RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 73

Rodaina, Kiev, 2011

The White News!

The World needs Sacrifices otherwise the World cannot exist.

The Sacrifice of some is the Life of others.

It has always been so, the greater the Sacrifice, the more powerful and significant the Life that it gave rise to.

There will come a time when the earthly humanity will become the Sacrifice that will give rise to a new Life in the Universe.

There are things that are irreversible, existing beyond the bounds of choice, above life and death.

As day turns into night, as life culminates in death, so will the earthly humanity go into non-existence, for nothing can stop the flow of eternity.

The people become seized by fear. They are not ready to Sacrifice themselves for the sake of Something unknown to them, for the man has grown accustomed to the idea that all existence, from the unconscious particles of nature to the Cosmos itself, sacrifices itself for his Life.

The people always tried to prevent the inevitable, for they are not endowed with knowledge that any conclusion implies by itself a transition to the next round of evolution.

The Eternity sacrifices itself, giving rise to time.

We do not know the Sacrifice of Eternity. We accept it as a fact of Life.

The Cosmos sacrifices itself, breaking up into universes and galaxies, planets and the human being himself.

We do not know the price of Sacrifice of the Cosmos, for the life that is given by this Sacrifice separates us from the understanding of that which is eternal.


The Earth is allowing to destroy and drain its flesh, sacrificing itself for the sake of the experience to be gained by a reasonable creatureman.

But the people are indifferent, for they believe that the Sacrifice of the Earthis a natural course of evolution of the planetary forms.


The Mother sacrifices herself, giving birth to a Child, as the Universe itself sacrifices part of its being, giving birth to a new Planet.

We never think about it, for the Sacrifice of the Motheris the pledge of our Life.


The Mundane Egg is represented as follows:

The Mundane Eggis the Bosom of the Mother,

The Egg Yokeis the Child,

The Egg Whiteis the nourishing Placenta.

In the Bosom of the Motherthey are an indivisible whole. After the birth, the information about the Placenta that nourished the Child does not get stored in his mind.

Thus the man does not know about the infinitely occurring Sacrifice of the World.

The Egg Yokeis the Life.

The Egg Whiteis the Sacrifice.

The Sacrifice nourishes Life.

The World is founded upon Sacrifice.


Death seems to us to be a great Sacrifice, but Life is greater than death in its spirit of Sacrifice.

All Sacrifices of the World are brought to the feet of Life.

With its Sacrifice, Life transcends all Sacrifices of the World.

The Sacrifice gives rise to Life. Without Life, there is no Sacrifice.

It is a vicious cycle, and yet none of those who could shed light on the revelation of truth for us were able to perceive what came into Existence first, the Sacrifice or the Life, for their indivisible essence implies the simultaneous generation of each other. It is Unknown


The World sacrifices itself for the sake of human life.

What sacrifice does a man make for the sake of preservation of life of the World?..


The Teacher
01:20, 1516.01.2010