RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

Volume One

Rodaina, Kiev, 2010


    People of the Earth!

    You asked for Freedom. We gave you Freedom.
    But only You became not free from your Freedom.
    You asked for Independence. We gave you Independence.
    But only You became dependent on your Independence.
    You asked for Wealth. We gave you Wealth.
    But only You became poor in Spirit from your Wealth.
    You shut your eyes to the revealed treasures of Knowledge,
    Declaring Knowledge the worst enemy of your Freedom,
    Independence and Wealth.
    So is it really necessary again to plunge humanity into the
    Abyss of poverty and turn it into slavery that You should return
    to the only reality of Life—the Spiritual Beginning.



— Appear as a Messenger to the World
Tell about its Insignificance
Affirm the Worthlessness of its Existence
Show its total Helplessness
But reveal the Bright outbursts of those who Dared
Who Rebelled against the Modern World. . . . . . . 22

The Movers of Evolution

— The Movers of Evolution
You who are Ardently Devoted to the Great Plan
Let not your Lights fade
Into the gray mist enveloping the Earth. . . . . . . . 24

Talk 1

— Awake, Sunny! Lift the veil that shrouded your Heart. Everything and everyone is waiting for you and only you, for your omnipotent and effective Power of a Creator. The Priests are ready to implement the Inscription. Rikl is calling you. . . . . . . 25

Talk 2

— It happened. The Human Race left the Earth. The Earth gaped open and closed, the Heavens quieted down. The city of the Main Abode, with its Palaces and Temples disappeared in the waters of the sea overflowing over its edge. The souls of the people, not so long ago being called Aiins—Creators, merging in the radiance of the Ray which came from the Abodes of Eternity, were carried away into the Cosmic Nothingness. . . . . 29

Talk 3

— On a Family of Aiins, which was inscribed to leave its planet, keeping its Awareness in purity and integrity, we can say only one thing. The High Priest of the Family of Aiins—Creators will be revealed to the planet Earth then and only then, when one of the Aiins, being incarnated in the form of this planet—in the human form, calls Rikl—a Human Being—the High Priest and his Teacher. Thus the Beginning will be established and the Inscription will be fulfilled. . . . 34

Talk 4

— What does the Watcher of the Light mean in the Cosmos?
— It is a Ray of the energy of the Unified Fire. This Ray is not the Fire itself, but nevertheless, it is the energy of the Fire and this is why. Having penetrated the Awareness, this Ray burns it. Awareness becomes Empty. This is a Great Emptiness in the Cosmos. The Emptiness of Awareness gives rise to a Watcher of the Light. Only Light can create a True Watcher, since only the Unified Fire is capable of creating Emptiness in Awareness, without violating its Integrity. . . . . 41

Talk 5

— People of the Earth! Protect the Moon, its integrity. It is the second harbor in the course of your incarnations required by your karma. Forget about the bases with nuclear weapons on its surface, the placement of radioactive wastes, deep invasion (drilling) into its interior. The Moon will not forgive you. It possesses a huge potential of energy that can influence the brain apparatus of many forms in the Cosmos, including man. . . 45

Talk 6

— So, my name is George. Four days of meditation and hard work with some literary sources in the hospitable house brought unexpected results. I knew what I had to do next. . . . 54

Talk 7

— Aiins! You saw an opportunity to carry the message—that which we talked about over the period 1995-1996—into the world, so I have to say to the people of this Planet: “Hello.” My word will be addressed primarily to you, Aiins, and those whose Hearts are ready to open to Creativity of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos. . . . 60

Talk 8

— The place where you stay is a powerful unit of the Earth and the Cosmos. It exists because of its wholeness. And people, who have realized even a millionth of the force that this place possesses, may stay in these energies, only being in a state of wholeness. . . . 71

Talk 9

— Man is the only place where entry in prohibited to man! This is the starting point, Son, for everyone who entered the Path of Creativity of Serving people through the people themselves, Serving people through collaboration with their souls. All the Teachers who went through the Path of Serving people, perceived this Truth, and only then their Path was revealed in the infinite Cosmos. Let me call it absence today. The absence is a first Gate of ascent, its first summit. . . . 73

Talk 10

— Teacher, tell me about the Dance of the Fire that You use in the Creativity of liberating people from their inveterate ills, and why some of our companions at the beginning of the Path called You a sorcerer or magician? Show me the Light of Truth in this. . . . 77

Talk 11

— “I am here and not here, I am everywhere and nowhere.”
Do you remember these lines? And this is not an invention of the poet, nor it is the fruit of imagination of an adroit crank. It does indeed take place in the Abodes of Creativity of the Truth. At the basis of Creativity lies the energy, which I call Absolute Attention. . . . . 81

Talk 12

— Teacher, what is love? What does True Love really mean? And why do you say that people have not yet realized what Love is, indeed people love, come into the world and die loving. Or am I wandering in the dark? Shed some Light on me, and illuminate the Path. . . . 85

Talk 13

— The theme of our conversation will be not the division into yang or yin, male or female, or neuter beginning. There are some group leaders who have successfully mastered these toys and skillfully courted “young” people, or rather their minds. I dare not even compete with them in this. I will give you, Laark, the Knowledge that a person needs on the Path to wholeness. There is an essence—principle within man inherent in the Earth and several other planets. This essence of life can be arranged as follows: acceptance—transformation, or rather, presence—return. . . . 92

Talk 14

— By knowing this symbol, Laark, it is possible—perhaps in the literal sense—to revive the physical body which is virtually dead with the condition of retaining the functions of the “blood circulation pump,” that is, the physical heart. . . . 96

Talk 15

— Man comes to Earth in order to become a Master. Master is the Creator of forms of Cosmic energy, or rather, he is the bridge between subtle, invisible energies of the Cosmos and denser, more palpable energies of the Earth. Every person that passes through a series of incarnations on Earth is potentially a Master, and the Course of his incarnations—is a Path to Mastership and Creativity in him. . . . 98

Talk 16

— The Teacher, Son, is the only existing Reality—Pure Energy—in the Eternal Cosmos. This Energy rarely visits the Earth in human form, where there is not even an empty Heart, for if there is emptiness, there is no Teacher. The sole Mission of a Human Teacher is the Existence of the form—a man. This moment is brief and always precise. . . . 102

Talk 17

— Today, Laark, we will continue to weave the thread of energy that you received in the last talk. A man cannot perceive the Teacher, but the Cosmos “foresaw” this, and occasionally His Pure Energy is manifested on Earth in a form similar to man. . . . 104

Talk 18

— And the first Gate—a Vision—is the establishment of a connection of the consciousness of man with his center. The quality of energy, or a constituent substance of the Abode of Vision, that is, the first stage of awareness, I will call Attention. . . . 109

Talk 19

— The second Gate on the Path of awareness of energy I will call Knowledge. A man discovered in himself the ability to see the reality, the energy. And then what? Where did he end up and what awaits him now in this vast ocean? . . . 113

Talk 20

— Rikl, our fellow brother, You are going ahead… The circle of Aiins Priests is the first step, but for you as the High Priest it is also the last. These games will remain on Earth for people. . . . 118

Talk 21

— The third Gate on the Path of awareness of energy I will call the Gate of Action. The man, who came to this Gate, already has the ability to see energy, is wise and knows much of what he sees, but he is still not a Master. . . . 120

Talk 22

— Fear is man’s inability to live free. I would call fear the lie that man tells to himself. There is no such energy as fear. But there is the energy of lie and ignorance. There is the energy of slavery and the convenience of staying in it. The man does not want to be Truly free, and calls it fear. . . . 123

Talk 23

— Teacher, tell me about the fact that You call the Three Worlds. What are these worlds, and whether the man has anything to do with it? — This is a great request, Laark; get ready for a long and deep immersion. I see that we will need more than one evening and night to make the journey. This theme is deep and exceptionally meditative, so prepare a ceremonial tea and let’s begin our Journey. . . 130

Talk 24

— Every interview is a ping-pong of two egos, workout for the mind. Those who participate in this process are not Travelers, they are athletes running and jumping. There is something else behind everything that happened to you. You saw the lie of the “spiritual” or esoteric World. You saw a lack of spirit in what is called spiritual. That is what is significant for you. . . 141

Talk 25

— The first thing you should realize is that Vision is not the fate of secret order, nor it is something that is accessible to those chosen by God, or even by someone else. As there is no God, so there aren’t those chosen by him. There is energy, and hence there is a chance to see it. I will say more: it is impossible not to see it. The reason for the darkness that swallowed the representatives of this civilization—is their mind or its more subtle manifestation—the ego. The man became a prisoner, a slave of one of the tools of his bearer, that is, the physical body. Because of the thick walls of the prison, erected by the mind, the man can neither see the Light nor can he see beyond his own nose… I heard your question—how and when did this happen? I heard this story. . . . 145

Talk 26

— I am you… This was the first Word of the Teacher’s Wisdom for the entire time of my Path in His energy. He didn’t say anything else, but from that moment on, a river of the energy of Wisdom began to flow through my center. . . . 152

Talk 27

— Mikao, what are symbols and their sounds? What do they mean? And what does it mean to be a Reiki Master?
— Both of these phenomena, Laark, are not something different, since one phenomenon flows from another. Symbols are the crystallized energy of the Teacher’s Fire—the Unified Cosmos, and the Master is the one whose Heart becomes the bearer of these crystals. . . . 158

Talk 28

— These things that I can talk to you about now people call by different names: a channel of communication, a channel of vision, a channel of communication with the Universal Mind, and so on. All these names are perfect nonsense, and now I can tell you this. . . . 167

Talk 29

— You know what the Teachers and the Master of the Light brought to the Earth, you see Their Light, and you are distressed by the fact of what their followers bear… I laugh, Laark, because I am glad to see you in such a state. It couldn’t have been otherwise, or else I would have suggested you go back into that world and start all over again… This division within you is the desire to tell the world what is really happening, where the spirituality of your home planet Earth is flowing, and where the leaders of these movements are holding their Path. It’s a suicide, Son. — I will show you the Truth and the point in Space, in which the esoteric world is today. I will call this professionalism in Esoterics. . . . 176

Talk 30

— This is the Abode of the Wisdom Keepers of the Unified Cosmic Fire, or the Unity Temple of the Cosmic Teachers. The workers of Heaven—the Keepers of energy of the Teachers of the Unified Fire—live and Work here. This is a kind of Shambhala. In the aura of the Earth, its Rays personify the Abodes of the Wisdom of Heaven and Temples of the Lords of Heaven and Earth. . . . 182

Talk 31

— Hello, Laark. Today, we will delve deeper and look closer at this issue. In order to make possible the next step, I’ll give you a method to get your physical body ready for it: this is the technique of the elements. At certain intervals you will allow all four elements of your Planet to pass through your center in the following sequence: Water—Air—Earth—Fire. It shouldn’t be difficult for you, since you are familiar with your center in the degree of interaction with it. . . . 189

Talk 32

— The wholeness of the person—is just a point in Space, where he becomes one with the Cosmos after reaching this point. — After reaching the state of Satori, or Enlightenment, it happens, but soon it is lost again, because awareness is not freed, but only highlighted by the Light of Fire, the Light of God… — Enlightenment is an Explosion. The complete liberation of the awareness of man occurs in the course of its process. — As a result of this Great Alchemy—the transformation of the Cosmos—the energy created a form—a human Creator, and returned from the Heart of man into the Cosmos as awareness, that is, as pure energy. . . . 201

Talk 33

— The Enlightened man is far from being the same as the Enlightened Master. Enlightenment in its essence is one and the same process. But after the liberation of awareness its interaction with the energies of the Cosmos proceeds differently. The essence of these energy reactions is the Science of the Cosmos. Bearers and Creators of this Knowledge are the Masters of Light. . . . . 209

Talk 34

— Today we will not change our orientation to the origins of Creativity of the Cosmic energies into the forms of the Earth. I will tell you about how the thought form is created and how the flesh is born on Earth. This is a crystal face of Cosmic Knowledge. I speak of the crystal, because the energy of this Knowledge has long been crystallized. . . . 217

Talk 35

— Now, we can begin our Journey… I will tell you about the fact that people call aura, Awareness, and about how life of the energies of the Earth and its inhabitants run its course. . . . 225

Talk 36

— Certain energies of the Beyond the Cosmos visited your Abode. The extraterrestrial entities are asking you to provide a form to one of their crewmembers. It means that one of you is going to provide his Heart to the awareness of the newcomer for adaptation in it. There is no choice, since at this point only one of you, except Rikl, is able to accept the Awareness unknown on Earth into his Heart. . . . 240

Talk 37

— The possibility of the creation of a channel, connecting the Earth World, Heaven World and Fire World has been revealed. The river of Knowledge of the Ray of the Unified Fire will flow through this wonderworking channel. The Ray of the Teacher, who has been gone from the Earth now and has not left the true bearers of His Fire. Porfiry Korneyevich Ivanov. Thus, they called Him on the Earth. The only Heart, who dissolved herself in Light of His Fire—a woman, whose name in the language of the people was in tune with the beautiful name of a flower—a Lily. . . . . 249

Talk 38

— For the Aiin there is no other path but the Path of unfolding of his own Creative Source, the Path to self Mastery, where he is located at the present moment, and the circumstances amidst which he dwells at the present moment, every moment of his life. Someone might say that this is impossible. A year ago, there was no possibility of having the Core of the Family, nor the Family, nor the Knowledge, which it received from the Cosmos, neither there was a possibility of having these talks with Laark. . . . 254

Talk 39

— We are going to the Abode of the Supreme Teachers, where Creativity in Union with Rajneesh awaits us. The people called him Osho… Take with you the silence of your Heart, and we are leaving right now. . . . 267

Talk 40

— By carrying out a unique in its simplicity surgery, the awareness of Laark with his consent and in the presence of witnesses (including a professional doctor) has been replaced by an awareness of Avetin—an alien from the bottomless depths of the Cosmos. Now we can continue this theme, expanding it in time from November 1996 to May 1998. . . . 280

Talk 41

— Laark remained in the Ray of Osho, and Avetin—in the temple of Rikl. While the Lords of the Seven Rays, Morya and Paul the Venetian, brilliantly carried out this act in Heaven and on Earth. The energy of Avetin was given the chance to be released, that is, the opportunity for Creativity. So, ‘Only God knows’ what we are going to do with you in my Temple, and call it part of the Creativity of Laark or anyone else would be an absolute absurdity. There is a Teacher, and there is a disciple. This is quite enough. . . . 289

Talk 42

— You are not Plutonians on the Path, or Proserpinians, nor you are Earthlings. You are the Core of the energy… of Aiins. You are an integral Core, like a small new Planet in the Cosmos. And the Path is your trajectory. Let these words of mine penetrate the Heart of each one of you and become henceforth an integrated part of your Core, the part of its body… This is the first beacon on your Path. . . . 297

Talk 43

— The Ray of pure Cosmic energy penetrates into the Heart—the center of the aura of the Initiate. The place of penetration of the strand of this energy is no thicker than a strand of hair (the exceptions are rare), and the Master sees this place. A man ready to take the Initiation, only designated this small section of his Heart. And when the Master sees it, he helps the man Empty his Heart, for only through absolute Emptiness can the pure Ray of energy be shed. Only after the Emptiness has been created in the Heart, the Master allows—through the most delicate surgery in the aura of a man—a Ray to penetrate into the Heart and the Initiation to happen. Initiation itself is only the entrance to a particular Creativity of the Cosmos. Next is the Path to Mastership. . . . . 299

Talk 44

— The Mastership Paths are unconditional, and the man who set foot on this Path, must learn to see in any work the possibility to achieve unconditionality of his Creativity. When a person sees it, all Work will be an integral part of his Creativity. There are some functions of Work as Guardian of the Path and I will show you each individually, so you can see the fullness and significance of Work of the Initiate in the life of the Earth. . . . 304

Talk 45

— Today I will talk to you, Son, about what happens to the aura of a person at the time of Initiation and beyond. Be extremely attentive, Avetin, for the talk will be about energy movement in the Initiation and its Laws. . . . 311

Talk 46

— Your name—Ilaana—means being Dissolved in the Truth. Your name—the Call of the Lord of the Ray of your Creativity—is the thread that connects Your Hearts. This is a true connection. . . . 318

Talk 47

— To convey the Truth of the Fire to a man, without loving him, without connecting—through your Empty Heart—a Man’s Heart to the Source of Love in Space—it is as if to build a castle of sand. If Love does not flow through your Heart, the repulsion of the human world will inevitably happen to you. It is inevitable, because you see the world clearly, with all its filth, foul-smelling ulcers of the virus, with all the brutality and violence inherent in the human world today—a world in which you are born to bring Light. If your Hearts are closed to Love, it means the Creator of the Fire on Earth has not yet been born in you, whoever you would have been in Space. . . 331

Talk 48

— People today know and widely practice the methods of influence on the mechanisms of certain parts of the form system, called the man. It is precisely just the parts, not the whole system in its entirety. Human knowledge, as a whole system of life of the Cosmos—is a lot of true Masters, and it is precisely in this Way that I will lead you through the Abodes of Wholeness. . . . 334

Talk 49

— Aura—is an energy formation or a bundle of energy that accompanies any Form from its inception (birth) until the time of departure (disincarnation) from the Forms of the Earth. . . . 348

Talk 50

— Information on Creativity of energy Diagnostics. . . . 353

Talk 51

— Your essence in the Cosmos—is the birth of the Watcher. This means: you need to create Spaces in the world, so we could lead people there, whose Seeds are ready to unfold to Creativity of Light on Earth. This is a Space where you should accept a man, clean the dirt and road dust off his clothes, brighten in his Heart a spark of Truth and open up access to Power for his future Path. . . . 358

Talk 52

— The book of so-called Belarusian transmitters—as they call themselves, N.V. Malyarchuk, U.Y. Artyukhova alarmed me. What is the matter? Ninety-five percent of the Truth is intertwined with five percent of the information laid down between shots, whose seeds are far from being white. The main archival sources—are the treatises of Alice Bailey, which were dictated by The Tibetan. This energy is well familiar to you in Space—laughing, smiling “good-natured” face with an absolutely cold and dried-up look. . . . 362

Talk 53

— Yes, Father, you are right. I am going to ask you directly. What is “the end of the World” referred to by the prophets of the past and present, and what is in store for modern human civilization of Earth? . . . 372

Talk 54

— Hello, Avetin. Let your question serve as occasion for our talk and become the created Space of our Creativity. The fact is, Son that this civilization on Earth has not yet experienced in the Course of its evolutionary development the Creativity of the Fire. Therefore, in order for me to have a chance to show you just like this, in form of a talk, what is the space of Creativity of the Fire on Earth, I should start my explanation not with the forms of the Earth, but with more subtle forms of energy, not perceived by ordinary human vision. And the forms of energies, not just those that are not included in the space of the Earth’s aura, but also those that are far beyond its borders. . . . 381

Talk 55

— Father, the energy you sent me does not leave me alone. Who is the Master of the Fire? This might be a premature question, but I had to ask. — The Master of the Fire—is the one who is Aware of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos, Knows It and Acts in It. . . . 391

Talk 56

— Prayer is the Key to enter the Kingdom of God, My Father. And you have entered.
—The Judgment of God is the Resolution in the Truth.
And He is the Truth, One and Indivisible. . . . . 405

Talk 57

— Life on Earth became a mere show. Love became a play, and death became a play. Actors began to expand the stages of their theaters, turning living Planet into a decoration for this never-ending spectacle. The Path from incarnation to incarnation became a change of costumes and makeup. Evolution transformed into degradation. . . . 418

Talk 58

— This story is being written at a time when Mikhail Bulgakov already wrote his novel Heart of a Dog a long time ago, and its main character Mr. Sharikov, having danced the “Red Army tap-dance” before a distinguished audience, disappeared forever. — Our conversation will have a specific name: ZOOFF. . . . . 429

Talk 59

— Dr. Mikao spent half his life to bring the Light of Reiki energy to the Earth, and you want to buy this gift for the money… Here is one of the main reasons that the energy of the “Holly Spirit ” has left the Earth. . . . 453

Talk 60

— I took the liberty upon myself to give an answer in this genre to the sisters of the “Sovereign Parvati,” that of “Exodus,” right after the expedition to the Altai, where I was performing tasks that stood before me and was watching the “ascension,” which never took place. . . . 462

Talk 61

— Our word is about the military operation “Desert Storm.” We will discuss about what happened while it was being carried out. The main point is that the operation itself was successful in terms of loss of human life for American troops. But what happens to the participants of this operation now, years later, has become a problem of the nation. . . . 483

Talk 62

— Rikla has already written in the Fourth Volume of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos that up to 30 percent of the total negativity of the lower etheric plane of the planet Earth is concentrated over the European continent. . . . 489

Talk 63

— The United States will now prepare global public opinion for the imposition of a new wave of expansion in the spheres of repartition of the world.
— The terms of the war are dictated not by Bin Laden, but by a certain Madamå called “depression” that has clearly emerged in the US economy. . . . 495

Talk 64

— Politicians, scientists, philosophers, and reporters convey to you the physical aspect of the ongoing developments in Iraq, in the World, on the Planet. I will show the energy aspects of the Whole under the title “The War in Iraq.” . . . 499

Talk 65

— It has all been said before but I will repeat it again:
To turn the Mausoleum into a pile of rubble
And scatter it all over the Russian land!
To burn the Body (Teraphim) and scatter the ashes.
In that place to build a Pyramid
of Thirty Three Meters of white marble.
Of Golden Section.
Or to plant Cedars as an octagonal Star,
Which is absolutely equivalent. . . . . . . . 503

Talk 66

— So, it was due to certain circumstances that I happened to send two sets of the Warrior of the Light newspaper, whose study led me, to a certain extent, into confusion. I am only pretending! We are aware of the fact that Ms. L. Shaposhnikova is snatching the Cultural Heritage of Helena and Nicholas Roerich. The International Roerich Center under the leadership of this lady has never been a bright spot on a dark background of the painting under the title Contemporary Civilization. It is quite the opposite! As a protege of the B.B., Ms. Shaposhnikova had been working tirelessly to destroy the Works of Helena and Nicholas Roerich family. The highest goal of “The Queen of Spades” is to disrupt the connection of times and to destroy the Great Heritage that belongs to Russia. If there is no Heritage, then there is no connection between generations. And there is no unforgettable Labor of the Lords. The disintegration of the Roerich Society is absolutely inevitable. Only a few keep the Fire burning in their Hearts, while preserving the purity of the Teachings. But here is the relevant question: Where are they? . . . . 509

Talk 67

— Try to create a device that would make Your Heart beat in Unison with the Hearts of the Lords, Gurus, and Masters of the Fire. After spending many lifetimes, you will come to the Conclusion that only the Heart, which transmits the Thought of man through itself in absolute Purity, is the Driving Force of Evolution. Therefore, it is necessary to improve not the Devise, but your Thought and Word. . . . 513

Talk 68

— Go to the mountains, go to the taiga, alone, for three years and try to survive. This talk can give you the power for the explosion. But you are hardly capable of doing that. Don't take the time away from Rikla, you better keep yourself busy. Stop running away from yourself. Your Shadow won the first fight. Get out into the nothingness as is recommended, then the Shadow will lose. With the score "one to one," there is a strong chance that you will realize your Essence. Only then can you begin to think about the Path. . . . 516

Talk 69

— Analysis! Analysis! Analysis! There is no Chela without it nor there is a Master. Everything is interconnected. I continue to work with literally a mere handful of people who can evaluate what is going on with them in My Aura and build on this the foundation of Spiritual Formation. . . . 518

Talk 70

—I always have something to tell you, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. The existence of man on Earth stands upon three pillars: Life—Consciousness—Thought. This is a microfactor. But all the same is transferred to cosmic understanding of the construction of the whole Existence. This is a macrofactor. If we violate one of the suggested aspects, the whole chain breaks down, and then the disintegration of consciousness occurs, after which the forms of thinking completely change, and as a consequence, all human life undergoes significant changes. . . . . 520

Talk 71

— Philosophical movement in the Spirit is not for Rikla and his followers. It is boring, like a beaten road in the middle of the faded landscape, although the result is certainly possible. . . . . 527

Talk 72

— Anopova decides the fate of the Planet and its forms at the congresses, forums and meetings in the best tradition of bloated bureaucrats of all systems of the state. While Everything is being solved in the Spheres so far away from the human understanding of the Fire, it is worth thinking about why the Lords and Mahatmas so rarely descended from their High Mountain Laboratories and Temples into the social environment. . . . . 529

Talk 73

— Grigori—is one of those who came—was born before his time—obviously, voluntarily. He is a representative of a New Race. — 1000 rubles for the entrance to Grobovoi, just a little more and you can become a distributor of the teachings of Grigori. Hundreds and thousands come to him. They pay, and then spread his teachings; then thousands more people come. So it turns into a pyramid—a financial Pyramid, disguised as a Spiritual activity. — The modernized gift of the creator bears an entirely commercial nature. . . 533

Talk 74

— Looking back into the past, I, the human Rikla, have been asking the Master Rikla the same question for many years already. Why hasn’t he given a full, objective assessment of “spiritual” activity of G. Grobovoi yet? But I cannot find the answer. Apparently, the Master knows quite a lot, and it makes him keep silent for such a long period of time. Perhaps the situation is not ripe, and surgical intervention would be a premature factor in our—so far not so simple—relationships. But everything has a tendency to end, even the silence of the Master. . . . 544

Talk 75

— Dedicated to All Who Betrayed. . . . . 556