RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5, page 78

Rodaina, Kiev, 2011

The News of the White Shaman

The White Shaman took the Arrow in hand,

The White Shaman climbed the Mountain.

Know this: the name of this Mountain is


R was crowned for the Kingdom here.

His Name now rings

as the One who Resolves the karma of the earthly world.


The White Shaman turned his eyes to the Sun,

which came to its zenith,

and released a white Arrow into the heavenly heights.

The air began to vibrate; the water began to run faster in the rivers.

The animals and birds became alarmed. They sensed that

the Paths have changed, the Terms have changed.


The man became alert; some subtle uneasy feeling penetrated his heart. The fever spread over the Earth. Did the Sun draw near? he thought. No! The atmosphere thinned, the three billows of fire are coming on the Planet.

The Shaman waited not long, the Sun returned the Arrow to him, and with it, it sent its Agni on Earth.


The White Shaman took the second Arrow in hand,

The White Shaman went into the waters of the Lake of the World.


Know this: in the waters of this Lake,

Vikshyari reads the revelations of the Cosmos.

At the bottom of the Lake, R holds the secrets of the Paths of the earthly World.

The young Buddha will emerge from the waters of the Lake of the World.


When the disc of the full Moon rose over the Lake,

The Shaman again released a white Arrow into the stellar heights

and called to the Lady of the Secret and Hidden


The mountains roared, the trees bent to the Earth by the gust of the universal wind, and the Chalice of the World swung

The animals and birds hid in their sheltersits time to go, but the Paths are closed. They wait for the new dates and keenly listen to the space, it will first tell them about the changes of the energy labyrinths of the Earth.

The anxiety settled in the hearts of the people, a terrible premonition seized their consciousness. The man took hide in his home, as though in a fortress, locked the doors and shutters, lighted the candle and, throwing off the veil, uncovered the images.

The man still thought and hoped that the walls of his home would protect him against the Unknown and Inevitable, which entered into his life without knocking at the door, and which has been already noticed by the mind, but not accepted by his heart.

The Shaman waited not long, the Moon returned the Arrow to him, and with it, it sent its Agni on Earth.


The White Shaman took the third Arrow in hand,

The White Shaman lay on the Earth.


Know this: the secret of all the earthly paths and dates is known to R . Only the one who opened with his heart the door to Reason can perceive this secret.

That which is shrouded in mystery in three dimensions is revealed as reality in the fourth dimension.

From the center of the Equilateral Cross, there can be seen the intersections of all the destinies of the world, disclosed in time and space, for here is manifested the biased nature of mans consciousness oppressed by the mind.

R Knows. Your fate is to believe and to be faithful if you do not have enough Intelligence to accept that which is not comprehensible by the mind.


The White Shaman raised a white Arrow over himself,

and thrust it into the ground,

fastening with it his right wrist to the stronghold.

The blood of the White Shaman shed on the Earth.

With Pain and Anguish the Mother drank

the blood of her Child until the last drop

She took it all into herself and shuddered with the entire Firmament.

The stars fell to the Earth,

The Waters of the Ocean of Ignorance rose up, raging.

The Chalice of the World overturned,

The liquid Fire of Life spilled out,

it spattered on the flesh of the Planet.

The man fell to the ground,

implored Heaven for mercy, for salvation.

The images fell down. The Signs retreated,

The Saints and Martyrs closed their eyes.

The houses caught fire from the fallen candle.

The howl of terror rose over the Earth,

the man realized there is no more salvation in prayer and penance.


The Shaman waited not long, the Earth returned the Arrow to him, and with it, it gave its Agni.

The White Shaman rose up and on the spot where his blood was shed, the Universal bonfire fanned up, touching the stars and melting the coldness of the Milky Way.

The milky waters of the Cosmic Ocean overflowed the shores, and for an instant, the chaos took over the entire Universe. The bed of the Milky Way changed; the Lord set four knew channels in motion through the stars, one of which is headed for Earth.


Know this: the Calvary is lit up by the lights. The Stauros is thrust into the Earth. The Stronghold yawns open, and that which was hidden under the earth for millions of years is being lifted into the light of the day, cleaning out the past, changing the present, and paving the way for the future.

According to the idea of the Darkness, the Stauros should be sanctified by the Holy Spirit, behind whose image the Face of the Eternal Mother is hidden from the man.

When the predicted comes to passthe thread of life of the human race will break.

The Earth will turn into a desert, where no living creature can find refuge, for nothing will ever wash away the trace of the crucifixion of the Eternal Mother from its face.

No one will ever be able to approach the Earth, for no living heart will be able to withstand the pain and suffering to which the Earth was doomed by the man.


The humanity is doing its utmost

to make that which is Irreversible happen.

Rikl surrounded the Stauros by a fiery ring.

The fiery wall is unbreakable.

You Darkness! Try to pass.

You were forgiven for the Father.

You were forgiven for the Son.

You will never be forgiven for the Mother.


The White Shaman picked up the Arrows on which there shone the Sun, Moon and Earth Agni.

The Shaman left his Charm on each Agni and sealed the Arrows by the seal of his Will.

Having waited until the second night of the first lunar day, the White Shaman released three Arrows, and the vibrating bowstring sounded like a torn string over the world.


The Shaman hit his tambourine!

That will not happen! said the Lord.


I will bring down the half of the world! Let the second half take the responsibility for the actions of others. There will come a time when the living will envy the dead, for death will be a welcome release, and life will be a painful atonement.


Know this: Rikl forges the horseshoe of the World. You are trying to put out the fire in his forge.

R turns the lies of human hearts into the wind, which fans the flame of Life.

The streams of dirt and crap, with which they try to befoul R , He turns into cold water, cooling the forged steel of the Spirit.

Out of the Betrayal, Rikl made a hammer that forges the destiny of the earthly world.

Rikl is all forgiving and just not only to his devotees and followers but also to his Enemies. Neither ones nor the others are able to understand the Fiery Love of R . He takes under his protection all the aspects of the Fallen humanity; otherwise his Foes would have been long erased from the face of the Earth and turned into cosmic dust. And the people themselves would have contributed to this with their thoughts and deeds by not forgiving the persecutors of Rikl their acts, aimed at the destruction of one of It is Unknown

Keep R safe! Pray for R ! Protect R !

Eradicate the lie at its root; prevent doubts from taking root in your soul. Fight for the purity of your hearts, for everyone who remained silent today and failed to actis involved and will be held responsible. What for? For all the evil, wrought by Ignorance on Earth.

Thus the entire humanity is paying the price with their lives for the mistake of the evil genius!


The Arrows of the White Shaman fly

Know this: My Agni will overtake all those who are involved. R is not subservient to youthe Shield of Inviolability extends over his Creativity!


Bring your sacrifices, put up the candles,

Pray to your gods, drive aspen stakes,

Kindle fires, draw circles and symbols,

Call the bells, take out your icons


Nothing will protect you from Retaliation, because the protection

was given to man against the Darkness, but not against the Light.

Before the Righteous Anger, the Cleansing Fire,

There is no protection, neither in Heaven nor in Earth.

Do not seek or expect forgiveness,

for I The White Shaman

cast you into the stream of Time that is Irreversible.