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RIKLA: The Trinosophia of the Fire

Volume 1

Zero Consciousness

“Is civilization the only worthy form of life? Is not the so-called “Progress” actually a degradation that happens to people every time when civilization reaches the next stage of development?

Civilization makes people more and more dependent on the technocratic resources and external impulses, and this distinguishes them from the primitive people who relied on their own strength to survive…

Modern people buried their own experiences and clogged their brain with what they read in newspapers or heard on the radio. Dependence on foreign experience had a negative impact on their ability to observe and perceive the world.”

Thor Heyerdahl, 1932


The planetary situation of recent months in anticipation of future events, which, like a giant tsunami waves, will overwhelm the world of modern civilization in the coming years, forced Rikl with a small group of disciples and people accompanying them in their daily life into even more isolation from the human environment.

Master did not give up the society for the sake of gaining paradise on earth in some remote places, where he can create the necessary conditions and to devote himself to the self-improvement in the context of preparation for future trials that will befall humanity. Rikl does not accept for himself a path that involves personal salvation, but in fact leads to disidentification of a single person with civilization to which he belongs.

“Whatever this world is, we are part of the Creation of the Whole. Hiding in an underground cave, or in the bottom of the ocean, or in the woods and inaccessible mountains, we still remain a unit of the Divine Nature of the Universe from which we try to escape. The Nature of the Existence is not outside but inside the flesh, in our consciousness. And the fact that a person just moves in space changes nothing. If we cannot accept this world as it is in us, or accept us as we are in the world, we will never become free from it. Do you want to escape to nowhere? Go ahead, the time is running out! Just try to find patience and wisdom in yourselves to choose the only right path.”

From the conversation of Rikl with his disciples, June 2011

Leaving the social sphere – is the only way to save the Creativity of the Teacher, which he brought with him to Earth. Rikl did this in order to implement that for which he visited our planet: to unite the disidentified consciousness of the departing race with the Nature of the Universe.

Master teaches us to hear and feel the nature, to understand the language of birds and animals, to recognize in their behavior the timing and magnitude of impending disasters.

“The Nature is the only thread that holds men within the earth’s gravity. In its insatiable greed civilization depleted the Nature, and the thread of its life was lost in the abyss of human chaos,” says the Teacher.

I touch the ground with my hand and hear the heartbeat of the planet… I walk in the mountains and feel how all living things became alert in anticipation of…

I sit on a rock covered with secular moss holding in my hand the fifth volume of the “Milestones of Fiery Achievements.” I open page seventy-eight and read the “News of the White Shaman.”… A little over a year ago, in a severe snowstorm in February, it was here on the bare rock sitting on a windswept ridge high atop the mountain, when I wrote this talk on the frosted pages of my diary.

At the time I could write easily and quickly, the flow of energy was steady, and there was nothing in my heart but joy felt from being in touch with the Nature. Now, when a continuous series of horrible disasters shakes the world, these lines stand as a lump in my throat, my heart is alarmed and my soul is in despair. That which seemed so distant and unattainable, burst into our lives with the roar and the chaos of natural disasters, and we all felt helpless in the face of their Fatal Greatness.


News of the White Shaman




…The air started to vibrate; the water started to run faster in rivers.

The animals and birds became alarmed. They sensed that the Paths and Terms had changed.

The man became alert; some subtle uneasy feeling penetrated his heart. The fever spread over the Earth. “Did the Sun draw near?” he thought. No! The atmosphere thinned, three waves of fire are coming in the direction of the planet.

The mountains roared; the gusts of strong wind bent down the trees to the ground, and the Chalice of the World swung…

The animals and birds hid in their shelters—it’s time to go, but the Paths are closed. They wait for new terms and listen keenly to space; it will be the first to tell them about the changes of the energy labyrinths of the Earth.

Anxiety settled in the hearts of the people, a terrible premonition seized their consciousness. The man took hid in his house, as though in a fortress, locked the doors and shutters, lit up the candles, and threw off the veils to reveal the images.

The Man still thought and hoped that the house walls would protect him from the Unknown and Inevitable that entered into his life without knocking. His mind already knew this, but his heart did not accept it yet…

“Milestones of Fiery Achievements,” Vol. 5, p.78


The hot hand touched my shoulder, and the cold rock became warm. My thought, beating against the stone shell of my consciousness, found a hole and slipped into the Unknown. Now, I know my thought will reach its destination, and will no longer need my presence. Now I can open my eyes… of course, it is He who did not let me once again become lost in the infinite space of formless thought.

“How good of you to come, Father.”

“I have long heard you call my name, but I made it possible for the chela to come closer to her own understanding of what is happening. Tell me what made you stay longer and not come at the appointed time of our daily conversation?”

“I was working on the first chapter of the “Trinosophia of the Fire” when a huge spatial picture unfolded over the valley. There appeared a globe, within which there was a body of a huge “Octopus.” Its limbs were in extended positions as if they were hugging the planet’ s core, and its head was reaching the topmost layers of the Earth in the part of the continent where the United States of America is on the modern map. It is a good creature – the Guardian of the Earth, and it is sleeping. But there is someone who is trying very hard to wake it up, make it angry by interfering with its long-established peace and harmony of coexistence with the planet.

Periodically the eyes of the “Octopus” open up and flush with a bright red color, and its limbs begin to “whip” frantically the inner parts of the planet. The “Octopus” does not want to wake up, its time hasn’t yet come, but people are pushy. Now it reacts to the attempts to disturb its rest only by the outbursts of minor, global-scale anger, which turn into terrible cataclysms for the terrestrial humanity.

What will happen, Father, if humanity still wakes it up, and the peaceful creature – the Guardian of the center of the Earth – becomes angry?”

“Daughter, if it wakes up, it will no longer be a good Guardian of the planetary life but a Monster – a horrible creature that is capable of tearing the flesh of the Earth beyond recognition only with a few strokes of his giant limbs.

This is a great theme for a talk, Daughter. To learn about the world, you do not need to read newspapers, watch TV, or browse the Internet. All this only takes the human mind from reality and creates false directions of huge flow of dirty thought forms. Do not load your mind with unnecessary information; the human mind is not able to adapt so much verbiage, lie, and hypocrisy.

People daily receive a lethal dose of information radiation, so today on Earth there exists the generation of hyper-clever neurotics with zero consciousness.

“What do you mean by zero consciousness, Father?”

“The level of consciousness, Daughter, is determined by two components: the upper subtle and lower physical, interconnected by a thread of common creative principle.

The thread represents the bridge of balance between heaven and earth, the upper and lower worlds. What will happen to the person, if he is almost deliberately breaks the thread of Unity of the worlds? You are silent? As my Teacher said, it’s all quite simple to the disgrace. The energy coming from above will stop to feed the aura of humanity, thus depleting the consciousness of civilization, because no one has yet been able to refute their direct dependence on each other.

A thinned aura creates preconditions for a natural breakage of the two components of harmonious existence of man and leads to a gradual and complete exhaustion of the capacity of his consciousness.

For a person with zero consciousness the typical feature is the absence of the necessity of his development and further improvement. However the worst thing is not even that but the fact that the person categorically refuses to understand the nature of the antagonism of consciousness with the Divine Nature of the Creator. It is an unbelievable blindness!

This is the worst thing, Vikshyari, for when man ceases to feel the disharmony of existence in a space in which he placed himself, the thread of the creative Principle breaks.

This is the end of the world! It has a zero possibility! The end of civilization is predetermined.

So, Daughter, while giving the definition of zero consciousness of man, Rikl simultaneously deduced the law of interaction of Consciousness and the Aura of conscious forms. The dependence of one from another is so great that today it could hardly fit in human mind. As for you, I ask you to understand the initial phase of the new topic which has not yet been given either to my disciples or to humanity. So!

Human aura is built in direct proportion to the growth of consciousness of an individual.

This Duad is a manifestation of harmonious connection of the upper and the lower worlds. It is also the Voice of Silence for the comprehension of the Supreme.

The wider and deeper the Consciousness of the person, the brighter is the fabric of his aura, the farther away the rays of its light go out into the worlds, harmoniously interweaving into the Nature of Existence of the Cosmos.

I will not pursue the matter any further, Vikshyari, because the understanding of all facets of its dual Nature is so infinite and subtle. Perhaps in my next coming to the Earth I will greatly deepen and expand that which today I didn’t feel it right to continue even for you. Know how to wait patiently, and it should happen.

Daughter, you do not know about the world events happening in the physical plane, but you can see the reasons for their occurrence with your inner eye. Listen to the Earth, and it will tell you about what to expect and what to prepare for. It is far more important than lagging behind the leaving caravan of life and breathing the dust of irreversible consequences, because in the current stage we can still prevent and influence the future events.

People are trying to predict the timing of natural disasters in order to minimize the number of casualties and damage, but they do not think about the fact that they generally can be avoided. Despite the technocratic development of the modern civilization the scientists cannot even forecast the future weather for more than three days, and even then, they do it with reservations. Nature can teach us the future for years and centuries to come.

The cause of devastating natural disasters is the antagonism of pure consciousness of the Nature and technogenic thought of humanity.

As soon as a critical mass of negativity accumulates in certain areas of the aura of the Earth, its resolution happens through various forms of destructive natural phenomena.

Did you ever think why so many tornadoes ruffle the American continent annually, taking lives of tens of thousands of people?

Why America is the main ground on the planet where the celestial powers “test” one of the most lethal weapons against which the man haven’t yet learned to resist despite the fact that his thought has reached its technocratic peak? I’m talking about lightening. Science has shown that the highest rate of strength and number of lightning strikes reaching the Earth’s surface and the number of lightning casualties falls on America, however at the same time we should not forget that behind this factor there can be seen a very positive aspect, but on this later.

The nature of appearance of a tornado, like lightning, has a purely energetic character and practically became a priority affiliation of the karma of the American nation. It is widely known to everyone that before the seekers of happiness from Europe arrived in the continent, tornadoes were very rare phenomena in these regions.

Fortunately, Vikshyari, yesterday I got the post mail, the contents of which may be an answer to the questions emerging in your mind. I’m ready, in the context of our today’s conversation, to unravel this problem immediately and tell you about what I was working on last night. But I would like to have those who are here today with us to be able to accept the purifying flow of the Master’s revelation as well and, passing it through their consciousness, contribute to accumulation of creative energy in the aura of the Earth. Let’s join the rest, since they are already waiting for us for lunch.


Solar Fever or the Race to the End of the World


People have forgotten the ways in which our ancestors walked.

They trampled in Eternity the wisdom of life tested in eons of years.

Humanity thought that it has created an Eternal Existence, but then, after being enveloped in conflagration of all-consuming Time, the Eternal Existence turned into ashes of nothingness.

The man wanted to learn from the experience of the past, but couldn’t find a way…

Where and what to look for, when all is lost and forgotten?

There is nothing that could withstand Time.

It is only the Experience that with time acquires a true value and gets tempered in the crucible of the Great Blacksmith who is hiding behind the impenetrable cloak of Time.


May 21-22, 2011 became another point of reference for triggering a new wave of psychosis of human consciousness associated with a series of prophesies of “the end of the world,” attributable to the first quarter of this century.

For over fifteen years, there were predictions of the American preacher Mr. Camping who took upon himself not more or less – the unbearable burden of the prophet. In these predictions he named the date of the approaching end of the world. Master learned of it only a day before yesterday, when he received another post mail, where there was a short prophetic text, sent by one of our fellow workers. What I read partly clarified the planetary situation that I was observing carefully from my worlds the last few months.

Perhaps, some of you could feel how space became more dense and compact, how the atmosphere heated up and the tensed fabric of the ether vibrated. A certain force pressed upon the man, irritated his mind, did not let him breathe with full lungs. People were seized with a sudden feeling of unease, anxiety, and animal fear.

What was happening in the world?

On May 21 and 22, 2011 in the aura of the planet there was activated the release system of negative psychic energy in the Earth’s atmosphere, planted by the idea of one person and increased by the thoughts of millions of people. It was preceded by many months and years of preparation of the consciousness of millions of people, who were under the influence of the essence of Mr. Camping’s prophecies.

For an obvious reason, even for the moronic humanity, the most negative energy in these days was concentrated over the American continent, because the followers of Mr. Camping in their majority are Americans, and they firmly believed in the predictions of their prophet. However, the wave of injected psychosis had spread throughout the world, as hundreds of thousands of people at once released into the aura of the planet a huge amount of negative energy of anxiety, fear, and chaos, under the influence of which the space of several continents began to vibrate.

Almost everyone who was exposed to the dirty beam of prophecy emitted demonic energy into the common reservoir of destructive teraphim of the planet, contributing to the destruction of the Earth. People have been doing this unconsciously, but the consequences of such unawareness will inevitably emerge in the near future.

The part of humanity, involved in this mass hysteria, to some extent, became victims of skilled manipulators who influenced the psycho-emotional sphere of human consciousness in order to “deflate” the potential of negative energy needed to wake up the “good Octopus.”

It was a terrible time for all! At least, while neutralizing the situation, Rikl became utterly knackered. Yesterday it seemed that he couldn’t stand the strain, but then, obviously, the God Himself helped him by sending cold winds and torrential rains. To clear the situation somehow and restore the lost balance, I had to create additional sources of transformation of negative energy in the aura of the Earth. Master sat motionless for several hours on the mountain’s summit in the cold rain, but, obviously, that’s what made him possible not to burn out and work out the critical situation generated by a dirty thought-form in the aura of the Earth. The flow of destructive energy was so strong that so far not every inhabitant of the planet was able to withstand it.

I claim with full responsibility before my Teacher and before all the worlds that on May 21 and 22, 2011 hundreds of thousands of people left the earthly plane for various reasons only because there was a prophecy of the American fool, Mr. Camping. Now I’m going to read the prophecy, and then explain why I take such a responsibility to assert the scale of human dementia.

“Eighty-nine-year-old Pastor Harold Camping from Oakland, California had prophesied that on May 21, 2011 at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time (06:00 Moscow Standard Time) the end of the world would begin.

He had claimed the apocalypse would begin with powerful earthquakes in each of the world’s regions, which would be followed by other terrible disasters. “It will all begin in a single point, and then spread throughout the world. Remember exactly at 6:00,” he declared.

He “was able” to calculate the exact date of the end of the world after the mathematical interpretations of biblical texts. According to him, Christ was crucified on Friday, April 3, in the year 33, and on May 21 it will be exactly 722,500 days from that day. The interval between two dates is the double product of sacred numbers 5, 10 and 17.

Note that Camping had previously predicted the date of the end of the world in 1994, and ultimately he was wrong.

The Pastor decided to ignore the truth about what would happen after the end of the world. However, he knew exactly that only two percent of the world population would be able to survive. And almost all of his followers would be among the survivors. And the numbers of his followers increase day by day and there are already thousands of people. In the beginning people did not have an immediate reaction to the prophecies of the preacher, but now his predictions are being covered by all the major television networks in America.

The strongest earthquake in the United States in the history of modern humanity is predicted on this day. The seismologists promise that the tremors will be so powerful that the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Fukushima, Japan will seem to be a mild concussion, despite its horrific consequences.

The earthquake in the US will destroy not only the greater part of the country, but also will seriously shake the world economy. A new wave of economic crises will hit other countries. But this will not be the worst thing to happen. The worst thing is that on May 21, 2011 the Earth’s axis will shift even more. After the 2011 earthquake in Japan it has dramatically shifter by about 6.5 inches (17 centimeters). This time, the Earth’s axis can shift by more than 22-50 centimeters. But even the lower limit of 22 centimeters can have a very negative impact on the planet. The Earth’s magnetic field can simply disappear.”

This fact is indeed subject to the laws of physics. The Earth’s axis shifts temporarily by changing the amplitude of magnetization of the atmosphere, which naturally brings changes in the gravitational field of the planet and weakens the gravity. The good thing is that this shifting period is very short. The magnetic field of the Earth loses its strength literally for a few minutes, and at this time, as you know, the protection of the planet from external sources of influence, that is, from cosmic rays, is almost zero.

“Even if it happens for a short time (a few minutes, while shifting of the axis takes place), the Earth will be left without protection from radioactive cosmic rays. Nothing bad will happen to those who will be in shelters – in any building – as long as the people don’t get exposed to direct sunlight they will not be in danger. As for those who are outside during this time, they will get a huge dose of radiation that is incompatible with life.

In this regard, it is clear what Camping meant predicting the end of the world on May 21, 2011 and promising that 2 percent of humanity will go to heaven, and the rest will go directly to hell. You will suffer a terrible ordeal, if you “burn-out” under the influence of cosmic radiation. Because this process is not instantaneous, people who are exposed will suffer from radiation sickness for many months.”

Without doubt, you already know that this is not the first prophecy, which not only proclaims the end of the world, but enhances its coming. And this is a significant difference between the Messages that were sent out from the past by the highly evolved representatives of ancient civilizations of the Earth, and the predictions with which the modern “prophets” feed us.

What happens when another “seer,” like Mr. Camping, voices into the space any particular date of the next coming tsunami, earthquake or even something as “beautiful” as another “end of the world”?

Imagine: there are no actual preconditions for a natural disaster to happen, but then a thought emerges in space that gives a form to an idea of a disaster, which virtually has no right to exist in the annals of the Earth, and it begins to attract the elemental forces of nature needed for the physical embodiment of someone’s idea. Then the thoughts of many thousands of people, who in some way responded to the information broadcasted into the aura of the Earth, get attracted to the created thought-form by the law of identity. Even if someone just heard about it, or just read this message, he already sent a part of his energy into the common accumulator of destructive teraphim of the planet, because he had already given a thought about it, and his brain reacted and sent impulses. This is enough for a small thought of one person to turn into an egregore of powerful destructive energy. Thus the form of a disaster recreated by the sick mind of the “prophet,” which was nourished by the thoughts of thousands of people, and which became enlivened by the fear in their mind, becomes projected into the physical plane of the planet.

If nothing happens in the predicted time and the Earth steadily continues to “stand on three pillars,” you should make no mistake that the tsunami, tornado or earthquake will pass you by. A thought-form, which imbibed a huge amount of negativity released by humanity, will exist in the aura of the Earth as long as it finds a resolution in space where the negativity is mostly accumulated.


The Parade of the Ends of the World


The dates of the first “ends of the world” in biblical prophecies in the interpretations of various kinds of “seers” were even predicted for the end of the last century, in August of 1999, if I remember correctly. IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

At the time Rikl screamed to the whole world, wrote in his talks, published in books that nothing like this would happen in the world. Life will not cease to exist at a moment’s notice, a different fate awaits humanity.

According to the interpretations of the most fundamental – as reported in the media – apocalyptic predictions, which came down to modern times from the Bible and many other prophetic sources of ancient civilizations of the Earth, the year 1999 was supposed to be fatal, ending the cycle of rotten civilization.

But do not forget that the date was named by the man who was a decoder, and you will not find the mentioning of this date in any holy scripture. Why? Because it simply doesn’t exist, and has never existed, it is all speculations of the mind that build a picture of apocalypses in the minds of the people in the likeness of the events that already happened before.

The earthly world will not disappear overnight. In the prophecies of the Ancients there are indications of turning points in the history of modern civilization, which fall in the period of changes of the celestial and the terrestrial cycles of existence, but there are no fixed dates, which today the modern predictors try to adapt to the natural and legitimate processes in the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants. The question is: is humanity ready to exist in new energetic and physical conditions? Did the Creator predetermine the place for a man on a renewed Earth?

Why didn’t the prophecy of Camping come true, though everything happened as planned by the dark forces, or we just didn’t notice it? Our blindness did not prevent the formation of a giant funnel in the aura of the Earth, which draws and concentrates negative human emanations in its womb. But the worst thing is that there are many of these funnels in the aura of the planet, and all of them are waiting for their hour to come, because the process is irreversible.

The first consequences of mass psychosis already started to manifest on the physical face of the Earth. On May 22 a powerful tornado destroyed the entire city in America. Of course, this is not compatible to the scale of the disaster, which Camping predicted, but you should agree that the death of hundreds of people is a tragedy for many thousands. Around the world, especially in America and the Old World, people are dying from the most seemingly routine, everyday events, and no one can stop the flow of casualties until the spatial situation is not balanced by the Nature itself. Man has no power to affect all manifestations of the Nature; he crossed the line and entered into conflict with the Existence Itself – the Creator.

It took three days for Rikl to delete the enlivened image of the destructive thought-form of the end of the world in the aura of the Earth. Master removed the source, but it is not in his power to save humanity from a flow of irreversible consequences.

“Teacher, still, why didn’t the end of the world come, despite the fact that preconditions for it to happen have been met?”

“It’s all quite simple, Vikshyari: the amount of negative psychic energy allocated by humanity was not enough to reach the critical mass in order for the predicted situation to resolve in Truth. Do you remember one of the tenets of the Master: The Divine Judgment is the Resolution in Truth? Let’s just say, a huge mass of people, despite all the efforts, was unable to allocate enough negative psychic energy into the aura of the Earth, in order for the predictions of Mr. Camping to come true.

That is what the matter is and nothing else. All preconditions were there, and Rikl cannot blame Mr. Camping that he predicted something wrong, because it is at this time that the increase in accumulation of negative psychic energy in the aura of the Earth was so powerful and great that it seemed that no one and nothing would be able to stop it. However…

What are reasons for such predictions?

Imagine: you are sitting here and listening to the conversation of the Master. Ten people radiate the positive quality energy into the outer space that affects all aspects of life, from the kingdom of minerals and plants to man. The thought-form created in the circle acquired the right to life and can now affect not only the terrestrial but also the celestial processes. Can you imagine what can the collective thought of ten people do?

You came to know about the predictions of Mr. Camping only now. In fact, it has existed for more than fifteen years, and a certain part of humanity lived with thoughts that it might happen someday. Thousands of people firmly believed in the preaching of their pastor.

Here arises the unpleasant conclusion: modern human civilization is characterized by a strange mental illness – the desire to be in nonexistence was to prevail over the desire to be in existence.

Knowing about the prediction, people tried to take from this world as much as possible, and to burn out with a last thought: “I still managed to grab something. And then I could care less.” Can you imagine what a powerful source of negative energy was being radiated into the aura of the planet for more than ten years? Fear, hysteria, hopelessness inflamed the brain of the man, who has been hopelessly sick for a long time already.

Almost simultaneously with another “end of the world,” one more event took place, which clearly confirms the precious idea of the Master. In late June, during my visit to a nearby village to see the local shepherd for a cup of tea, Rikl watched on the screen of a small TV the progress report given by Mr. Miller, the head of Russian Gazprom (a national or people’s treasury, I don’t remember exactly). He spoke with such enthusiasm from the podium delivering a speech during an annual shareholder’s meeting about the final profits for 2010, the growth per share in Rubles, and the significance of the fact that this is the first time that it happened in the history of the company. A huge amount of money, billions of Russian Rubles, had to be distributed as dividends among several dozens of people. However, for several dozens of thousands of people, each being a holder of ten or even more shares of the company, this amount can’t be called even alms. The people’s Treasury!

But this is not the point. I saw his physiognomy! Among the epithets and comparisons in a variety of forms of Russian language, I couldn’t find the right expression to describe the muzzle of his “face.” Now he can afford to buy his second stallion horse for $50 million, so the President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov won’t have a single chance to outrun Mr. Miller at the next horse race in Kazan in 2012. The prize fund of $1 million – is the irony about the “national treasury.” In the conclusion of the speech made of golden rain of words, falling right into the purses of delegates present during the meeting, from the high podium there were promises made to us – the common people – for the catastrophic devastation of the bowels of the earth and the sea shelf of northern Russia, in order to get an even bigger payout of dividends per share.

Catastrophic Devastation! The nature is being destroyed at an unimaginable pace, and “He” distributes the dividends and buys stallions with the money coming from the “people’s treasury.”

You may ask, what does this have to do with the end of the world? I will answer! This has the most direct connection that you can even imagine. But when it comes to the question of how it happens, Rikl will not give any explanations now. Why I should repeat myself, said the blind man: “Let’s just watch how the legless man dances.”

Hardly anyone else other than the Master can reveal the essence of this phenomenon. Vikshyari, this talk has to get to our readers through the website “Obretenie.info” and the family site “Anvaya.” By the way, the word “anvaya” means “civilization” or “race” from the Sanskrit, which exactly corresponds to the reason why we are on the Earth and what we do. Having certain knowledge, we can influence, and in many cases, even resolve problems, similar to this one, fatal to the entire humanity.

At present, the civilization entered into the phase of changes of epochs. This is a natural and legitimate process. This fact is indisputable, since it is confirmed by observations of conscious humanity who over the eons witnessed the rise and fall of races present on Earth from the beginning of the formation of forms of the planet in the Cosmos.

Now people can bind any event of planetary or cosmic scale to the timings, which have always been the province of all mankind, and have never been kept secret from anyone. The main reference in the race for the end of the world is the Mayan calendar that ends in the year 2012 in the modern calendar. The Mayan priests report that one era will be over, but the other will not come, but they do not call it the end of the world.

Vikshyari, remind me, it seems to me that in volume 5 of the “Milestones of Fiery Achievements” we say that humanity will be between night and day, when the night ends, but the day never comes?

“…The Night dissolves. It is ready to go, to retreat – give way to the Day.

But the Day does not come. What delays the coming of the Day?

Nothing can stop the motion of the Universe,

and the Moon slowly disappears

behind the dissolving horizon of Life.

Night calls for help.

With its last efforts, it holds the bursting fabric of the thinned Ether.

But the Sun of a new Day does not rise. Night calls for the Day…

Darkness calls for the Light, because the gap leads to the death of both worlds.

But the Light that needs to flow into the aura of the Earth from human hearts

is too weak to revive the fading Fire of Magnes.

Man and the Earth are between Night and Day, between Darkness and Light.

Man and the Earth are in a space where the Light of both Luminaries is Hidden…

It is a space where the shadows disappear.

There is neither day nor night. There is neither light nor darkness.

Isn’t this the formula of Nothingness?”

“Milestones of Fiery Achievements,” Vol.5, p. 424

Humanity will hang as if between existence and nonexistence. It is like a stop-motion. It will be unnoticeable to the Cosmos, but very meaningful to the Earth. The invisible Director will press on the pause, which will last 70-80 years, that’s exactly the amount of time that will be given to earthly humanity to correct or worsen its situation. This experiment is carried out in our solar system for the first time, so the Earth’s hierarchy required knowledge and experience of Rikl, who came into the Milky Way Galaxy from beyond the Cosmos.

Opening the Places of Power, laying down the Magnets, Rikl creates additional sources (reservoirs) of psychic energy that will ensure the operation of the energy centers of the planet at a time when the Cosmos ceases to nourish the Earth with its life-giving rays. During 80-year pause allocated to humanity, the planet will be exempted from the spheres of interplanetary energy exchange, but will not cross the border of nonexistence. The Earth will be cut off for a moment from the Single Cosmic Magnet, but what will happen to it next… It’s unknown to anybody, the Master only showed one of the possible ways to save the planet in the forms of the Cosmos, of course, without excluding other sources, which most certainly have their place in the cosmic “computer” of the Creator.

The Mayan calendar was made according to the rhythm of time, which will operate in the world until 2012. Further, due to changes in the tilting of the planet’s axis and the planet’s position relative to other celestial bodies, the rhythm will change and the earthly world will have to move to a new time, but will not do so, because the common planetary consciousness will not be ready for the ongoing processes. Vikshyari, Rikl can give you the formula of operations of the magnets, pyramids, other rays, once laid down by the extraterrestrial civilizations not only on Earth, but also on many other planets, involved in the exchange of energy that could save the physical forms, but this time Rikl is not going to do so, Daughter. There is something that should be hidden from humanity in nonexistence. I hope that in your evolution you will come to this knowledge, when you partake in the construction of new planets, as did your Teacher.

For some period of time the Earth and the man will exist in different time dimensions. Their energy and subtle bodies, here it’s not appropriate to talk about fiery bodies, will be disidentified from each other, for which reason the flow of a pure, vital energy into the aura of the man will be extremely difficult.

That’s what people should think about, but not about the fact of when the celestial light should fade and Earth should fall into hell.

Regardless of where humanity turns in search of new forms of preservation of fruits of intellectual-technocratic progress of modern civilization, the heavy stumbling stone in the path of Invisible Movers of Thought (life) will always be the common human (planetary) consciousness tied by the chains of slavery (thoughts) to the Mind of Civilization.

If you were attentive when you read the comments to the talk “Ma-Tush” in volume 5 of the “Milestones of Fiery Achievements,” you would be able to understand what Rikl said, calling Consciousness the “stumbling stone” on which every civilization stumbles in the final stages of its development, before its downfall and end.

“The magnetic field of Ma-Tush was so powerful and robust that it was able to withstand not only the fact that the planet came off its orbit, but also keep a relative balance in its aura, maintaining the energy harmony and integrity of its forms.

The steady magnetic field, which Ma-Tush had at the time, primarily indicates the purity of the collective planetary consciousness of Matutian humanity, which did not yet have the experience of destruction.

The formula of existence of planetary universe is:

The stability of the magnetic field is equal to the Purity of collective consciousness.

Speaking about the current state of Earth’s magnetic field, we argue that the primary cause of its progressive inversion is the degradation of collective consciousness of the dominant part of the departing human race.

“Milestones of Fiery Achievements,” Vol.5, p.418


The reason is simple: the technogenic civilization starts progressing at such a rate that the mind of civilization disidentifies from its consciousness.

The consciousness of the man weaves his Aura.

Chaining the Consciousness of Civilization to the Mind of Civilization, the human thought has lost its mobility. It has become so heavy that it no longer is able to rise above the Earth’s forms. How can we even talk about spiritual development?

Let’s look at what happens here: a thought comes to life and dies in the space of the life of civilization. Like the bottom of the ship, overgrown with shells, the human mind becomes overgrown with myriads of thoughts, which in fact do not carry out the same function that the Creator originally incorporated in the concept of Thought.

There are many predictions. Someone deciphered the quatrains of Nostradamus, and announced that the end of the world would come in 2014, then in 2018, and then – in 2026 or 2028, I do not remember exactly. Like the tsunami, a huge wave of the “ends of the world” rose above the Earth and is preparing to crush on the planet. Our readers sent me a printout of a schedule for the “ends of the world,” as I understand, they wanted the Master to choose a more suitable date for him to go to hell.


Why is it exactly the Earth?


The situation is being exacerbated artificially. A mass hysteria, which is injected in order to eliminate the modern civilization from the planetary forms of existence, is aimed at the destruction of functional energy systems of the Earth. Some people feel very uncomfortable that the best planet not only in our Galaxy, but also in the Universe, continues its path in the Cosmos. Why? Because all the best that can evolve and go through evolution, is born on the planet Earth, and then distributed within the boundaries of the large number of galaxies that exist in our Universe, reaching the most distant worlds of the Cosmos.

Why is so much attention being paid to the Earth? Why there isn’t so much attention given to Venus, the other planets, which steadily and firmly stay on their orbits, and where there are many different forms of life? Why is it exactly the Earth? Because the most favorable conditions for the existence of conscious life-forms of the Cosmos are here. But this is a topic of another conversation.

I already told you the main thing. Peoples, humans, nations, why don’t you realize that every thought you emit, every action you take is related to your personal existence in the forms of the Earth and your life, and all of your lives in total – is the life of all things on the planet. You just cannot understand it, you just cannot live with that, is your life worth less than a dollar, and death worth as much as the prize money at the horse race? You are still in doubt about the validity of my words, because you are still alive. It is too bad; the road to HELL is paved with your good intentions. Good luck. You do not accept the Voice of Reason. Let it Happen.

Everything is so precarious, and if we, the Aiins, and many other Envoys hadn’t maintained the balance with the cost of our lives, humanity would have been long gone. Everything burns in the Fire of Knowledge, but the Family lives and creates new forms; with incredible efforts, we survive in these gross filthy lies, which you exaggerate so hard about our Creativity and ourselves. But our Creativity is so High and Pure that you cannot even imagine how far ahead the Aiins went from the rest of humanity in their search of ways to save our planet in the forms of the Cosmos, and how much we can do, despite the fact that our Family is so small. The ancients said: “A little body often harbors a great soul.” Let’s accept this as a given fact.

A thought sent at the right time from a pure space can turn all back and save not only its own existence or the existence of a particular ethnic group, but also the entire civilization, the entire humanity, so let us prepare ourselves for future achievements, and let us change our attitude to life on Earth. To do this, you just have to look inside yourselves and stir the deposits of thoughts that have been foul for so long.

Scientists predict disasters for the next few years, as a result of which the electricity may disappear on the entire Earth, and the gas supplies may get cut off. Rikl argues that in such a situation, a quarter of humanity, which lost the ability to survive in the most simple, natural environment, in which people lived only half a century ago, will disembody from its own helplessness. People will not be able to make fire, get food, create a simple comfort, comply with the terms of hygiene, and, most importantly, protect themselves against their own kind (see talk “Classifications of the state of human soul at the present stage of evolution,” volume 3, “Milestones of Fiery Achievements,” page 136). They will sit down and wait until the electricity and gas gets turned back on, and someone brings them food, water, and clothing. Civilization has made man weak and indifferent to his own life, depriving him of natural feelings and instincts, with the guidance of which people would be able to survive in almost any environment.

One might think that Rikl offers you to return to the primitive communal system. No! I do not advocate the extremes, but sometimes they also are useful for evolutionary Experience.

“Bring your sacrifices, put up the candles,

Pray to your gods, drive aspen stakes,

Kindle fires, draw circles and symbols,

Call the bells; take out your icons —

Nothing will protect you from Retaliation, because the protection

was given to man against the Darkness, but not against the Light.

Before the Righteous Anger, the Cleansing Fire,

There is no protection, neither in Heaven nor in Earth.

Do not seek or expect forgiveness,

for I — The White Shaman —

cast you into the stream of Irreversible Time.



“Milestones of Fiery Achievements,” Vol.5, p.83