RIKLA > "The Fire of the Unified Cosmos" Volume 1

Talk 15


Rikl, you say that I am being prepared by You and by Heavens to become your successor.

What does it mean to be a Master? And what does it mean to be a Teacher? Is there any difference, and what is the relationship between these two concepts?

Gather your attention, Son, and listen well, not to my words or me but to the silence behind the words

Man comes to Earth in order to become a Master. Master is the Creator of forms of Cosmic energy, or rather, he is the bridge between subtle, invisible energies of the Cosmos and denser, more palpable energies of the Earth. Every person that passes through a series of incarnations on Earth is potentially a Master, and the Course of his incarnationsis a Path to Mastership and Creativity in him. From the moment of the first breath of his each successive incarnation, the person either begins or continues to build, Create a Master in himself. In the beginning of his Path, he starts sinking rapidly into the forms of existence on Earth. He is stunned! People have created a lot of inconveniences for themselves exactly in the transition point of birth and death. Instead of keeping silence and blissful joy, birth and death of the physical body have been turned into two extremesinto an impenetrable wall of emotions and a flurry of feelings.

When a human being comes into existence, during the birth, he is stunned and shocked by the brutality being done to him, to his True Self, to his Heart. And in the course of further advancement, his clear vision becomes cloudy and muddy, and his empty Heart, being filled with new debris, becomes heavy and inaccessible to the true movement of energy. Most of humanity today is rolling around the World, without even realizing, without knowing why they came to this Planet, barely having enough time by the moment of their next transition to clean up a hundredth part of filth and useless debris, which they accumulated through their embodiment. But this, Laark, is also a Path to Mastership.Even if this part of humanity is still very far from the pointthe state of being a Master.

There are people who came very close to the state of becoming a Master. As everyone else they were born in turmoil and noise, and similarly began their Path of falling into the human form of existence, but having reached a certain point in their lives, still managed to catch a chance, to notice a small gap and a ray of Light radiating from it. These people are more attentive. For all of them everything is happening in a different way, because no two lives are alike, but the essence is the same: this time they havent missed their chance. Once a man has grasped the ray of Light by his awareness, he begins his search for it. The cause of many ordeals and wanderings, Laark, is that he is seeking the Light and the reason for its appearance outside, while this Light and its causes are inside, that is, in the Heart of man.

As a rule, for several more incarnations a man is marking the Gates of Mastership, turning his back on them, which today is the most common infection among people on the Path of knowledge. It is only necessary to turn the search efforts for a hundred and eighty degrees into the center of oneself, into the depths of ones Heartand there is no need to look for anything else! A Master lives right herecome in! The Force of a Master, Laark, is an effective Force, in contrast to the efforts of the seeker. A Master is already a Creator. The reason of his Creativityan Inspirationis nothing else than the Energy of the Cosmos. Millions of people will see and live by the Masters Light, but he alone will create the energy of Inspiration into the Light.

A Master is an Inspired Creator. To discover a Master within oneself is to come to ones own Heart and open it to the energy of the Cosmos. When a man succeeds in achieving thisthe Master is born, and further he is led by another forceInspiration.

A man can call himself a Master, that is, he can gain skills in a particular Creative Work, receive Initiation and many of its applicable tools from the hands of a True Master, or life itself in the Course of his advancement, but he will still remain a seeker. Only when the energy of Inspiration reaches his Heart that a True Master is born. Inspiration does not fall under the influence of the conventions of Earthly forms of existence; it just gives rise to Creativity. As for everything else, including the Earthly forms, in their pure state, they arise from this Creativity.

A True Master will not be able to assess his Creativity, because it has no price! Just how much would the Light of stars cost? Or the breathing of the ocean? A master only gives the orientations of his location in Space, and further it is the efforts of those who need His Creativity to advance. It is all quiet simple, but even this simplicity has been perverted by man beyond recognition. And the gold and currency hurricane continues its race, a raid on a small, yet not firmly established germs of Creativity of the Masters being born.

Humanity today has created all conditions for the germ of Mastership to be immediately deprived of the source of CreativityInspiration. Once a Master is born, the price tags are already pinned on His Creativity. So they are beginning to pull the Creator down to the bottom of the swamp of large-scale mass production, which is necessary to expand and replenish constantly. And again the Inspired Creator has ceased to exist, but instead another craftsman has appeared who put his so-called creative work on the conveyor belt of mass production. He is also carrying out certain type of activities increasingly expanding their boundaries. He only needs enough time to stake out his territory before anyone else like him, with his own admirers of his mastership, comes to take over the territory. It has now become the most dangerous disease and the most widespread psychosis. It is widespread because people gained access to many closed doors, and it is dangerous because the loss of the germ of Mastership in the Heart is barely noticeable, and the sleep that came after this, is very deep and prolonged, because a man is not searching for anything anymorehe already has everything. He has everything, except for one thingan Inspiration.

I showed you the brightest and most hidden points of the Path to Mastership. And it is happening now. More precisely, you will carry this knowledge, this energy to the disciples who will already come to you, Laark, for their Hearts and their modernity.

We will discuss the second question that you asked later, Laark, for it is a subject of a separate talk and of a different energy. It will happen as soon as you are ready for it.