RIKLA Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume 5
Rodaina, Kiev, 2011


      The World needs Sacrifices otherwise the World cannot exist.
      The Sacrifice of some is the Life of others.
      It has always been so, the greater the Sacrifice, the more powerful and significant the Life that it gave rise to.
      There will come a time when the earthly humanity will become the Sacrifice that will give rise to a new Life in the Universe.
      The Eternity sacrifices itself, giving rise to time. We do not know the Sacrifice of Eternity. We accept it as a fact of Life.
      The Cosmos sacrifices itself, breaking up into universes and galaxies, planets and the human being himself. We do not know the price of Sacrifice of the Cosmos, for the life that is given by this Sacrifice separates us from the understanding of that which is eternal.
      The World sacrifices itself for the sake of human life.
      What sacrifice does a man make for the sake of preservation of life of the World?..



Only Love can turn the Wheel of Universal Life, since the Divine Principle does not possess Power. Power is all that is below. Love is all that is above. In combination, they give what is below so is above. The ancients knew this, but our contemporaries lost it, as they broke away from one of the principles Love 70


The Talks of the Lord

The White News

There are things that are irreversible, existing beyond the bounds of choice, above life and death. As day turns into night, as life culminates in death, so will the earthly humanity go into non-existence, for nothing can stop the flow of eternity. The people become seized by fear. They are not ready to Sacrifice themselves for the sake of Something unknown to them, for the man has grown accustomed to the idea that all existence, from the unconscious particles of nature to the Cosmos itself, sacrifices itself for his Life 73

The White Felt

Buddha gave compassion. Jesus gave compassion.
Mohammad waged wars. Akbar waged wars.
Sergius gave forgiveness. Seraphim gave forgiveness.
Rikl went away from all that. He chose a new Path 76

The News of the White Shaman

The humanity is doing its utmost
to make that which is Irreversible happen.
Rikl surrounded the Stauros by a fiery ring.
The fiery wall is unbreakable.
You Darkness! Try to pass.
You were forgiven for the Father.
You were forgiven for the Son.
You will never be forgiven for the Mother 78

A Talk for the Initiated

Without the Right to Choose

After all that has happened to me during these four years, I know I am not afraid to die, I am more afraid to stay alive.

When the fear of death goes away, death becomes liberation from suffering. To conquer death, you need to stop being afraid of it. To conquer life, you need inexhaustible strength for the ongoing eternal struggle 171

A Dialogue

Teacher, how does the Universe differ from the human stupidity? ... 212


The Philosophy of Consciousness

Chapter I

The Cyber-Man

In a remote corner of the Infinite Cosmos in the laboratories of the Black Brotherhood, there has been invented a formula of destructive rhythm (ZP code), the vibrations of which are aimed at the destruction of the rhythm foundation of the Milky Way Galaxy. There is an attempt to recode into the ZP system the creative vibrations of the planetary communities, constellations, galaxies, and most importantly, the reason/intellect that participates in realization of evolutionary programs. Since the Earth is one of the first on the blacklist for the enslavement of the creative principle, then its inhabitants are being subject to more stringent, massive influences. Today, three quarters of the worlds population are affected by the ZP virus 295


The Parable of the Ravens

Today, the White and Black are on one side, for they both hear the space, and the humanity is on the other, for it is blind and deaf to the entreaties of the Creator 455


Only a certain proportion of the worlds humanity, whose consciousness will develop the formula of Interferon of the fourth dimension, will be able to cross the threshold of the end of the world and be reborn to a new Earth in the form of Homo sapiens 456


The sixteen Earth years were spent in the relentless struggle of the Newcomer with human infirmity, and now This morning, on this fateful day for the inhabitants of the Earth, He will have to declare to them the Will of the White Cosmic Brotherhood, carrying the News from the fourth dimension into the third 458


Close is the one who knows the Name 460

The Thoughts of the Master Stone in the Valley of YARLu

Devoid of spiritual principles, the humanity will hang between the worlds of the living and the dead. The physical flesh will remain living, but the consciousness will fall into a dead sleep 462