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Talk 19


The second Gate on the Path of awareness of energy I will call Knowledge. A man discovered in himself the ability to see the reality, the energy. And then what? Where did he end up and what awaits him now in this vast ocean?...

The only way out for a man, with no Master beside him working cratively in this Abode, is to search him all over the Earth having lost peace and sleep. Otherwise he will loose himself! Not his ego, quite the opposite, he will loose the thread connecting him with his Heart, with his True Self. Ego, personality and mind will receive such energy that their power over a man will be stregthened in their positions more firmly and permanently.

Why is this happening and why spiritual vision affects a person in such a way that it becomes detrimental and destructive to the person in the absence of a Master? And here is why. Sometime, somewhere in the space of the Earth there existed human civilizations, to which the spiritual vision was a more normal phenomenon than eyesight for modern people. A modern day Earthman remembers this ability of his body, so anyone without exception can have a spiritual vision today, however, there is a great distance between this present point in space and the one in the past, and a man has undergone tremendous changes and not in his favor. He became a slave, a prisoner of his own mind. It is dangerous and destructive to give a million to a beggar, it is dangerous and detrimental to give the throne to a slave, it is dangerous and detrimental to give the knowledge and many abilities back to a man today, living him one-on-one with them. Unfortunately, this modernity is unique in the scale and sophistication of suicide. It became possible to open ones third eye for the money, one can learn to be a clairvoyant for the money, one can not only get acquainted with the self-conscious energy for the money, but by paying a certain amount of money designated by the master one can receive the levels of opportunities for interaction with this energy. And if one saves or makes enough money at the expense of the same energy, then in a few weeks, or even hours he can become a master and begin churning out the seeing ones like the Buddha statuettes on an assembly-line in the foundry. Each statuette is an equivalent of a certain amount of wealth designated by the master

Does this sound funny to you, Laark? Sure, of course, this is absolute nonsense, but those who work their way out of it and pay by the new terms of their imprisonment are in no mood for laughter. If nobody stops this wave of irresponsibility for the lives of the people, to whom the immense driving force is distributed without limitations, the humanity will be carried away by this force into such deep labyrinths of the mind and ego that it will become virtually impossible for the humanity to find its true seed in it. And how does one achieve it? Where is the exit? There is an exit. It is the Gate of True Knowledge. To be conscious of the energy is not only to be aware of its existence and witness it. But it also means to have the ability to distinguish its essence, that is, its nature and laws of its existence. Without the help of the Master or the Light of the Teacher, it is impossible to rise to this level, or more precisely, it is possible in only one case: if this Creativity manifests itself in the Mission of a man and gives birth to an Enlightened Master. But it is the Path of only a few of the myriad of human incarnations, in most other cases, the Master himself leads a man to Mastership or Adeptship, on rare occasionsthe Teacher.

I can hear your question, LaarkReiki

This Creativity is on a par with the mass psychosis. Very soon Reiki will leave Earth in the form in which Dr. Usui brought it back to the Earth. Only a few people have managed to come to the source of Mastership, managed to grasp only some of the subtleties of Creativity, the nature of this energy. But today they are also no longer able to get out of this clinic and continue the thread of Creativity of the most refined person, Dr. Mikao Usui.

It is not Reiki that has now become a Great Power, but now money has become a great power.

Why should anyone have the need to create? It is enough to invite Reiki and it will do everything itself. And a person will only have to observe the correct equivalent. In fact, there is nothing, apart from laziness and greed, without investing ones own labor, behind this so-called creativity of todays so-called masters. Today Reiki is explored to the level of craft, low-grade craft, and so let it be. Mastership is out of the question today. A collapse is inevitable even under the laws of the Earth, its current universal order. You cannot sell something that does not belong to you with impunity. And those who do not see this and continue to remain in it drive themselves into the arms of this collapse. But so be it However, forgive me, what energy? What vision? What knowledge? What do you mean, ladies and gentlemen? Pardon me

To make the first step towards the Gates of Knowledge is to give oneself and ones new state up to the Master.

A man brings himself and what happens within himself to the Masters Abode without expecting the Master to pinpoint and spoon-feed him everything. person will need to do it all himself and the Master will only lead him through places where it may be possible. Seeing and being aware of reality, the essence and energy, a man is lost in the ocean of its diversity and originality of forms. The first thing the Master does is to set out flags and guidelines. With the help of flags, he surrounds a mans space so that he wouldnt get himself into the whirlwind of energies, not inherent in his human nature and his seed. Further, as the man settled into this new perception of the world, the Master and disciple together embark on a journey across the boundless ocean in search of unique individuality of the disciples future Adeptship. The Master sees the disciples seed and at the first stage of their joint journey he creates situations in which a disciple would also be able to see it, to realize what prevents sprouting of the seed into a tree of Creativity. And gradually, painstakingly, patiently and persistently the disciple begins to clear plaque and soot from his Heart. He is now aware of the energies, and he has already gone through the initial experiences, allowing him to perceive the distinctive features of some of them. And to the extent of purification, the disciples heart begins to sparkle increasingly more brighter. The Master brings the disciple closer to his own energy center, so that the disciple could catch its breath, and to become aware of his own Heart and the energy that makes up its essence. Thus his perception becomes more refined and at some point a man begins to see and becomes aware of the energy and is able to easily recognize the distinctive features of everything he sees. His Heart becomes the main prism of his and only his perception, which is already being nourished by the energies themselves. Thus his Heart acquires the radiance of purity and strength. Now, a disciple may sayThis is mine, while that is notfor he is already able to discern which energies are close to the essence of his own Heart and which are not.

In those subtlest and most persistent efforts of purification of ones own Heart, the first aspects of knowledge of the essence of the nature of energy and the laws of the flow of energy in space become manifest. The Master creates more subtle and more profound situations, and the disciple lives his life to the extreme by going through these situations. Now there are no flags and no guidelines any more. The beacon burns in the very center of manin his Heart. The Master shows his own experiences to the disciple; the disciple, by relating to what was shown to him by the Master, that is, letting the energies of what he saw and became aware of pass through his Heart, perceives their true essence. There comes a time when every moment of existence is perceived by man through his Heart. This is a paramount moment! It is precisely at this point that the unfoldment of the Path of Creativity of the future Master occurs. From the endless stream of energies, completely surrounding the human Heart, owing to an attractive, inviting counter-flowing energy of the man himself, which I call Wisdom, small crystallized particles of certain energies are attracted and become attached to the sheath of the Heart itself. These grains are the first grains of Knowledge that are unique to only this Heart, and only this individuality. When they meet a certain number, the Path of a Master Creator is reveled, but he still continues to be a disciple on the Path of awareness of energy.

There is also the Third Gate, but until the man enters and perceives the essence of this Abode, the true Master is impossible. We will talk about that Gate and that Abode next time.

Thank you, Teacher. I will be silent and patient.

Be blessed, Laark, as is blessed and joyous your labor