«Rodaina», Kiev




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Do not search for the human Rikla – He does not exist. As there was no human Christ, so there will not be a person who will assume the long-awaited personification of Maitreya.

Rikla – is here and not here. 

He – is everywhere and nowhere.

Rikla – is a Myth. A Legend. A Fiction…

Do not search for the human Rikla, but know this: there is nothing closer to the truth than Fiction, for it is more difficult to separate the Truth from it. Rikla said: “I did not come to bring you the New. I came to bring you the Eternal.” Read. Listen. Hearken…


The Chela




The Fate of Freedom


– People asked for Freedom. We gave them Freedom.

But only they have become not free from their Freedom. . . 


Desert Storm


– One wrong step of a shortsighted politician marked the beginning of his people downfall, brought a syndrome into the Heart of the nation, against which knowledge and experience of modern science are powerless. . . 


News from the Abodes of the Future


 – Black Demon in a white shirt and top hat, with cane in hand will lead mankind to undue sacrifice. Coffin lid will be opened by his hands, and the number of human lives will be uncountable, with which he will fill a bottomless pit of death, until the white hand closes the coffin lid, and only then will a terrible punishment overtake the black demon. . .


America. Tragedy or Retribution!


– Possibly! It is My Smiting Sword that shall burn the strata of the lower spheres, which densely blanketed the American continent.

Let us call it the emanations of the Americans themselves, and we will unveil the essence of those very spheres when time comes.  . . 


Absolute Light Is Absolute Darkness


– The Source of currents of the Cosmic Magnet is One, but the people receiving these beneficial energies are different. Thought, words, deeds. And where a person directs his thoughts, determines their (people’s) belonging; only not to the Light or Color gamut of Waterfalls, but to the thoughts and actions being executed. By Everyone!  . . 


News from the Abodes of the Present


– From Celestial Country to terrestrial Abode

Descended the Fiery Spirit the Saviour of the world

Leaving the white-feathered wings to Heavens

He directed his steps towards humans. .  . 


Black Sorcerer


– The Yankee-based Democracy – is violence, destruction, death of children, women, and elders from the missile and high-precision bombing strikes. . . 


Lords of Prana


– Politicians, scientists, philosophers, and reporters convey to you the physical aspect of the ongoing developments in Iraq, in the World, on the Planet. I will show the energy aspects of the Whole under the title “The War in Iraq”. . . 


White News!

– The World needs Sacrifices otherwise the world cannot exist. The Sacrifice of some – is the Life of others. It has always been thus, the greater the Sacrifice, the more powerful and significant the Life that It gave rise to. .  . 


Fear and Aggression


– The most common form of fear in a highly organized (conscious) person or a nation as a whole – is Aggression. Let us take a look at, as a vivid example of how a virus of fear strike, nation – the Unites States of America – laying claim to the role as the world leader. What are we to see here? Aggression and the United States live in a great friendship. What is America afraid of? . . 


Virus of Destruction


– Conscious Self-Destruction – is the last stage of the fall of the Humanity’s Consciousness. Of all forms, that inhabit the Cosmos, human being – is the only highly conscious form, which directs its Energy toward its Own Self-annihilation. . . 


Spatial poison


– First Teacher showed me the Aura of America. It resembled a perforated cover, moth-eaten from a long stay in a closed closet. . . 



* *  *


^The Fate of Freedom

People asked for Freedom. We gave them Freedom.

But only they have become not free from their Freedom.

People asked for Independence.

We gave them Independence.

But only they have become dependent on their Independence.

People asked for Wealth.

We gave them Wealth.

But only they have become poor in Spirit from their Wealth.

People have shut their eyes to the revealed treasuries of Knowledge,

Declaring Knowledge the worst enemy of their Freedom, Independence and Wealth.

So is it really necessary again to plunge mankind into the

Abyss of poverty and bring it into slavery that it should return

to the only reality of Life – the Spiritual Beginning.




 «Milestones of Fiery Achievements», Volume 4




^Desert Storm


Hello, Laark. This evening and the following night and morning, and another evening will be devoted to more than just practice of Creativity of the energies of Cosmos. Today’s talk will be oriented toward the Earth and people of its current civilization. Our discussion focuses on a specific community of people living in a particular point of the Earth, and the syndrome that struck this community. This syndrome cannot be called a disease or epidemic. Modern medicine is able to deal with it and makes progress in it. We’ll talk about a phenomenon that happened with one of the nations, as a result of which thousands of lives of Earth’s children depart this life in spite of their destined missions on this planet. Now, Laark, nothing is significant with regard to characteristics of individuals, who will carry out this action into effect, for the question is how to stop the stream of useless deaths and destruction of the integrity of the nation of humanity. 

One wrong step of a shortsighted politician marked the beginning of his people downfall, brought a syndrome into the Heart of the nation, against which knowledge and experience of modern science are powerless. Those who are destined to receive the Knowledge of the Cosmos and to take this nation away from the verge of the precipice are ready today to Fulfill the inscription. For these people, there is no question of distrusting this energy and taking action in it, because they see it and know it. 

Our Creativity with you, Son, is intended for those who are capable of unlocking the social conventions. Through these people there will flow the Creativity of establishing the conditions, that is, the corridor, along which the bearers of Knowledge could get into the right point on the Earth and act there in Light of this Knowledge. At its core it is a unique and so far, one-of-a-kind Creativity of the Earth’s people and the pure energy of the Cosmos. It can occur only in an absolute Unity of the Earth-world and the Heaven-world, that is, man and Cosmos. The Key to the Gates of this Creativity lies in the accuracy of the flow of Cosmos energies through the forms of the Earth.

It is necessary to establish a laboratory at a certain point of the Earth’s space, executed with absolute precision in form and content now already indicated. For a handful of people – the Creators and bearers of Knowledge – it is beyond their power even at the cost of their lives. But for the government in need of such Knowledge, it is not difficult. Efforts and resources put in today to find solutions to a national problem are incommensurable with those needed for establishing such a Creative laboratory and ensuring its existence. This paradoxical situation arose as a result of a lack of necessary direction and a lack of awareness of unity with the Cosmos in the actions of the seekers.

The truth is that none of the supercomputers can substitute for a pure Heart of man – an Inspired Creator, a Heart being open to the energy of the Cosmos.

And if there is no Stradivari Inspired Violin, none of the synthesizers could imitate its sound, no matter how much effort was expended on its invention. 

This country is called the United States of America. Today the American nation pays by thousands of lives of its people for one wrong step, for a serious blunder of politicians. There is no need to look for the guilty, especially for you and me. It is a matter of society and its laws. We are to show where, at what point in the Course of movement on the Earth the governing circles of this country had made a mistake, which put the American people before the lethal syndrome of unknown origin. 

The reason that has led us to give the forms of this Creativity is only an insight into this phenomenon and understanding of the processes of its development. The progression towards the development of the phenomenon leads to the destruction of the integrity of the people, the nation – as a creator, the nation, which is the living and life-giving part of the planet. The possibility to stop the destructive progression has emerged, and there is no reason for those people on whom to some extent it depends, not to know that such possibility exists. 

Our word is about the military operation called “Desert Storm.” We will discuss about what happened while it was being carried out. The main point is that the operation itself was successful in terms of loss of human life for American troops.

But what happens to participants of this operation now, years later, has become a problem of the nation. People are deprived of the opportunity to live. Their life force becomes exhausted rapidly and irrevocably. People are wilting like flowers, in the prime of life. The essence of the disease is not amenable to study or any treatment whatsoever. Moreover, the integrity of the so-called genetic code of the nation has been broken. The consequences of this disorder are unpredictable, because uninherent energies gained access to the code of the nation. “Desert Storm” was that last stress, which resulted in the formation of a crack, because the break occurred at the thinnest point.

The nation’s aura received a powerful blow as a consequence of the atomic bombing of Japan in August 1945. Next was the escalation of the Vietnam War. And now the “Desert Storm” struck in the same place. It was really a storm in the Arabian Desert to American troops. The situation that happened to people in the swampy jungles of Vietnam was exactly repeated in the Arabian sands. Desert sands, as well as jungles and swamps, are powerful energy vortexes, Space energy receivers which are unique in its kind. For people who do not have roots in these points on the Earth, these places are dangerous. And as for the people who have visited those points in a state of heightened emotionality, such, for example, as occurs during the hostilities, it threatens with a total loss of vital power, vital energy. The release and exhaustion take place. The energy that was intended to last a lifetime splashes out instantly, and a man is wilting like a plucked flower. This condition cannot be called an illness. It is a process of instantaneous loss of vital energy.

What impact did this have on the Aura of the Nation, its genetic code? It’s all quite simple. If a child falls ill, it can inevitably impact on his parents. The illness of their child will provoke compassion or sympathy in the strangers. But the parents will suffer not less than the child in fear for his life, worry about his future, because they are linked with their child by a genetic code and a joint, or more precisely, mutual energy of their family – an aura. The first occurrence of their child’s disorder causes them anxiety; the recurrence provokes fear, while the repeated recurrence creates a breach in their aura and the family becomes unwholesome, i.e., susceptible to energies uninherent in the family and influences of other people. Parents poke around in search of their child’s liberation from an illness, and this becomes the sense of their life. This is the disorder of the family’s genetic code. Parents start loosing their life potential in search of the cause of their child’s illness and even if they succeed in finding it, there isn’t enough time to restore the strength and integrity of the family. This occurs because their efforts had long been aimed at treating the effect. And only after many failures their efforts were directed toward identification and elimination of the cause.

Approximately the same situation happened to the United States and people of this country. In order to avoid the decoding problem that has emerged and take many people away from the brink of destruction, it is necessary to redirect efforts towards the cause, namely, to return to a point in space, which is known to many people as the “Desert Storm.” 

The resistance to syndrome, which became a national problem for Americans, is there in the sands of the Arabian Desert. 

In one of the epicenters, now having been indicated, it is necessary to establish a laboratory, where certain energy conditions can be created. And people who suffer from syndrome unknown to science after being there again, and not as soldiers, but as people, who need help, will get back what they lost, – the possibility of life and constructive Creativity on this planet currently in desperate need of hearts full of love and power to live. There should be no experiments permitted. Either this laboratory, or rather Creative workshop, is established with absolute precision and it functions or it does not. There is no sense in experiments. This Creativity is wholesome and inspirational. The main problem exists in overcoming social barriers. Our island is so far away from the place of Creativity in the Arabian sands that we cannot afford to overcome this distance. And even if we assume that we have succeeded, then, after arriving at the site, we can turn around and head back because, Laark, if we are uninvited guests, I will not make any step toward bringing the Knowledge into action.

People must be prepared to accept this Creativity and call it into action. Then anything can happen. Without an open heart and absolute trust in what is happening this Creativity will not occur. Perhaps the government of this country is seeing the manifestation of humanism and concern for people in other forms and preference will still be given to efforts to eliminate the “consequences?” And what right do we have to intervene or say anything about the actions and decisions taken by the Government of the United States? We can only say that the possibility of solving their problems exists. And to accept it or not, to make use of it or not – is unfortunately none of our business. It is none of your business nor mine, Laark. 

– Teacher, does it mean that our talk is such a message? 

– Yes, it does, Laark, and Rikla in mutual Creativity with his disciples and close collaboration with people interested in this Creativity, is ready to bring and impart his Knowledge as an effective force to the people who got into trouble due to their ignorance. Be it the United States or a small, obscure tribe living in an impenetrable jungle.

– Thank You, Teacher. This talk will be a good lesson for me in trust and conformity to the Knowledge of the Earth and Heaven.


 «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 1 




^News from the Abodes of the Future


       The Mundane Egg is hidden behind an impenetrable gray fog.

Everything comes to its resolution,

And the Truth appears to man in the garments of an unknown Terror.

The scale of the disaster exceeds what is reasonable,

People cannot embrace all the horrors of the tragedy in their minds.

Water floods the Earth; it is not the original cause but the consequence.

Underground fire goes out,

Darkness envelops part of the Planet’s body,

And people choke in a gray fog of death.

Fire, having been ignited by the ignorance of people, devours the terrestrial flesh.

People of all races: least of all Asians,

The overwhelming majority of them – are white men with the consciousness of primates (a characteristic feature of many Western nations).

The entire continent perishes; no one remains on the surface of Ocean waters. 

Everyone is involved; no one can escape the responsibility.

The Earth is being destroyed, the cause arises not from the Cosmos but from within.

Where the continent once stood – a giant hole gapes there, waters of the ocean gradually fill it,

And where the seas and oceans were a sandy and stony desert grows there.

People are terrified! They stand and stare into the eyes of death, for they have nowhere to run. 

To preserve its planetary body, the Mother Earth herself has torn them away as flesh struck with an incurable disease.

The sticky fear! It is the monster generated by people themselves that tortures their bodies and souls.

People are prostrated with fear, for they see nothing but death and destruction.

Disbelieving in a Supreme Being and rejecting Him for thousands of years, people cry out to Heaven, waiting for a miracle.

But the miracle does not happen… The Heaven is silent… Only Crying (Downpour) and Fire in the Eyes (Lightning) cleanse by divine grace the Face of the Planet from the Defilements.

The Universe trembles. All the weak that is unable to withstand this growing tension of existence is self-annihilated.

Four Devils of death stand on the four corners of the Cross of Life of the terrestrial humanity,

And Scorpion-Satan devours the humanity’s soul and heart.

Black Demon in a white shirt and top hat, with cane in hand will lead mankind to undue sacrifice.

Coffin lid will be opened by his hands, and the number of human lives will be uncountable, with which he will fill a bottomless pit of death,

Until the white hand closes the coffin lid, and only then will a terrible punishment overtake the black demon. 

His tongue will be torn away by the very flesh along with the guts, and until the last moment of life the eyes of the Demon will see how the Red Ants devour his flesh, and his spirit is scattered by the Universal Wind throughout the Cosmos.

He will be destined to death, not assuming a new rebirth.


  «Milestones of Fiery Achievements», Volume 5




Tragedy or Retribution!


The Fiery Sword

Smiting the Conceit

 Brings the Spirit Closer

To Higher Knowledge

The Highest Thought

Brings the World to Perfection


 Possibly! It is My Smiting Sword that shall burn the strata of the lower spheres, which densely blanketed the American continent.

 Let us call it the emanations of the Americans themselves, and we will unveil the essence of those very spheres when time comes.

 Showing aspects of the theme proposed to me, I am fulfilling the Command of the Lords of the Planetary Hierarchy and linking Together the Chain of Temporal events that occurred in the Aura of the Earth.

 So! It’s the year 1995! Setting foot on the Earth, Rikla moves towards the Sole Goal. That is to reveal the Place of Power of the Cosmos on Olkhon Island, to connect the Counter Flows of the Fire: Earth – Cosmos – Earth.

 The Key – is Rikla!

 Everything happened according to Plan. At nights, in cold and hunger the disciples Heeded to the voice of the speaking Creator.

 The above-mentioned talk came first, but we did not publish it. It was sent to many places in accordance with its intended purpose. The answer we received was ridiculous: “Who can help us? We are the only ones who help everyone,” – the Clinton administration official responded. Then we took other measures – the talk was published, they have it in the States, but the States don’t care about us – Creators. They are – the “Only ones.” 

 At that time I did not bring to you notice that the Etheric Retreat (Abode) of one of the Lords of the Seven Rays is situated over the Arabian Desert. Today, I speak openly about it.

 I gave so much information in only one Talk that the Mission can be considered fulfilled. But!

 Retribution was Approaching. 


 For the second time I warned America in the Fourth Volume of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos.


 Volume Four, page 250:

 “The Falkland Islands, or rather, one of them is the strongest Place of Power of the Cosmos in the forms of the Earth. It is an explosive focus in the bowels of the Earth and the depths of the ocean. Its power is known. It is not in vein that Britain clings to this group of islands, which it never owned.

 The combat spin up in this area at first glance is safe for Britain itself, but extremely dangerous for the entire American continent.

 If this had been heard by someone, especially in the US, then it would have been possible to talk about reducing the threat of disappearance of a part of the American continent into the abyss of the ocean, including within the boundaries of the US, supporting an ally in NATO military alliance with guns and missiles.” 

 The karma of the nation has been forgotten once again. Reciting the rosaries, the violet flame decrees. Already at that time Rikla said – it was pointless to recite. The Teachings without Action – are Dead! But isn’t E.C. Prophet the “amanuensis” of Saint Germain? And karma meanwhile was ringing like a pulled arrow. More! More! And More! 

 I said it all again and could forget about it. However, how can one forget the acts of the Lords – Saint Germain, Washington? Their labor for the sake of Unity of an egregor of the Cathedral Souls!

 The dullness has taken over the minds of the nation!


 I have warned for the last time! Volume Five of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos!


 Volume Five, page 156:

 “The military actions being carried out by NATO, but rather, the direct aggression on Yugoslavia aggravated primarily the karma of America and Britain.

 Milosevic was elected by his people on their territory, and it is up to the people who elected him to decide the fate of the nation.

 Bill Clinton through this war solves his personal problems, related to his presidency. And the BLIND NATION, having forgotten about the “childish pranks” of the first gentleman of America sends its sons to exterminate innocent people in the Balkans. Now the whole World is untangling the sexual situation of a “big Bill,” helping the forces of the anti-world to save the seat of the Aggressor – Destroyer number one on the Planet. Russia, too, fastened one of the buttons on the pants of the American President in the person of Mr. Chernomyrdin – personal envoy of the Russian President B. Yeltsin.

 I do not see any other motive for unleashing the Third World War. Monica Lewinski – an Anti-world collaborator – through lust and lechery of the President of America untied the hands of an escalation of tension in Europe, marking the Beginning of the War. 


 Europe – is a detonator. Remember this.

 The bomb has been laid elsewhere.  


 Rikla has already written in the Fourth Volume of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos that up to 30 percent of the total negativity of the lower etheric plane of the planet Earth is concentrated over the European continent. Anti-world devours the creative energy with an incredible rapidity. One such small, on top of that, neutral country as Switzerland is the possessor of 10 percent of the destructive poison of the continent.

 Today, it is still too early to continue talking about all these facts more widely. There was no such energy – Word from the Father. If I am destined to do this – I will. In other words – I will fulfill the Inscription.”


 And once again we are going to talk about Karma of America and Britain. 

 Briefly but precisely I inform people of Yugoslavia as a detonator, and point to a “Bomb” (energy), planted elsewhere. What is sure is that there are few places left on Earth where the tentacles of America haven’t reached. 

 Russia started to flirt. Russia needed to gain Time. Yeltsin didn’t know it. But the one, who was already being led, knew it. He was influencing in any way he could, but very cautiously. Russia was not yet ready for him.

 Boris handed over the Reigns of Government not by himself. Thought – the Primary Instrument of the Lords sounded from the Purity of Consciousness (Universe).

 September of the year 2001 happened, the eleventh day. And the chain of other events took place on the Planet.


America – as a nation is paying its Karmic Debts. 


Now we will change the title of our talk:


America – Retribution 


 There are no longer any dark spots on the skylines of Washington.

 Today Bush’s tokens fall into the slot of the War. Perhaps it is not possible to stop with the measures of the Earth.

 Words of the Lords will remain in darkness. But the Conductor runs the show. He is able to change! Although after the Great Flood the Voice of God sounded from Heaven:

 “Noah! I will no longer interfere in the affairs of the Earth. You will ruin yourselves, then I will change everything.”

 It happened so! I am still on Earth! While I am here I will reveal a certain mechanism, a man-made creation.

 Hark! A Fiery Hell, Purgatory – everything that you terrify yourselves with, and the church intimidates you with, distorting the concepts to suit its own purpose. Let us interpret the Teachings of the Lords into our Cosmic language! Let us replace the Purgatory with Transmutation, dress the Fiery Hell into the Mantle of a Judge and call all of this Karma. 

 Now it is the popes that shall boil in Fiery Gehenna.

 And as for us, human beings, we must kneel to Karma and Give an Answer.

 While everyone’s prostrated themselves before their Conscience, I will show you how your thoughts and deeds have shrouded the Planet.


 We have created three spheres, shutting ourselves off from Gods!

 The largest of which is called CONCEIT! 

 A slightly smaller one sounds as ENVY!

 And the third speaks of SELF-IMPORTANCE! 


 Here comes a time to revert to American theme. But not for long in order not to suffocate in the sense of self-importance along with the nation. So dense is the veil of the Spheres, the man-made creation of the wickedness of men. Everyone has his own one, so do the Nations.

 Russia should be left alone; the veil is not so dense here – I would rather say – it is fine. It is Solvable with a Ray from the Earth or the Heaven. 

 America! Cathedral country! It is time to come to one’s senses! “We cannot see each other face-to-face!” One can dangerously stumble in this way!

 You have to give an account to Gods for your thoughts and actions. 

 In such a powerful Veil of Spheres disastrous for the nation it is difficult to break through from above. And there is no one in America today to break through from below.

 It is beyond the power of arrogance to destroy the Spheres. The insight has yet to be gained. So long as the aura is sealed in a threefold vessel, there won’t be a fresh influx of Cosmic Currents.

 I ask Russia to help America by giving an Uncompromising evaluation of the global American terrorism. I ask everyone to understand only one thing.


         Karmically, America has been exhausted.


 The Karmic agony of a snobbish nation is terrible for the entire Earth with the exception of certain areas, being under Our protection.

 People of the World, stand in the Way of Conflagration as a Power of the Light!

 The crack in the karma of American nation is immense. The flows of universal dirt, produced by humans over the last 25 000-year period of confrontation with the Creator, gushed there.

 The conjunction of the subtle cosmic and physical terrestrial planes has taken place. This is a Catastrophe!

 People of the countries and the continents!


 In creating a Thought for Preserving your Home – the Earth.




«The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 1



^Absolute Light Is Absolute Darkness


If You remember this admonition of our Saviour and Teacher, Sanat Kumara, many horizons can open before the Eyes of the seeking, craving man, who has driven himself into a dead end. The Flow of extraordinary Beauty and Strength will pour through You. This will be a cascade of Waterfalls from the depths of already, at first glance, unliftable. But who knows what You and I are capable of. I need to find the right Chord and strike the strings in time, and You are to write down the Words from the Sacred Book of Antiquity. And if we do not fake, we will be heard. The Guarantee of the Purity of Our Muse – is the Purity of our Human Nature.

You and I have an understanding of the Black color.

The Black color is not black deeds peculiar to the B.L. or a certain part of humanity. The Source of currents of the Cosmic Magnet is One, but the people receiving these beneficial energies are different. Thoughts, words, deeds. And where a person directs his thoughts, determines their (people’s) belonging; only not to the Light and Color gamut of Waterfalls, but to the thoughts and actions being executed. By Everyone! We won’t dwell on it; otherwise we’ll get into a quagmire.

In the first mail, after some interval, there came a request through You to illuminate the American theme. I was not intending to do this, but I took Your Words as the Decree of the Lords. Having lost a lot of energy through contact with a man, I am not perfect, and therefore I must be alert to everything coming to me from any of the manifested forms of the Planet. For You, I would like to expand the horizons of the Tragedy a little bit. But at the same time, realizing that all of this will appear on the pages of the Eighth Volume of the “The Fire of the Unified Cosmos,” I won’t be so wordy, but rather laconic, You can guess why.

The United States will now prepare global public opinion for the imposition of a new wave of expansion in the spheres of repartition of the world. The US will steadily expand its sphere of influence horizontally in many directions. America needed Afghanistan with its deserted territories as a dumping ground for the destruction of huge stockpiles of obsolete weapons. It will take years to dismantle and recycle the weapons and a big pile of problems associated with the storage, burial, and ecology. And now, within months America is methodically dumping tens of “billions of dollars” on foreign land. The destruction and the death of thousands of people are not taken into account by the nation. The terms of the war are dictated not by Bin Laden, but by a certain Madamå called “depression” that has clearly emerged in the US economy. On the other hand – there is an excess supply of money. It is necessary to get rid of both of them. And who is the foremost assistant in these matters to America? It’s still the same notorious Laden. He cannot be killed. He’s needed only alive. Moreover, the “main terrorist” must be vigilantly guarded and protected. And this is successfully executed by the aggrieved nation in the person of its President and his aides. The CIA is hunting for “the enemy,” and the media, analysts, political commentators say with great precision where “the object of the hunt of intelligence agencies” is taking shelter. Then a large-scale operation to capture the territories indicated is being mounted, whereas He is already elsewhere recording videotapes and pointing to the location of the new base to intelligence agencies. It’s a beautiful Game. Bin Laden must live, and America must protect him. There are still huge stockpiles of obsolete munitions; the hated regimes are still in power. But again there is Hussein, bearing a resemblance to Stalin, and therefore being always insidious and dangerous. “Of course” Americans don’t care about the oil reserves of the Near and Middle East countries. They care about cheap and unimpeded flow of oil into their country. Just think to yourself, Osama may be hiding in Iran, Iraq, Arabia, where there’s still plenty of oil. Actually, there could be many Osamas. They have a tendency to multiply. Where there are geopolitical interests of the United States, there you are sure to find Osama. They say he has his own ranch in every country about the size of a hectare and perhaps somewhere more. Over there, in seclusion with nature and certainly with its full cooperation, Laden nurtures his black thoughts about the new acts of terrorism against humanity, and the living wall – the fence prevents the penetration of destructive thoughts of the High Priest of the Planet into his space. 

 Do not worry, people, about the fate of the terrorist, he is under safe protection. The CIA on the one hand and a hectare of land on the other will long continue to help America in the Big Game, codenamed “The Karma of the Nation.”

Once the Great Mixture of Blood occurred on the American continent. This gave rise to the explosion of the Cathedral Nation and if it had used properly the energy obtained, America could have become a new center of flourishing Culture. Lemuria or Atlantis if you like. Lacking roots and having destroyed the old ones, the Nation failed to germinate its Tree of Life. The existing Crown rests on the root system creeping along the surface exposed to hot dry winds, tornadoes, and earthquakes. One day the Tree may collapse like a house of cards built on sand. But there is one trouble: no Roots – no Foundation. The Tree will collapse – the house of Cards will crumble. Nothing lasts Forever. We can predict with absolute certainty what will happen to Britain in the light of its Prime Minister’s policy and to a Militant Israel, whose Statehood is preserved only because there is the United States.

The next eight to nine months the World will be standing on stilts. The situation is rather unsteady. August is very tense. In the event that we fail to resolve the accumulated negative energy on the Planet by at least half, War will no longer be with Osama Bin Laden, but between one part of mankind and another. Then the Lords will intervene, and the Earth itself will change the shapes of its continents. In August the Explosive Climax of the Life of Mankind falls on the fifth-thirteenth. I saw much that I cannot describe, because it will accelerate the downfall of humanity. I will not raise the barrier. Terrible things are laid not in what I write to you, Mother. They are much more delicate than human consciousness can grasp. The Etheric Shambhalla of the Lord you know over Arabia cannot undergo any changes, because the entire energetic Framework, which prevents the physical destruction of the forms of the Planet, will be destroyed. Interests of the two main terrorists of the Earth – America and Osama Bin Laden – intersect in this Region. 


Immense is the Light of the Lords.


Stately is the Step of the Lords.


Great is the Feat of the Lords.


Let us Preserve and Augment.


I am not concealing – the Teacher


«The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 1




^News from the Abodes of the Present


From Celestial Country to terrestrial Abode

Descended the Fiery Spirit the Saviour of the world

Leaving the white-feathered wings to Heavens

He directed his steps towards humans 


From the ocean to the snow-white mountains

His Path is linked with rebellious Russia 

He’s set a new course for the world 

Russian faith will save from the sword 


There will be no peace in today’s world

Until the worm hides in the white halls 

There is a man he will open the gates

America will say Demon Rules in the States



People will declare their verdict immediately 

The power of the masses will implement it

The Leader won’t be rescued by his insincere speech

With blood the Red Terror will be ended 


The Islamic faith like a black Widow

Hid its face beneath the veil of Jihad

It can’t be seen behind the Word of Allah

People have been severely deceived by IT 


The face of neither Muslim nor Asian 

Implements the Islamic Terror on the Globe 

With the worm dwelling in the White Halls 

He was born of the same womb 


A skillful Plan for the conquest of the world 

Through the war of the two ancient worlds

Was conceived by the same hands

Making people the victims of the Minds


Who created the Monster out of the Saint

Who unleashed Him on the white world

Who gave himself the Will of God 

Who dishonored the white-haired Giant



«The Landmarks of Fiery Achievement», Volume 2



^Black Sorcerer


 My American “friends” and “admirers,” who anathemized Rikla, claim that the energy of Rikla came to Earth from the abode of Lucifer and this energy is the personification of all the forces of evil combined in one person. Note, to have such a reputation in one’s lifetime – is tantamount to a voluntary surrender to the Inquisition in the gloomy times of the persecution of witches. With the magic touch of Americans, I was christened the “Chief Black Sorcerer” on the Planet at all times of its existence.

Why did it happen? The Master Struck a Blow and hit right on target. The Lightning of his Thoughts, Words and Deeds did not leave any chance both for the nation and the person to justify their destructive essence. Rikla did not enter into a compromise with the American people, who had paid no heed to the voice, warning of the gravest consequences of the violation of the Law of Justice. Now another Law of the Cosmos has come into force – Retribution. It also applies to any of our Actions, Words, and Thoughts. 

Well, may God be with Americans. They are so heavily burdened with karma that the nation’s tragedy is Inevitable. In fact, everything is already happening before our eyes, but with essential for the average man difference in understanding of physical processes occurring on the North American continent. He who still continues to believe that the endless series of natural cataclysms one after another befalling the United States is a mere coincidence, must be devoid of the slightest degree of analytical thought.

Americans apparently disliked Master Rikla. He disclosed the essence of a new phenomenon, rooted in the shallow soil of the nation’s consciousness. The phenomenon of formation of the fourth destructive sphere in the Aura of the Earth, called by Rikla ”Human-hatredness” is progressing at unprecedented speed for the forms of the Planet. Thus, the Master has penetrated into the consciousness of a nation, which considers itself the arbiter of the destinies of almost all countries in the World. But, in fact, brazenly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, destroying the principles of territorial integrity, and demoralizing the prevailing relationships among worlds that have different religious ways of life. And it is solely for the reason that Arabs, Afghans, Yugoslavs, Georgians, and as well our brothers Slavs live not the American way. The Yankee-based Democracy – is violence, destruction, death of children, women and elders from the missile and high-precision bombing strikes. Thus Rikla will leave his mark in the antagonistic relationships of super-narrow consciousness of Americans with the Master’s Pure Thought, who repeatedly warned the nation about the most serious, catastrophic consequences caused by the inner contradictions of state, which have been taken to the outer plane.

The outer plane – is the American military presence in almost all parts of the world and intervention into the lives of many countries, if not precisely, all countries of the World. The reason is simple: if you remove the outer plane, then the inner (spiritual) contradictions of the nation will come to the surface. What could this mean? This means WAR! Only this time the war would no longer be fought on other continents, but on its own, American continent. And not against some Arab, Afghan, or Chinese, but against its own, American people. That is an inner war – a spiritual one. This is what the American government fears most. For this very reason every American President prefers to wage wars beyond the frontiers of their continent. For as soon as he does not, the conflagration of war will inevitably break out within their own country and destroy the CRUMBLING foundations of such “great,” “unshakably democratic” people who once established the United States of America.

Americans paid no heed to the energy of Rikla’s talks and now they pay the price with many lives and enormous destruction occurring on the continent. The Cosmic Law of Harmony and Justice is in Action. The Law extends both to a single person and to the whole nation consisting of hundreds of millions of such persons – the bearers of their individual karma. Nobody from above has ever abolished such concepts as the Karma of a Human Being, the Karma of a Nation, and the Karma of the Planet. Everyone and Everything is subject to the Law of Participation. 



  «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 10



* * *

The Universe is created by a thought of God.

The Betrayal – by a thought of Jude.

Life is created by a thought of Consciousness.

The Destruction – by a thought of perverted mind.

All this is embodied in the forms of Earth. 



  «Milestones of Fiery Achievements», Volume 1




^Lords of Prana


Bush declared the end of the War in Iraq on one of the United States Navy’s aircraft carriers. His face Expressed an apparent satisfaction from the death of thousands and thousands of innocent people from different countries and the enormous destruction inflicted by the air force and artillery of the “winners.” To look at the “first” faces of the planet – B. from America and B. from Britain – is a Disgusting phenomenon. They glow with joy from the derived satisfaction. President and the Premier are fed on Energy of Chaos and Destruction inherent within the Forces of Evil. They have forgotten the Age-old Formula of Existence “Evil Will devours and destroys Its own Bearer” or “Evil consumes itself.” These are the Fundamentals of the Teachings of Sacred Knowledge, the Heritage of the Lords on the Principles of the Universe, without which our existence is impossible. 

Politicians, scientists, philosophers, and reporters convey to you the physical aspect of the ongoing developments in Iraq, in the World, on the Planet. I will show the energy aspects of the Whole under the title “The War in Iraq.” Continents, countries, and states can be divided on a territorial basis, to justify their geographic location, social attitudes. But the Trouble is, what to do with such Energy Aspects of Planetary Existence of the Unified Civilization of the Two-Leggeds, as the Aura of the Planet, the Karma of the Nation, Prana, without which the life of conscious physical forms is impossible. Let us start with the Aura. What is the Aura of the Planet? The layers of the Atmosphere, Surrounding the Planet Earth, as scientific folks describe it, are the Essence of Its Aura.

Aura – the Electromagnetic Field, resulting from the emissions of Atoms, consisting of a certain number of positive and negative particles, protons and electrons, and the fiery substance, which is the Psycho-life of forms inhabiting the Planet, from Atom to Man. A decrease in the glow of aura of the form (Man, Planet, Universe) weakens the protective sheath, allowing a deadly Virus (Poison) to penetrate the Nucleus of the Form. Poisoning takes place. The air of the atmosphere is the accumulator and the bearer of Prana – Life Force. Cosmic Fire cannot exist separately from the Air. During the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, B. and B. Knowingly used heavy weapons with the aim of destroying the country’s economy and demoralizing the Enemy. In this case, the Air of the atmosphere was poisoned by the Explosions of missiles, bombs, and shells. In other words, the Aura of the Planet was being destroyed and polluted; the biological rhythm (Vibration) of the foundations of the Universe was being disrupted. Without Vibration there is no Life. Everything Vibrates: from Stone to Higher Forms. The Code of Vibration having been laid down by the Cosmic Mind for the existence of the Planet Earth, HAS BEEN CHANGED by the Will of the Destroyers. Prana was Consumed by the scorching fires by the Blasts of missiles and bombs in the vast expanses of the Atmosphere – the Aura of the Earth. The poisonous brown gas fills the ragged Holes of Common External Mantle, if you will, the Garments of the Planet.

Be aware! These are the new centers of Epidemics. The Code of New Virus for the purpose of annihilating a human being has been laid. In areas where there is insufficient Prana – you can expect the Epidemic. The main danger lies in the destruction of the Atmosphere’s layers. The implication of this factor – is the emergence of new Viruses, peculiar epidemics, which cannot be Analyzed. Mankind has not yet realized that it is living in One House (Planet), protected by a Single Garment (Aura), if it still continues to DIVIDE the Indivisible! Divide It! No Gold and Currency Reserves of Russia, President Putin, in the monetary Unit of the United States, will affect the Law of Justice. It Acts not according to the measures of the narrowness or deep-rootedness of our Thoughts, but in correspondence or nonconformity with the course of Cosmic Evolution or Universal Harmony.

Today the World Community didn’t want to stop the spread of Evil on the Planet. Tomorrow, the Evil will attract its likeness and strike a new Blow to Creativity. That Australian Pilot who returned to his aircraft carrier with a full load of munitions, refusing to drop bombs on civilians, on his own kind, has gone beyond the limits of Your Morality, Two-Leggeds. There is no Hero Equal to Him among the “winners” of this War. He is from Another World – the World of Creators. He is the Only Creator of his personal “I” who has made Progress in Life and Spirit and has provided Proof of Their Indivisibility.


This Guy from Australia has Found His Philosopher’s Stone. All others – Premiers, Presidents, and Parliamentarians, who joined the two B’s in acting or non-acting, in preserving or expecting immediate Benefits, in an effort to strengthen their Power, PRESENTED the MANDATE of the complete lack of Human Appearance, Pure Thought. This, Gentlemen Mackintoshes, is a complete loss of Culture and Mind. IGNORANCE! Henceforth You have No Face, no matter what You say and how nice You make it sound.


 Viva the Australian!


SHAME on All Those who Actively or Passively supported Another War of the two Predators.

One can restore the War-ravaged economy, one can give birth to the slain again.




       Who will stop Epidemics?


       Who will stop Earthquakes?


       Who will stop Floods?


       Who will stop Catastrophes?


       Who will stop Typhoons?


       Who will Restore the Aura of the Earth?


       Who will Restore the Heartbeat of the Planet, Its Rhythm and Vibration?


 Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?




«The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 1



^White News!


The world needs Sacrifices otherwise the world cannot exist.

The Sacrifice of some – is the Life of others.

It has always been thus, the greater the Sacrifice, the more powerful and significant the Life that It gave rise to. 

There will come a time when terrestrial humanity will become a Sacrifice, which will give rise to a new Life in the Universe. 

There are some things that are irreversible, existing beyond the bounds of choice, over life and death.

 As day turns into night, as life culminates in death, thus terrestrial humanity will go into nonexistence, because nothing can stop the flow of eternity. 

People are seized with fear. They are not ready to Sacrifice themselves for the sake of Something unknown to them, because a man has grown accustomed to the idea that all existence, from the unconscious particles of nature to the Cosmos itself, sacrifices itself for his Life.

People have always tried to prevent the inevitable, because they are not endowed with knowledge that any completion implies by itself a transition to the next stage of evolution.

Eternity sacrifices itself, giving rise to time. 

We do not know the Sacrifice of Eternity. We accept it as a fact of Life.

Cosmos sacrifices itself by splitting up into universes and galaxies, planets and the human being himself.

We do not know the price of Sacrifice of the Cosmos, because the life that is imparted by this Sacrifice separates us from understanding of that which is eternal.


Earth, allowing to destroy and to exhaust its flesh, sacrifices itself for the sake of experience gained by sentient beings.

We are indifferent, because we believe that the Sacrifice of the Earth – is a natural course of life on the Planet.


Mother sacrifices herself, giving birth to a child. A particle of spiritual and physical flesh leaves her forever with him, and in some cases – totally.

We never think about it, because the Sacrifice of the Mother – is the pledge of our Lives.


The Mundane Egg is represented as follows:

Mundane Egg – Mother’s Bosom;

Egg Yoke – Child;

Egg White – the nourishing Placenta.

In the Bosom of the Mother They are an indivisible whole. After the birth, the information about Placenta that nourished the Child doesn’t get stored in his mind.

Thus a man doesn’t know about the infinitely occurring Sacrifice of the World.

Egg Yoke – is the Life.

Egg White – is the Sacrifice.

Sacrifice nourishes Life.

The World is founded upon Sacrifice.


Death seems to be a great Sacrifice, but Life is greater than death in its spirit of Sacrifice.

All Sacrifices of the World are brought to the feet of Life.

Life with its Sacrifice transcends all Sacrifices of the world.

Sacrifice gives rise to Life. Without Life, there is no Sacrifice.

It is a vicious cycle, and yet none of those who could shed light on a revelation of truth for us were able to perceive, which came into existence first – Sacrifice or Life, because their indivisible essence implies the simultaneous generation of each other. 


World sacrifices itself for the sake of human life.

What sacrifice can man make for the sake of preservation of life of the world?..


The Teacher

 01:20, 15-16.01.2010

 «Milestones of Fiery Achievements», Volume 5



^Fear and Aggression


– Master, please let us return to the unfinished talk about FEAR. I am haunted by the thought of what FEAR is for a second day. In one of your talks with the disciples you said, “there is no such energy as fear.” The other day you told us how “the energy of fear” influences us. Father, please explain!

 – It’s you, Daughter, who cannot give me a moment’s peace day or night, and how this can be possible? I’m speaking with Jaaved, and you are insistently knocking on my door. I sit down to eat, and you prevent me from raising a spoon to my mouth. That’s enough! Today I’ve called you myself, leave your affairs, sit beside the fire and listen.

The energy of FEAR as such does not exist in the Cosmos. How can a person’s ignorance and weakness, that is, his faults be an energy? Stupidity, ignorance, in other words – Lack of Knowledge – become sources of deeply rooted fear, a blinding fear of the unknown and uncertainty, a fear of changes, a fear of life and a fear of death. It controls a person, making him its hostage. Derivatives of fear, such as actions, thoughts, words and so on are the energy, but not fear itself in this instance.

There is also another kind of fear, which I have called “the energy of fear.” Here is the difference.

Fear, having been expressed outside, that is, having departed from its own Creator, begins to live and breathe in space. And this fear, having been released by a specific source, is already energy, for it spreads into the subtle realms, accumulates on physical objects and acts upon the conscious forms. It is precisely that fear – energy that the Keepers of Somati Caves in Tibet and India, Siberia and South America, and Africa use. The intensification of such energy invokes blind fear in a person, which consequently drives him insane. This is exactly the energy of fear.

The most common form of fear in a highly organized (conscious) person or a nation as a whole – is Aggression. Fear and Aggression are virtually inseparable. Moreover, Aggression is nothing else but the child of Fear. Let us take a look at, as a vivid example of how a virus of fear strike, nation – the United States of America – laying claim to the role as the world leader. What are we to see here? Aggression and the United States live in a great friendship. What is America afraid of? 

To understand the causes of the aggression of the American nation towards the rest of the world, we must go back to its roots, which from the beginning were absorbing the blood of the innocent victims instead of pure life-giving moisture.

Rikla calls America the Wild West, because the Indians who lived in this territory before the intrusion of whites were more honest and decent than modern-day Americans. If you came to them in peace, you left as a friend, but if you came to war, you left as a winner or a loser. Today, it is better not to approach the “great nation,” because they are ruthless, inhumane and unjust. What happened here? America had to become a powerful center of Culture. The fact of the matter is that the settlers, having crossed the Ocean, moved through a period of time, which separated them from their previous life and opened the gates of new life. Physically, it all happened, but they have remained the same and introduced into new Life all their Dross and Dirt from Western Europe. Without the expansion of Human Consciousness nothing will happen, all attempts will lead to previous results. I contend that without the expansion of Man’s Consciousness to carry him through the period of time of “dark forces” is impossible. And when the consciousness expands, this passage is not needed because everything has already been achieved. 


   «Landmarks of Fiery Achievements», Volume 2

«The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 9



^Virus of Destruction


In the last few decades, various deadly viruses have seized control of the Planet Earth, to which up till now the antidote has not been found, just medications that facilitate the departure of the sufferers, but not their cure. Many new, unknown infections strike even the most protected against all the ills countries and continents. What is the matter? What has happened?

I will tell You that which yesterday could not be spoken of. The Time Has Come Today! In one of my talks I have already said that a Human Being – a Planet – the Universe are created in the same image and likeness.

The Human being has a Heart – the Planet has a Heart too.

The Human being breathes with his lungs – the Planet breathes with its lungs too. 

There is an invisible sheath – Aura, which comes into this World with the birth of a man and is dissipated at the last moment of his life. The man’s entire Path in the forms of our Planet occurs in the Aura, created by man himself by his thoughts, deeds, and actions.

Remember! The death of a man – is the dissolution of his Aura. The destruction of the Aura – is the death of a man. The Planet also has an Aura – it is its Atmosphere. The Atmosphere – is the sheath of the Earth, enriched with the Rays of the Lords and the emanations of people who inhabit it. At a time when in the Atmosphere – the Aura of the Earth – there arises an antagonism between the incoming Rays of the Lords and the emanations of people, the Lords, as a rule, leave humans one-on-one with their choices made, providing them with an opportunity to go through their desired experience. However, consequences are always known, they are disastrous for the human being, the Planet, and for the entire Cosmos.

The Atmosphere is the bearer of vital Energy – Prana.

As a result of the ongoing wars, testing of new types of weapons, and the processing of nuclear waste the destruction of Prana occurs in the Atmosphere and the formation of fatal holes – wounds takes place in the fabric of the Earth’s Aura. 

Why does America need Afghanistan?

On its closed territories the Americans blow up old stocks of munitions, bury nuclear waste accumulated and exported from the United States, and in doing so they continue to destroy the Planet and all forms that inhabit it. Conscious Self-Destruction – is the last stage of the fall of Humanity’s Consciousness. Of all forms that inhabit the Cosmos, human being – is the only highly conscious form, which directs its Energy toward its Own Self-annihilation. The virus of fear and destruction is embedded in the genetic code of the American nation. Fear begets aggression. Aggression begets violence, destroying all life on the planet Earth.

The Aura of the Planet is riddled by the bomb strikes inflicted on its forms, by explosions of high and low power weapons, i.e., by wars which provoke cataclysms. Through the fatal holes, formed in the Atmosphere, in the vortexes of swirling alien energies coming from outer Space, new viruses and diseases unknown to medicine emerge and take shape penetrating the Earth. One of them was once called AIDS, and another – atypical pneumonia. To this day the unknown illness, which takes away the lives of hundreds to thousands of participants in the military operation “Desert Storm,” initiated by America and Britain, remains a mystery (to physicians around the World). What awaits humanity in the future? Let me just say one thing. The antidote WILL NOT be found! But It Exists!





Hundreds, thousands and millions of people pay with their lives for the games politicians play. For how long can you keep silent? America and Britain came out openly against the world community, against all Humanity, yet the political prostitutes of the UN remain in inaction. “The Powers that be” are also fawning over them.

The dirty games of politicians – are fatal wounds in the Aura of the Planet.

The filth and lies in the interrelationships of parents – are bleeding wounds on the bodies of their children.

The Confrontation with their Karma will be Terrible for THEM. The Law is Immutable. Harmony and Justice will Triumph over obscurantism and everyone will be held accountable for his deeds. 

Tremble! However! It May be too Late. 



«The Fire of the Unified Cosmos», Volume 9



^Spatial poison


Here the candle is burning out, and I, despite lines “going astray,” hurry as soon as possible and accurately to write down our evening Talk with the Teacher.

February snowstorm has been raging unabated in the street for three days. It is warm and dry in the house. And it’s all right that there is not much space in the house and some disciples have to huddle on the floor, but then, near a warm stove, and as many dream – at the feet of the Teacher. This is how the keen followers imagine being in the Master’s Aura, except that everything in life turns out differently. The trouble is that they imagine something that cannot even exist and then complain that they were disappointed in Rikla, in Aiins, in the people: “And Rikla doesn’t look anything like what I pictured him to be, and his Aiins are different, they don’t look anything like the way they are portrayed in books.”

Of course He doesn’t, of course they don’t. You can never imagine staying in that world, whom you say your “Yes.”

Because what you know about Rikla and the Family of Aiins from books is the far periphery of our real life. But, perhaps, this is all what Rikla can allow people to know about himself and his nearest associates.

Otherwise... the man is still very weak in order not to enter into temptation and... You try to imagine that everything written about existence of Rikla and Aiins on Earth is reality. But! It is a reality created by the Master for you, for His reality cannot be perceived by man as something real.

Penetrating into the essence of the above statement, perhaps you will understand how far and very often erroneous your ideas and conclusions about the very notorious reality are.

You create your ideas and ideals that are most appropriate for your consciousness. This is a conditional bar, defining the boundaries of your world-view, which can be raised and lowered under the influence of internal or external circumstances of your existence. So this bar does not exist for Rikla. Begin expanding your consciousness with a question to yourself: how can a person, sitting within four walls, ever know the unseen world of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, the nature of the person with whom the Master is practically out of contact?

Now I cannot remember how the conversation started, and not with me, but with Jaaved, who had grown his already gray and thick beard, however, without delving into the essence of the conversation, I saw that the Father was giving me a parallel flow of energy, which through his center was opening to my spiritual sight by spatial vision.

 First Teacher showed me the Aura of America. It resembled a perforated cover, moth-eaten from à long stay in a closed closet. The very fabric of the Aura was worn to a state of trembling, transparent film. Precisely trembling, but not vibrating.

Vibration – is Life, but tremble – is attenuation.

Vibration – is Energy-Life, tremble – is the absence of life.

I can see the egg-shaped capsules, filled with a poisonous yellow substance – this is the unknown to me spatial poison, as they enter into these holes from the external space.

The capsule is placed so that its narrowest part goes into the Aura of the American continent, while its widest part remains outside. When the capsule is opened from the bottom, the poison spreads within the Aura, layering on the forms of the Earth and the consciousness of man, creating a kind of Teraphim of Poison. 

I saw thousands, perhaps millions of these capsules, which simultaneously were stopping up the energy holes in the Aura of the American nation and filling it (Aura) by spatial poison.

People can control this process. They either deliberately or unconsciously work on the obliteration of the American people by means of energy methods of influence. The first part – it’s not one or two people, but a large group of specially trained and educated people, and the second part – is the grey mass of the citizens of their beloved homeland – America and beyond. 

Using certain techniques, the hordes of “demons” gather spatial poison and concentrate it in the reservoirs of the subtle world, which poison is excreted by a person into the external space every second.

Let us imagine that six billion people are constantly and practically simultaneously exude a poison into the space.

It, of course, is being neutralized by many sources of positive energy, but only partially, because its accumulation is disproportionately low.

Poison reaches its maximum impact force in a concentrated form as a result of reactions occurring during the process of its transmutation in the consciousness of man.

Spatial poison is distributed unevenly within the Aura of America. It is attracted to people and their habitats in accordance with their internal state, thoughts, words, and deeds.

One cannot escape from it and seek safety neither behind the walls of houses nor underground, nor in bomb shelters nor in bunkers. The poison is all pervasive. Even the coastline of the ocean has been hit by the poisonous substance. The infiltration of poison is extended superficially; in different parts of the water the stricken area reaches a depth of ten to fifteen centimeters, with a gradual spreading horizontally for hundreds of meters. However, it is worth noting that the water itself rather quickly neutralizes the layering of poison by natural mixing of deep and surface waters. The same cannot be said about the poison that penetrates into the consciousness of man and the bone structure of the forms inhabiting the continent. Poison penetrates the body through the soft tissues and practically without retention in them it settles in the bone structure of the skeleton of man, animal, and a bird. It has two main objectives aimed at striking the bone marrow and the brain.

 Spatial poison used in the present case, is not imperil. This is something else.

 At some point, when the space of vision still remained open, the Father asked me to talk about what’s happening in the flow of our Creativity.  

 Thus this Talk was born.


 Imperil and...

The fact, which Singha conveyed to us, being in the flow of vision, is really going on, and this is another reality of our daily life. This is a terrible reality, because it brings death and destruction. And in this case, the effective means of defense and resistance to energy weapons do not exist in the world. The most advanced military bases of the leading powers will not save people from the energy forms of influence.

Daughter, I have one question for you: at the end of your story you made a point of clarification, drawing our attention to the fact that this spatial poison is not imperil. What were you guided by, asserting this?

– In our work, I often had to meet with imperil, to neutralize its destructive effect and to recognize it in the space, preventing penetration into the Aura of an Object. You taught me this, Father. So now I felt that this was not imperil or, to speak more precisely, qualitatively changed imperil. Spatial poison used for filling capsules has a different composition.

– Now, Singha, you gave a more accurate and precise definition of your thoughts.

Indeed, there are various types and forms of spatial poison effects on humans. Imperil – is just a term that defines the energy properties of spatial poison.

Spatial poison is divided into two main categories: intellectual and domestic. In the case described by you, Singha, a domestic poison was used, and when I tell you about its properties, you will understand, Daughter, why it was perceived by you as something strange, rough and heavy.

In our work you have encountered an intellectual spatial poison, and it has much higher and subtler vibrations.

I will talk about it in detail, but first I will explain how the spatial poison acts.

When a man poisons space by his negative thoughts directed at someone else, he naively thinks that the poison, released by him outside, does not destroy his own self. 

Visualize a thought as a ripened grain. When passing through the Aura of a person, who sent this thought, the grain itself goes outside, while the husks and any chaff that stored the grain until the term in their bosom, remain inside the energy cocoon of their creator, shedding the remnants of the poison inside the form.

The poison decomposes, and the decay products are deposited in the physical body of a person, which in turn are being released immediately into the blood.

A subtle substance is formed, in quality and composition close to the physical characteristics of the blood itself, but more dense (viscous) and dark.

With blood the decay products – toxins penetrate into the heart and thence into all the organs through the double circulatory system of blood. Each cell is impregnated with this substance, absorbing the poison of its creator into itself.

Why does one betrayal lead to a string of multiple betrayals?

Because the entire human body is stricken with poison of betrayal, and the information that subtle bodies accumulate and absorb, is stored in them for many successive incarnations.

There is no longer the person who knowingly created a thought form, aimed at the destruction of his fellow brother, tens or hundreds of years have passed, but in his new body coming into being each time, there flows the envenomed blood and carries through the veins the poison of once committed action or concealed intent. And once again the heart is poisoned, and the person betrays again, takes vengeance, and hates.... how to get out of this vicious cycle? There is a way – to clean the blood, its spiritual substance. 

Intellectual poison – is a more subtle poison, so to say, refined poison. It belongs to the category of deliberate, purposeful action – malice, conspiracy, and the work of destruction. I would even say that not every person could produce an intellectual poison. The zones of the intellectual poison formation are – the head, neck, and chest.

Poison, used to influence (annihilate energetically) the American people, has somewhat different quality. This is à domestic poison, which is classified into several groups according to the zones of its formation in the human body. It has a much heavier and rougher quality. Areas of origin of domestic poison are:

Lower abdomen (Muladhara) – lust;

Upper abdomen (Manipura) – fear;

Lower part of Vishuddha – the release of information through the mouth (speech).

The release of spatial poison outside occurs not only through the chakras, but also through the whole being of man: skin, mouth, hair, hands, and even feet. A large amount of poison is excreted with sweat, as evidenced by a sharp, specific odor. Many of you have probably noticed on the rout, when you stopped for a rest: one is standing there totally soaked in sweat, but he doesn’t smell at all, and it is simply impossible to be near another. The smell of the human body bears the most powerful information about its possessor. And this subtle volatile substance, being excreted along with sweat, spreads throughout a space over many tens to hundreds of meters.

 With regard to the chakras, they can also be divided (classified) according to the types of spatial poison formed in them.

The Center (Swadhisthana) does not participate in this process.

Anahata is the center of origin of energy. It transmits impulses into Manipura and Muladhara, where the formation and maturation of energy and its emission are already taking place. The brain sends a signal to the point-zone, where excessive amounts of imperil has been accumulated, with the aim of eliminating the poison from the body.

In this case, the spatial poison is a product of the energy return, received from the outside and transformed by man according to his inner essence. That is, he gets a pure energy of Cosmos and gives back a poisonous mixture polluted by his thoughts.

Ajna – is a blow. This is the sphere of formation of intellectual poison and its purposeful release into outer space. Provided, of course, that this chakra is in good working condition that in itself is a rarity.

If you compare the intellectual and domestic spatial poisons, the first – is a directed Beam, the second – is an unfocused, having no guiding force, chaotically moving dusty cloud. Therefore they have a different force of impact. 

The most powerful release of imperil into outer space takes place through Sahasrara-chalice.

– But how can it be, Teacher? Indeed, in 98 percent of humanity, this chakra is closed.

 – It is closed for the access of the pure energy of Cosmos, Daughter, but it is opened for the release of impurities. The simple fact is that everyone has his own limit – the ceiling. And now, imagine how this “explosive mixture” at the sender’s speed of thought flying out of “seven,” hits the energy barrier and, as a tub with slops, spills on its creator in the first place. So the person destroys himself, thus spreading his poison as an infection (such as plague or anthrax) on the people around him.

So now you understand, Singha, why the domestic poison is used for the accumulation of capsules basis of which is lust, fear and violence, emitted in huge amounts by people. There is no shortage of the poison, on the contrary, there is a large surplus in the Aura of the Planet, and its accumulation has been increasing at an alarming rate. 

This is precisely the kind of imperil that is the most effective form of influence with respect to a particular nation, because it is the most fertile breeding ground for both one and the other phenomena.

I assert that the campaign undertaken by a group of people, whose goal is the physical annihilation of the American people through the destruction of the psyche and the physiology of its representatives is absolutely effective and has already many results. We will not forget about the second, unconscious part of the nation and beyond, although its strength is several times weaker than that of the conscious part. These individuals are the so-called self-immolators.

– Teacher, is there an antidote to such energy poisoning?


 Rikla, Singha


«Milestones of Fiery Achievements», Volume 4



* * *


Eradicate the lie at its roots; prevent doubts from taking root in your soul.

Fight for the purity of your hearts, for everyone who remained silent today and failed to act – is involved and will be held responsible. What for? For everything that happens around us on Earth.

Thus the entire human race pays with its life for one person’s mistake!


 «Milestones of Fiery Achievements», Volume 5