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Talk 21


The third Gate on the Path of awareness of energy I will call the Gate of Action. The man, who came to this Gate, already has the ability to see energy, is wise and knows much of what he sees, but he is still not a Master. He cannot act, that is, to Create in this new capacity. The Master, first of all, is the Creator of forms of energy on Earth. It is impossible to teach someone to act; one can only enter into the course of action, or to grow into it. The Master gives the disciple only the energy for it in the form of the disciples own actions, or in the form of additional tools. One of these tools can be an unfoldment, the release of the center of the vortex energy in the aura of a person, the so-called third eye. In this case, a person can absolutely see the aura of everything, in which it is inherent. Some of these tools can also be the pointsthe receivers of energy, located at the centers of the palms or fingertips, to which the Master returns the absolute sensitivity; or these can be the points that the Master opens to the flow of the energies of our disembodied Brothers living in the so-called Abodes of Knowledge. Tools are not the issue here, for there are a great variety of them. The issue is, where, at what point in space and in what condition the disciple currently iswhether his integral nature or the vital centers of the body may have suffered damage, or his ego may have swelled with the energy like yeast; the other issue is whether he may have suffered mentally. All this and much more are expected to be discovered by the Master and to be brought into conformity, into wholeness, before he turns the disciples face toward the Gates of this Abode. It takes years of patience and hard work. Only when a person becomes integral, he is able to enter into the Abode of Action and take the first step. Chilling Winds and Raging Fire meet the person from the first moments of entering the Abode of Action. He thought that he was a Master, as it turned out his greatest Creation was only the ability to see the Master with clarity and precision, leading him under his protective and cozy cloak. If a person tries to defend himself from these troubles by the immature fruits of Creativity, then he is dead. Only a few survive, but they survive at the cost of many rounds of additional incarnations. Why? Ego drives such individuals, and while a person is in the process of getting rid of his own ego, he manages to wind the extra ten incarnations.

There is another Path, another starting point for passing this Gateit is the work, the usual work of a man in his every ordinary day. If you were a woodcutter, protect your future Creativity by the labor of the woodcutter. If you were a builder, let the labor of the builder be your defense, the dwelling of the Creator. All that you know how to do is good enough so that this work could create the conditions necessary for the maturation of your Creativity. All is good but one thing, that is, the most unprotected and immature skill your future Adeptship.

This is the first step, but it implies the subsequent Path through the Abode of Action. The man begins by creating a Temple of his Creativity. The wellspring has been found, now he needs to create conditions in which he would not turn into ice cubes or just a swamp, but he could carry his miraculous power to the people. Once a person sees this and starts to build this Temple, he comes close to the Abode of his Adeptship.

Initially, this Temple becomes a laboratory for his Heart. The man now sees and knows the true purpose of his work and he becomes self aware and joyous. He devotes his entire being and his Heart to his work and grows into a Creator. The energy of creation dissolved the sheath of a mans Heart in a certain place and penetrated inside. The process of formation of a Great Emptiness in the Heart of man began. The energy, easily passing through the Heart of man, receives the absolute and perfect forms, which means that the person is now aware of this energy! Thus, the disheveled clairvoyant transformed into the True Creator, and a Master was born. Now he sees, knows and acts in it. Neither wind nor Fire can destroy the Temple of his Creativity, the Temple itself grew out of this Creativity, though in was built by means of ordinary human skills. And now the Master is not looking for ways to survive or those who need the fruits of his Adeptship. All of this happens by the will of the same energy, at the behest of the same Cosmos, like the alternation of day and night, like a gust of wind, the light of the starts, or the breath of the Ocean. Everything is harmonious, and the Masteris the Creator of this Harmony.

There will be an Empty Heart, and the Light of the Abode of the Fire, the dissolution in Him, in the One but these are already other milestones and other pages

Thank You, Teacher It seems as if I had been to some amazing, dazzling and enchanting country.

This country is your Heart, Laark. I only turned and directed your vision and attention there.

Let Your Path be Blessed!

Blessed be the Path of any Master, the True Creator!