RIKLA «Milestones of Fiery Achievements»

Volume Four
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009


      By rejecting the particular we reject the Whole. Even when we reject evil, we separate and we reject the Whole, for evil as well as good, is manifested only as part of a Unified Whole in this world. Both good and evil, like beauty and ugliness we must take into ourselves, for these are just diverse manifestations of our inner nature, taking shape in the outer world.
      We all exist simultaneously within Everyting and Everyting within us. All images and reincarnations are merged into a single Face, as all times—past and future—are lived simultaneously in the present. So for us there is no tomorrow, as something that has not yet happened, nor yesterday, as something that has already passed, for they exist within us here and now.




Talks of the Lord

Aphorisms of the Master Rikla

— Do not identify yourself with the world of forms. But do remember that you are the part of it. Then you connect the Time and the Eternity within yourself. . 23

— The Wisdom that is clothed in words—is dead (mortal).
The Wisdom that is clothed in action—is alive (eternal). . . . 33

Black Apple

— It is fall. Novices gathered the fruit, and only on one apple tree, to which Rikla set off barefoot, a cluster of apples is hanging there. — One apple, apparently, fully ripened, was absolutely BLACK. Rikla picked exactly this apple and began to eat. . . . . 35

The Call

— There was a Call, and the man heard It, for he was ready. The tension, into which Rikla has introduced him, so heightened the sensitivity of D. to the perception of the subtle currents of energy of the Teacher’s Creativity that he was able to transcend the sacred boundaries. Next he had to transcend his human nature, but this did not happen. For in that moment when the energy of the Call has touched the Heart of D., he THOUGHT. . . . . 37

The Fate of Freedom

— People asked for Freedom. We gave them Freedom.
But only they’ve become not free from their Freedom. . . . . 41

Aiina’s Findings

— The Magnet of Cepheus. Less than a week has passed since its establishment, when a huge meteorite fell on Altai soil. It is impossible to comprehend the idea of the Lord. We can only stand in awe and silently perceive the Flow. Pines are the carriers of energy in the new place of Power, planted specifically. . . 42

Once Again About the Known…

— “Oh, you, people-people, the creators of distress! You are your own enemies—villains, you are the most sworn enemies of your own freedom.
And if so, then do not dare to complain about the lack of freedom and at a cruel fate. No one hears your complaints and tears. All this is tested, by the bitter poison drunk to the bottom. And now I will say the unkind truth to all: if the vernal sun is not a miracle for you—then the entire great world is a lifeless desert for you. If in innumerable joy of a living life you do not hear the breathing and blessing of God—the whole universe is a cramped dungeon for you.” . . . 55

Testament of the Master Rikla
To All Succeeding Generations

— DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATEAU UKOK (BLUE SKY), which is in Altai. Otherwise the disastrous consequences await Russia and not only Russia. . . 61

Subtle Plane of the Book by Barbara Marciniak
“Bringers of the Dawn”

— For this statement I bear full responsibility before any instances of the Cosmos. — Aliens do not even hide their intention: to bring one’s Being (consciousness, intellect) through the assimilation with the Earthmen to a higher level. — Primates and Reptiles clear the space for their existence through the depressively deformed forms of human consciousness, in this particular instance—of Barbara Marciniak. . . 62


— Evil Forces do not originate Outside of man. Evil Forces live Inside, being discharged outside by the impotent consciousness of man. . . 64

Legend—True Story

— And then the owl flew to the court of community and issued its ominous night cry. At the same moment as if some unseen force raised Smutian out of bed and sent him to the coveted sword. . . 65

A Lie

— Truth exists regardless of whether a person wants to know it or not. A lie is born and multiplied with the desire and the permission of the person himself. . . 72

Hello, Rikla!

— The essence of the question: all the teachers, the masters say: “Observe, Realize.” That’s understandable, but when I observe myself, or anything within myself, there appears disunity, tension, and I do not know what is the reality: the one who observes or what is observed. . . 76

What is the Reality?

— Reality—the Truth can be perceived only in its entirety, contradiction and ambiguity. But could someone and someday see the beginning and end of what we call Truth? No… —And yet. Where is it—a Reality? . . 77

Spatial Poison

— . . .the effective means of defense and resistance to energy weapons do not exist in the world. The most advanced military bases of the leading powers will not save people from the energy forms of influence. . . 81

Camp Fire and Man’s Thoughts

— When Rikla was just about to go into his reclusive tower, one of us said a very strange sentence, as if sending it to nowhere, but looking closely at the Teacher:
— Here the wood burned down, and the fire disappeared. But where did it go? Where did it come from and where did it go? . . 89

(Sri Chinmoy)

— On October 11, 2007, seventy-seven year old Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghoshe died in New York City. During one of the planned activities of the spiritual educator, in his own restaurant, his legs became paralyzed, and a few hours later he had a massive heart attack, his heart couldn’t take it. —Here’s a question: how the holiness of Chinmoy could physically exist in this stinking metropolis like New York? . . 92


— Without malice on my part, I take it upon myself to argue that world sectarianism of mass poisoning of the consciousness of foolish mankind has suffered very, very significant damage. Maharishi, or rather his soul is sealed up for the whole cosmic period, it’s awful. The spirit of the deceased will serve as material for the formation of new forms of the Cosmos. It’s just a drop, but… . . 95

The Sacred Font

— Having ascended into Nirvana, which hospitably opened its Gates to the Saint, Baba Virsa Singh entered the Kingdom of Earthly Deities only to greet his Brothers and drink some of the cool water from the well of Knowledge of the Holy Abode. And… . . . 100

What is a Miracle?

— Hence, a Miracle for you is Something that is outside of your abilities—outside the sphere of consciousness. And the farther this miracle is from the boundaries of the scope of your consciousness, the more dignified and important it appears to your own consciousness. Is this true? . . . 101

Space Debris

— Master! In conversations with disciples you often use the phrase “space debris.” We often speculate about what could some of your expressions mean, and what relationship they may have to the paths of the spirit. . . . 104

A Dialog

— Where is the presence of the Master indicated in a person’s life, which is a symbolic representation of the circle? — The Master—is the emptiness that fills the circle. It cannot be touched in the confirmation of the fact that it is there, but it’s also impossible to deny its existence, since the circle is life, and the center of the circle—is the person. . . 107

Advertising pillar!

— Initially, in the text of the Talk “To Be” were laid a few tips that Zor Alef—is the Advertising Pillar, to which Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and the Great Sufis stick their teachings, giving, eventually, “unified teachings,” systematized according to logic, constructed by the brain of a young man, so tediously and affectedly broadcasting from the stage. . . 109

“The Epoch of Cross”

— For the first time the term “The Epoch of the Equilateral Cross” sounded from the pages of Rikla’s books The Fire of the Unified Cosmos and Milestones of Fiery Achievements. . . 115

Facts for Thought or Signs of the Times

— We, the readers of Your books and followers of Teachings of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos have a very definite opinion about Your Mission. Please explain:
— Why do You reject the Obvious—the Signs of the Space, so clearly addressed to Your from Time. . . 119

Darkness and Ignorance

— Father, do you really separate these concepts: Darkness and Ignorance?
— Darkness exists independently from man, being an integral part of the universe. Ignorance—is a formula of degradation of human consciousness, generated by the man himself. Isn’t it clear? . . . 125


— Equilibrium does not always mean Equality, and Equality does not always mean Equilibrium. . . 127

Hello, Father!

— Please accept for the needs of the Family the keys to the apartment in N city at the following address: **. Use the apartment as long as you want at your own discretion. . . 131

Hidden Milestones of the Paths of White Brotherhood

— In the Altai village Kuyus there is a stone with an image of an ancient Symbol of the Trinity. Locals call it the “Three suns,” and consider it miraculous. —We Affirm! This Symbol was once hand engraved by the ancient Masters during their quest for the mythical Belovodye. . . 133

“Fire of Rikly”
Article from «Moscow Komsomolets in Nizhny Novgorod» newspaper

— There is a recruitment of adherents of a secret religious sect in the libraries of Nizhny Novgorod. . . 135

The Mahatmas Speak

— Slander is the fuel for the fire of feat. Slander is only inconvenient for everyday actions of modernity, but in a historical perspective the flame of slander is the most colorful. And without slander the grateful humanity would have buried the most striking phenomena. . . 143

The People Speak
Essay about the Abode of the Fire

— The Abode of the Fire is ahead of a backward society. It enriches the society with its reviving Fire. It is the soulful support to the Fatherland, which determines the orbit of the optimum Fiery experience, the organic assimilation of Fire. . . 143

Rikla Speaks

— Humanity stubbornly continues to deny any involvement in its own degradation. The pages of the following articles stink with corpse poison of the epoch: “Fire of Rikly” authored by Oxsana Olshanskaya from Moscow Komsomolets in Nizhny Novgorod newspaper, dated June 25-July 2, 2008, and “Chanting the chakras” authored by Svetlana Budilkova from Adolescence magazine (Yaroslavl) No. 19, dated 04.05.2005. . . . 148


George Grebenstchikoff

The Prelate’s Path

— There is a Jewish man who regularly visits me and keeps asking me to convert him to Christianity… And I keep telling him: you will get spoiled, and fancy that you are better than anyone else… No, you better stay in your own faith. The priests have changed so much now that you’ll end up losing your faith in God. . . 149
* G. Grebenstchikoff: Messenger. Letters from Pomperaug, M., 1996

Hello, Matushka Yusna!

— In the current year 2008, I was fortunate to attend a concert in Omsk, where the girls, now a theater “Yusna”, performed a concert. They are just so great that have created such a program and travel through Russia’s cities. Finally, the actors on the stage have human faces and sincere, kind, and meaningful eyes! So much sincerity and warmth they give to the audience! . . . 159

Dedicated to the Son

— You who came into this world from the womb of the Mother
You who decided to incarnate again on the Earth
It is You My Son who will carry the Banner of the White Lotus. . 165

Hello, Teacher!

— Please accept me as your disciple. . . 166

I REFUSE! Categorically. . . 167

Built-in Closet and a Disciple

— The Path! Grakhov, is not determined by kilometers and the time spent to overcome them. The Path! Grakhov, is determined by the Achievements of the Spirit! . . 170

Aphorisms of the Master

Master’s Silent Talk to His Disciple
— The Master—is not a schoolteacher. He does not set a goal to teach people something. You can teach a person how to cook soup, mop the floor or to speak a foreign language, but you cannot teach anybody to live in holiness. . . 175



Master’s Talks from 2006

— The Master—is a Mirror in which the man sees his true reflection. The man thinks that he sees and knows the Master, but he (the man) is under a severe delusion, for through the Mirror—Master he can see and know only his own self. —The Master reflects only what man radiates into outer space. . . 189



The Sword and the Fire!

— Rikla immersed his Sword into the kindled Fire, and the molten white steel began to flow to the Earth, forming an Equilateral Cross with the last drop.
And the White Temple sprung up on that Cross. Out of the crowd, which long ago became silent and drew back from the Fire, there stepped out the man and openly looking at Rikla said: —You Fools! He came to Create Life. . . 215


—When the Mother sees in the Daughter a Mother When the Father calls the Son a Father Then all rivers will merge into a single Stream Then the Fiery Family will be born in the Eternal. . . 217

The Curtain is Open

— The Secret of Christ is in the earthly Stone. Stone keeps the Secret of the birth of Maitreya. Stone (Earth)—Man—Man—Earth (Cosmos) The Chain of Cosmic Birth is set into motion by Rikla.
Maitreya is upon the Earth! . . 218


— In the dense forests and mountains, where a century ago, a human foot had trod, Rikla will lay down a new Sign of the Epoch that has arrived. He will create not one, but a living Mandala, connecting it with the Cosmic Magnet. Rikla will not show the way to the Magnets, only the long-awaited Pilgrim, who came to revive the Belovodye preserved in epics, can find them “by accident”. . . 227



The Secrets and Legends of the Cosmos

A Tale about the Time

—This was before the Beginning of all Times, for time itself did not exist yet. —The Great Dragon Atiosh was flying through the empty Cosmos, when a little speck of dust got into his right nostril. — Atiosh stopped, took a deep breath and, turning his head to the right, sneezed furiously. . . 233

The Cosmic Magnet

— Teacher, will you tell me by whom and when was the Cosmic Magnet created? — Daughter! This happened long before the birth of our Universe, at the time when the entire Cosmos was dead and still. — Father! Could this be possible? How strange, Teacher, to hear you say the word “dead” in regards to the Cosmos itself. . . 238

To Earthmen on Proserpine

— “In connection with all that was just said, it is impossible not to mention also about the Proserpine. Although this planet is considered hypothetical, many astrologers still take it into account.” . . 258

And this Was from Me…

— Once the Teacher “led” a group of Proserpinians back “home” to their Motherland—Proserpine, which is inaccessible to human thought. Here are their names: Aolita, Arkh, Amedeya, Aiiya, Laark, Leigh, Kami-Dominey, Hely. In his memoirs, avoiding unnecessary details, the Teacher briefly explained the main aspects of life on a unique planet Proserpine. . . 259


— We will examine some aspects of the physiological and spiritual organization of Matushians in relation to earthly humanity, as a representative of a young, but already broken branch of the genealogical Tree of the Cosmic dynasty of U., whose roots and top go far beyond the limits of the Milky Way Galaxy. —This is all that today we can tell you about the truly great and worthy Primogenitors of earthly humanity, unspeakably distant in time, but inextricably linked to us in Eternity. ... 267

Chapter One

—Bus—Pobuda who awakened the consciousness of Rus People. Bus—Prometheus who awakened the consciousness of the World. Ma-Bus—Mother of Pobuda Prometheus, Mother of Awakening. Ma-Bus-Prometheus—the One who through the mother principle will come to bring the Fire of a New Era on the Earth. . . 271

Chapter Two

—At the moment when the Matushian world still could not grasp what had already happened, the High Priest of the Tradoses Isod said: “A new force was born in a Cosmos, and it is directed to Ma-Tush in order to absorb it. The Spirit of Creation (fire) left our Planet, and the Soul of Life (water) rushed after Him. We have a unique opportunity to preserve Ma-Tush in the forms of the Cosmos, so that after billions of years, a new life could once again arise on it. . . 302

A Fragment from the life of the Milky Way

— In a most incomprehensive way, an unusual Tree grows out of the converted heart of a Dragon. Its fruit ripen once in twenty-five years as black apples - aerolites. . . 422


George Grebenstchikoff


— You are standing, Altai, above the clouds and stars. Blue heavens—are the roofs of your mountains, and innumerable stars—are the eyes of heavenly guards, which protect the whiteness of your peaks. On your white-haired head there shines the eternal light. On your rocky chest, the source of eternal love—is the living water. In your granite depths—there are secret treasures. —The word Altai caresses like music. It sounds like a song for every traveler. Like a motherland for every bright soul. Like a beacon for every aspirant. Like a temple for every prayer. Like the sound of a powerful bell, its call. . . 422