RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 456

Rodaina, Kiev, 2011


The Dioscuri carry the veil of the Mother of the World.

They weave it into the rays of the Sun

and lower it over the Earth through the Thirteenth Eon.

The Divine Matter is being implanted into the fabric of the aura of the Planet, penetrating into the sphere of human consciousness.

On the basis of the Divine Consciousness is woven the space of the New World, where there are connected the poles of time and is opened the seventh circle of earthly creation.


The planetary axis ceases to be the center that attracts and retains the souls in the earthly focus. If they are not attracted by the new Planetary Magnet, they will be scattered throughout the Cosmos, like the asteroids.

The spirals of Interferon twist at the poles of the Earth, creating around the Earths axis a common anti-virus field, which extends to all spheres of the vital activities of the Earths people. The northern and southern vortices of Interferon act physically on the water of the world ocean, causing the acceleration of the exchange of the warm and cold water currents in the polar regions, where at the depths the currents come into direct contact with the mantle of the Earth.

The souls for whom the Entry is opened will be taken to another dimension by the stream of Interferon; the souls who will not gain sufficient strength and purity to enter and stay in the field of action of the new Magnet will be thrown outside of the evolutionary plan of the Earth.

Only a certain proportion of the worlds humanity, whose consciousness will develop the formula of Interferon of the fourth dimension, will be able to cross the threshold of the end of the world and be reborn to a new Earth in the form of Homo sapiens.


The veil of the Mother of the World is becoming stratified, and the Dioscuri implant the fabric of the new atmosphere into the aura of the Earth, gradually bringing them into contact with the physical firmament.

The parts of the continents, which were not affected by the divine breath of the Mother of the World, turn into gaping, festering sores on the body of the Earth. The Old World and the part of the American continent sink into these sores, the Western Russia chokes in them.

The wounds stink with those who were buried alive, and only on certain islands in the ocean of chaos and pain there burn the fires of Rikl the Interferon.

The people lost their resistance and are not able to withstand the virus of the disintegration of consciousness and the destruction of the flesh. Rikl produces Interferon and fills with it the aura of the Earth, protecting the humanity from the internal and external negative aspects of life. Today, the Master is the very guarantee of the existence of reason in the forms of the Earth.

The Mountainous Altai