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RIKLA: The Trinosophia of the Fire

Volume 1


Part 2

People continue to go to the Wooden Gates of Antiquity, and although they have been closed since long, those who come, kneel and touch their foreheads to the Shrine.

They feel that Something is hidden behind Them, without which the Sun cant move in the Sky, the rivers cant flow on Earth, the blood cant pulsate in the veins of man

And although on the nearby hill there stand the Golden Gates of Modernity, and the time has come for the doors to be opened, the White Beards and the Gray Hairs, spinning the wheels of the Mills of Time, are not in a hurry to go to the doors

The Fierce One urges onwards, hastens the time, spins the Earth faster, confuses the people, and calls ignorance to rebellion. Its like he wants to say, Look, the ancient Guards of the Era are asleep, its time to accomplish a new life ourselves.

Why dont you White Beards and Gray Hairs go ahead? Why do you stand at the closed Gates of Antiquity?

Long ago, at the Beginning of the Early Days of the Earth, there came the Enemy and removed from the Wooden Gates the Golden Disc of the Fiery Sun (archetype of Golden Fleece), and the Gates were closed forever.

From this point, the balance between the spirit and matter of the ancient world has been disturbed.

The path to prosperity of the new universal world is achieved through the rebalancing of the old world.

If the balance were not restored before the Sun of the New Dawn rose over the Earth, the Plates of the Beginning, on which the planet was founded upon, would not join into a single monolith of Creation, and the new world would be built on a distorted balance.

Everything should return to its original place. The Golden Disc of the Fiery Sun should be back to its seat and the Wooden Gates of Antiquity should be opened, and everything that were not suitable for the future path would go away. Only then would the old Gates be closed and the new ones opened.

The Elders stand at the Gates, they are in no rush to go into the space of the Golden Age. They are waiting.

So dont you people rush either. Be patient.