RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 458

Rodaina, Kiev, 2011


Starting at 02:00 local standard time (Mountainous Altai), at the uncharacteristic hour and in a manner uncharacteristic of him, Rikl fell into a deep sleep. Heading into the oblivion, the Master felt that He is physically losing his consciousness. The wheel of life slipping away from Rikls consciousness began to turn at a breakneck pace and rushed into the space unknown to the people of the Earth. R slowly, bit by bit (by the atoms), gathered his body together, which underwent substantial changes. The odors, which enveloped his consciousness, were alien to the realms of the Earth. The absolute silence could not be called even cosmic; rather, it was somewhat transparent. The Master knew that He had once heard and felt it all, but when and where? The answer came from the depths of his consciousness immediatelyin the fourth dimension! Rikl was at Home!

But Who and why brought him back Home, exposing the bearer to peril: to become dissolved into the nothingness of the Cosmos? After all, He is not the same Rikl who once left the outer boundary of the solar system as the Messenger of the worlds, and took the almost impossible Mission upon himself: to direct the Stream of Consciousness of the outgoing race of the Earthmen into the channel of the River of the Creator.

The sixteen Earth years were spent in the relentless struggle of the Newcomer with human infirmity, and now This morning, on this fateful day for the inhabitants of the Earth, He will have to declare to them the Will of the White Cosmic Brotherhood, carrying the News from the fourth dimension into the third.

Will He be able to do this? It is Unknown!

Now listen and heed!

At the time indicated by the Newcomer to the forms of the Earth, the measured energy began to flow into the aura of the Planet from the Beyond the Cosmos according to the formula of life of the fourth dimension. As you can imagine, the flow of the indicated energy will be increased over time. Clearly, it makes no sense to continue any further, because the civilization has mind in abundance.

Tremble, the karmas of the people, the karmas of the nations, the karmas of the continents, the karmas of the white, yellow and black racestremble, tremble, and tremble!

We took this action for the sake of saving the Planet in the forms of the Cosmos. The Old dying flesh enveloped the aura of the Planet with stench; the New one cannot yet be present in mass in the forms of the Earth. This is detrimental to the consciousness of the New Race. Let them preserve themselves, for a few Earth years is not even a speck in the ocean of desert.

To those of you who do not heed the Voice of the Reason and our warnings, I Say: IT WILL BE PAINFUL! Pain, pain, pain, and pain again, and nothing else but pain! I do not want to scare you as many say on the Earth; I give you one last chance to change and to be changed. The straw, at which you can clutch so that your consciousness can be brought out of the depths of the nothingness, is not yet drowned. ITS NOT DROWNED! As long as I breathe, as long as I move, as long as I crawl, as long as I existits all for you. I do not need anything. Do not hinder me! Do not hinder me! Do not hinder me!

PS: The end of the world, in the way in which you expect it,

Rikl, the Newcomer
11:10 local standard time, The Mountainous Altai