).

The word cybernetics was first used in the context of “the study of self-governance” by Plato in The Alcibiades to signify the governance of people.

Cybernetics is a broad field of study, but the essential goal of cybernetics is to understand and define the functions and processes of systems that have goals and that participate in circular, causal chains that move from action to sensing to comparison with desired goal, and again to action, especially between artificial and biological systems. Studies in cybernetics provide a means for examining the design and function of any system, including social systems such as business management and organizational learning, including for the purpose of making them more efficient and effective. Examples of cybernetic systems are automatic adjustments in technology, computers, human brain, biological populations, and the human society.

Cybernetics is the science of optimal control of complex dynamic systems, which studies the general principles of control and communication that underlie the work of a wide variety of natural and artificial systems from homing missiles, shells and high-speed computers to complex living organisms. The control is a transfer of the system being controlled from one state to another by means of purposeful influence of the one who controls. Optimal control is a transfer of the system to a new state with the least expenditure of time, labor, materials and energy.

The tasks and problems of psychological cybernetics are the modeling of mental properties that make up the personality of a person. The modeling includes specific tasks: the construction of models of different work patterns, the models of memory, thinking, consciousness and subconscious. On this basis there can be designed the methods of control of the human body and mind in different situations (physical labor, science, sports, teaching, yoga, etc.).

Chapter I

The Cyber-Man

In a remote corner of the Infinite Cosmos in the laboratories of the Black Brotherhood, there has been invented a formula of destructive rhythm (ZP code), the vibrations of which are aimed at the destruction of the rhythm foundation of the Milky Way Galaxy. The ZP is a conditional symbol adapted by us, the use of which cannot have negative consequences for the people and the planet. In addition to the rhythmic expression, there are also graphic and sound expressions of the ZP code formula, but having an effective force, they cannot be brought into our talk, so as not to implant this energy on the tree of human consciousness and not to turn it into a weapon of destruction in people’s minds.

Like invisible spores, the ZP spreads throughout the spheres of cosmic systems of the Milky Way and, being unpretentious to the conditions of existence, it immediately takes root on almost any foundation of the Universe that is conducive to life.

It is difficult to imagine the speed with which the artificially created virus spreads. Its rhythm-code is able to change the formula of life of any cosmic formation: from a single-celled organism to a rational being, from a single planet to a galaxy or a universe. Already today, the ZP struck a quarter of the Universe that consists of the realm of the visible physical forms of the Boundless Cosmic Ocean. This means that the “entire Cosmos” — in the view of the Earthmen consisting of manifestations of planets, star systems, galaxies, suns and moons — has been partially affected by the vibrations of the rhythm-code, which destroys the foundations of existence created by the Creator billions of years ago.

The Earth is no exception. Primarily through the negative activity of the intelligent life forms that inhabit the planet, the ZP entered the blood of the planetary body that was until recently integral and spread through the veins of its being, striking the deepest spheres of Common Consciousness of the formations of the Universe.

What it comes to the creators of the ZP rhythm-code, its developers are the disembodied souls from different planets of our cosmic system who were forcibly pressed into this action. In the moment of transition from physical to the subtle mode of existence, their energies, freely moving along the beam of reincarnation to its abodes, were intercepted and brought to the specially designed laboratories where the Black Brotherhood conducted black magic experiments to develop the destructive aspects of the creative principle of existence.

They hunted for the best scientific minds that were identified and tracked down by the Black Brotherhood almost on all the formations of the Universe endowed with reason. The energies of those who left for reincarnation disappeared without a trace from all the planes of existence of the planetary system to which they belonged.

These actions reached the largest scale during the last quarter of the 20th century, when on Earth there was an explosion of the scientific and technocratic thought. By that time, the Black Lodge was already waging fierce wars of conquest in the Cosmos in an attempt to redistribute the Boundless Ocean of the Universe, aiming to destroy the existing conditional balance of energy to its advantage.

In the late nineties of the 20th century the ANO Cosmic Brotherhood managed to locate some of the laboratories and free those that were captured, sending them to rehabilitation in the Abodes of the White Brotherhood for their subsequent incarnation on the planets to which they belonged. However, some laboratories of the Black Brotherhood still exist to this day, and it means that the best of the best minds among the abducted disincarnates continue to work there.

The seventy percent of the awarenesses, captured during the indicated period, belonged to the evolutionary chain of the earthly humanity, that is, they were the possession of the common evolutionary plan of the planet.

Their withdrawal led to the redistribution of all the energy resources of the Earth, as a result of which the released space in the intellectual niche was filled by the lower aspects that now make up the teraphim of the universal consciousness of the planet.

Thus, by 1999 the level of the universal consciousness of the Earth reached its perigee in the last thirteen to fourteen thousand years of the planet’s existence in the forms of the Cosmos. We can draw the conclusion about the consequences of such a decline by analyzing the planetary situation that took place in the material and spiritual spheres of human activity at the beginning of the 21st century.

By introducing a new rhythm-code in all spheres of vital functions of the Universe, from planets to the smallest microorganisms, there is created an antagonism among the elements of the parent system, whose coexistence with a foreign rhythm-code in the same space becomes eventually impossible because of the loss of the co-alignment within the parent system itself, which is subject to a single, cosmic rhythm. The internal energy, having reached an apogee of contradictions, destroys the integrity of any cosmic system such as a man, a planet or a universe.

On the basis of the ZP rhythm-code, in the Cosmos there has been created an enormous egregore, which accumulates the negative energy of all sentient beings and forms that are the carriers and the spreaders of this virus.

The uniqueness of the ZP formula is such that it is able not only to overcome the external barriers of the energy and physical protection, but also to transform the vibrations of the maternal foundations of the Universe. There is an attempt to recode into the ZP system the creative vibrations of the planetary communities, constellations, galaxies, and most importantly, the reason/intellect that participates in realization of evolutionary programs. Since the Earth is one of the first on the blacklist for the enslavement of the creative principle, then its inhabitants are being subject to more stringent, massive influences. Today, three quarters of the world’s population are affected by the ZP virus.

The antagonism which is caused deliberately by certain Forces and which arises from the collision of the native and artificially generated rhythm-code in one cosmic space (the aura of a person, a planet, a galaxy) creates the zones of high tension (zofht)—moving killers, and the subtle (spiritual) bodies which do not have sufficient energy stability burst into tiny particles when they get into these zones. The tension is not being sustained by the external, coarse form or the etheric shell of the body as by its internal aspect of the subtlest mechanisms of the Soul and Spirit. Naturally, it would be worth reminding our readers again of the fact that today the emerging generation of the Sixth Race is the carrier of not seven, but nine bodies. Later on, after a twenty-six-thousand-year cosmic cycle, we will be talking about twelve bodies and not less than that.

The zones of high tension are flexible and act like a magnet (have the ability of attraction). The zofht move in space of the Universe almost without any limitations, spreading throughout its body and merging with each other like oil patches. They conquer entire galaxies and celestial bodies which wander in the Cosmos, turning them into lifeless deserts—dead holes.

The people can correlate this occurrence with their understanding of black hole phenomena etched on the matrix of their consciousness, the nature of which even after so many researches, performed by the scientists in the open Cosmos and in the especially created conditions on Earth, still remains an unsolvable riddle.

The dead holes that arise as a result of exposure of the zones of high tension on the cosmic matter have a completely different nature of origin than the black holes.

A black hole, which is a living organism of the Universe that connects together the vast expanses of the Cosmos, is the “Road of Life” used by the Reasonable Principle to move (fall-out) from one world to another.

A black hole compresses and decompresses like the human lungs during the respiration, and its “breathing” can not only be heard but also felt in its physical impact on the expanses of the Cosmos. The “breathing” permeates the realms of the Universe, causing space storms and turbulence of varying strength in the atmosphere of celestial bodies, found in the path of the chaotic flow, which is generated by the giant “lungs” of black holes at the moment of “inspiration” and “expiration.”

A black hole has an innate ability to move and change its dimensions and, consequently, the volume. In the belief of the earthly people, a black hole is filled with absolute “emptiness,” but it is so only in their own imagination.

A black hole is capable of growth and aging, that is, it goes through all the processes that occur in every living form of the Cosmos. It goes through the processes of development and destruction, like any other organism of the Universe, as a rule, ending its existence with an explosion of enormous strength, capable of destroying entire galaxies located at opposite ends of the “Road of Life.”

Like arteries, the black holes connect the physiology of space and maintain the integrity of the single organism of the Universe. They are subject to the rhythm of the cosmic system to which they belong according to the nature of their origin.

One of the functions of black holes is to participate in the processes of the exchange of cosmic volumes and bodies, on which depends the function of the single organism of the Universe.

If a man will be bold enough in his research, he is sure to compare this fact with the presence of black holes in the energy and the physical structures of the set of his bodies as an integral part of a single unified being, and by doing so he will be incredibly close to unraveling the mysteries of the Cosmos.

The black holes are the living instrument of the Cosmos used by the Universal Reason to move from one space to another.

The dead holes are the dead flesh of the Universe that cannot regenerate or replicate. The restoration of affected areas is only possible by removing the dead tissues and building up the primary foundation.


One of the features of the zofht—the space killers is the nullification of the energy potential of the object captured by them. In a short period of contact time (in a cosmic scale), they suck up a huge volume of energy from their prey, depriving it of its life force and dooming it to inevitable destruction, thus creating conditions for changes in its evolutionary plan.

What relationship does this have to the Earth? It has the closest possible relationship. One of the massive zofht—π8 (pi8), seen recently in the Universe, crossed the orbit of the Earth, matching its speed with that of the Earth’s rotation, and now moves along the Earth’s orbit behind the Earth as if following in the wake of a huge spaceship “Terra.” The area covered by its massive “sucker,” which is thrown forward in a form of a huge energy beam, is about one-third the area of the Earth. Due to the fact that the planet rotates on its axis, it exposes different parts (continents) of its body to the cosmic vampire, which came into direct energy contact with the planet. Thus, during one complete rotation of the Earth on its axis, the whole body of the planet is exposed to the penetrating energy of π8.

This position of π8 relative to the Earth will continue for a quite some time. The cosmic vampire will not be able to strike the entire body and consciousness of the planet, but it will have sufficient time and opportunity to inflict heavy damage and exhaustion on the energy resources of the planet, in which it has an immense need even without external influences.

The situation will change only after the first winter and second spring encounters of the Earth with Mars, which, as it happened more than once before, will come to rescue and contribute to liberation of Terra from the enormous space leech, taking upon itself some of the leech’s destructive energy. As a result, the zofht of π8 will be partially neutralized and, having lost its power, π8 will be thrown to the periphery of the Universe through the system of black holes.

You have to make your own efforts to calculate how long the period will last when the planet is under the destructive influence of π8.

It is impossible to detect the presence and location of the zofht on the map of the stellar sky through astronomical observations or astrological calculations, for they present themselves with more refined state of cosmic matter than that which modern instruments are able to identify from Earth. You should pay particular attention to the areas affected by the virus based on their pertinence to the continents, as this will give you the opportunity to understand the point that we are making. Why? The answer, as always, is simple. The impact and, as the consequence, the destruction happens, as a rule, in the areas of accumulation of negative energy. As you now understand, behind this factor there stand continents, countries, peoples, and nations, inhabiting our planet. We will not discuss this subject any further, since you, the Earthmen who have not completely lost your minds, are able to continue the Master’s thoughts before the end of time arrives, and thus make your contribution to the rescue of the mankind from destructive impact of the excessive masses of negative energy accumulated on the planet.


We were able to track down the work of the energy monsters of the zofht on the other side of the visible Universe, in that sacred region, which we call the Black Cosmos, and here we stumbled on something more serious than the destruction of physical forms of life.

The main danger posed by the virus of the zofht lies in the destruction—the absorption of the unmanifest fundamental principle, the unrecognizable pure energy of the Cosmos, on account of which the realization of all the visible planes of the Universe is carried out.

Without the awareness of the Earthmen, but with their active participation, there occurs the destruction of ρo energy—the subtle substance of the Cosmos, which is responsible for the reproduction of the physical forms of life in the Universe. These include not only the planets, star systems, and galaxies, but also all sentient beings, and therefore the humanity in the dense aspect of manifestation as it exists on the Earth for thousands of years.

The minds of the majority of the Earthmen are built in such a way that all their attention is directed at the preservation and reinforcement of the physical basis of life as the dominant aspect of existence. They do not reflect what the primary cause of manifestation of the physical world is and what propels it into life. The death of the physical body, either of his own or of his relative or of the planet, seems to a man to be the worst catastrophe that can befall him and the world around him.

The Earthmen must understand that even if the entire physical world of the Universe is destroyed in an instance, then, when necessary, it will be reproduced again by the primordial substance. It is the same intangible ρo energy whose presence the scientists are trying to identify in our life and which each time propels the visible Cosmos to self-revival. Whereas, if the life-giving substance itself is destroyed, then the Universe will be doomed to death because of the impossibility of reproduction of new forms of life and the maintenance of their existence.

The Virgin keeps the Heart of the Universe in the Cosmic Chalice of Maatar.

The Scorpion is not able to penetrate into the Heavenly Garden of Pitar,

And it creates more and more sophisticated forms of conquering the world of Savitar.

The Virgin writes her Message on the white pages of Akasha.

The White Eagle will deliver it to Earth.

But who can read this spatial letter?

Only the one who crucified himself on the Cross of Life.

From the Heart of the Universe the threads are stretched out,

Which are used to power the twelve Planets of the first round.

The twelve Planets are in direct contact with the Heart of the Universe.

The analogy is absolute: the two circles of blood circulation within one system.

The Planets that are immersed in a deep sleep of regeneration belong to the Blue circle.

The Planets in the present Manvantara belong to the Red circle.

A man can find the two circles of seven and five Planets in his body.


There are Twelve planets and Thirteen hearts.

One of the twelve planets of the modern-day Universe has two hearts, created through the psychic energy of its planetary Leaders.

The second, young heart of the Earth began to beat recently. Prior to the Earth, only one planet—Ma-Tush had two hearts.

The presence of a second heart was initially predetermined according to the Mission of these planets. The prerequisites for its formation were laid down during the time when the Creator created the thought of their energy, and subsequently also the physical origin in the Cosmos.

The formation of the second heart of the Earth lasted for many millions of years, and each epoch (race) participated in this large-scale cosmic construction through their Leaders and Teachers.

Nobody ever talked about the timing of when the creative Heart of the Earth should begin to beat, because the very knowledge of it was missing even in the annals of the subtle chronicles of the Universe. The only source were the fiery worlds, but the access to them was limited only to a few Elect for all time of the existence of intelligent beings (civilizations) on Earth.

Over the many millions of years of the planet’s maturation, the great Spirits that once brought the fire of life to Earth worked on the creation of its second heart, putting into practice a long-term plan of the Cosmos. Only a few of the Adepts of the White Brotherhood preserved the great mystery of the Mother of the World who was preparing the planet for a special mission in the Cosmos. From the Earth and the subtle fiery worlds, they were working on the reconstruction of the whole organism of the planet and the creation of the new conditions of its existence in a unified system of the Universe. Without this it would have been impossible to preserve the Bud of Creativity, which was passed on by the primordial Great Mother many millions of years ago and grafted on the tree of life of Terra, and which served as the primary foundation for the development of the second planetary Heart.

With the advent of Christ, the young Heart of the Earth began to beat, but after that He and the planet itself took another two thousand years to adapt to each other and begin to implement the first phase of combining the two “blood circulatory” systems.

The momentum of Christ set in motion a mechanism for the Creative Heart, and the combined physiology of the whole Being began to work. However, for two thousand years, the Creative Heart just throbbed in anticipation of a catalyst, for there was no source of energy on Earth that could at one time release out of itself the amount of energy, needed to revive the system of Two Hearts. It was impossible to do so from the Cosmos. There was needed a man who could receive into his body—while preserving it in the forms of the planet—the energy potential that exceeded the energy potential possessed by the ancient planetary Heart of the Earth.

In the early twentieth century, on Earth there were conducted the first experimental launches of the microsystem of Two Hearts, energized on the hearts of the Earth people. As a result of many years of work of the White Brotherhood, the physical and energy parameters of the human heart were brought closer to the characteristics of the young Heart of Terra, which allowed for short periods of time to use the planet’s young Heart as a switching element of a closed circuit of functioning system of the planetary Hearts.

Of course, those who voluntarily participated in the experiment of the White Brotherhood were knowingly doomed. Possessing the bodies of the race that was on the way to oblivion and being tuned to the rhythm of life of the era that was smoldering in self-confidence, they were consumed in vibrations of the new rays, passed from the Cosmos to Earth through their bodies. They received a fiery death through many years of suffering of their physical bodies, transforming their Spirit through selfless service to the ideas of the unified cosmic Brotherhood.

There were two of them. At first there was he, and only twenty years later, there was she. On Earth, their life paths never crossed. It was only much later, when he left the physical body (was killed), that he appeared to her under the name of ‘Brother V.,’ using the rich experience of the last incarnation that he received during a long-term cooperation with the Brotherhood in the preparation of the planet and the humanity itself for the launch of the young Heart of the Earth.

In many prophecies of the ancient East there is an indication of “the fifth year from the End, which will be the seventh year to the Beginning.” The prophecy came true.

In that year there was revealed to the Earth the Spirit of the Universal Fire that entered the body of a man. The energy potential of the Newcomer, which gradually entered the aura of the Earth, exceeded the energy potential of the planet itself, and that was the main condition, without which it would have been impossible to activate the system of Two Hearts.

In the first stage, in order to preserve the original Heart of the Earth from the critical overload when combined with the Creative Heart, the Newcomer placed the planet’s Creative Heart into his Cosmic Heart, born of the energy of the Primordial Source that participated in the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy and planted the germ of the Supreme Reason into the maternal womb of the Galaxy.

In the second stage, spaced in time from the first, the Newcomer placed his fiery essence in the young Heart of the Earth in the form of a white-yellow pulsating bundle of energy and through spontaneous combustion of part of his energy potential He kindled the Flame of Life in the Creative Heart of Terra.

The volume of energy potential, which was released at one time by the Newcomer to revive the young Heart of the planet, was equal to the amount of energy spent by the Earth for a period equal to six thousand years of its existence in the Cosmos.

The Greatest Mystery of the Universe, preserved and cherished by the Earth for many millions of years, slowly reveals its Face to the humanity through the Teachers and Masters of the New Era, manifesting the aspects of the unified cosmic Knowledge in the consciousness of the people.

In order for a man to understand deeply the nature of Two Hearts, we will draw the curtain a bit, that is, we will expand the boundaries allowed by the mystery, which is preserved as the apple of the eye by the Universe itself:


A Black Hole is a Heart Artery present in every cosmic system as a central organ of its vital creativity.


A Heart is a Magnet. The Earth is a planet of Two Hearts, Two Cosmic Magnets.

The Mundane Egg is hidden behind an impenetrable gray fog.

Everything comes to its resolution,

And the Truth appears to men clad in the garments of an unknown Terror.

The scale of the catastrophe exceeds that which is reasonable,

All the horrors of the tragedy cannot fit into the minds of the people.

The water floods the Earth. This is not the root cause but a consequence.

The underground fire comes out to the surface,

The darkness envelops the part of the body of the Planet,

And the people suffocate in a gray mist of death.

The fire, fueled by the ignorance of the people, devours the body of the Earth.

There are people of all races: the least of all are Asians,

The overwhelming majority of them are the white men with the consciousness of the primates (it is a characteristic feature of many Western races).

The entire continent is dying; no one remains alive on the surface of the Ocean.

Everyone is involved; no one can escape the responsibility.

The Earth is being destroyed; the cause comes not from the Cosmos but from within.

Where the continent used to be, there gapes a giant hole, which is gradually filled by the waters of the Ocean.

Where the seas and oceans used to be, there appears a sandy, stony desert.

The people are horrified! They stand and stare into the eyes of death for they have nowhere to flee.

In order to preserve her planetary body, the Mother Earth herself rejected them as if they were a flesh being struck with an incurable disease.


The people are seized by the most dreadful fear! It tortures their bodies and souls as if it were a monster being generated by the people themselves.

The people are prostrated by sheer terror, for they see nothing but death and destruction.


After disbelieving in a Supreme Presence and rejecting Him for thousands of years, the people cry out to the Heavens for mercy, waiting for a miracle.

But the miracle does not happen… The Heavens are silent… There are only Cries (Downpour) and Fire in the Eyes (Lightning) that cleanse the Face of the Planet from the Defilement by the divine grace.


The Universe is trembling. All that is weak and not able to withstand the growing tension of the nature of the existence is self-destructing.

The four devils of death stand on the four sides of the Cross of Life of the earthly humanity,

And the Scorpion-Satan devours the humanity’s soul and heart.

A Black Demon clad in a top hat and a white shirt, carrying a cane in hand will lead the humanity to undue sacrifice.

He will open the coffin lid by his hand and fill the bottomless pit of death with an uncountable number of human lives until the white hand closes the coffin lid. Only then will the Black Demon be subjected to a horrible punishment.

His very flesh will reject his tongue along with the guts, and until the last moment of his life the Demon will be witnessing how the Red Ants devour his flesh, and his spirit is scattered by the Universal Wind throughout the expanses of the Cosmos.

He will be doomed to death, without assuming a new life.

The Hearts of the Earth tremble. The purpose of the Scorpion is to shake the Chalice of Maatar so much as to break all the threads that connect the universal Heart with twelve planetary Hearts of the first round.

The Scorpion is in a hurry to break the link between the two Hearts of the Earth, which is not yet firmly established, and thus permanently sever the Spirit and the flesh of the world’s humanity.

Depriving a man of a seed of the Creative Principle, the Scorpion will kill the innate power given to a man by the Creator for the propagation of germs of Spirit in his soul.

He will tear out of the people’s hearts the very root of life that springs from the Tree of Eternity.


The majority of humanity will die, but those who will stay alive will be doomed to a far more terrible fate.

They will continue their existence on Earth, but in a new status.

The humanity will take a level below the animal kingdom.

The human cruelty will surpass the savagery of wild animals.

The human consciousness will plunge into unreachable depths of the cosmic abyss,

Where for millions of years it will fall asleep under the weight of the waters of the Universal Ocean,

Silent like a fish, barren like a desert, devoid of reason and will.

For more than thousands of years, the humanity will dwell in the illusion of life that left it long ago.

Like a rootless wanderer, the humanity will roam the Earth in search of what it lost, but nothing will save it, for the Creation that is abandoned by the Spirit will be unable to regenerate.

A man will preserve his flesh, but he will lose all that is inherent in a sentient being.

He will be horrible and revolting in his regression to an animal-like state.


The Scorpion tries to penetrate into the cosmic subconsious of R.

He hastens, for one third of the term of thirty-eight full moons has already passed, which has been mutually agreed upon by both sides for an open fight.

This method has already been in practice in the Cosmos and not once it has been adapted with regards to the sentient forms of existence.

The representatives of both Brotherhoods set precise terms, when between them there is a fervid battle for every Soul and for every Heart, because the destiny of each person embodies the destiny of the entire world.

At the expiration of the agreed term, they will put down their swords. The representatives of the Black and White Brotherhood will part and stand on the opposite sides of the battlefield, where the earthly humanity will be left one-on-one with its own Karma.

In the role of unbiased Observers, the Lords will be patiently waiting for the commencement of the fight of the humanity against its own Demons.

Thus, the terms are defined, and the new agreement came into force in 2008.

The Scorpion hastens, for during this period R. has to bring up from the depths of his cosmic subconscious to the surface of the existence of modern civilization the sealed layers of Knowledge, acquired by the Lord at the time of the formation of his Fiery Spirit.

The Scorpion knows what he wants to extract from the subconscious of R. before the Lord can perform the first Sacrament of Initiation using the triple symbol of Fire, by applying it to the forms of the planet, and passing it through the awareness of the earthly man.


The Scorpion gets angry. He cannot pass through the fiery ring that creates a field of high tension around the core of the brain of R.

The Scorpion acts from the outside. He searches, finds and freely intrudes into the subconscious mind of all those who ever came in contact with R.

The Scorpion thoroughly reviews and conducts a detailed analysis of all records deposited in their memories and looks for any little clue, which will give him the opportunity for at least an instance to remove the barrier of the fiery protection and enter the subconscious zone of R.


Only the First Circle of the Initiated is protected from the intrusion of the Scorpion.

All the others, near and far, are like an open book for him, of which the Scorpion reads the information, necessary for the penetration into the subconscious mind of R.

During the attempted intrusions into the brain the tension is increased in all centers, and first of all this is reflected on the Chalice, through which the flow of cosmic energy is supplied.

At such times, the blood vessels of R. sustain a level of tension significantly greater than the acceptable level, and in connection with this the Brotherhood carries out the continuous monitoring of the entire cardiovascular system of the Lord. When it is necessary, there is performed the regeneration of the inner lining of the blood vessel walls with a gradual replacement of tissues that lost their strength by tissues that are more flexible and energy-efficient.

In times of overstrain, the condition of R. could be compared to that of the mankurt, a man, who was subject to torture, which was widely practiced in the Central Asia over the centuries as one of the most cruel forms of human abuse. Even the perfected Jesuits are far from the Asians who invented such a monstrous way of depriving a person of his mind almost to a complete stop of the consciousness.

The difficulty associated with the intrusion into the layers of the subconscious of R. is also due to the fact that his brain has different functional characteristics than the brain of a man from the three-dimensional world.

The Scorpion cannot find the proper code to gain access into the subconscious of R., because the combinations used by him to intrude into the memory chambers of the Earthman of the outgoing race are not effective in regards to R.

For a man of the present day, we consider Consciousness as an aspect of transformation of primal energy into Thought and Word.

The Subconscious (the second brain that is lost) is that which lies beneath the shell of Thought.

The fabric of Thought is layered on the core of the brain, and Thought can be considered as the upper limit of the earthly consciousness and the lower limit of the cosmic subconscious.


In this, a man can find the reason for the lack of energy immunity in him against the sting of the Scorpion, which kills his spirit and body.

In order to be able to confront the Lord of the Darkness, it is necessary to develop a fiery immunity, which will be common in representatives of the new (fiery) human race.

In the representatives of the outgoing era, the formation of a fiery immunity leads to the destruction of their energy, which is not able to withstand vibrations of such high frequency, and consequently it leads to “burnout” of the consciousness, bringing the death of the physical body.

These people tend to go to other planes of existence, burnout from various short-lived, incurable diseases or lead a primitive way of life.

It is precisely this category of people—who unknowingly permeated the experience of the fiery transmutation of bodies—who have the chance not to be turned into a cosmic dust, but go through a fiery rebirth and embody as representatives of a new race of the earthly humanity.

Eliiya, Rikl
June 2009