RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 462

Rodaina, Kiev, 2011

The Thoughts of the Master Stone in the Valley of YARLu

The White Bridge will disappear for a long time. One cannot remain still!

It is necessary to have time to cross the White Bridge to link the streams of time with the universal planetary consciousness.

If the humanity does not use this opportunity, the flow of the stream of universal consciousness will deviate from the axis of the Planetary Magnet and will be drawn into the intergalactic flow, which moves along the round of the evolutionary spiral through which the Earth has already passed.

The fabric of the White Bridge is getting thinner; it will not sustain the heavy load of human karma.

Only the Souls who are lightened will be able to pass through the slit of the worlds; those who are burdened will remain in the lower valley.

The Great Water is approaching. No one can stop it.

The Earth will calm down, having drunk of the Great Water; the humanity will lose the remnants of its mind from the pain of loss of the matter.

When the Water dries up, in the bottom of the Ocean of sufferings the humanity will see It will not see ANYTHING The VOID!

This will shake their consciousness so much that the people who were waiting for the Miracle of Salvation will be violently cursing the Heavens and the Earth. They will lose faith in their strength, and the spirit will leave their exhausted bodies.

Devoid of spiritual principles, the humanity will hang between the worlds of the living and the dead. The physical flesh will remain living, but the consciousness will fall into a dead sleep.

But there will come One who will see in this void That which was not revealed to people, blind from the pain and suffering. He will say only one WORD, and the day and night will be connected together, the time will enter into the stream of Eternity, turning the wheel of earthly life. The mans consciousness will awaken and melt the ice in his heart.

The Newcomer will show a new Path and He will lead humanity over the White Bridge, which was raised from the oblivion of cosmic days and nights. But before


Even the animals are equal at the White Cliff!

They are filled with the human Reason,

Whereas people are like animals in their thoughts and deeds.

The Space